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Spring has sprung, summer is in the air and there’s a lot more leg on show for many women across the country. Now is the time to tame the winter jungle and return to smooth and silky legs. Or is that just me?

There are a huge variety of hair removal options, all with a list of pros and cons, so it really does come down to a matter of personal choice. A recent survey conducted by Schick showed that the majority of respondents still preferred shaving over other hair removal methods; for underarms, legs and bikini lines.

I love the idea of an epilator for legs but in the end, I just find it way too time-consuming and end up pulling out the razor. For other areas of the body, I like the pain-free option of shaving, as well as the convenience.

Recently I have been playing with a new razor thanks to Schick and I think I’m in love.

The Schick Hydro Silk is a razor with detachable disposable heads. The heads have 5 blades which are curve sensing for an incredibly close shave, and it makes trying to navigate over knobbly kneecaps and around sticky out ankle bones much safer. The unique skin guards help to protect skin from irritation and the water activated Hydra Renew contains Shea Butter for long lasting moisture and hydration, moisturising for up to 2 hours after shaving. I’m finding that days later my legs still feel silky, even though they are no longer smooth.

Until I received my Schick Hydro Silk last week I had been using another leading brand for at least a decade, I think that will now be relegated to the drawer for eternity while the Hydro Silk takes up residence in the shower recess, hanging with its own dedicated shower hanger.

A new Schick Hydro Silk comes with 1 razor, 1 shower hanger, and 2 blades.

The Schick Hydro Silk has had a makeover this season and now comes with a Purple ergonomic soft touch handle with a comfortable rubber grip for control.

Refill cartridges come in a waterproof 4 pack that conveniently hooks onto the shower hanger, always within reach when they are needed. The 4 pack of refills is also available in Sensitive Care.

The Schick Hydro Silk has won Beauty Heaven’s Best In Beauty Award 5 years in a row and that’s a pretty major achievement in an ever-changing field.

RRP $14.25 kit
RRP $19.25 4 pack refills

Schick razors are available from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline, and pharmacies nationally.
For more information visit

Thanks to Schick 12 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be trialing the Hydro Silk and you can read what they thought in the comments section below.


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12 thoughts on “User Review: Schick Hydro Silk

  1. Schick Hydro Silk glides over the skin with no mess of form shaving creams or soap. Amazingly there are no cuts around my sensitive areas, for example my ankles. Probably better to uses it in the shower. It comes with a handy shower hanger and an extra razor. I have a little bit of razor burn but a probably needed use more water in that area at the back of my leg. I like how the blades do not clog with hair, even being used on long hair. It is very quick and easy and the sheer butter makes my legs feel silky and smooth, with no need for extra creams. Would you recommend to others very happy.

  2. Wow! Used this razor for the first time this morning and now, 14 hours on, my legs still feel beautifully moisturised. It’s incredible!

    I deliberately didn’t moisturise my legs today to test the razor properly and am amazed at the result.

    Whilst using the razor, I checked about 3 times that there was no guard still on it as it didn’t pull the skin at all. I felt like it wasn’t getting close enough to the skin but it really was.

    The shower holder is really handy to keep it high enough so my daughters cannot reach it.

    Great product. I will be changing brands from now on!

  3. I loved trialling the schick hydro silk razor, it was fantastic and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. I also like how it came with a hanger to put in the shower, great idea 🙂 and great that the razor did not clog up and is easy to use, no cuts or nicks!

    …will definitely buy this razor in the future, as it suits my sensitive skin.

  4. I will admit I was somewhat skeptical that the Schick Hydro Silk razor with Hydra renew was not going to be moisturizing enough for me but I was pleasantly surprised. Although I automatically reached for the shave gel to use on my legs in the shower, I resisted and used the razor alone and got a great close shave that left my legs feeling smooth and moist.
    The addition of the shea butter makes my dry, rough legs feel silky smooth and soft so I will definitely keep using these and happy that I can just take a razor with me when travelling and know that I am getting a quick, close shave!

  5. I’ve used another Schick before and liked it but found it a bit big for travelling and being on the go. I just recently bought another brand and wasn’t feeling that it was doing the job. I would have to shave my underarms again in 2 days.

    Receiving the Hydro Silk came at the right time for me to try it out. After one use I am loving it and the other razor has been given the flick.

    Firstly, the purple handle I love and it feels great in the hand. Great grip and I can rest my index finger on the top easily and it is also light.

    I do have to be careful when shaving my legs as I can’t cut myself or feel anything on a part of my knee. No problems with this shaver at all. The 5 blades totally glide over my skin and it gives me a very close shave too. Great for my underarms too. I used it 4 days ago and my arms are still clean shaven…no stubble showing. Absolutely no irritation from shaving on my legs or arms. I was able to use my roll on deodorant once I was dry.

