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I’ll be honest, Summer is the time that I think about really looking after my skin because that’s the time of year that it is most on show. It isn’t when your skin needs the most care though, and it certainly isn’t when I should be looking out for mine.

Dry flaky skin that is forever dehydrating under layers and layers of warm clothes, my body suffers more in winter through the lack of exposure to fresh air; among other things a skin specialist could surely explain.

This winter make a pledge to yourself and your skin to take care of one another when the weather gets wild.

A body scrub is an amazing reason to spend a little longer luxuriating in a hot bath or shower and when the weather is wet and windy how better to warm yourself up than with a long hot shower.

Buddy Scrub is an Australian product that is cruelty free, no animal testing, vegan friendly and filled with all natural ingredients that is sure to leave you with soft and silky skin.

Exfoliation, nourishment and moisture; three of the most important things to offer for healthy skin and I find that this is even more important in the winter months, possibly because of the heating.

buddy scrub

Buddy Scrub comes in three fabulous varieties, all of which are made from natural ingredients that are good for the skin so should be fine even for sensitive skin; though a patch test is advised before using all over.

Green Tea Body Scrub utilises sea salt and sugar to exfoliate, green tea and coconut oil to nourish with jojoba and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

Raw Cacao Body Scrub exfoliates with sea salt and brown sugar, nourishes with raw cacoa powder and coconut oil with sweet almond and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

Activated Charcoal Buddy Scrub contains sea salt and sugar to exfoliate, activated charcoal and coconut oil to nourish with jojoba and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

Completely animal product free and with no animal testing the Buddy Scrub is great for vegans, it’s all natural so will make a great friend for all skin types and results will start to be noticed after the very first scrub.

The cooler weather is here and that means that there isn’t going to be much natural tanning going on so it pays to note that Buddy Scrub is great in conjunction with spray tanning, before to exfoliate away all that dry, flaky skin and then again when you are ready to remove the tan.

Twenty of our lucky Beauty and Lace Club Members will be trialing the Activated Charcoal Buddy Scrub and you can read what they thought in the comment section below.

For more information about Buddy Scrub you can follow them at Buddy Scrub and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

RRP: $15.95

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20 thoughts on “User Reviews: Activated Charcoal Buddy Scrub

  1. I received my charcoal buddy scrub and couldn’t wait to try it.
    I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It had a nice fine texture and mixed very well with water. It was so easy to apply and the scent was a very fresh minty scent. Lovely. After washing it off, my skin felt silky soft.
    Highly recommend this product.

  2. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Buddy Scrub for the chance to trial this refreshing exfoliating scrub.
    The Buddy Charcoal scrub comes in a handy ziplock pack, so you simply tear or cut it open and pull apart the opening to reach in and use the charcoal scrub.
    The first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells zingy and slightly pepperminty sweet.
    And I can see the sugar in the scrub. It smells good enough to eat, so I have to remind myself to not taste it! And I have been tempted a couple of times.
    I wet my skin in the shower and scooped a little bit out with my fingers and massaged it into my skin. I used it especially on my elbows, knees and legs, basically anywhere my skin felt rough. And soon enough, my skin felt soft and smooth. After my shower, I felt how smooth my elbows were, this was before I applied my lotion!

    The ingredient list is pretty impressive, this scrub contains sugar, sea salt, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, charcoal powder, coconut oil, peppermint oil, vitamin e and soybean oil.

    This product is All Natural, Cruelty free, and Vegan friendly. The packaging is cute and cheeky with a refreshing sense of humour.

    I am impressed that this exfoliating scrub has No Sulphates, No Parabens, No Mineral Oils, No PEGs. So to me that means that there are none of those plastic microbeads that harm marine life.

    I have used exfoliating scrubs before, including coffee scrubs and I’ve noticed that depending on how you use it, some of the scrub can invariably fall onto the floor. It’s just getting used to using it and that will keep wastage down. I suggest taking a little bit and scrub and then take a little bit more out of the pack and scrub some more.

    The instructions say to use twice weekly and to keep the contents dry inside the bag.
    I will definitely lookout for this scrub next time I need an exfoliating scrub.
    Thank you for introducing me to a very good scrubby Buddy for smooth and soft skin!

