Interview With In Essence Aromatherapy Expert Pat Princi-Jones

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Intro – I know a lot of Beauty and Lace readers are enthralled by the ways of Aromatherapy so you’ll be most pleased that I had the opportunity to interview In Essence’s very knowledgeable Aromatherapy expert Patricia Princi-Jones. Pat answers questions from what Aromatherapy is to her favourite skin tips. Read, relax and enjoy!

For those who aren’t quite familiar with the term, what exactly is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure plant extracts. It is pure essential oil therapy if you like. It involves the use of pure essential oils via a variety of applications such as vaporisation, massage, compress, and inhalation to name a few… And you are always guaranteed a wellbeing factor whether it is emotional or physical after application.

Today the term Aromatherapy has been given commercial advantage to describe household products most of which are aroma chemicals.

Essential oils are taken from specific plant parts and when we open an In Essence bottle of Lavender for example, it is as though we were rubbing a sprig of the flowering top in our very fingers. We recognise the characteristic odour immediately.

An aroma chemical or synthetic reproduction is merely trying to copy the aroma of Lavender NOT the therapeutic properties of the plant. And in most cases don’t do a very good job of it even for the untrained nose. Usually you get a headache if you smell a fake for too long and there are NO therapeutic benefits!

If you want therapeutic results then you need to use 100% pure essential oils from a trusted brand which is TGA listed to ensure purity and authenticity of oils as is the case with In Essence.

Aromatherapy is like an experience; a journey that keeps growing and expanding with you, your needs, your wants, your changes in life…  and the more you learn the more passionate and inspired you become! It’s impossible to get bored IF YOU CHOOSE PURE OILS.

And, you can share with others and give to others and love others through the different methods of use and the captivating aromas.

Imagine when your partner has a cold and you give them an aspirin and make chicken broth.

AND you massage Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemon on their chest as a decongestant. Prepare a bath of Eucalyptus to reduce the fever. Rub Eucalyptus on their feet. Prepare an Inhalation to relieve the congestion and stuffy nose and Vaporise Lavender in the bedroom to help them get to sleep. WOW factor and great for the relationship.


How can Aromatherapy be beneficial to people?

Each pure essential oil has known healing properties and when either applied to the skin or breathed in is capable of having a profound effect on the mind and the emotions.

Essential oils can assist with relieving the symptoms of minor ailments such as headaches, muscular aches and pains and sleeplessness. They can be used in skincare to improve hydration or regenerate tired ageing skin. They are for use in hair care to add shine or to simply aromatise the scalp. They can be used during pregnancy and with babies by adhering to a few simple rules. They can be used to enhance a dinner party or prepare you for a board meeting, kill airborne germs in your home or simply make your home, or space smell divine. They are for use in a bath to relax at the end of the day or in a shower to invigorate in the morning.

They can enhance any aspect of your life and if used correctly can be used for just about anything! In Essence is committed to safe practice.

What drew you to the field of Aromatherapy?

I was a high school English teacher and went to Bali for a holiday. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the art of Aromatherapy during that holiday and I was converted and have never looked back. I eventually left Shakespeare for Basil!!!

During that trip I used Frankincense in my hair, Ylang Ylang for sensuality before going out and Lavender for after sun Spritz.

What other qualities do you think an Aromatherapist should have apart from the training?

Passion and the great joy that comes with sharing.

How can we incorporate essential oils into our daily lifestyle?

A great way to start is to simply purchase a top of the line Vaporiser as this is the most popular method of use and the first point of entry of essential oils via the nose. In Essence has invested a lot of time and resources ensuring to provide the best tools for the trade!

Our vaporisers are glazed for performance and DO NOT over heat and damage the delicate particles dispensed on the surface of the water.

Start by choosing oils you like the aroma of and try to blend 2-3 together to get the best results.

Lavender Orange and Cedarwood for family harmony

Peppermint Lemongrass and Grapefruit to detox

Geranium Lavender and Roman Chamomile for PMS

Jasmine, Ylang Ylang Patchouli for sensuality

In Essence Breathe Easy for common cold and flu.

There are thousands of possible combinations! And endless Methods of Use.

OR simply try the In Essence Lifestyle Blends which are concentrated mixes of pure oils for the beginner or those who are time poor. There is Energy, Passion, Relaxation, Celebration Meditation…


What are the most commonly used essential oils?

The most commonly used oils are citrus and of course LAVENDER is the most popular in the world. (It is interesting to note that all the lavender fields in the world would not be enough to fulfil the needs of the hygiene and body care industries alone!)

Women also like Geranium, Jasmine, Rose Otto and Rosemary to name a few more.

I love them ALL, so it’s hard to choose.

What are your favourite essential oils/blends?

My favourite blends are:

Stress: Neroli Bergamot Lavender

Inner Peace: Frankincense Mandarin Lavender

Concentration: Basil Australian Sandalwood Grapefruit

Jet Lag: Peppermint Lime Juniper

Headache: Peppermint Grapefruit Lavender

Immune Booster: Cedarwood Australian Sandalwood Lemon

Indigestion: Lemongrass Lime Peppermint

Dinner Party: Ylang Ylang Orange Mandarin

What do you love most about your career?

The variety, travelling and getting to share what I love most with women (and the odd guy) around Australia.

We would love to know any beauty/lifestyle tips you may have, please share!

Compressing is the most beautiful method of use for skincare. Any type of skin… you just need to choose the oils for your skin type. Especially if you have a condition such as acne, or eczema…sunburn,  mature dry skin, sensitive etc…

For example, I compress each morning and each night with oils which are regenerating and hydrating. I simply fill the basin in the bathroom with warm water and add 2 drops each of Frankincense, Geranium and Bergamot. I agitate the water to disperse the oil molecules then immerse a flannel in the water, squeeze out the excess and press release on my face and neck. Repeat. Takes about 1 minute! And yet makes the world of difference.

Your skin glows, looks totally nourished as the oils have penetrated to the deepest layer and you and the bathroom smell divine, plus you get an inhalation while compressing!

We thank Pat very much for her time and sharing her wisdom.

For more information on In Essence, visit here



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