Interview: Sue Ismiel (NADS)

Nads first started in Sue Ismiel’s kitchen, and has now become a much loved brand for hair removal products. Sue is an inspiration to women everywhere, and the company has a strong family focus. We interviewed Sue to find out more:

B&L: Where did the name Nad’s come from?

Sue: My eldest daughters nick name (Nadine)

B&L: Did you ever expect the product you first created in your home would become such a success?

Sue: Nad’s phenomenal success initially was a shock to me and everyone one around me. However, I always had high expectations and big vision.

B&L: What has been the biggest difficulty you have faced getting your brand out there?

Sue: Reliance on others to make it happen for you. The moment you take charge and see the path clearly, everything falls into place.

B&L: What is your number one grooming tip for women?

Sue: Don’t ever let your unsightly underarm hair grow, use Nad’s!


B&L: What makes the Nad’s range different from other brands?

Sue: Nad’s offers a complete hair removal solution. Hair removal is not just about removing hair, it requires four crucial steps to achieve salon results in the privacy of your own home.

Nad’s Hair Removal Cycle: – Remove, Soothe, Release and Exfoliate. The Nad’s range has solutions for each step, please visit our website for more information at

B&L: How do you successfully manage a business and family life?

Sue: Balancing family and business life requires commitment and dedication and a complete focus to all areas of your life: your health, family, relationships, finances, personal growth and your spirituality. The key is to never neglect any of these areas of your life.

B&L: What’s next for Nad’s?

Sue: Nad’s Laser Clinics are the talk of the town right now and we are extremely proud and excited about our new venture.

B&L: Do you think men are more interested in hair removal now than in the past?

Sue: Absolutely, our research indicates that 30% of men use hair removal products; hence the launch of our Nad’s For Men range.

B&L: What is your favourite product from your range?

Sue: I always thought nothing would beat the original gel that I created in my kitchen almost two decades ago. However, Nad’s Natural Facial Wand developed by my eldest daughter Nadine is certainly my favorite product.

B&L: What was it like breaking the Guinness World Record in Hair Removal in 2005?

Sue: Breaking the Guinness World Record in hair removal was an amazing achievement, smashing the record by 10 people was an achievement beyond my wildest dreams.

B&L: What is it like working with your daughters?

Sue: I love working with my three daughters, they are extraordinary young women with unique qualities that complement each other’s role in the business.

Nadine’s role as the Head of R&D reflects her professional character and allows her to gain the respect she deserves from her sisters, me and the rest of the team.

Natalie’s role in marketing is significant and in particular her role as the Marketing leader for the Nad’s Brand.

Naomi’s creative nature and her role as the graphic designer very quickly turns our ideas into reality.

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Sue: Being a woman means “ I CAN DO”. Women can multi-task, they can raise a happy loving family and build a business, enjoy life and have fun all at the same time.

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