MAAEMO Revitalize Mist

With the changing seasons, your skin may be suffering from dryness, and this is where the Revitalize Mist from MAAEMO comes in.

This 100ml, certified organic facial spray can be applied whenever your skin needs a quick perk me up. It can also be used as a toner, following your cleanser. It comes out as a fine, refreshing spray with a light scent.

Kakadu plum and echinacea are the star ingredients, but you will also find green tea, witch hazel, rose oil, and lemon oil on the list. It is vegan and cruelty-free, making it a thoughtful choice.

After using this product your skin will be hydrated, and soothed, while a dull complexion will get a boost. The brand recommends starting with a patch test (I haven’t had a reaction but we are all different) and pairing with a MAAEMO moisturiser.

The packaging is fresh in white, black, and a touch of wood. It comes in a recyclable box and the products are made right here in Australia. The Revitalize Mist has an RRP of $49.95 and will get you through the summer months!

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