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Chapped, dry, sore lips are a sure sign that winter has arrived! Whether you are skiing the slopes or just hanging at home the unique ingredients of Carmex lip balm will save you this winter!

So why do lips dry out and become chapped in winter? During winter, lips chap and crack primarily because of the evaporation of moisture on the lips surface as we move from the warmth of indoors to the cold outside. Plus the layer of natural oil, produced by the body to coat the lips, is stripped, also allowing chapped, cracked lips to develop!

Carmex lip balms, including the “perfect for the ski slopes” Carmex 4.25g Click Stick™ in Original (pictured) and Strawberry Flavours SPF 15 (RRP $4.99), the “easy applicator” 10g Squeeze Tube (RRP $5.99) and “The Cult Original” Carmex 7.5g Jar (RRP $5.99) are nurturing and therapeutic for your winter pout thanks to the following list of soothing ingredients;

Menthol and Camphor – Both responsible for that famous Carmex tingle, they help to kill germs and relieve discomfort. Menthol also has anaesthetic properties, helping soothe the discomfort of dry, chapped lips, whilst eliciting a cool, refreshing sensation.

Salicylic Acid – Helps to exfoliate! Salicylic acid improves the overall texture of your lips by promoting very mild exfoliation of the outermost layer of the lip, allowing dead skin cells to slough off and enabling the other important ingredients in Carmex to more effectively penetrate your lips.

click sticks

Lanolin – Helps to soften, lubricate and protect, and helps reduce moisture loss and restore the softness and elasticity of lips.
Cocoa Butter – Helps to moisturise and protect. Cocoa butter encourages lips to retain moisture, which helps to prevent dryness and cracking. It also helps protect against environmental factors, making them feel soft and smooth.

Petrolatum – Petrolatum is the most effective moisturising agent available. It helps treat cracking by ensuring that the lips do not lose their moisturising properties and helps prevent the entry of germs into cracks and cuts, and helps protect from dry air, cold temperatures, wind and sun.

Lips for all occasions – Winter sports and outdoor activities ensure the colder months are exhilarating and action packed but its also hard time for lips. Carmex ensures a winter of lip-love! Whether it’s applied as a simple lip balm achieving a natural look or worn as a super smooth top coat on your boldest of winter hues, Carmex is a winter saviour.

Stockists – All good pharmacies nationally. Some Carmex varieties are available at selected Woolworths and Safeway, selected Coles and selected BIG W and Target retailers.

Please note Carmex products are NOT tested on animals and are preservative free.

50 of our members have been trialling the Carmex Click Sticks in Original, find out what they thought below or add your own review!

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51 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Carmex Click Sticks in Original

    1. I would be interested in reviewing this product and am happy to see they contain alot of natural ingredients and are cruelty free (not tested on animals).

  1. Received my click-stick in the mail!! Love it!! Perfect timing as I am in the middle of the flu 🙁 And this has already in 2 days made my lips feel nice and smooth again. Also, might sound a bit ughh, but I also put a little under my nose where it had gotten raw from using too many tissues and that’s all healed up too! Great product and very affordable! Will definitely be changing my old lip balm and sticking with Carmex ClickStick! Thanks for choosing me to participate!

  2. I love this so much. It is just like the Classic Carmex except so much better, because its not as liquidy which means it will last longer! Also better cos you don’t ever accidentally squeeze too much out and then end up having to waste half of it…

  3. the carmex original flavour click stick is a wonderful product. It is different to all the others that i have tried. It is a soft stick so it applies more gently than other products and the first wipe of the lips , so if your lips are tender or hurting from cracks it isnt such a chore to apply it and then after applying it it has this wonderful cooling sensation easing the pain of your damaged lips. The moisturisation of the lips is wonderful. A good product to use all day every day to prevent damaged lips. I give this product a 10 out of 10. Thank you for letting me try it , it is wonderful . Achieving everything that it promises to do. Obviously a brand that CAN be trusted.

  4. I received my Carmex lip balm two days ago and I have to say I am inlove. I have used the pots before and liked them but the ease of use with the stick is soooo much better. I absolutely love the feeling when it glides on your lips and I have to say there is no comparison with any other lip balm this is by far my favourite! I won’t be going back to any other.

