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Beauty and Lace has a long history with Carmex and we love their products. Carmex is a long standing, tried and trusted brand that began as a small family business in the 1930’s and is still owned by the same family.

Chapped lips are an annoyance but they can also be quite painful, Carmex comes to the rescue with a delicious lip balm that moisturises, soothes and relieves dry, chapped lips.

Carmex is not tested on animals so there is their first big tick. Second big tick is a great flavour, widely available and accessible by all.

The tingle you get with Carmex comes from the camphor and menthol in the product. They are included for a cooling and soothing effect that will encourage a healthy appearance that feels as good as it looks.

A relatively new tube on the block is the Jasmine Green Tea tube. The oriental flavour and scent will excite your senses while offering a welcome balm to those hardworking lips suffering in drying conditions.

jasmine green tea tube

Chapping occurs when lips are too dry, usually because of exposure to sun, wind, low temperatures, dry air and even dust. Mine are suffering at the moment due to the ridiculous amount of tissues being used. Carmex combats the chap with a blend of natural moisturisers which include cocoa butter and lanolin.

RRP: $5.99

Some of our lucky Beauty and Lace Club Members will be trialling the Jasmine Green Tea Tube and you can read what they thought in the comments section below.

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28 thoughts on “User Reviews: Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Tube

  1. This brightly coloured tube of lip balm with SPF15 smells like Fiji in a tube! The heavenly scent of jasmine is very similar to frangipani. With a bit of green tea mixed in the scent becomes a really summery light-hearted scent that has a definite floral gorgeousness to it.

    This doesn’t only smell great but it also soothed my lips a lot longer than most other lip balms I’ve used (and I’m a big user of lip balms!). It really does relieve, soothe and moisturise my lips. I love the added bonus of SPF. When this cute little tube runs out I will be buying another one!

  2. Not one but two lovely items arrived for reviewing. Might I say I am absolutely in love with CARMEX JASMINE GREEN TEA MOISTURISING LIP BALM. Apart from it being a handy size for carrying about in your pocket or handbag, it has the added bonus of being SPF15. Upon applying the ‘not too thick’ balm it left a slight and very pleasant tingle on my lips. The aroma is divine and the after affect on my lips is luscious, leaving them supple and soft. It is certainly nurturing and leaves your lips significantly more moisturised.

    The second product was a CARMEX MOISTURE PLUS LIP BALM. In a slim lipstick style tube that easily winds up, leaving a thin colourless layer of moisture on your lips. Equally moisutrising for your lips, it has a soft sweet aroma which is very appealing.

    I love both these products but I am swayed to favour the Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm. It’s almost edible!!

  3. I found Carmex Jasmine Green Tea and Jasmine moisturising lip balm amazing. I found a little went a long way it kept my lips moisturised overnight and the flavour was very pleasant. I know it’s meant for lips but I decided to try it on my very dry cuticles and it did wonders, I would definitely recommend this product.
    The Carmex moisture plus lip balm was very hydrating and I used it during the day and found it lasted. I love that it’s SPF15 extra protection for my lips. I loved the shine it left on my lips. I tend to have dry lips all year round and found these products fantastic. I will definitely be buying these products again.

  4. Thank you so much for opportunity to review the Carmex green tea and jasmine moisturising lip balm. It was amazing and I will buy it again. My lips we’re so dry after having the flu but now they are so soft and feel great. I also love that it has spf 15 so I can use it all year round.

  5. Pucker up ladies. It’s easy to see why Carmex is such a popular brand of lip balm in America. For starters they offer an extensive range of different flavours in handy tubes that are a good size and easy to apply. They’re also a company that is proudly family owned and keeping up the traditions of Alfred Woelbing who creating the formula back in 1937.

