Nutrimetics Marble Eyes

Nutrimetics Marble Eyes Eyeshadows and Shimmer Eyes Eyeliners

Eyeshadows – Lunar Lunaire, Astro, Eclipse and Cosmos
Eyeliners – Neon and Twilight


I’ve always been a fan of Nutrimetics makeup, although I like the more subtle cosmetics like your natural nude lipsticks and subtle eye makeup.

However, when I was lucky enough to be asked to review the new Marble Eyes range I was kind of overwhelmed as to how I would make this work –  I don’t wear overly out there make up (unless going out) and my first impression of this range was ‘Whoa’! (As you can see in the picture above.)

So I started slowly by using the green eyeliner (Twilight) and was pleasantly surprised! Instead of my normal black eyeliner this changed my whole look. My greeny/blue eyes stood out in a whole new way!

So not stopping there I then used the green eyeshadow (Lunar Lunaire) and that also looked great.

Today I thought I’d try it out in public and I felt so pretty.

Here is the result…

nutrimetics eyes

Ahhh ‘Marble Eyes’

Product deets:

  • nc Marbleyes Eyeshadow 1.5g come in Cosmos (copper/gold), Astro (metallic royal blue), Lunar (metallic green) and Eclipse (metallic grey)   RRP$25.00.
  • nc Shimmereyes Eye Pencil 0.35g come in Mystique (copper/gold), Twilight (metallic green), Noir (shimmery black) and Neon (metallic blue)  RRP$19.00.

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