    I actually have cracked lips right now so the timing was perfect. This lip balm is so soft and just glides on with no trouble then you instantly feel it cool your lips without the stinging you get from alot of other “cooling” lip balms. Carmex is definitely a brand I trust and would go back to time and time again!

  5. fantastic got my stick in the post and got a cold the day later what a charm this was and is in aiding dry cracked lips my lips were so dry a little smudge of my stick and problem fixed it also helped me clear up my sore cracked lips im still using it now this little sticks goes a long way calmex thank you and thumbs up

  6. I am so thrilled to have received this product. I have had a throat operation and also using nicobate patches to give up smoking. Unfortunately both of these things combined have left my lips severely dried out, cracked and pretty much sore.
    I have used several other brands and nothing has come even close to this magic little stick.
    Firstly the application process is such a breeze because it just glides on without pulling the lips, secondly after the first application the lips get a little sensation that feels as though they are being deeply moisturised.
    I have been unable to wear lipstick for work, for the past couple of weeks, that is, until I got this.
    I have also used the Carmex lip gloss and as good as I found that, it didnt do quite as much as quickly as this click stick has done for me.
    This has now become one of my Holy Grail products and will always be in my purse in the future.

  7. I got my Carmex click stick on Thursday and I have been using it ever since,I have never used this sort of lip gloss before,BUT I will be in the future ,it leaves your lips lovely and soft for hours,very impressed ,also I loved the natural ingredient list and no testing on animals,great product and price,would purchase and recommend to friends and family ,Thank you for choosing me to Participate Beauty and Lace.

  8. I had never used Carmex before, but I had heard that the brand had a cult following. Now I know why! I ripped open the packet, opened the handy tube (click, click!) and put some on straight away. The first thing I noticed was that the texture is completely different to other lip balms I have used. It is thicker and softer, but not sticky. It really seems to give a protective coating to the lips. The next thing I noticed was the smell, nothing overpowering, but it reminds me of honey. And the soothing feeling it gave to my lips as soon as I applied it. Well, I have a new favourite lip balm!! Carmex Click Sticks is a brilliant product, thank you for introducing me to it!

  9. I loved the new carmex original flavour click stick because it felt smooth and soft to put on, it lasted a long time on my lips, made them feel moist and soft and no yucky residue feeling you get with some lip balms.
    I will be continuing to use this brand it is fabulous.
    thanks Carmex and Beauty and Lace for the trial.

    A big soft kiss to Carmex mwah!

  10. I have now been totally converted to a Carmex fulltime user. I was lucky enough to be chosen to trial the Carmex Original Lip Balm Click Stick. I love it, very easy to use, love the vanilla smell!! The way it glides on and gives good coverage without having to slather it on is fantastic!! I also trialled the Carmex Moisture Plus, and loved that too. They both have great qualities. I definately recommend Carmex Original Lip Balm Click Stick. Good value and a pleasure to use!!

  11. Never trying Carmex lip products before, and being a total lipbalm junkie – I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment i put the product onto my lips, I was pleasantly surprised.

    My thoughts on the FORMULA:
    – From the first second of application, my lips already felt soft and smooth.
    – There was an unexpected cooling sensation when the balm was applied. I thought that this was a bit strange at first since I don’t own any lip products like this, but I do enjoy the feeling of knowing that the lipbalm is actually working on my lips.
    – It actually lasts on the lips for a long time. I enjoy being able to feel the lipbalm on my lips after a couple of hours.

    My thoughts on the PACKAGING:
    – Safety seal on cap (MAJOR brownie points, right there!)
    – Sleek, no-fuss packaging makes it easy to apply, with or without a mirror.
    – It wasn’t until I was finished applying the lip product that the packaging began acting up. The balm would wind up, but when I tried to wind it back down, it wouldn’t move. Fortunately, I didn’t wind the balm up so high that the lid no longer fit, but the lid still ended up smudging the sides of the balm.

    My thoughts on the SCENT/TASTE:
    – When I first opened the lip balm, I loved the scent.
    – It wasn’t until I actually put the product on my lips that I noticed the very strong SPF smell and taste. It seemed as though the very first application wore off most of the original scent.
    – Fortunately, the SPF scent/taste doesn’t linger and only lasts for a minute or two. And in the end, the smell is much better than having to deal with burnt, swollen lips!