    The formula has been revised and refined over the years and the latest addition to the Carmex family is the spicy, Jasmine Green Tea flavour. This boasts SPF 15 sun protection as well as relief for dry, chapped lips. Less is more with this product as a little goes a long way. Its natural moisturises work hard, long after the first application. My pick is the moisture plus ultra-hydrating lip balm. The slanted tip makes it easier to apply and the shea butter gives a sweet note to the satin gloss finish.

    Carmex love your lips because they smooth, protect and moisturise them for hours. The product can be used all year round in the hottest light of summer through to the coldest and darkest wintery haze that can leaves your lips and skin looking old and dry. Thankfully, Carmex is to the rescue and will make your lips utterly kissable!

  6. Carmex Jasmine Green Tea and moisturising lip balm will be a constant on my shopping list and lips. It is easy to use, pleasing to my lips all day ( I apply constantly during the day) in an air conditioned office and when I am walking for my daily exercise. It keeps my lips from drying and using lipstick over it without streaks or blobs is an added bonus. It has a pleasant tingle and is now a favourite of mine. Never leave home without it and use it at home too. Easy to apply, easy packaging and easy to find in my bag. A must to use!

  7. I absolutely love Carmex products. I have bought many different versions and haven’t been disappointed with any of them.

    The green tea is a definite favourite. It has a yummy pleasant taste which doesn’t taste fake or full of chemicals .. The moisture plus version is smoother if you want one that glides easily although they both do that. I highly recommend these two lip balms for anyone suffering very dry lips (as I do)… They are both very affordable too which means you can keep one in every bag.

    Thank you so much beauty and lace for the lovely trial products. I love being the first to try new products that are of such high quality.

  8. I received the Carmex Jasmine Green Tea moisturising lip balm and the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm to trial. Thank you for this trial chance.

    The Carmex Jasmine Green Tea lip balm is a bright and happy yellow tube with a green screw top lid. Inside its a circular tip and I just squeeze out the clear lip balm and apply.

    There is a tingling upon application and this is due to the Camphor and Menthol ingredients. After I used this lip balm, my lips were soft and supple. The lip balm is SPF15, making it great for outdoor use. I also used it as an overnight lip mask to wake up to lush and nourished lips.

    I loved smelling the Jasmine Green Tea lip balm, its like a holiday on my lips!

    The Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm is SPF15 and comes in a beautiful sleek slender tan coloured tube with a vanilla fragrance. The lip balm is slanted and solid, so I applied it like a lipstick. It is slim and easy to carry with me. It keeps my lips soft and moisturised.

    Both lip balms are a treat to use. They each come packed in a clear plastic and cardboard pack and have the ingredients listed on the back for details. They each have an unique fragrance, green tea or vanilla, it’s your yummy choice. I choose both!

  9. Thank you Beauty & Lace and Carmex for the chance to trial these 2 products.

    TheJasmine Green tea Lip Balm is in a beaut 10gm p size tube, so it is really easy to carry around everywhere with you, in your pocket or purse. I love that only a tiny amount squeezes out, and goes a long way. It has a zing on your lips when applied, which lingers for a while and takes some adjusting to. It leaves lips feeling soft and supple. The SPF 15 factor means that it also protects your lips – Bonus!

    The lipstick type wind up Carmex Moisture Plus wand was an added surprise – thank you! it has the same Lip Zing on application. It smells great, and does a brilliant job of moisturising the lips. It is easy to apply, and lasts for a long time.

    I appreciate the chance to try both these products and would recommend them to everyone.

  10. Earlier this week I received not only the promised Carmex Jasmine and Green Tea Lip Balm but a bonus Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm! These products couldn’t have come at a better time, due to having a cold sore my lips were very dry and cracked and in desperate need of TLC.

    Firstly I noticed Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm lasted a long time, even hours after application my lips still felt moist and smooth. For Instant soothing you only need a small amount to last and I loved the cool tingling hydration sensation after only one use. The green tea and floral scents were equally pleasant and refreshing.

    Carmex Moisture Plus comes in a slim attractive applicator. I liked that my lips looked glossy and this went well over my lipstick for a bit of extra shine.

