Interview with Rossana Sotos, founder of I Am Natural Store

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We are all wonderfully excited to share with you an interview with Rossana Sotos, the lovely soul behind the all-natural boutique skin care online shop – I Am Natural Store.

Rossana has spent quite a bit of her time doing our hard work for us; finding the best of quality products that not only promise happy skin, but an indulgent experience as well.

We would love to know more about you and your glorious shop; can you share some details with us?

I Am Natural Store is a reflection of my life and experiences, I am an eclectic blend of luxury entwined with natural and organic in one place, and so is I Am Natural Store. Our focus has always been to bring superior quality and absolute luxury to the organic and natural beauty world, so women can lavish themselves with the very best beauty products while following a healthy lifestyle. My life was always about travel, high fashion and yoga all bundled together – A seemingly paradoxical mixture. And so it is with I Am Natural Store. It offers the crème de la crème in natural beauty products that have that touch of luxury we all so desire as modern women. All hand-selected, tested, and curated by me and it takes a special brand to fit all the criteria my partner and I set up. It must first of all be effective, it must be 100% natural or organic, it must have absolutely no chemical nasties and it must be beautifully presented, and most importantly smell and feel divine.


What lead you to creating I Am Natural Store?

It was a natural progression. I started out with my fashion boutique

Cloette s elite fashion precinct, representing luxury brands such as Missoni, Lanvin, Escada, Max Mara and Givenchy, with very demanding and exclusive clients, for more then 10 years. Working in this market, the travel, the fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London and the US, gave me a foundation in servicing exclusive clientele and luxury brands, which I use at I Am Natural Store. And as a bonus I had access to so many beautiful clothes, products and accessories that I used to buy on my trips. At the same time, my passion was being a modern dancer and a yoga practitioner while fitness and a healthy lifestyle has always been a major part t tick all the boxes for me. I was living a parallel life, with a passion for high end products but at the same time following my spiritual path. So I started looking for a business where I could bring this together along with all of my working knowledge and passion I had s guru Molinero. I followed my intuition one trip and signed up to do an Aura Soma course in the U

K, and that was where my passion for organic and natural beauty and metaphysical energies was ignited. This is where the seed of I Am Natural Store was first created.

When did your passion for natural beauty begin?

It might seem cliché but I think it’s constantly evolving. There

is no turning back once you open your eyes to what is good for you to eat and put into your body, then the next thing is making healthy choices with what you put on your skin. And of course, as a typical woman, I love to have a great skin and shiny hair. Using this new level of organic skincare, makeup, shampoos etc I could see the wonders it worked on my skin and hair, so it’s no doubt you stick with them. Why go back to chemicals if you can get same or better results without damaging your body? While living in the UK and studying yoga, I found the concept of a natural lifestyle more and more appealing. I wanted to combine luxury with natural and this is what I did with I Am Natural Store.


What are I Am Natural Store’s best sellers?

 I Am Natural Store is built on individual taste, the taste of our customers, who are as individual as I am and as you are. Our aim is to offer the biggest range of the highest quality beauty products, so giving each client the greatest choice. Every single brand we represent is an organic and natural champion and deserves to be tagged “Best Seller”. We thoroughly research each brand, each product and each ingredient, each manufacturing facility and each company’s ethos before we place products on our shelves. Every item is someone’s favourite, I cannot name one single brand or product as hero, they are simply all hero!

We’re eager to know, what are your favourite 3 products?

This is a difficult question, how can a mother choose one of their children? That’s how I feel, so I use a mixture of the brands and I really try to keep a bit of a routine when I am in Australia. When I come to Brasil, I bring some of my opened bottles and some new ones in case I am testing. So you can imagine how many different products I’m constantly using as curator and chief tester of the world’s best organic beauty products. However, I do have some specifics I am faithful to. For makeup it’s the new Kjaer Weis ‘Cream Foundation’, I love the Vapour Organic Beauty ‘Illusionist Concealer’, the W3ll People ‘Narcissist Stick Foundation’ and ILIA lips mmm. For skincare, it’s the YULI ‘Halcyon’ gentle cleanser for day by day or the Suti ‘CLEANSE’ organic facial cleanser and I love the ILA-Spa Face Oil for ‘Glowing Radiance’ – Perfect for hydrating in the hot countries I’m constantly travelling to. Oh and how can I not mention my beloved May Lindstrom Clean Dirt? These products are always mixed up with the May Lindstrom products, Lina Hanson or the African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil. You can imagine my dilemma on a daily basis with so many beautiful products to choose from – If you asked me tomorrow, I would probably give a whole different list!

ILA-Spa Face Oil

Do you think it’s possible to get the same results from natural skincare compared to conventional products?

You can no longer compare natural skincare with conventional skincare, because to do so is to assume conventional skincare has some sort of superior results. And that is simply no longer the case. Natural skincare has evolved and now combines all the power of scientific knowledge with all the positive benefits of bioactive ingredients. It is a powerful combination, which in my view, conventional (chemical) skincare can no longer keep up with. So to compare results now is to ask can conventional skincare possibly keep up with the staggering results from emerging natural cosmetics?

To all those wanting a fresh start to their makeup bags for the New Year, what are the must-have products to include?

My best advice for you all, is please don’t ever look at natural products as a second choice any more. Make it your first choice, and then choose the brand that feels right for you, experiment a bit. We have loads of samples and trial sizes to get you started, but do yourself a big favour and get rid of the chemicals and start your natural beauty regime as soon as possible. It’s not too late for this new years resolution.

Can we have a peep into your daily skincare routine?

Of course – I always cleanse, tone or mist then use a day cream. I don’t wear heavy makeup ever and only wear foundation sometimes. But I do use the Kjaer Weis or Alima Pure Mascara. I also add a cream blush from any of our makeup brands depending on the day, I love them all and it’s always so hard to choose. Lipstick is my weakness – So you’ll always find me with a Kjaer Weis or ILIA lipstick on. At night, I repeat the same thing but I add a good serum then a night cream and every so often I use one of the night oils I have instead. I also love to use a body scrub and one of the night creams afterwards. If my skin is too dry (which it usually is) I use a hydrating body oil all over as well.

What part of your job do you love most?

Oh that’s easy to answer; I absolutely adore finding new brands to introduce to our Australian clients.

What does the future see for I Am Natural Store?

I Am Natural Store has been a pioneer for many of our brands including; May Lindstrom, Madara, ILA-Spa, Lina Hanson, Suti, Vapour Organic Beauty, Chocolate Sun , YULI and many more. We will continue to blaze the trail for luxury natural beauty products. We love to discover new and emerging brands that have a date with destiny to become household names in the future. We love being leaders and finding what will be the next ‘IT’ product in the organic and natural industry. We are already being referenced for what is new in the market so we will just keep doing what we love most, and with our stamp!

We thank Rossana very much for her time and expertise.

If you wish to take a longing look at I Am Natural Store’s many luxurious goods, visit

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