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Innoxa have welcomed a third mascara to their range with the Ultimate Lash Mascara in a shiny silver tube. It does a bit of everything, curls and adds volume while being water resistant and smudge resistant.

The brand is conscious of their ingredients and this mascara has been opthalmologically (eye specialist) tested to ensure they are safe for the delicate eye area.

innoxa ultimate lash

This goes on smoothly with no clumping and the fact that it lasts is a real plus. Please note it is water resistant, not waterproof – a few tears are OK but crying a river is not.

The Ultimate Lash Mascara comes in two classic shades with brown and black with an RRP of $19.95 each.

Available from Innoxa, Myer, Priceline and leading pharmacists.

Stockists: 1300 650 981

24 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara

  1. Mascara is one area I have many problems with, wearing contact lens they can cause eye infections if even small particles of make-up get in your eyes – and Mascara if the no.1 enemy. Innoxa say they have had this product optholmologically tested, so on that word am going to purchase and will get back to you on how I find it.

  2. Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara:
    What I love about Innoxa is they have very gentle products which are not animal tested. The Ultimate Lash Mascara is great for people with sensitive eyes. I wear mascara a lot and normally wake up with red eyes the next morning even after removing it.
    So it is a real relief to find a mascara that truly does lengthen the lashes and also does not dry them out. And I love the pretty silver packaging.
    Best of all, it really makes your eyelashes curl and look extra long. And it may not be waterproof but I put it on early this morning and its managed to stay put:)
    A great product, I’m going to buy one for my mum.
    Thanks very much Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try out these exciting new beauty products!

  3. Love this product!!.. i have olive skin and often have dark circles which are enhance by my mascara smudging 🙁
    however this is a great consistency and didn’t smudge at all my eyes still felt light and it didn’t clump on the 2nd coat..

    love it and will be recommending it

    Thanks beauty and lace 🙂

  4. Innoxa Ultimate Lash (Black) Mascara:

    So happy to be part of this trial team! Love the packaging–comes with a shiny silver tube.

    I don’t often wear mascara due to my sensitive eyes. My eyes get really itchy. But, when I tried this mascara I did not have the reaction like I used before – i.e. red, itchy & burning sensation to my eyes.

    It did not make my eyelashes curly or had it look like extra long and also, it did not go smoothly because there was some clumps, & smudges too. Lastly, I have to agree that, it is not waterproof.

    Again, thank you Beauty & Lace for this opportunity.

    Josette A xx

  5. I love the elegant silver packaging that this mascara comes in!
    It definitely made my lashes a lot thicker and more noticeable, also gave them a bit more of a curl than usual.
    I made a point to not wash it off before I went to bed to see what it was like in the morning, barely a smudge, so got an extra days wear out of one application!
    The brush is great, doesn’t come out with clumps all over it, just a simple cover, enough to give great coverage on all of your lashes.

    A winner of a mascara in my eyes 😉

    Thankyou for the chance to trial it!

  6. I have just received mine this afternoon so I have yet to try it for the next 3 days 🙂 Packaging looks lovely and sleek though. Also the brush looks great!

  7. i seem to be missing out on how to get picked to do one of your trial. I am not sure what i need to do to hopefully be called upon to be one of your lucky trials. Could you please let me know how i go about getting picked to take part in products that you are running. And so i could apply. As i would really like to take part in a trail

  8. Thank you B&L and Innoxa for the opportunity to trial this new mascara! 🙂

    I am a girlie girl and wear makeup almost everyday so I am always in need of a new mascara and I am always searching for that new fav!
    With so many on the market it can be confusing and hard to choose.

    Firstly I really love the eye catching silver packaging as it stands out amongst all my other mascaras so it really easy to find! It also looks classy and more grown up than some of my other bright and fluro coloured mascaras. (the packaging of them not the actual formula!)

    I love how easy this mascara is to use. The wand is a good length and I can apply with ease. I found it to be consistent and non clumpy or too dry that I get flakes when applying. The formula thickens up my lashes and the wand separates them nicely.

    Overall I would recommend it and will happily purchase this in the future when I run out. 🙂

    Thanks again this was a great fun trial that is right up my ally! 😉

  9. Innoxa Ultimate Lash (Black) Mascara:

    So happy to be part of this trial team! Love the packaging, the silver tube is amazing:)

    The mascara is easy to use and apply, no clumps and the wand seperates my lashes nicely 🙂

    Would definately recommend

  10. I would love to take part in this trial and i thought that i should also let you know that the address that you have for me is correct i hope that i do get a chance to take part in the great offer thank-you

  11. Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara:
    I was so excited to try this product that as soon as I opened the parcel, I immediately hurried to put it on.

    I was not a fan of mascara before as I tried a few products and it irritated my eyes being that I wear contact lenses.
    As soon as I put the Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara, I know its something different from what I had before – it was easy and light to apply, there was no clumping and it was not heavy on my eyelid nor do they have a battle – some of the mascaras that I tried seemed to be like velcro when i close my eyes.

    I love how the wand delicately separates my lashes and covers each strand. I observed that it made my lashes a lot thicker (as I have thin and sparingly strands) my little flutters became more noticeable and though i didnt see much curls, maybe if I put a couple of layers, I would be able to see it.

    Overall, I love the product and would definitely buy them again and recommend to my sisters … oh and i loved it so much, I slept with it on and they were fine the following day and no smudgies at all … nice!