    I love having the Shea butter which leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It really does hydrate the skin.

    I like the hanger which I can put higher up in the shower, so the blades can stay dry when others use the shower. I also keep the little plastic protection lid when you first open the box with the shaver. This just helps to keep the blades dry even more. It’s not going to last long but will work for a few days.

    I know the 5 blades incorporated into the shaver will last a long time as I have used a Schick before.

    Thanks Beauty & Lace and Schick. Winner for me and I won’t be changing for a long time now. The best.

  6. I really love this new razor. It doesn’t feel like it’s shaving at all but you look down after and no more hair and best off all legs feel soft and smooth for hours after. I’ve used one particular brand for quite some time now and think I’ll be switching over from now on. Thanks for a great product ☺️

  7. The Schick Hydro Silk razor for women delivers pretty much everything it promises. The built in moisturizer works well to keep your shaved areas smooth and soft for hours (can’t say I’ve come across any others that can do that). The shave is smooth and safe (no knicks or cuts even over the bumpy fiddly bits).
    Will I buy the refills…maybe…I’d like to see how many shaves I get out of the first blade before making my mind up. They are a bit pricey if they are only good for a few shaves.
    Sorry but for me the hanger is a waste of time…it just won’t stay up in my shower. Guess the surface is a bit rough just like me before I used the Schick Hydro Silk razor

  8. I loved using Schick Hydro silk on my skin & i am very happy with the results i got . I liked the purple colour as well ,it looks very nice in this colour.
    I loved its handle which is very soft to touch and fits in the hand nicely and makes the shaving process easy. My skin felt very soft , smooth and moisturised after shaving and
    i did not experience any irritation or cuts as it was very gentle on the skin. I was clearly able to feel the moisture in the skin after every use . I loved the water activated moisturising serum which makes this razor great to use. Moreover i am glad that it is clinically proven to provide lasting hydration to the skin.
    The shower hanger makes it very easy to keep it in the bathroom .

    Thanks a lot Beauty & Lace for giving me a chance to try this razor. I will continue to use it regularly

  9. I have to apologise to my other leading shaving brand that I have been using for about eight years – you’re gonna be retired to go into the shower pack for when I’m travelling.

    The first time I used the Schick Hydro Silk razor, I wasn’t even sure it was shaving the hair off because it glided so smoothly across my legs, but sure enough, the hair was gone. The moisturiser coats your legs as you shave, so there’s no need to be putting cream on when you dry yourself off after a shower.

    The five blades are designed so that you don’t feel them scraping across your skin, but they’re cutting off all those hairs right at skin level, so you have smoother legs and underarms and other areas for longer than other brands I’ve used.

    The real test came when I went away during this trial and used my old razor with a new blade in it. Even with the new blade, it didn’t give me a shave as good as the Schick, so you’ve got me for life,

    The Schick Hydro Silk comes with razor, shower hanger, and two blades. I believe the refill blades come in a four-pack that attaches to the shower hanger, which is more convenient than the one refill that comes with the new razor as it has to live in the bathroom drawer until called upon.

    The rubber ergonomic handle makes shaving easier and I’ve only managed to drop it once and knock the blade off. I would highly recommend to others.

  10. What a great shaver for a beginner or anyone for that matter. The 5 blades gave it a close shave & my legs didn’t need to be moisturised afterwards which was great as I usually forget to do that step!

    The ergonomics of the handle was very comfortable as it glided over knee caps & around ankles.

    Will definitely continue to use this razor & when my daughters need new ones will replace with the Schick Hydro Silk .

  11. The Schick Hydro Silk is a fantastic razor! I love how it comes with a spare blade and also a nifty little suction cap holder to put in the shower so I always know where I last put my razor and can dry. The razor has 5 blades which I found gave a really close smooth shave and especially great because it didn’t feel like it pulled the hairs – just glided effortlessly over and the end result was really good. The box says it has Shea Butter on the razor that will provide lasting hydration, which is a good addition and my legs did feel quite different from using my old razor, I would actually say they felt moisturized! I would definitely be looking for Schick Hydro Silk refills for this razor as I really liked how easy it was to use and gave me a really good close shave and my legs were left feeling fantastic.

  12. I absolutely love using this razor! I used to use cheap, single blade razors, and would end up with countless nicks and cuts on my skin. But not with this one! I haven’t had a single nick or cut since using it. And my skin feels really smooth and soft afterwards! I’ll never go back to my old razors 🙂

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