Luxaestiva Gypsy Oil

The exotic name, Luxaestiva Gypsy Oil, is already an enticement to explore this product further. Gypsy Oil, a 100 % natural infusion, is sure to delight the senses. Enclosed within a beautifully decorated pump bottle with dried petals, the botanical fragrant dry oils nourish the skin improving its tone and texture.

Just one drop of Gypsy Oil is enough to cover large areas of skin and although initially, it will feel oily it is fast absorbing and leaves a lovely smooth glow on the skin. 

Gypsy oil is an infusion of balancing grapeseed oil, antioxidant camelia oil, softening sweet almond oil and rosehip oils, firming apricot oil, moisturising, and protective meadowfoam seed oil, anti-inflammatory pomegranate seed and patchouli oils, prickly pear oil, and neroli blossom.  

With all these luxurious botanical oils it is no wonder that Australian-made Gypsy oil is a wellspring of health for all ages and all types of skin. 

*Gypsy oil will bless most skin types but do be aware that it is unfortunately unsuitable for people with nut allergies.


RRP $29 for 30ml, or $59 for 100ml. Get it at

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