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Established in the 1940s, Jack N’ Jill Kids know their stuff when it comes to kids’ teeth. With a
product range that includes toothpaste in various flavours, newborn teething gel, toothbrushes,
bath time products and a natural sunscreen, Jack N’ Jill goods are sold in more than 50 countries.

Jam packed with Vitamin D and two sources of calcium, Jack N’ Jill’s new Tooth Sparkles
calcium chews are a godsend for parents of reluctant teeth cleaners.

The revolutionary, market-first product is a delicious natural strawberry flavour that kids will
enjoy and make teeth cleaning a breeze, even for the fussiest children.

Jack N’ Jill co-founders Justin and Rachel Bernhaut are excited to introduce the brand’s
innovative teeth cleaning nutritional supplement specifically formulated for Aussie kids.

“Teeth brushing is often viewed as a chore by kids, leading to unpleasant encounters before
bedtime and in the morning,” Justin (who is a qualified pharmacist) said.

They taste really good and feel like they foam up in my mouth.

Hannah (13)

Today, Jack N’ Jill remains focused on creating innovative and kid-friendly options to support
teeth cleaning, and the new chews are a perfect example – they provide an additional
opportunity to clean teeth between the twice-daily brushing routine.

They taste great, it made my breath smell fresh.

Mia (13)

They’re ideal for the middle of the day when children don’t have a toothbrush in reach, or
times when parents are concerned that kids haven’t brushed effectively.

Importantly they also contain Vitamin D and calcium to fundamentally support teeth health.

They taste good, my mouth feels fresher and cleaner.

Thomas (12)

The action of chewing stimulates saliva production which helps neutralise acids, ultimately
cleaning the mouth and slowing potential tooth decay.

I didn’t like the taste but my teeth feel cleaner.

Cameron (12)

Tooth Sparkles are a delicious natural strawberry flavour and free from sugar, gluten, nut
products and artificial sweeteners.

We are starkly aware that when it comes to getting kids interested in oral care, if the product
doesn’t taste great you’ve lost the battle before it begins.

The chews are also safe for littlies as young as two years to use.

Can we please have more?

Holly (5) and Amelia (4)

Jack N’ Jill Tooth Sparkles (RRP $24.95 for 60 tablets) are available online at or at Woolworths supermarkets and Chemist Warehouse outlets Australia-wide.

The product is also proudly Australian made.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are testing the Jack N’ Jill Tooth Sparkles.

Once they’ve had a chance to try this product, they’ll leave their reviews in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Jack N’ Jill Tooth Sparkles

  1. Jack and Jill tooth sparkles.
    They loved the cute colourful bottle which was definitely child proof.
    Chewable pink tablets were a hit but they didn’t really like the taste .
    But they said there teeth felt clean after chewing.
    They prefer to stick to toothpaste but enjoyed the thrill of trying something new .

  2. The Jack and Jill Tooth Sparkles have been quite the success in our house.

    I trialled them with three kids, aged 9, 12 and 14. Two of them have braces, one doesn’t. All of the kids really liked the taste, and found them easy to use. All of them promptly asked for more.

    The younger two felt that there was a “weird” aftertaste – it didn’t bother them, but they commented on it. The eldest commented more strongly – he actively disliked the aftertaste. However, I got him to take a swig of water and that solved the problem. All three said it wouldn’t stop them using the Tooth Sparkles again.

    These are also a little bit of a novelty for them, so they were pretty keen to pack one in their school lunchbox to use after school lunch. From my point of view this was a great outcome: I wouldn’t use these to replace a good brushing at home, but they’re a great compromise when they’re out and about.

    It’s pretty much impossible to get using these wrong. You just pop one or two and chew them. This also makes them great for things like school lunch boxes when you’re not supervising your kid: they’ll still get used in a way that makes them effective.

    The only real problem we had with the Tooth Sparkles is that the child proof lid is remarkably effective – several adults had trouble opening it. You may need to get a fairly strong person to help you! On the positive side, this should stop the kids eating them like lollies.

  3. Once you get into the package, these were a hit with our 11 year old young man. The packet was a nightmare and we found it easier not to close it (as we knew there was no guarantee we could open it again) but just store it up high. Not ideal though if you have really young kids.

    As far as the flavour and acceptance, Thumbs up until they finish and the aftertaste hits. Great product if they can fix the adult proof lid and aftertaste.

  4. The product is good, not too hard to chew,. The strawberry flavour is somewhere between strawberry and raspberry. The foaminess is wierd but not too much and leaves a freshness behind. Some foods did make them taste a little strange but mostly good.
    Transportability was good, in a lunch box for after a meal, super simple.
    Like the others, first challenge was hetting into the jar.

  5. The bottle is very attractive. Love it. The strawberry flavour is a hit.
    I love that you can keep teeth clean while out and about after a meal. Mouth feels cleaner after chewing one of these. Can also be used as a toothpaste which is an interesting idea if you like the flavour.

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