Max Brenner Body – Chocolate by the Bald Man

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Max Brenner, affectionately known as ‘The Bald Man’ has turned Chocolate dreams into reality with his Spa Collection ‘Body’.

The Body range, created from pure cocoa butter and rare confectionery ingredients nourish and enrich the skin whilst helping to improve elasticity and serving as a source of antioxidants. Now you can look and feel deliciously beautiful without the guilt.

Ghananian Cocoa Nibs Body Peeling

RRP: $30.00
Size: 240ml

max brenner body

Max’s Body Peeling is a pleasure to use, I have it sitting by my bath and when relaxing I indulge. It can be applied directly to damp skin so it’s as simple as lying back and massaging on body. The thick delicious texture goes onto skin beautifully and exfoliates well.

I find myself ‘out of habit’ moisturising after using it but there really is no need as skin is left super soft. The smell is strong but not overpowering nor sickly, just enough to ignite your senses and give a feeling of calm.

Body Peeling is enriched with:

Ivory Coast Cocoa Butter: Upon contact with the body, the cocoa butter nourishes and enriches the skin, improves elasticity and serves as a source of antioxidants.

Evening Primrose Oil: The oil contains essential fatty acids which are vital for the skin’s functions & for one’s entire body.

Apricot Seed Powder: The kernel powder made from crushed apricot seeds has natural cleansing properties
Vitamin E: Highly efficient in cultivating & nourishing the skin with its antioxidant properties.

Brazilian Brown Sugarcane and Cocoa Nibs Body Scrub

RRP: $32.00
Size: 250ml

max brenner body

I have to say I thought this body scrub would pretty much be the same as the Ghananian Cocoa Body Peeling. After using it I can tell you it is completely different.

The texture is quite harsh so go easy on the scrubbing. This scrub is one to really get rid of dead skin. Perfect for exfoliating before a fake tan or just to buff away unsightly dead skin. The smell reminds me of a delicious coffee cake.

Body Scrub is enriched with:

Ivory Coast Cocoa Butter: (See Above)

Sweet Almond Oil: Deeply moisturises the epidermis’ top layers, leaving the skin soft & silky smooth. The oil has great nourishing power and helps to prevent the natural loss of moisture.

Brown Sugar Granules: The brown sugar granules serve as an excellent peeling agent. The uppermost layer of epidermis is exfoliated, revealing smoother and silkier feeling skin.

Ghanaian Cocoa Beans: Serve as a gentle body scrub & natural stimulant for the skin.

Indonesian Cinnamon Essence: The spicy aroma helps the body to relax while stimulating blood circulation. Known as an aphrodisiac, the steam-extracted cinnamon essence has been proven highly efficient in pampering and comforting the body’s skin.

Vitamin E: Highly efficient in cultivating & nourishing the skin with its antioxidant properties.

Madagascar Vanilla Hand Moisturiser

RRP: $20.00
Size: 100ml

max brenner body

This hand cream is fantastic – the creamy texture is absorbed quickly into skin with no oily after effect. My hands are left soft and well moisturised.

The smell is really yummy and I find myself smelling my hands for some time after. However the smell only lasts around an hour, which makes me want to reapply just to smell them again.

Hand Moisturiser is enriched with:

Ivory Coast Cocoa Butter: (See Above)

Evening Primrose Oil: (See Above)

Peach Kernel Oil: This oil’s nourishing properties help protect the skin from dehydration. It also encourages elasticity of all skin types through its natural concentration of vitamin A and Vitamin E.

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