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It’s the season for parties, long summer nights and little black dresses. It sounds glam but life isn’t like a television commercial, and for most people skin isn’t naturally photo perfect. For those of us who like to wear foundation, it can be frustrating going to all the effort of applying carefully only for it disappear as soon as the dancing starts.

Here are some foundations which are designed to go the distance, tried and tested by yours truly…

Smashbox Studio Skin ($62.95 / Kit Cosmetics) is a liquid foundation in a simple glass bottle with black pump. When you first start using it the foundation feels wet but shortly after it does dry, but never fully reaches that powder-like state. I mean that in a good way, there’s no flakiness so it’s A-OK for dryer skin types too. Studio Skin is a 15 Hour Wear Foundation, if you need decent coverage then this is the partner for you. It has SPF 10 which really isn’t much, but I would mostly use this for a night time foundation anyway. No oils or parabens, if anything is going to beat the humidity it will be this beauty. No animal testing.

The following two products are especially eco friendly, let’s start with NVEY Eco Creme Flawless Foundation ($64.95 / NVEY) which contains certified organic ingredients. This Melbourne brand has created a luxe foundation with organic jojoba, safflower and caster oil. It comes in a compact but it isn’t really a powder, it’s like a matte cream and the product can be built up for a high coverage result. Comes with a mirror and sponge. Made in Australia.


The second eco lover is from Vani-T, and it’s their Mineral Powder Foundation. This is a loose powder which gives you the benefit of either a light dusting or a heavy all over made up finish. You do need your own brush (Kabuki is recommended) and it can be a little messy if you aren’t used to applying. Vani-T products always feel that extra bit special with their sophisticated packaging and this is no exception. Not tested on animals.

One of the products which I have been using and is nearly empty (if you knew how many foundations I have that is saying a lot) is from Napoleon Perdis. It’s called Advanced Mineral Makeup ($69.00 / Napoleon Perdis) and it contains SPF 15 and Vitamins A, C and E. This is a liquid foundation and it really helps to cover absolutely everything – from fine lines to redness, it makes your skin as photo ready as it’s going to be.

To finish I have two budget friendly products, you can always find a few little gems from BYS and for a basic, thicker liquid try their Matte Foundation ($9.95 / BYS). Make sure you really check the colour against your skin (remember blend to your neck, not your hand). Once again you get good coverage and it lasts quite well – comparing it to the other products I’ve tried it isn’t as good, but for the pricetag it is a bargain.

And then there is Face of Australia, another budget brand that gets a thumbs up. The Lasting Looks Natural Foundation ($11.95 / FOA) has SPF 15 and adds a bit of moisture while still hiding your “flaws”. It doesn’t turn into a powder, it leaves a dewy finish so it gives you a completely different look and feel. The brand is against animal testing and the products are made in Australia.

What is your favourite party foundation?

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