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When I think about make up remover, the first thing that comes to mind is having to use cotton pads and product that feels like it is packed with alcohol.

Dove are breaking tradition with their Foaming Make Up Remover and I have been giving it a good workout on my face which has make up on it almost every day.

This product isn’t supposed to replace your regular cleanser, but used as a pre-cleanse step to really get in and effectively remove all of your make up. Dove’s Foaming Make Up Remover starts as a liquid and as you pump it is transformed into a fine foam which gives it a light consistency and fluffy texture.

There are two ways you can use this product, either on a wet or dry face – although for me, the easiest way to use it is to keep it in the shower and apply to a damp face.


A lot of the heavier cosmetics are used on our eyes (think waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow) so a decent make up remover really needs to be able to take this off without much fuss.

I felt a little worried about applying something foamy to the eye area, but decided a little self sacrifice was in order for my lovely readers. I closed my eyes and waited for a stinging or burning sensation…but it never happened.

Obviously you aren’t supposed to get it IN your eyes, but putting it on your eyelids and around the delicate eye area was completely trouble free.

Once you have done a quick wash with Dove’s Foaming Make Up Remover, rinse off and your makeup is all gone. I like that all you need to get the job done is the product and some water, it’s so quick and easy that even after a late night out and dark, smokey eyes you can wake up looking fresh without that panda look.

My skin can be quite sensitive and I didn’t experience any irritation or redness even after multiple uses. It is strong enough to remove your makeup, but still leaves your skin in tact.

Dove’s Foaming Make Up Remover is a pleasant surprise for such a small pricetag, but Dove do pride themselves in creating skin friendly products and this pump-able beauty is no exception.

For more information on Dove’s Foaming Make Up Remover please visit:

How do you currently remove your make up? Would you consider switching to the new Foaming Make Up Remover from Dove?

59 thoughts on “Review: Dove Foaming Make Up Remover

  1. I also have tried this makeup remover and found it so soft and gentle on my skin not drying at all which is really great if, like me, you have dry skin. There is no overpowering scent too which is a something different. I usually use it on a dry face and wash it off with a damp flannel as I shower in the morning.

  2. I’ve been using this make up remover daily too and find it gets rid of every bit of make up with ease. Be really careful though not to get it in your eyes as it does sting a little.
    I use it on a dry face at night so I wake up make up free 🙂

  3. I currently just use a basic make-up remover. I think after the glowing endorsements I would certainly like to try Foaming Make Up Remover from Dove.

  4. I’ve never heard of Dove’s Foaming Make Up Remover until now! It sounds perfect! To get make up off I use Dove Beauty Bar, I love Dove products!

  5. I use an eye make remover with cotton pads first for the eyes then a cleanser-type make up remover for the rest or makeup removing wipes if I’m too tired and just want to sleep.

    Dove’s foam sounds amazing. I especially love that you can use it in the shower and it does eye make up. Another bonus is that it would be ok on sensitive skin. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  6. I currently use an oil facial cleanser from MooGoo because it contains natural products and is gentle on my sensitive skin, but I find it is a little messy. I’d be willing to give the Dove’s foaming makeup remover a go as it sounds mess free and suitable for sensitive skin.

  7. I find that lots of makeup removers dry out my skin and I have sensitive skin too so this product sounds like it will suit me well. definitely need to get my hands on some 🙂

  8. I’ve been using Pod, which is a gel cleanser and it’s been great for my skin. I’ve tried make-up removers and even yes, Dove, although I like the convenience it gives me, I think for my case, it’s more suited to those lazy days where I don’t have time to cleanse my face properly. Then I’d use this. It’s quick and removes everything without much work needed.

  9. I’ve used this makeup remover and find it really effective. I’m also a big fan of Face of Australia’s Gentle Makeup Remover and currently loving The Jojoba Company’s Balancing Cleansing Oil.

  10. I actually added this to my skincare collection about 2 months ago. I had run out of cleanser and didn’t have the money to buy my usual one. So I saw this, I like the Dove brand, it was my price range. I was happily surprised after using this. It wasn’t harsh at all. I’m 41 with mature/dry skin and although it did leave my skin feeling a tad tight but moisturising fixed this. I too used it over my eyes, I a;lways do and I had no stinging sensations either. A couple of pumps is all I need to clean my entire face. So worth the money.

  11. I have this makeup remover and love, love, love it! I use it when in the shower and it works fantastically.
    I always knew that a makeup remover used in the shower would save time, encourage women to take their makeup off and is convenient. Dove Foaming makeup remover does all of that and is definitely a product that every woman MUST have. Well done Dove, you have definitely excelled in making this awesome makeup remover.