    Despite the little mishap with the packaging, I think that this is a great product. The formula is fantastic! I love the cooling sensation that it gives my lips. It is definitely something that I would repurchase in the future, though next time I may try out the squeeze tube!

  12. I’ve been using the Carmex Click Stick for a couple days now. I got it in the mail as I was recovering from a cold – so was just the trick to soothe my dry, sore lips!

    Loved how smooth it was on my lips after application and gave my lips a nice shine. After a couple of coats during the day, my lips felt nice and moisturised, and stayed soft. I liked the smell of it too – didn’t smell “fake”, and the nice bright yellow colour makes it easy to find in my messy handbag! The safety seal is also a neat idea, but for the life of me I couldn’t peel it off without scissors. The added SPF is fantastic, as it leaves me worry free in the sun!

    Overall I fell in love with this little beauty. My go to lipgloss from now on! Thanks Beauty and Lace for letting me trial it.

  13. This little click stick is great although the clicking is just a novelty factor to me. It feels great on the lips, rich but not too thick and moisturising. It does not easily glide on because of this, unlike other lip balms, you have to use a bit more force to get it on but it’s worth it.

    The scent I find comforting (I don’t know why!), it’s not one everyone will like, it’s not sweet but a menthol-like smell to it. I love the tingle upon application, I usually reapply every 4-5 hours and when I was out in the wind and reapplying, the tingling was reassurance that it was working.

    Overall, this lip balm does its job well and for such a low price, I will be repurchasing. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the chance to try and review it.

  14. Having never tried Carmex before I went sure hat to expect. I was impressed. I loved the safety seal idea. My lips tingled for several seconds fter application. I suppose that means the product is working. After that initial tingling I can say my lips felt soft and smoothe. The smell is interesting and definitely mentholy. SPF factor lip balm works for me. As for taste I’m still to decide but definitely not unpleasant. I love the fact that it’s a compact size and fits easily into a pocket, and I love the clicking sound. One click is all that’s needed. Thank you Beauty and Lace for introducing me to wonderful new product.

  15. I absolutely love the Carmex brand – I have used the lip gloss/balm in a pot before and thought it was fab.

    I was a bit concerned that with the click stick you would end up using too much but it is a nice firm consistency (similar to the pot). This does not mean it drags when you apply it – but it doesn’t swamp your lips.

    I love the fact that scent wise Carmex is relatively neutral. It does have quite a tingle when you apply it (another commenter has noted the ‘cooling’ effect) so don’t be surprised by this (I was the very first time I used it but it’s a feeling I’ve grown to love!!).

    Carmex is just an awesome all round lip balm. It’s low scent, it’s not coloured so it’s completely flexible AND it does a great job of softening your lips.

    And the best part? I usually have pretty long nails which makes using the pot difficult. The click stick solves that problem! I’m thrilled to have it.

    Thanks so much!

  16. I was so happy to recieve my Carmex stick in the mail to try. It is the perfect size to fit in my handbag or clutch. I have been using it for a few days now and have noticed a BIG difference in the softness and appearance of my lips. In the winter weather I find my lips get quite chapped due the the extremities outside as well as the heaters used in the office.

    The Carmex stick doesn’t feel sticky on the lips and I have also used this over the top of my lipsticks.

    At such a great piece I will be adding this to my ‘neccesity’ products for everyday use.

  17. I’m a huge lip balm fan. Especially, due to the Winter weather causing my lips to become very dry and occasionally peel.So,when the opportunity to review a Carmex Click stick lipbalm came up I was excited. I have used this balm before in a pot tin and must say I like that version better. One of my pet hates,with the clickstick was when I twisted it up and down it made an irritating click sound . The lip balm also made my lips feel tingly and almost like they were burning. I didn’t really like this feeling and was tempted to remove the balm. Yet, I left it on and was impressed with how hydrated and moisturized my lips felt for a few hours.

  18. I love this lip balm – it’s better than the original as I like the tube better than the squeeze tube. The texture makes my lips so soft pretty much after the first use. I will be recommending this product 🙂

  19. I love carmex and this click stick is perfect for taking with me everywhere. I love how as soon as I apply carmex I can feel it working on my lips, making them softer and instantly feeling better as this time of year always leaves me with dry and often chapped lips. After using this and other carmex products though I am finding my lips aren’t suffering from the weather conditions anywhere near as much as usua, and what i also love is that I don’t need to constantly apply carmex, it works from the get go and does a fantastic job keeping my lips in shape.