    As both products have SPF 15 I am confident that being outside now that it’s colder and windy my lips won’t dry out and hence less cold sore break outs!

    Thank you to both Carmex and Beauty and Lace for the samples I would not hesitate to recommend these products to friends and family!

  11. Thanks for the chance to try this lovely product from CARMEX as may have over looked it being a long time user of the traditional flavour in the pot form.
    The Jasmine Green Tea Moisturising Lip Balm is small and perfect to slip into a handbag.
    The product works well and kept my lips smooth prevented them from drying out.
    It is a great modern product and love the ease of the tube but have to admit that I will still purchase the traditional lip balm only because the smell keeps my teenage years fresh in my memory when I use it.

  12. I have been an original Carmex user for over 15 years, the type in the little pot. I use it every night to keep my lips well hydrated and soft and supple. It has never let me down.
    I absolutely jumped at the chance of reviewing the new Jasmine and Green Tea lip balm in a tube. Well I am now totally converted. This balm has the same amazing affect as the original but the tube makes it really easy to apply and I am so in love with the smell. It still keeps my lips kissable, smooth and soft, and smelling like a soft summer breeze. I love the fact that this balm really does what it says it will. I have not had cracked or chapped lips for nearly 20 years, not once.
    Everyone needs to get on board with this special lip balm.
    I will definitely be re-puchasing this flavour.

  13. I was quite suprised when I opened the parcel there were two Carmex products decided to try the Jasmine Tea Moisturising Lip Balm first was very suprised how long it lasted on my lips and only had to use a small amount was not overly scented and a great little tube which fits well in my purse, the second product was the Carmex Moisture Plus looks very stylish like a expensive lipstick tube again felt and lasted a long time on my lips both products are SPF 15 which is a bonus will purchase again and would recommend to my friends

  14. What a lovely surprise to get both the CARMEX jasmine green tea moisturising lip balm and the CARMEX moisture plus lip balm in the mail. Both products are very soothing and hydrating, bringing quick relief to my dry lips. They now feel so lovely – soft and supple, and dare I say it more kissable.

    I really liked the jasmin green tea lip balm – it has a lovely subtle but fresh flavour and scent – very summery and somehow uplifting to the senses. The little tube it comes in is a convenient size too (easy to throw in my handbag) and the balm itself is beautifully moisturising.

    The moisture plus lip balm is gorgeous too and I love that it has vitamin E ,Aloe Vera and SPF15. I found this one perfect to wear both alone and on top of lipstick for that glossy look. I also liked the applicator tube and slant tip on this one – just feels like applying lippy.

    Thanks CARMEX and Beauty & Lace.

  15. Thankyou for the opportunity to trial this product! I pick at my lips when I’m nervous and the often bleed so I was really looking forward to trying Carmex.

    The packaging of this product is nice and bright and I quite like the ability to squeeze the amount of product I need. I quite often drink Jasmine and Green Tea so I was really excited to see what this would be like. Unfortunately I hated it, the scent is way too strong for something that will sit on your lips and when ever I breathed in through my mouth I got the awful fake taste.

    That being said the formulation is great and my lips felt smoother and nourished , perhaps Jasmine and Green Tea is best left as a drink…

  16. I was very excited to try the Carmex Green Tea lip balm. And I was thrilled to see a second lip balm in my package! The Moisture Plus lip balm.

    The Carmex Green Tea lip balm is a delicious treat for my lips! Not only does it smell sensational but it makes my lips feel soft and super moisturised. The tube comes in a convenient size and I just keep it in my handbag whenever my lips need some TLC. It has a fresh, sweet scent that I can’t get enough of.

    The Moisture Plus lip balm is a wonderful clear lip balm that gives my lips a subtle shine and has SPF 15 which is a great bonus. My lips feel so smooth and soft and I don’t have dry lips anymore. I keep this in my car and put some on whenever my lips need it.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace for the trial opportunity and thank you Carmex for these wonderful and very useful products!