  3. I was fortunate enough to trial the Activated Charcoal Buddy Scrub, and I loved it. Thanks Beauty and Lace! The packaging is really descriptive and very light hearted. I wasn’t too sure what to expect with the scent, but it’s quite light and fresh. And don’t let the dark grey colour put you off, especially if you spill some on the shower floor.

    My only concern was keeping the scrub dry and not letting any water into the packaging. I poured some into my hands, then applied the scrub, but I probably wasted some scrub using that method. I’m going to dig out a plastic spoon to scoop out smaller quantities next time.

    This is the first time I have used a dry scrub, and I didn’t find it as ‘scrubby’ as other scrubs as I have used, but it certainly did the job and my skin felt lovely, soft and smooth afterwards.

    With natural ingredients and no nasties, it’s a great product I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy using.

    Highly recommend for soft and smooth skin, thanks Buddy Scrub!

  4. I had the wonderful opportunity to try and review the “Buddy Activated Charcoal body scrub” which is natural, chemical and cruelty free.

    The first time I applied the buddy scrub to my skin I could smell beautiful relaxing aromas coming from it.
    I proceeded to rub the buddy scrub straight onto my skin but quickly realised that it is quite coarse for superior exfoliation, so I definitely recommend you to rub the buddy scrub gently into your skin.
    The ingredients in this scrub are just superb. Incorporated with essential oils such as jojoba oil and grape seed oil along with essential minerals which leaves your skin feeling truly invigorated. The buddy scrub has sea salt and sugar for deep exfoliation along with the activated charcoal to nourish, moisturise and soften the skin.

    I personally have dry flaky skin and found after using the Buddy Activated Charcoal body scrub twice in one week now my skin is more smooth and soft to the touch, not as dry and flaky as it usually is making me feel more confident about my skin in general.
    Before using the buddy scrub I would do a test patch as recommended especially those with sensitive skin to see if you have any reactions. Use this product around 1-2 times a week .
    This amazing buddy scrub can assist with helping skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, scarring and even Psoriasis.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace I am very much enjoying the results this gorgeous product is giving my skin. I can highly recommend the Buddy Activated Charcoal body scrub.

  5. I love this product! The fact that there is sooooo much and you only need to use it sparingly makes it even better. Thankfully I product description as the instructions are not so clear (as in how much to use etc).

    As there are multiple treatments in the pouch it would have been nice to have a little spoon to use rather than trying to get out what you need when you are wet (and potentially contaminate the rest of the pouch). However, that aside, this is a wonderful product.

    From start to finish it looks, feels and smells amazing. Simply opening the pouch releases an aroma which invigorates you. Add a little water and start rubbing and the aroma intensifies and feels wonderful on the skin.

    It is really gentle and silky but you can feel the dead skin floating away. Then as you wash it off your skin is silky smooth and clean. It honestly feels like you are washing away winter and the heaviness that winter brings.

    A product to definitely keep stocked in the cupboard all year round!

  6. I’m a huge body wash/scrub fan. I use one every-night in the shower. I do find some scrubs are hit or miss, but I loved the ‘Hey Gorgeous’ Charcoal scrub. It’s a big thumbs up for me.

    Firstly I love how the packaging is waterproof. I’ve tried other scrubs like ‘Hey Gorgeous’ and they come in a brown paper bag and I find it messy as I have to get the product in my hand and hop in the shower without making a mess. There is no mess with this product, just snip the top and take in the shower.

    It’s very economical, you only need a little bit for it to work. I’ve used it with both a clarisonic (body) attachment and my hands. I suffer from small bumps on my knees and top of arms, and I’ve noticed a difference already. It hydrates as well as scrubs. I think another week and they will be non-existent.

    I tried a 3min shower tan after this product and I got no streaking so it’s perfect to use before tanning.

    The scent is lively minty aroma, I love it and could smell it on my skin after the shower.

    I really loved this scrub and will be repurchasing as I think it’s economical and a great price.

  7. It was so lovely to take the time out to enjoy a nice long hot shower to try out the Buddy Scrub with activated Charcoal. The flirty little directions were inviting to try something different for my very dry skin. I used it all over my body including my face and feet. The Budy Scrub stimulated all my senses with delightful scents. I liked that it wasn’t too coarse but still felt cleaning and refreshing. What I loved was how soft and silky my skin felt after. I haven’t used a ‘dry’ scrub before but found it easier to keep some in a container in the shower. The packet is generous size and will last a decent amount of time. I love using Australian made products with natural ingredients without any nasties. This would make a lovely gift for anyone who wants pampering or for anyone who wants to have lovely soft and hydrated skin!
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Buddy Scrub for allowing me to review I won’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family!

