Review: Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

Let us introduce you to Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn Body Oil — a delightful treat for the skin and soul.

Beautifully scented with an array of citrus essential oils, this exquisite elixir also contains sea buckthorn oil, known for its rich vitamin content and revitalising properties. 

Sesame oil is also included as a source of vitamin E and is wonderful at softening the skin.

This oil is ideal for summer, winter and everywhere in between due to its ability to deeply hydrate (hence winter) but sinks into the skin quite quickly (hence summer).

We put this oil somewhere near the top of our all-time favourite body oils (the list is quite long) which is probably the best compliment you can get.

Stockists: Available from selected pharmacies, health food stores, and here 

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