  17. Thanks Carmex and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this Carmex lip balm, and for the bonus lip balm surprise too.

    I’ve had the chance to trial this for a few days now, seeing how it affects overall dryness and my usual flaking issues.

    This lip balm has SPF15 included, is a 10gms size, and comes in a squeezy tube. The balm is a clear, lightweight gel and isn’t at all sticky. It is lightly scented and flavoured with jasmine/green tea. It applies very lightly, and spreads easily so I recommend not squirting out too much when using it.

    I really like the texture of the balm, and how the camphor and menthol make my lips tingle a bit when it’s on – it feels like it’s improving my lips almost from first application.

    From using it on a regular basis all week, I’ve noticed my lips feel softer, and aren’t experiencing any dryness or flaky patches, despite the weather being colder at this time of year. I think this balm works a treat and will be my ‘go-to’ balm from now on.

  18. Perfect timing I received my sample day before we left for Fiji This little tube worked wonders on dry sunburned lips then soothed overnight and protected for the rest of the holiday. Loved the blend of jasmine & green tea so did the rest of the family. So a winner for me and a thank you from the family too! Seemed such a perfect trial f or my trip

  19. Was really excited to be part of the Carmex trial and was not disappointed with this beautiful new lip balm. It smelt lovely and felt great on my lips. Due to stress and the windy weather lately, my lips have been dry and breaking out in coldsores, so this trial was great timing. I felt such relief on my lips and this tube of deliciousness soothed my sore lips and added protection. I really loved the smell and gloss it left on my lips too. Have recommended to friends

  20. Thank you for the chance to trial the new product Jasmine Green Tea lip balm by Carmex.
    I loved that it came in the small squeezy tube like the original so was perfect to pop in your handbag and being bright yellow is easy to find! It felt lovely on my lips and soothed them and a little goes a long way meaning the tube will last a long time. Great value for money! I also like the tube as it’s more hygienic than the pot when friends want to use some.
    Unfortunately I was just not a fan of the smell and flavour. I found it quite strong and too floral for a lip balm. In saying that, it perhaps made me lick my lips less but I will be sticking with the original.

  21. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Carmex for the opportunity to trial this product. It was great to receive the Jasmine Green Tea Moisturising Lip Balm and also to receive the Moisture Plus ultra hydrating lip balm. The packaging of the product is bright and eye catching. The tube is a great compact size and easily carried in a handbag or purse. When using the lip balm it is good that only a small amount comes out of the tub and it goes a long way. It leaves my lips feeling soft and supple after every use. The floral fragrance is also a pleasant surprise and refreshing. Having SPF 15 also gives added protection in all seasons. With the colder weather fast approaching having this product on hand in my handbag will mean that I will not get dry and cracked lips this winter. Definitely a product I will continue to use and recommend to friends.

  22. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Carmex for the opportunity to trial the lip balm.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the parcel from Carmex and found the Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm and a bonus Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm.
    Due to working in a Hospital’s air conditioning I had dry, cracked lips. The Green Tea Lip Balm worked a treat for me. The small tube is a perfect size to slip into my work bag so it is available when I needed it. You only need a small amount, it glides on easily and smells lovely, tastes divine and does not stain the clothes when I had wiped my face on my arm. It lasted all day. A definite bonus is the SPF 15 for when I was outside in my work breaks. A lovely product I will not hesitate to purchase once my trial tube has run out.
    The Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm is in a lovely compact tube similar to a slimline lipstick. It also has a slanted surface to make application easy. It has a lovely soft feel and the Vitamin E and Aloe Vera adds to the Moisturising and the SPF 15 is also a bonus.. I used this after work hours and it was convienient for whatever I was doing from exercise, housework, entertaining or just relaxing.
    The packaging is a perfect size for my handbag so it is available when needed. I will also be purchasing this product when my trial tube is finished.
    Overall I am very impressed with both Carmex products, I love the Jasmine and Green Tea but do prefer the Moisture Plus. My lips are no longer dry and cracked and they feel so much better so have helped my confidence and that is a huge plus in my eyes.