  8. The Charcoal Body Scrub has a beautiful scent and it made my skin feel very nourished and smooth afterwards. I also loved the fun and modern packaging!

    It was a little bit tricky to remove the product from the packet without getting any other bits wet and I was also a bit concerned about applying the product to my skin without wasting any and sending it down the drain!

    Overall though, I love this product as it left my skin feeling soft so I certainly would purchase it and recommend it to others.

  9. I would like to thank Beauty and Lace for the Buddy Scrub trial I have used it and found that it real works on dry skin and makes it smooth again. It was so easy to use.

  10. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace, and Body Scrub for being chosen to review the “Charcoal” Body Scrub. Cool packaging. The first time I used this great product it was a total fail. I wasted more product than I used. I then put the body scrub in a sealable jar and used a spoon to pop into my hand, then rub this over my skin. Wow, the charcoal with the combination of oils left my skin feeling smooth, soft with a subtle lingering fragrance. No need to moisturise after using this scrub. Love, Love, Love it.

  11. Loved this Buddy scrub gave me that fresh smooth soft feeling after using while smelling like a mint.Very refreshing & left me minus a lot of rough patches.
    Packaging very clumsy but as mum & grandmother found a way around this as I have with many a childs project.
    One of the best exfoliaters I have found & would recommend.

  12. I have to say when this product arrived I was smitten by the packaging. *Hey gorgeous * I had to smile to myself.

    Then I turned over the packaging and read the rest. Personally – I loved the light hearted cheeky feel to this packaging and this was only just the start.

    I read the instructions once again loving the cheeky side to it and delved in . I firstly grabbed a small amount to rub in then found this went a very long way.

    My first thought was wow – this smells devine ! I could eat me. !! ** haha * absolutely loved the minty aroma, and as I was exfoliating could feel the smoothness of my skin already.

    I found under the breast area the coolness stayed a little longer after my shower – so for those with sensitive skin possibly do a test first. I found it fine, for me.

    The Activated Charcoal scrub was Refreshing, easy to apply but do suggest possibly a small plastic spoon to delve into the packaging as you exfoliate the rest of your body. To ensure you don’t wet the goodies inside.

    My bathroom smelled devine afterwards even the kids made comment.

    Overall an aussie product Id happily recommend to all ladies who love to exfoliate. . All friendly free products used and will leave you smelling like a minty as well smooth and soft.

    Just gorgeous !! 😀

  13. This little pouch packs a punch. I never thought activated charcoal would leave my skin so smooth and alive.
    The scrub itself looks a little tile grout. But don’t be put off by its unassuming looks, you only need a smidge. I applied it in the shower, being careful not to get the pack wet.
    It smells fresh and zingy, but not overwhelming. Jojoba, grape seed and coconut oils leave your skin feeling gently moisturised, and pampered
    Give this body scrub a try, for a spa experience at home

  14. I was lucky enough to trial the Buddy Scrub and I am so grateful! For starters, as soon as you open the packet the smell is amazing – I love peppermint. Just smelling it made me feel relaxed and refreshed! I read the instructions on the packet and I thought it was cute how they made it seem as if the product was talking to me, rather than just the usual type of instructions. I wasn’t sure how much to use, so I ended up tipping some out into a little container and taking that into the shower with me.

    I used the scrub on my arms, décolletage and lower legs the first time. It felt sooooooo good. The sugar dissolved quickly and I was left with silky feeling skin from all of the lovely oils. I wondered whether that silky feeling would go once I dried myself, but no, it was still there and my skin felt so nice all evening. Even the next morning, my skin still felt silky! I had warned my husband that the shower floor might be a bit greasy/slippery when he got in later on, but he said that it wasn’t at all. I’ve used other products that have left the shower floor slippery so that I’ve slipped in there and hurt my back so it was nice that this scrub doesn’t do that.

    On the pack it says to use at least twice a week, but to be honest I couldn’t resist and have been using it every second night. My skin has never felt better! In the past I have tended to neglect my skin in winter, but not anymore.