  20. I have tried my Carmex stick and love the consistency. It goes on thicker than others and lasts a lot longer as well. The results are really great for softness too – it works pretty well straight away. There is a strong smell, like menthol, when first applied, but this is not unpleasant and doesn’t last too long. All in all I enjoy using this stick as a harder wearing, longer lasting lip balm which will be better all year ’round.

  21. Thankyou Beauty & Lace for allowing me to try Carmex Click Stick, as I haven’t used this product before. Although I have seen it and heard a great deal about it online.
    This is a great lip balm, it really left my lips feeling super soft and it stayed on for hours, even after having a cuppa. I also really liked that while I did have a drink, the product didn’t gather in the corners of my lips or gunk up on my lips like some other lippies, balms, glosses do. It hydrates my lips and keeps them feeling healthy. My only dislike is the feel and taste of the menthol, I hate menthol anywhere near my mouth.

  22. Thanks for the opportunity to review the Carmex Click Stick! I love being able to share my opinion and I love lip balm – so it’s a perfect match 🙂

    I have always used Burt’s Bees lip balm in the past because it works so well. Yes, I’ve used other brands here and there, including Carmex, but I was never a fan of the tube or the little pot of lip balm (the tube is hard to get the right amount out and the pot just makes me think -germ city!). However, I must say, I really think the Carmex Click Stick is a great lip balm.

    I agree with someone else who liked the fact that there was a safety seal on the cap – fantastic! I like the fact that the formula contains SPF and it is easy to apply, moisturises very well, and helps dry, cracked lips. I’m not a total fan of the scent, but it’s not that noticeable that I wouldn’t use the product because of that. I will say though that I don’t necessarily think it has to ‘click’ every time you twist to get more lip balm out of the tube – not like it’s annoying or anything, but it just doesn’t seem like a necessity. While I will still use Burt’s Bees, I always have lip balm in every bag I use and in my bedroom and bathroom, so I’m sure from now on I’ll keep a Carmex Click Stick around. I look forward to trying out the other flavours and seeing how they compare!

  23. Being a Carmex newbie I was busting to try it. I’m in love. Love the consistency and OMG the tingle–WOW. I’m not usually a menthol fan, but on my lips it’s amazing. I’m converted.

    Only negative, I struggled to get it open. No fingernails made it hard.

  24. Thanks for picking me to trial this product. I have never heard of Carmex before which is weird. I tried it as soon as I got it and I love the smell, sort of like Vanilla. It is a very rich smooth lip balm. The tingle started after a few seconds which was unexpected but nice. It lasts for ages which was surprising as most rub off within the hour. I could feel the product up to 3 hours later which is very handy. My only negative is, the click action stopped working after 3 days which means I can get it to go up but not back down again, so I have to make sure I don’t put it up too far. Overall, it is a very nice lip balm and would be happy to buy the product if the price is worth it.

  25. As a a fan of winter sports – both to watch and play, a good quality lip balm is important to me so I was keen to try Carmex. I was impressed with the safety seal like many others, but that is the only reedeming feature I found with this product.
    There is a strong smell of menthol that lingers long after you have applied the product. I was paranoid that others could smell it too – and they could. So I would not suggest using this if you wanted kissable lips. The balm also tingled my lips for quite some time and they were in good condition. I cannot imagine how that would feel if you used the product on cracked lips.
    I was also not a fan of the thick, solid consistency of the product. It was hard to apply as it did not glide on nicely and I felt that it just sat on the surface of my lips. I prefer something that soaks in to moisturize.

  26. Call me slow but I have never tried any of the carmex products before so receiving this lip balm was a true treat.
    The 4.25g tube with the pop off lid and twist base as pretty standard for most stick lipbalms but what captured my attention straight away was the scent. I dont know exactly what it is but i found it really inviting and once applied I was in love. This product feels fantastic on the lips. it straight away has a soothing effect and i found my lips give a slight tingle as soon as the product is applied.
    This lip balm is extreemly moisturising and i found that one application lasts on the lips for quite a while which i would think would make this a wonderful product to use all year round to protect your lips from the cold in winter and the sun in summer as this product also contains spf15. A brilliant product to have in your handbag and make sure you have it hand if tackling plane travel when the air in the cabin can play havoc with your skin and lips.
    I would say this is an essential to have on hand if you are suffering with a cold and breathing more through your mouth which can also cause chapped lips.
    I cant believe this product has been around all these years and i hadnt tried it. From now on this is on my essentials list. 10 out of 10.

