USER REVIEWS: Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Brush

Conair is launching the True Glow Sonic Facial Brush, the first in a new range of professional tools offering a full spa experience at home. Now you can now cleanse in the comfort of your own home and achieve dramatically improved skin in no time. Discover your beauty and reveal healthy-looking, glowing skin.


conair face brush

Sonic Skincare Solution for professional results

Far more effective than washing your face with a cloth or your hands, the True Glow Sonic Facial Brush is still gentle enough to use as part of an everyday cleansing regimen. In fact it is so gentle you can use it twice daily for your morning and evening routine. It will not only keep your skin clean and prevent clogged pores and blackheads from developing but regular use of the brush with a mild cleanser will leave your skin feeling healthier and looking its best, reducing dry skin, oily patches and visible blemishes.

So how does it work?

Sonic Technology

Unlike normal rotating brushes, the sonic technology powers this True Glow facial brush at 300 oscillations per second, literally shaking dirt and makeup from your pores without irritation.

Automatic Even Cleanse Timer

For balanced cleansing, a timer tells you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds.

2 Interchangeable brushes included

In addition to the True Glow Sonic Facial Brush there is also a True Glow Sonic Body Brush included. Pink for face and green for body. The True Glow Body Brush is slightly larger than the Facial Brush for quick and effective cleansing all over.

3 Speeds:

The three speeds available (low, med, high) on your True Glow Sonic Facial Brush allow you to customize your facial cleaning routine to suit your individual needs.

Fully Rechargeable

Charging stand included for cord-free convenience!


Suitable for use in the shower.

RRP$119.95.  1 Year Warranty. Model number: CSFBA.

Stockists: 1800 650 263.

For more information visit

A selection of our members will be trialling the Conair True Sonic Facial Brush, you can read their reviews below or add your own.

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20 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Brush

  1. This new facial cleansing brush looks brilliant! Looking forward to see how well this beauty performs!

  2. Being 47 and living on sunny coast I have been noticing a lot of blemishes on my face with problem areas across forehead and cheekbones and the dreaded blackheads well lets not go there lol would love to trial his to see is this is the magic answer

  3. I responded to the trial invite. Fingers crossed! This facial brush would be perfect for my oily skin. I get the occasional breakout around my chin. I have large pores and some blackheads on my nose.

  4. I’m excited not only to see if I have been picked for this review but also to see everyone’s reviews.

  5. I used my Conair Facial Brush for the first time today and I can honestly say I am impressed. It was extremely easy to use, the rubber coating made it easy to grip and not at all slippery which was great. It was relaxing using it as it felt like I was getting a gentle massage. Not only did my face feel incredibly cleaner but looked cleaner too, my skin feels so soft and smooth. I am so glad I got the opportunity to review this I love the results already after one use I can’t wait to see them after using it for two weeks. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this 🙂

  6. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the reviews from the trial team.

    This brush is something I am interested in getting for myself.

  7. I have been using the Conair Facial Brush for just over 1 week and have really noticed a difference in my skin.
    It is really easy to use, having a rubber grib makes it easy to hold even when wet, so you can use it in the shower or the bath. The brush is very gentle on the skin, haven’t had any red reaction or itchiness after use.
    My skin feels a lot softer and smoother after use, a lot of the smaller bump blemishes have cleared up and my skin has more of a glow to it.
    I have really enjoyed using this product and will continue to use it as a daily routine.
    I also really love how compact it is, so great if you want to take it away on holidays or if you travel a lot for work, doesn’t take up much room at all in your bag.
    Thankyou for the opportunity to trial this amazing product.

