Top 10 Supermarket Beauty Buys

Supermarkets are really becoming a one stop shop, and you shouldn’t disregard their beauty aisles to pick up a bargain.

Coles have put together a list of their top 10 best sellers nationwide from the beauty department, some of these you will be familiar with already, and some may just become new additions to your shopping trolley.

top ten beauty

1. The number one current top seller is just $2 – it’s the Derma Intensive + Fragrance Free Face Wipes. These have been around for a while now and it is good to see they are still a bargain at their original price point. Fragrance free is a definite plus!

2. It seems we love our facial wipes, coming into the number two spot is from Johnson’s and it’s their 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes. I find these slightly preferable to the Derma version, but they are a little more expensive at $6.99.

3. I’m actually surprised the number three product didn’t come in at number one! The Lucas Pawpaw Ointment Tube is one of the most amazing beauty products on earth. It is multipurpose and can be used for just about everything – as a lipbalm, for dry, cracked skin or even nappy rash. I always have a tube in my handbag. This one is $5.76

4. Redwin Sorbeline Vitamin E Lotion is number four with an RRP of $4.78. This is a nice sized bottle of moisturiser and it’s quite thick and rich – good for dry skin. Use as an all over body moisturiser. This will last you ages.

5. At number five is the Soft Cream Moisturising Jar from Nivea. $9.69 will get you a pot of moisturiser suitable for any part of your body, including the face. Particularly good for dry spots, it’s fast absorbing and ideal for winter. Key ingredients include Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.

6. Maybelline Babylips SPF 20 Lip Balm in Berry comes in sixth. I don’t know many women (if any) who don’t use lip balm, and I am happy to see Babylips on the list. The SPF is a necessary addition and the product itself gives you soft, nourished lips. One of the cheaper lip products around, it has an RRP of $3.95

7. To be honest I didn’t know you could buy Rimmel at Coles, but you can – and their number seven product is the Scandaleyes Mascara in black (of course). This is the most expensive product on the list at $16.95 and comes in a bright orange tube so you can’t miss it.

8. Maybelline
are obviously popular with supermarket shoppers, this is their second addition to the top 10 and it’s eyeliner. The Eye Studio Master Eyeliner (again, in black) goes on smoothly for darkly defined eyes. The price for this is $12.50

9. Almost at the end of the list, but still making an appearance is another Rimmel product which I have been using regularly. The Stay Matte Pressed Powder (in transparent) is $12.99 and removes any shine for a photo ready finish.

10. Last but not least at number 10 is for your nails! Cutex Quick ‘N’ Go Nail Polish is popular, in particular Metallic Blast. $5.95 is a small price to pay for nail polish, and it is such an easy way to give you a beauty boost.


Are any of these products in your top 10?



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Supermarket Beauty Buys

  1. Yes, I agree with this list of products available from the supermarket. The Derma facial wipes are fantastic along with the other products. I have not used the Rimmel Mascara but have used the other nine products. Excellent list♥

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