  27. I’m still a little bit undecided on the Carmex lip balm. On the plus side it seems to do the trick and the SPF factor is definitely appreciated. Unfortunately I’m not particularly fond of the taste and it gives my lips this weird tingly sensation. But it seems pretty perfect for a lot of guys I know who work outside in the element who would use something like this. Think this little baby’s going to get some serious use for outdoor days.

  28. This little “Gem” came at the perfect time for my snow trip, fits so easily in the smallest of pockets; so handy for a quick touch up on the lifts. Love the SPF and the TINGLE, left my lips protected from the elements and feeling soft and kissable. This little stick packs a big punch! Thanks CARMEX! Say bye bye to Blistex…..

  29. Thank you so much for letting me trial this product. I had never used Carmex before and was really happy to get chosen as I have wanted to check it out and I am glad I did. I love the bright red and yellow packaging, the slim design, the safety seal and the SPF15+ It left my lips with a slight tingle but that didn’t bother me too much. Also with other balms I find I am forever reapplying but a little of this beauty goes a long way. My lips felt really lovely and smooth, dry and chapped lips are now a thing of the past. A great, effective product.

  30. Thank you for my trial product of the Carmex click stick. I found it glided on easy and lasted a while on my lips. I was a bit surprised by the tingle at first but got used to it. It feels like a good long lasting product and it has helped me so much with the cold winter winds here.

  31. I have found this very effective. I’m suffering very dry lips right now -either pregnancy or winter heating – and this has quickly given me relief. It’s easy to use (and being colorless, I don’t need a mirror to put it on) and I like the fact it’s essentially tasteless. I don’t need extra flavour most of the time.

    I’ll definitely be buying it again – it works quickly, it’s easy to carry around, it’s easy to use – and did I mention it works?

  32. This is the first time I have used Carmex Click Sticks, so was really impressed with the animal-free testing, natural ingredients and easy application.

    When I used the stick for the first time, I got the tingle and the smell, both of which didn’t last long. Was very impressed how long the product keeps your lips moisturised, as with other products, you have to keep on reapplying more often to get the same effect.

    I would definitely recommend this product to my friends to use to relieve dry, chapped lips, as it really works! Thanks B&L for the opportunity to be part of this trial.

  33. This is the first time i have used any lip balm and i found it great as i have been doing alot of walking and the wind has chapped and dryed my lips but after using Carmex Lip Balm for a few days my lips have never felt so good,i now pop it in my pocket when i go for my walk and use when feeling my lips drying.Plus having SPF 15 stops me getting burn’t lips.I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.:)

  34. I haven’t ever tried Carmex before and I have to say that I am impressed. It is a soft balm that glides on to my lips and makes them feel immediately supple. I often suffer from chapped lips in winter but the Carmex lip balm seems to really hydrate my lips well and banish all signs of dryness. The taste and scent is minty which is refreshing. I also like that it has a SPF – it will be great in summer too. It’s also a great size to pop into my handbag for soft lips while I’m on the go. Overall, this is an excellent product that delivers.

  35. I am so glad I received this product as I have been suffering from a cold and hayfever, which always leaves my lips dry and cracking. The tube is a great way to be able to stash it in my purse without it getting crushed, and as it is a solid stick I know it won’t leak into anything else.
    There is something reassuring when I feel the mild Carmex tingle as I know it’s starting to work its magic. The balm helped rehydrate my lips noticably within 24 hours, and with each application the softness came back to my lips. My lips will be back to their kissable best after this cold is gone so I think my partner also shares my good feelings about this product.. Carmex continues to be a winner.

    1. Just an update on this product. I have been unfortunate enough to have suffered through 2 cases of the flu this season, and my stash of Carmex lip balms have got me through it amazingly. My lips were drying out constantly due to my condition and the heater, yet within 24 hours of constantly reapplying my Carmex my lips were as soft as ever.

