Interview: Velour Lashes

Mabel and Angela are behind Velour Lashes, a brand of cruelty free, premium quality false lashes that are steadily gaining a celebrity following. We had a chat to the girls and learnt a little bit more about them and the brand:

How did Velour Lashes get started?

Angela and I were actually in University while we created this product. We were girls that loved everything beauty related and with us, we couldn’t leave the house without lashes on. But back then all the lashes that were available to us were extremely harsh on the eyes and they looked very fake in that plastic kind of way. Angela and I had such issues putting them on and also wearing them throughout the day without having to peel them off because of the discomfort.

So we convinced ourselves that there MUST be a better option! So we searched around to see what was the softest material we could use to make lashes out of and eventually we realized it was with MINK! It took a lot of time to design the line and produce it mainly because all our lashes are 100% hand made so anytime there was a small change we had to go back to the drawing board and hand make the styles once again, the process took us well over a year! But finally when the line was complete, we KNEW we had something different and we created a product that would solve the problem MANY girls have when it comes to false eyelashes. That’s how Velour Lashes came about in a nutshell.

Where did the name come from?

Angela and I are super creative individuals I would say, its one of the reasons I LOVE having this company, it really lets our imaginations run wild. Even in all our lash names and descriptions you see our cheeky and fun personality. For example, our thickest lash right now is called “Guilty! Lashaholic” which is a double layered lash and so we named it that to give off the “lash overdose” perception. All our lash names have some sort of relation to the description of the lash design it self.

So when it came to creating our actual brand, we wanted to really focus on the softness and luxurious qualities of our product. So we kept searching for words that indicated these two key words and VELOUR really stood out to us. Even how it rolls off the tounge when you say it, was so “smooth” to us and that was the moment we realized that was the name!


What makes your lashes different?

I think the first part covers what makes us different, but in addition to that our lashes are 100% authentic mink hair that is cruelty free. While majority of lashes today are made out of a plastic synthetic material, our lashes are made from real mink hair that adds a very soft lightweight natural feel.

Lastly, another key selling point with our product is its longevity, our mink lashes on average last about 25 wears where as synthetic lashes only give you about 5 wears which is a HUGE difference. I mean you get high quality, long lasting, comfortable and NATURAL looking lashes when you think of our lashes.

How long will they stay on?

25 wears đŸ˜‰

You have a strong celebrity following, who has been spotted in your lashes?

I love this question! We are so proud to say we have a very strong line of celebrities that LOVE our product. Our celebrities include (just to name a few) Beyonce (our first ever celebrity client), Jessica alba, Nina Dobrev, Demi Lovato, ALyssa Milano, Rita Ora, Jessica Simpson, Emelia Clarke, Eva Longoria and so on.

velour lashes

If you could choose one person to wear your lashes who would it be?

This is such a hard question! We really don’t have a “wish list” of people, we are still so very shocked even at the list of celebrities we currently have! We never would have thought our lashes would be seen on the celebrities I just listed. But the FIRST person that came to mind would be Michelle Obama, she has so much GRACE and she makes everything look good. Jennifer Lopez (the queen of lashes) would be our second pick probably.

What is your number one tip for application?

If you want them to last a long time, no mascara on the mink lashes!

What advice do you have when picking a style of lash?

I think it first depends on what style you are going for, whether it is a more natural every day or a more voluminous night out look. After you know that, it depends on if you want a cat eye (winged out look) or a more rounded eye). So for example a natural winged out lash would be one of our best sellers “You Complete Me” and a dramatic winged out lash would be “Lash in the City”. So there is something for everyone in our line depending on the look you are going for.

What is next for the brand?

We certainly want to expand our presence globally, focusing on Australia and the UK this year. But in terms of our business we are looking to introduce some very innovative products for our amazing customers, products that aren’t currently on the market today and that really make you go WOW! this makes such a huge difference for your eyes! We want to build our brand as the #1 company for not only mink lashes but for false lashes in general.

Which style of lash is your personal favourite?

Mabel: It’s honestly so hard to choose because each one of our styles create such a different look so it really depends on my vibe that day (and my outfit). But if I’m wearing lashes most of the time I want to go all out, so my favourite for that would be “Lash in the City” and for a natural every day look I’m currently LOVING “Whispie Me Away”

Angela: Mine?? Ummm… I think I would say Guilty Lashaholic its the PERFECT lash for a night out and I just LOVE the thickness.

Where can we find Velour Lashes?

We sell mostly through our ecommerce website which we also offer free fast worldwide shipping! But a few weeks ago we got our first stockist in Australia at the Mayenne Hair and Beauty Supply in Melbourne. We also have a ton of other retailers that carry us across the USA AND CANADA which you can find on our website.

What does being a woman mean to you?

It’s pretty awesome! I honestly believe us girls run the world. I mean when it comes to becoming a “Woman” we believe and hope to be

  1. Elegant (one should always carry themselves with class and elegance)
  2. Confident (we need to keep our heals and standards high!)
  3. Unique (Because there really is no one like YOU)
  4. Fun (A smile is the best accessory to have)
  5. Intelligent (Smart is oh so beautiful)
  6. And Loving (us girls need to start being kind to one another, and we really believe its important to help one another especially in an industry where females are the ones LEADING businesses)
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