Nails Facts with O.P.I

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O.P.I’s Director of Education, Karon McKendrick-Taylor has been working in the nail industry for over 6 years.

Karon’s love for nails and beauty products began at a very young age and it seemed only natural that she pursued a career in the nail industry. Here she shares her expert advice:

My nail polish always chips, why does this happen and is there anything I can do to stop it?

Make sure you always use a base coat and a top coat. Good nail lacquer should wear away and not chip. You can also try to prepare your nail bed before applying your lacquer by removing excess oil with polish remover. Apply OPI’s Chip Skip underneath your base coat for a longer lasting manicure.

What nail colours are in right now?

Green, blue, taupe, shimmers, bling and pale grey

Is black still in fashion?

Just like your little black dress it is suitable for all occasions, black nail lacquer works for many different looks and rarely looks wrong.

Just remember to make sure it is perfect and not half worn off! In terms of fashion trends, the colour of choice for autumn/winter is for a more deep dark plum, blue or green as opposed to black.

Do my toes have to match my fingernails?

This depends on the colour and occasion – if it is a for a formal occasion then it is generally appropriate. For everyday use it is not as important for your toes and fingers to match.

For example, if you are going on a summer holiday we recommend bright shimmery shades because nail lacquer that contains shimmer will last longer in the sun and the sand.

Personally, I don’t wear soft sheer shades on my toes, as I prefer more darker and dramatic colour. For everyday, I prefer “Privacy Please” , a soft shade of pale pale pink on my fingers because it looks polished and matches whatever I’m wearing. If I am a little hard on my nails then it’s not so obvious if damaged.

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What are the moons on my nails and does it matter if I don’t have them?

The Lunula – this area of the nail is where the cells are starting to harden and flatten, The lighter colour of your moon is due to the Keratin (the protein our nails are made up of) not completing it’s hardening process.

At this stage the nail can be vulnerable to damage such as ridges because your nail cells are very soft. You need more protein in your diet or you might have been ill recently.

If you cannot see them do not panic, your nails will still perform the same process, but you may need to push back your cuticle (do this gently).

What steps should I take for perfectly pedicured feet at home?


Relaxing Soak – Soak feet for about 5 minutes to Clean, soften and Relax

  1. Begin with left foot. Remove from bath and Wrap leaving the toes exposed.
  2. Remove polish.
  3. Trim toenails, if needed and shape.

Callus Softening –

1. Unwrap foot and apply SOFTEN-AHA Callus Softener with Green Tea Extract, with a slightly heaver application on callused area.


3. Wrap foot in towel & repeat Trimming and Callus Softening steps on right foot.

Cuticle Detailing

1. Push cuticles and clean nail plates of the left foot with OPI TOOLING implement.

2. Remove residue -wipe nail/cuticle with NAS 99 Antiseptic Solution.


1. Smooth callused area of the left foot with the OPI FOOT FILE.

2. Apply SCURB to left foot. Massage away dry skin and rinse.


1. Apply a fine layer of MASK (avoiding the toes) to the foot.

2. Repeat cuticle detailing and exfoliation steps on right foot and apply mask.

3. Clean station and prepare for next client.

4. Remove Mask from the left foot using warm, moistened LINT FREE’S/terry towels.


  1. Warm a small amount of MASSAGE in hands, apply to foot & perform massage.
  2. Apply SMOOTH AHA Skin Smoother.
  3. Remove MASK from right foot and repeat massage and smooth steps.


  1. Finish nails as desired with either a BRILLANCE Buff or OPI LACQUER.


My nails seem to be stained from my polish, is there any way to make them look good again?

A light buff will usually remove most staining. Use a soft Buff (220grit or higher) like the black of a 3way shiner or a OPI Flex silver moss.

You and also soak your nails in certain products that contain Magnesium, this helps to whiten. Some people use toothpaste ,others lemon juice or bleach however home remedies can be messy and drying, so be careful.

OPI released a polish remover – Expert Touch which is designed to remove dark nail lacquers.

What do you think about fake nails?

Last year long fake nails were very fashionable, however we are seeing a trend for more natural nails or gel nail applications.

Unfortunately  we are all born with our own individual nail shape. It is not as easy to change the shape of our nails, except perhaps through diet.

Our nails are growing cells and part of our DNA make-up. Unlike our hair, which we can alter by adding hair extensions or by having a perm, the natural shape of our nails can not be altered.

These days most of the products used by reputable beauty salons are not as damaging to the natural nail or the skin around it.  Gel nails are the on-trend because they are light weight and a little more flexible compared to the old acrylics nails.

However, if you are looking for length ( such as hair extensions for your nails) you will probably need the support of the acrylic. Find a nail expert you trust and get regular treatments to maintain your acrylics. If you don’t know where to go, look around and ask people you meet whodoes their nails?

Are there any foods I can eat to help strengthen weak nails?

A well rounded diet is the best advice. Silica is often recommended as a supplement and is good for hair nails skin and teeth.

What shape do you recommend I file my nails for a simple, clean look?

Squoval – straight across and then take the sharp edges of the corners. It’s easy and you can make all the nails look the same in no time at all.

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