  36. Received this in ther post a few weeks ago – have been using Carmex for years. It is my lip balm of choice and have one in every handbag. I get VERY dry lips and this does the job of keeping my lips moist during the day, especially with the dry aircon in my office. There is no perfume/taste which i especially like. 10/10.

  37. I tried it and found it not only made my lips tingle, but made them quite sore. I stuck with it for a few days, and the edges of my lips started to chafe, so I stopped using it, and my lips settled and were back to normal within. 2 days. I then tried again a few days later, and unfortunately, same uncomfortable response.
    On the upside, I gave it to my daughter to try, and she loves it. She said her lips have never felt softer or smoother, and she wears it with a lip pencil as well, in place of a lipstick!.
    She is definitely a convert and has even checked out the varieties available.

  38. The combination of the flu, cold weather and ducted heating (which has been on way too much this year) has left my lips in a terrible state.
    I’m usually not a big lip balm person – mainly because I always forget to put it on (old age, laziness, forgetting where I left it – take your pick). When I was given the opportunity to try Carmex Click Stick I thought “Why not – but just remember to use it”!

    Received it and tried it out straight away. A bit of a tingle then fantastic! No chance of me forgetting to use it (but then again it worked so well you don’t need to use it as often as others) – my lips felt great and it kind of became a little addictive.

    Apparently it has an SPF – which is great. Good size for the purse or pocket.
    Very happy and would definitely recommend.

  39. Thanks for the opportunity to trial the Carmex Lip Balm. I have been using this product for years but in a little tub rather than the stick form. There is no doubt that this product will get my vote as it is easy to apply, small enough to discreetly sit in a purse, does a fantastic job, is not unpleasant in any way and to top it all off is relatively inexpensive. I have been recommending this brand to friends for a long time now and we all agree…it is well worth it!

  40. Loved this Carmex Lip Blam quite thick which is how lip balm should be only thing i could say against it was to twist it back down wasnt easy it didnt work properly and had to be pushed down – though perhaps that was just my particular one Would definately recommend though and purchase for myself again

  41. this is perfect for cold winter nights, works quickly and and does a great job. i’m not a huge fan of the original ‘flavour’, but i get around it by using it only at night.

  42. An excellent lip protector – both for retaining hydration and for protection from the UV rays. It has a trendy clicking sound as I wind it up – which is rather fun! I love that it’s in an easy carry, strong tube. Also, it’s unisex in it’s packaging so guys and girls can use this one. My man has no problem borrowing this from me in public. My teenagers love it too. Great family product actually!

  43. this lipgloss was pure bliss, it gave my dry and sore lips comfort and softness. i loved the packaging as its much easeir to use in the pen style instead of the pot. there is no wastage and fits even into my mini evening bag to help give me soft kissable lips at the end of the night and hopefully kiss my own prince charming. Fingers crossed. Thanks Beauty & Lace & Carmex, for these wonderful soft lips! xx

  44. I was thrilled to receive the Carmes lipgloss, and more so after I had tried it, it’s the best product I have used on my poor cracked lips, they are feeling fantastic. I bought one for my sister who is very ill in hospital and her lips have improved dramatically in a very short time, the natural ingedients are an added bonus thank you

  45. This is an absolutely gorgeous product!! I have always been a fan of Carmex, but the “click stick” is genius. There’s no wastage and is easier to apply than ever. My lips are mind-blowingly soft, protected, and of course kissable! Thank you Beauty & Lace!!

  46. I was very impressed with this product for the first day I had it; I say that because once my daughter got a hold of it, she claimed it as her own!!! I didn;t mind though, because she suffers with dry lips so this has been really good for her, Thankyou!!!

  47. Thank you for giving the opportunity to trial this product. Carmel lip balm is very friendly on my budget list. It’s a winter saviour for me! Would recommend it 😀

  48. I am in love with this product. I used to use another product but am a complete convert.
    The aroma from the carmex stick not only made my lips feel all tingly and soft, it helped clear up my nose.
    I actually went and got another one for my son. He suffers from dry skin and allergies so usually has one in his pocket at all times. Carmex was gentle enough for him to use and didnt create any skin problems. Plus there are no girly colours so he is happy to use it.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Im now a big fan

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