    My only problem was that you aren’t supposed to get any water in the pack, which meant for me putting the scrub into another container before getting in the shower. But when I did that some of the scrub got stuck in the seal and the packet wouldn’t re-seal again properly, so I’ve ended up tipping all of the scrub out into a decor container which I can seal correctly.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Buddy Scrub for another great review. This is defiantly something I will be re-purchasing in the future >:o)

  15. I was delighted to be able to trial this product.

    The Buddy Scrub wasn’t as oily as previous body scrubs that I have tried which I really liked. The scrub was wonderful to use (except for the mess it left in the bathroom!!). The smell was divine and even my partner tried it and scrubbed up quite nicely (he is a mechanic and is usually covered in oil when he gets home).

    The small packaging was slightly awkward in not getting the contents wet while in the shower though.

    My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards. I refrained from using body lotion afterwards and my skin wasn’t dried out at all – even the next day!

    I would definitely use this product again (if I can hide it from my partner!).

  16. The first thing I noticed after receiving the Body Scrub was the packaging. The flirty and fun description made me want to open it up straight away!
    Trying the body scrub felt luxurious and rejuvenating. My skin felt instantly smoother and soft.
    I can be a bit particular about the scents of different body products however did not have a problem with the fresh scent that carried through.
    My skin looks amazing – perfect in these colder winter months when my skin tends to dry out.
    Thanks Beauty and Lace for an awesome product trial!

  17. I was excited to trial this and can happily say, I really loved the ‘hey gorgeous, i’m Activated Charcoal buddy scrub (the pedantic side of me wants to make that a capital ‘I’ so badly!).
    The packaging was simple and fun to read and had a handy zip-lock top. I was surprised to find it a dry scrub as have never tried one before and it’s important to keep it that way in the pack. This can be a little tricky when in the shower but I managed and the results were worth it.
    Mix a little water with the scrub and rub away. I used it all over my body, twice this week and have already noticed a change in my arms. I get the dreaded arm pimples (ugh) so after the first use they came up everywhere the next day (I think the charcoal also helps draw out the yukky toxins) but, after the second use there is definitely less and my arms look smoother. I didn’t bother using a lotion afterwards as my skin felt so silky and moisturised afterwards.
    The scent is lovely, nice and pepperminty which was fresh and helped me feel extra clean.
    Absolutely loved the fact that it is made from all natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and made in Australia.
    One thought, could this scrub be delivered as a wet scrub at all? Would make it so much easier in the shower is all.
    Other than that, I am definitely interested in sourcing the other 2 varieties for comparison but really loved this one and am just so pleased I have had the chance to trial it and see the results for myself.

  18. Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial and review
    ” Buddy Activated Charcoal body scrub ”
    As soon as i arrived I loved this product starting at the fun modern packaging.
    Upon opening it the smell was heavenly with peppermint scents that really made me feel as if I was doing justice to my body already.
    Body scrub is a regular product that I use throughout the year and was really pleased with the results from this scrub.
    Not too rough, my children thought the colour was hilarious and it ticked all the boxes in regards to environmentally friendly and made here in Australia.
    Will purchase again.
    Kind regards

  19. Where do i start?

    This is one of the best body scrubs I’ve tried!

    It smells amazing! Perfect for a morning pick me up, but not offensively strong, and it doesn’t linger. It’s not going to clash with your perfume if you use it before getting ready.

    Then the scrub itself is wonderful. It has enough scrubby material to give you a decent exfoliation, and the granules last long enough to do their job. At the same time it isn’t too harsh. It has enough oil to leave your skin moisturised without being an oil slick, it doesn’t discolour your skin (i have a coffee scrub that leaves you looking dirty, so you need to use soap after it, negating any benefits), and it doesn’t bother my eczema (I’ve used salt scrubs that sting like crazy, this one doesn’t).

    I’d recommend it to anyone, and it’s definitely something I’ll be looking at repurchasing.

  20. Buddy active charcoal body scrub is amazing. From its quirky funny instructions on the back to its handy zip lock packaging. Upon opening I was smacked in the face with a fresh peppermint scent. It was easy to apply and smelt amazing. My skin was beautifully silky smooth. This product is going to be fantastic coming into summer. I highly recommend Buddy charcoal body scrub to help get rid of you dry winter skin and step into summer smooth and fresh.

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