  8. Well it has been 2 weeks of using the Conair Facial Brush and I must say I love it. My skin is softer and smoother I don’t have dry or really oily patches anymore, My blackheads have gone and pores are smaller. I feel fantastic that other people have commented of how great my skin looks. It’s amazing I will continue using it .
    Thank you for this opportunity I am so happy I was chosen to trial the Conair Facial Brush

  9. I’ve been using the Conair for a few weeks now and have enjoyed playing around and testing it out.
    It is so easy to hold and it is not heavy so it makes for a comfortable beauty routine.
    It is cordless and water proof and comes with 2 brush heads, one for face and one for body, that each have a cap.
    I have a shower each night and used this in the shower to clean my face at the end of the day.
    Firstly I tried the face brush on low and over 3 days I increased the speed each day and was able to work out that I preferred the high speed setting on my face. I loved how easy it is to use and how it just lightly spins around over your face.
    It has a timer so you only use it for 60 seconds and every 10 seconds there is a beep so I used this a timer on each section of my face until the final double beep.
    I didn’t know it beeped and the first time my poor hubby was running all over the house trying to work out where the beep was coming from.
    I’ve tried every type of face wash or face exfoliation that I have and each time it has worked really well.
    That horrible pimple time of the month was due so I wondered how it would work. Pleased to say that I really didn’t get any pimples at all. Just a few appeared and then they seemed to go so I’m sure with more use I’ll be pimple free.
    My skin has never looked better it is soft smooth and all those dry patched I used to have are now gone. My skin tone is more even and my skin seems to glow.
    I feel good walking out and about without makeup on.
    I know use the Conair Facial Brush every 2 days.
    I tried the body brush but found that it feels like it is doing nothing the brush is just too soft. I would prefer one with rougher brush as body skin is not as sensitive and would probably benefit from a scrub.
    Thank you so much for giving me the chance to trial the Conair Facial Brush, me and my skin are loving it.

  10. I am only writing and submitting my review now as I had some trouble with my skin reacting to a product a couple of weeks ago and was unable to use the Conair True Blow Sonic Facial Brush for a little over a week as my face was very sensitive.
    And I wanted to really try the product before reviewing it.

    I have been wanting to use an electronic facial exfoliation brush system since I saw the first Clarisonic become available years ago – but these products are quite pricey so haven’t had the opportunity…..So I have to say a massive Thank You to Beauty & Lace for allowing me to be a part of this awesome trial.
    I was so excited unpacking the box…I love the little machine, I love the 2 brush heads and I love the little rechargeable stand.
    I managed to use this for 2 weeks before the batteries went flat and it had to be recharged.
    It is extremely easy to use. I started off using the slowest speed setting as advised. I thought it was handy having the timer, but I also felt like it didn’t go long enough. I would’ve liked an extra 30-50 secs to complete my entire face and neck.
    I tried the brush with a gel cleanser and a cream cleanser and I found that the cream cleanser worked a lot better…the gel didn’t seem to lather or work at all. I dampened my skin and added some cleanser over my face and then added a blob onto the bristles of the brush (this was a suggestion from the instructions – but you do have to watch how much you apply as once the brush is turned on, the product sprays out everywhere if there’s too much).
    I then turned the facial brush on and made small circles all over my skin trying to get all areas…I started off with the small brush but ended up using the bigger brush head as it covered a larger surface quicker.
    The bristles are very soft and gentle on my skin, no scratching or abrasiveness felt.
    The very first time I use this I was astonished at how soft my skin felt afterwards….so soft to touch. And every time I use this my face is left tingling and feeling alive – it’s like all the blood vessels are pumping and my face glows. I think this stimulation is only going to improve my skin tone and skin firmness and health over the long-term, so I will definitely keep using this.
    I alternate between speeds and I’ve incorporated the Conair True Blow Sonic Facial Brush into my nightly skincare routine with no trouble at all. It adds no real extra time to the routine and has a very positive influence on the appearance of my facial skin.
    I would definitely recommend adding this convenient facial brush to your skincare regime, if you can afford it.

  11. This is something I wouldn’t normally consider using, especially priced at over a hundred dollars, but reading all of your reviews has definitely surprised me! No amount of exfoliating scrubs have ever really improved the look and feel of my skin, so this might be perfect for me after all. I’ll definitely have to look into it!

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