  12. I use a remover most days, even for days when I just use a bit of cheek tint/mascara. being a mother of 2 under 4 and mid 30’s, I find that by end of the day my face needs a “freshen up” before bed. I also find my skin is more absorbent if using a make-up remover, then cleanser, which definitely helps with my moisturiser application, Would definitely consider switching to this especially if there is no eye stinging and can be rinsed off easily in the shower.

  13. This sounds great! i don’t usually use a makeup remover at all, i just use my cleanser but this sounds great. 🙂

  14. This sounds like quite the interesting product! But I have to admit I prefer to use things that are natural/organic – I feel better knowing no chemicals are on my skin.
    When it comes to removing make-up I always use my beloved Jojoba Oil – it’s moisturising and nourishing and takes off every last bit of make-up but leaves my skin feeling soft and happy.
    Jojoba Oil is very beneficial too – and good for oily skins. (Which mine can be!)

  15. I currently use Neutrogena facial cleanser. It works well, but I am always interested in new products and I love trying them to see if they are better. I’d love to try this new Dove Foaming Make-up remover.

  16. I usually use make up removal wipes, but find it doesn’t work all the time. I love the sound of Dove’s Foaming Make Up Remover, and the bottle looks very appealling. I will definitely go out and buy this new product to try.

  17. I can honestly recommend this product, because I am now onto my 3rd bottle. I started on the Dove Make-Up Remover as soon as it hit the shelves. I love the performance that this remover gives me.
    I use it always in the shower . I have tried on a wet and dry face and I think using on a dry face works the best. It’s in a great easy pump bottle. It looks like a yellow liquid inside until you pump it onto your hand and it becomes this lightweight foam. When applied to the face though, it feels thick and creamy and has a lovely fragrance. It truely took off all my waterproof mascara and make-up without any harsh scrubbing. Yes, I am totally impressed. My face feels really clean after applying.
    I haven’t had any problems with applying it to my eyes (just keep your eyes shut and you won’t get any stinging).
    I do finish up as I have always done, applying my favourite Dove Beauty Soap to the routine though.
    I also have dry skin, and it doesn’t leave my skin dry, so a great plus for me.
    Simple,easy product and affordable.

  18. I use facial cleansing wipes if I have been wearing heavy eye makeup, but I still find excess mascara smudged under my eyes the next day. The smudges need a heavy hand to remove, invariably ending up in my eyes. Dove’s foaming cleanser has to be a better solution for these delicate areas on my face.

  19. Removing makeup has always felt like somewhat of a chore to me 🙁 But its the only way to a cleaner and fresh-looking complexion. I use a cotton wool piece to swipe off stubborn eye makeup, but mostly i just wash my face with a scrub to get rid of all the oils and colours etc.

    Facial wipes seem interesting, but i worry they wont do as good a job. I guess the downside in me exfoliating just to get makeup off means i am doing it unnecessarily and over-drying my skin. Eeeeep!

    Dove’s foaming cleanser has certainly caught my attention – i haven’t seen ads for it anywhere so am surprised to hear of this product. I like the thought of it instantly foaming and being by a brand i trust. I cant see this product drying my face out either. Definitely something that’s caught my attention 😀

  20. I really don’t like creamy cleansers and only use foaming cleansers….I can’t wait to give this a go as I love all Dove products and I’m sure this will be just as great.

  21. I wear eyemakeup daily and usually remove it before i get into the shower but many times i get onto the shower and realise ive forgotten to remove my eyeshadow so im now very interested in trying this Dove foaming cleanser. I would keep mine in the shower and simply make life easier on myself and give up trying to remember to remove it before i get in the shower.

    Im certainly very interested.

  22. This looks pretty awesome..I love foaming cleansers and the squeaky cleansed feeling they give. This looks like a fab product. Nice review and thanks for sharing!! 🙂 🙂


  23. How nice is this war-paint remover. It’s soft, beautiful and smells so nice. I love it just as much as all the other Dove products.

  24. I seem to be stuck in a time warp and only use cold cream to remove makeup…thanks Granny for the tip all those years ago! Maybe it’s time for me to get with the program and update?!

  25. I use to use cream but found it stung my eyes so now I’m using make up remover wipes. But I love the idea of foaming make up remover as it doesn’t sound has harsh as other products out there and I’m always open to try and test new products

  26. I found {and sneakily used} this great product in my daughter,s bathroom while in Qld and found it great in the hot ,steamy weather when my skin was a perspiring mess. It was gentle,soothing and effective and my face felt really refreshed. Only problem was I couldn’t buy the product at home as I live in a small country town so I forgot all about it until I read the article. Definitely will stock up next visit to Adelaide. I am a grandma with dry and aging skin so need all the help I can get to keep my skin in good condition.

