Natura Siberica: Oblepikha Siberica Body Butter and Energising Shower Gel

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For a pretty pair which will give your body the rich nourishment it deserves, look no further than Natura Siberica. Two products you will be coveting this winter are the Oblepikha Siberica Energising Shower Gel and Body Butter. The organic beauty brand supports the native people who live in Siberia, and by purchasing something from the range you will be helping families and communities in need.

The Oblepikha Siberica Energising Shower Gel will give you a foamy, refreshing wake me up in the morning. Among the concoction, it contains Siberian herbs, Sea Buckthorn, cranberry seed oil, pine nut oil and wild mint giving it an addictive scent. Altai Oblepikha is unique as it is a Siberian berry packed with Omega 3,6,7,9 and fatty acids. Natura Siberica is the only brand using the oil derivative as a base for their products. This shower gel won’t dry out your skin, you will be left feeling freshly clean and revitalised. This one is 400ml and has an RRP of $10.99

Of course, when you shower it is nice to finish the experience with a body moisturiser, and the perfect partner is the Oblepikha Siberica Body Butter. This is ideal for dehydrated skin, and contains Altai Sea Buckthorn oil. It is full of moisture and your skin will be left feeling soft and supple. Once again it comes with a nice scent which lingers, and there are no parabens. This 300ml tub has an RRP of $18.99

Both products come in orange and blue packaging, and have a vintage retro feel to them. You can shop online at Natura Siberica, with free shipping in Australia when you spend over $75.

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