  23. Ann Bleasdale loved both products but really enjoyed the texture of the moisture plus .My lips were in dire need of moisture even though I use lipsticks most days. Pleasantly surprised how quickly my lips repaired using these both products> Tube size convenient for taking everywhere even my husband can use and noticed the difference. Will buy these products again and recommend to the rest of the family’ fantastic for kids out in the weather playing sport Carmex products work for me thanku for the opportunity

  24. I love these Carmex products, not only are they compact enough to take everywhere but they are light on the lips and effective at not only keeping the moisture in my lips but restoring moisture as well. The scent isn’t overpowering and adds an additional bonus to an already amazing product. The tube is really handy with slanted applicator and the balm calms out in just the right amount. I love that the tube has a screw top lid instead of a flip top as it is more secure and I don’t have to worry about spills in my bag or pocket.

  25. Thanks so much for including me in this trial. I have always been a fanor Carmex since high school. I just love the tingle and moisture that their products provide. I’ve always jad a little tub of this wonder balm. Now trying this Jasmine and Green Tea little tube, I’m in love with this one too. Its consistency just glides over your lips so easily and isnt messy either. And it still as the moisture power of Carmex. Such a perfect size and so easy to use. The flavour and scent are subtle and lovely.

    Also given to me was the Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm whic comes in a skinny tube (lipstick) like container. I little really goes a long way. It glides effortlessly over your lips and is the bomb in moisture providing. Its absolutely amazing and so compact to fit in my purse or pocket.

    Love love love Carmex

  26. Well I have been using this for about a week now and I must say I ADORE it. It really helps keep my lips hydrated especially during the dry windy days!
    I am super fussy when it comes to lip balms but Carmex have always been one of my absolute favourites.
    The Jasmine and Green Tea is a really lovely addition to their fabulous range. The tube makes it really easy to apply and the flavour is really unusual but delicious.
    I am sold on this variety and will absolutely be buying it again.

  27. Firstly, thank you Beauty and Lace and Carmex for choosing me to be part of this trial. The products in this trial are Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm – Jasmine Green Tea and Carmex Moisture Plus.

    The Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm is amazing, moisture plus as soon as you apply to your lips. Stays on your lips for quite a while. I believe that it slightly plumps up your lips as well. Ideal to use on your lips if you are doing a clay face mask at it protects your lips from the mask as well. I love the fact that you can pop it in your hand bag and you have it on hand at all times. A real winner for me.

    The Moisture Plus, this one is clear with a taste of peaches. It took me a while to work out the flavour, it tasted so good you just want to lick it off and eat it. The packaging of this product is great, looks classy. A slight rub on top of your lip stick also looks and feels great.

    They are both fantastic products that I will purchase once I have used up the testers.

  28. I was really interested to try the Carmex Jasmine and Green Tea lip balm for my poor, dry lips. Spending all my work time indoors in harsh air conditioning and all my play time outside in the sun and wind, my lips take a bit of a battering and I’m endlessly on the look out for a new balm to moisten and soothe them.

    I really like the new Carmex Jasmine and Green Tea balm. I love that little tingle you get when you first put it on, and it keeps the lips feeling soft for a good while. The Jasmine and Green tea flavour is subtle with just the right touch of spice, not artificial at all that many ‘flavours’ can be. Very pleasant.

    A surprise bonus, the Moisture plus wind up stick, is fantastic. I love the subtle scent/flavour and the chic gloss it gives. I have been using the balm morning and night and have the moisture plus in my handbag for throughout the day.

    My lips are so much better than before and I will certainly be buying these products and recommending them to my friends and family in the future. Thanks to Carmex and Beauty and Lace for introducing me to these little beauties!

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