Review: Palmer’s All Over Body Firming Lotion

A good choice for those who wish for a little more then just basic moisture in their daily body lotion.

What is it: A moisturising lotion that helps to firm and tone the skin. We’re always a little weary of products that claim to do said things but thought we’d put this to the test regardless.

How to use: Like most lotions, this is simple to use. Apply to skin and massage in gently. As this is a treatment cream, using everyday and twice a day is the best way to achieve optimal results.

Palmer’s especially recommends applying to the following areas: buttocks, thighs, hips and tummy.


What’s in it: Of course we can’t have a Palmer’s product without their lovely cocoa butter but this also contains shea butter too. As for the firming ingredients, we have ginseng, green tea and Q10.

Because we’ve only been testing it for 4 weeks, it’s a bit soon to see the firming results. We can say that it makes for quite a good body lotion and we’ll continue to wait and see.

RRP: $7.39 for 250ml

Stockists: Available from Coles, Woolworths, Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Target, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and Terry White Chemists. For more stockists and information, visit  

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One thought on “Review: Palmer’s All Over Body Firming Lotion

  1. Sounds like a terrific affordable firming lotion for the whole body. I love the fact it contains ingredients such as ginseng, green tea and Q10.

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