  27. I am often too tired and am guilty of going to bed in my make-up. I’d love to try this product as it will be a quick and effective way of removing make-up.

  28. I use a cleanser in the shower because I hate having to cleanse and then have to wash it off in the basin, especially in winter, or wipes. I would love to try the new foaming cleanser.

  29. I’ve been using just baby oil lately, I bought a Nivea makeup remover and it was terrible, did nothing. I’d like to try the dove makeup remover 🙂

  30. I currently remove my make-up very badly as I have sensitive eyes and they turn red as beets from most make up removers. I would love to try this Dove product, thank you.

  31. Ok, I’ll be completely honest and say that there are lots of nights when I don’t even bother to remove my make-up (a sin, I know!), but when I do, I currently use Simple brand cleanser. I haven’t heard about this Dove product, but this looks like a saviour for my skin and for people like me (lazy!) 🙂 as it is so simple to use. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!

  32. What a great product to try! Would love the chance to trial it. I use cotton pads and Sorbolene cream as it removes the makeup and moisturises at the same time!

  33. I currently use some kind of no name facial wipes, but the scent is overpowering, my eyes feel icky and scratchy after and they are drying my face out. I would love to try the dove foam.

  34. I use makeup wipes with cleanser to get rid of my make up. I recently had a face paint experience and it took me two days to get it off properly!
    I would definitely consider changing to dove foam because everyone says it actually works a treat!

  35. I currently use make up remover wipes, which do a reasonable job but are very abrasive and do not remove all eye makeup… i have very sensitive skin so find most cleansers and removers very harsh. I would love to try this foam!!

  36. I generally don’t remove my make up before bed. Terrible I know! If I could try dove foam I would absolutely be more inclined to do so.

  37. I currently use a Natio eyemakeup remover and a SUKIN cleanser. I would change to the Dove foam, as I use other Dove products, like conditioner, hand soap, body soap and shower gel.

  38. wow if it means no more horrible facial wipes and i save time and in the process remove all the other remaining facial makeup then this is what i have been missing in my beauty regime. thank u dove

  39. I currently use moisturiser to clean off my make-up but I like the sound of this product and would definitely considering switching.

  40. At the moment I just use plain old water and soap to remove makeup, this product looks like it would be far better on my skin and seems to be a lot easier, will give it a try for sure 🙂

  41. Hate to admit it because it goes against all advice, soap and water and an old wash cloth. I think my beauty regime needs upgrading.

  42. All my makeup removers always seem to still require me to rub and rub the makeup off my eyes as i am known to wear heavy eye makeup. This Dove product being a soft foam and actually useful to removal of eyemakeup definitely takes my interest. I want to try this Dove product and hopefully stop the strain on removal of mascara.

  43. I am guilty of using shower gel and water. It is not my preferred method, but it takes no time at all. This product looks like it would take no time either and appears to be a wonderful idea. Love anything from Dove.

  44. I bought this about 2 weeks ago. I use it in the morning and at night to get rid of any traces of makeup. I love the foam, it is very pleasant to use and seems to work well with no ill effects. Would recommend it.

  45. I use old school makeup remover lotion in a tiny bottle which you blot onto cotton. It must be donkeys years old… was mum’s before it was mine. As you can see it doesn’t get too much use. I usually use soap & water first, then the product.

  46. I usually use a witchazel & eye make up remover to remove my make up, but I do worry about the oily-ness of the eye make up remover. This new foaming remover certainly sounds interesting. I would certainly try it especially given the good review above. Thank you

  47. I use QV soap free wash too remover my make-up.I would love to try a foaming remover to see the difference.

  48. I currently use my facial wash and a washer to remove make up in the shower. Foaming Make Up Remover from Dove would allow me to remove makeup at my vanity and leave my facial wash to do just that.

  49. i currently use my son’s baby wipes but don’t know what long term affect that will have on my skin. A foaming wash that i could use in the shower would suit my busy mornings and nights perfectly

  50. I currently use make-up removal wipes but I’m finding they’re a bit harsh and something sting my eyes. They’re also expensive so I would certainly give this a try.

  51. I use Garnier sensitive 2 in 1 for both eye and lippy. I don’t tend to wear mascara as I can never get it off to my satisfaction. Dove sounds like it ticks all the boxes being inexpensive, quick and easy to use and most importantly, non irritating. You have definitely piqued my curiosity.

  52. Well it seems I’m so tired at the moment I usually use my pillow case to remove my makeup. I would love to try the Dove Foaming Makeup Remover as a more civilsed alternative though!

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