Nivea 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil

Have you considered using a body oil instead of a lotion during winter? When your skin is feeling particularly dry, a nice oil will give it an instant moisture hit.

A budget buy which feels lovely on your body is from the brand in blue, Nivea. It’s their 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil and it has an RRP of just $14.95.

This is designed to give your skin a firmer appearance and even your skin tone. It has a light scent to it and contains Q10, avocado oil, cottonseed oil and macadamia. These ingredients contribute to softer, more hydrated skin and may even help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

You can use this on either wet or dry skin, which makes it a handy little product to have in your beauty cabinet.

The 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil from Nivea is available from supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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