Rodial Brazilian Tan Light

I’m on a bit of a fake tan search at the moment which has brought me to the celebrity favourite brand – Rodial. The Brazilian Tan in light is for us naturally fair skinned girls who want a natural looking tan that isn’t too outrageously different from our beginnings.

The Brazilian Tan is in gel form and it is silky smooth and soaks into your skin. I don’t know what it is about the product, I think because it is only a light tint, but I had no streaks…hallelujah!

When you apply there is a hint of tint and after four hours of developing (now that’s fast), you have your slighltly sunkissed looking bod. Anyone who says to me fake tanning is too hard before jumping into a solarium should try this (it also comes in dark so no excuses!).


You can use it on your face and body for an even looking tan and it has avocado and coconut oil for some skin pampering. If you do have sensitive skin I would definitely do a test patch on your face first just in case you have a reaction.

Did I mention the smell? There will be none of those “omigod this is so strong I’m going to pass out” moments, because this little brown jar of goodness doesn’t have that chemical scent to it. I’m going to say caramel but it’s a smell I can’t place, there is definitely something almost edible smelling about it though.

The Rodial Brazilian Tan Light has an RRP of $49.00

To find your nearest stockist please phone: 1800 811 611

What’s your favourite Rodial product?

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