    Thanks Beauty and Lace for this wonderful trial 🙂

  12. I was lucky enough to be able to trial this product and I really like it. I found that it does not overly lengthen the lashes, producing a very natural look. It enhances the colour of my lashes, and after I used my lash curling wand, I found that the result was terrific! It does not clump the eyelashes. Later in the day, I rubbed my eyes – forgetting I had the mascara on and it didn’t smudge! YAY! That night, my wonderful fiancé told me how nice my eyelashes look – he said they look longer and pretty. He never takes a huge amount of notice about my makeup but he told me that mascara is all I need to wear. So I will continue to wear this product! <3 Cherie

  13. I like this product. It applied smoothly with no clumping and was much easier to remove at night than my previous brand.

    Overall I would definitely consider purchasing this product again!

  14. Thank you for the opportunity to trial Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara. I love the stylish sleek silver tube.

    The mascara beautifully separates the eye lashes without any clumping. My lashes looked thicker and perfect all day without any smudging. My eyes didn’t get irritated as they do with some brands.

    I am really happy with this quality product and will be recommending it to my family and friends and purchasing in the future.

    thank you 🙂

  15. This is such a gorgeous shiny silver tube. It’s very glamorous to hold! I found it was easy to apply in the way that it is impossible to overdo it so if you are heavy handed this could be perfect for you! I found I needed two coats to get a good amount that was really noticeable on my lashes that I was happy with. I could stroke and re-stroke it on heaps of times without any clumping at all. It made my lashes really deep, dark, glossy black and it looked really good. I tested it out today by taking a swim at the beach and though I realise it isn’t waterproof, only water resistant – it still did pretty good in my several salty swims and humid hot day! I probably wouldn’t replace my normal waterproof mascara with it though – I’d keep this Innoxa one for normal, swim-free days. I believe in Innoxa and love their products – cruelty free means a lot to me. I also wear contacts and this mascara was great!

  16. I am very happy with the Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara trial, thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial it. The silver case is easy to find in my make up drawer and the mascara make my lashes appear attractive and not overdone with mascara which is wonderful. It did not make my eyes water like some mascaras do and was easy to cleanse off which is also a benefit. It is worth while to buy this mascara as you would bot be disappointed.

  17. I was pleasantly surprised by the Innoxa Ultimate Lash Mascara, it definitely exceeded all my expectations! I usually use a Clinique one because I find it doesn’t irritate my eyes but the problem with it is that after a few hours it leaves you with “Panda Eyes”. The Innoxa mascara was much longer wearing, doesn’t give you panda eyes, went on smoothly with no lumps or clumps (even if you apply more than one coat), doesn’t irritate eyes and looks really natural. This is definitely my go to choice when it comes to mascara, and I will certainly be buying it again.

  18. Firstly thank you for allowing me to be part of this trial. I have always loved Innoxa products and the fact that they are a cruelty free company is wonderful because that’s the first thing I look for when I buy beauty products.
    Now to the mascara, I loved it. The shiny silver packaging is stunning and the large size is very generous. I found the mascara easy to apply, it looked great on, caused me no irritation and was easy to remove at the end of the day.
    Would highly recommend this mascara to everyone and will definitely buy more when I run out.

  19. Thankyou so much for allowing me to take part in this trial. This is the first time I have used the Innoxa products and definately wont be the last.. The silver package is awesome and captures your eyes, the mascara is easy to apply, doesnt clump and easily removable 🙂

    Highly reccomended

  20. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the Innoxa Mascara Test. As a Contact Lens Wearer I was keen to trial this product, as it claimed to cause no irritation, and their claims proved correct. I had no problems wearing Contact Lens while also have Innoxa Mascara on . At no time did I even notice I had it on. It was not ‘clumpy’ like some, and when applied even felt quite smooth. Would recommend this product to anyone.

  21. Loved this trial.
    I actually was running extremely low on my mascara that I use everyday for work uni etc. This is my new every day mascara. It adds great colour and length without over coating on thickness which is perfect for daily use.
    This mascara did not clump and it was okay to remove, did have a little trouble getting rid of it from the roots of the lashes with plain water but a cotton bud with some makeup remover will fix that problem.

  22. I picked up my mascara from the post office and have been trialling it for the last couple of days. I’ve found it to be a fantastic size and I love the silver packaging, very sophisticated! The creamy formula is the right consistency to apply, Its very smooth. Its not to thick that it leaves clumps or to thin that you can’t notice it. The wand evenly spreads the mascara to the individual lashes and it really lengthens the appearance of my lashes and provides volume. I have very sensitive eyes and have had no issues with this mascara at all. No red itching eyes or the heavy feeling of dried clumpy mascara. The colour is a rich dark black which makes my blue eyes really stand out. Even in the humid temperatures over the last couple of days I’ve had no issues with smudging or running. Great mascara in my opinion.

  23. I have loved being part of this trial. Normally when I get a new mascara its good for the first week or so and then I start to get sore itchy eyes. I had none of this drama with the Innoxa mascara. Its easy to apply and looks great. One application gives quite a natural look but if you put two coats on it gives a great night time look.
    The packaging also looked great. I definitely try this product again. At $19.95 it may not be the cheapest mascara out there, but its a heck of a lot better than a lot of the others.

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