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As the weather warms up there will be no hiding your arms and pins anymore – and Le Tan have an easy solution for those who want an instant sunkissed glow without the waiting time. Jumping out of your pjs and into that little black dress for a spontaneous night out won’t be a problem with the help of these products.

The range is called Le Tan Wash Off and gives you an almost (60 second drying time) instant fake tan that stays on until you wash it off. There is no strong smell and there is no commitment or blotchiness as it wears off.


There are two product types to choose from depending on your application style –

The Wash Off Lotion comes in one shade called Radiant Glow. Use it as you would a body lotion and if you want to go darker just build with a second coat.

Alternatively there is the Wash off Spray which comes in three variants – Bronze, Dark Bronze (pictured) and Deep Bronze. This is used by spraying about 15cm away from your skin and spreading with either your hands or an application mitt.

Wash Off Lotion RRP $12.99

Wash Off Lotion RRP $14.99

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2 thoughts on “Le Tan Wash Off

  1. Tried this new wash off tan ,very disappointed ,,,looked good on but as soon as I stood in the shower it came off in a brown puddle around my ankles hadn’t even started to wash

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