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You have your full coverage foundation and your tinted moisturiser, but for those times when you want something in between there’s Innoxa’s new Long Lasting Foundation.

It can last up to 16 hours and has anti ageing properties which are big in foundations right now. In addition to hiding any redness and imperfections, this foundation has Vitamins and Antioxidants to give your skin a boost.

innoxa long lasting

This is a natural looking foundation and doesn’t feel too thick or oily when applied. There are five shades to choose from and the Long Lasting Foundation has no parabens or fragrances.

There is a simplicity and clean look to the crisp white packaging and silver lid which I find quite appealing in products such as this.

Innoxa boasts a range of affordable Australian Made products with no animal testing. RRP $29.95 / 30ml

Available from Myer, Priceline and selected pharmacies.


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31 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation

  1. I have been looking for a new foundation that is cruelty free since Revlon now is selling into China and has to perform cruel animal testing as per China’s laws.

  2. Fantastic, easy to apply and looks great! Doesnt feel like you are wearing anything at all. Blends really well with my skin and I felt like I was just beaming with it on. THere is no reason why all cosmetics cant be free of animal cruelty given the quality and finish of this product. Highly recommend.

  3. Would love to try this sometime. Age is bringing on a few blotches and would like something to cover up without looking too made up.

  4. The product arrived late yesterday afternoon, so I was keen to trial it first thing today. I must begin by stating that it is written on the package : “ For best results: Apply Innoxa Pure Silk Primer to a clean, moisturised skin then blend foundation in one section at a time.” I did not have access to this primer so am not sure if alters the longevity and/or look of the foundation. I did however, follow the other directions.
    The packaging is plain and understated which I think compliments the simplicity of a product that fragrance free and dermatologically tested. The tube was easy to use and dispensed the foundation sparingly. I do believe however, that as the packaging is white rather than clear, it may be difficult to determine when you are running out.
    The foundation itself was of a unique consistency. It dispensed like a normal liquid foundation, however seemed quite thick when it came to blending it into your skin. It is important to follow the packaging suggestions and blend one section at a time as you almost have to “drag” it across your face. Once applied though it feels light weight and breathable. I also noticed a slight tightening to my skin once applied which I assumed was the anti aging benefits. The light reflecting formula gives you a nice glow, almost like that you would find in a bronzer which I also found appealing. The downside to this product is that I found it also accentuates your flaws more than other foundations I have used. The long lasting consistency seemed to make the foundation cake into the enlarged pours on my nose and cheeks and also onto a slight dry patch on my forehead.
    I applied my makeup at 8:30am, the next time I looked in the mirror it was 1:30pm and I felt the make up had started to fade/ wear off even though it had not been a hot day and I had not undertaken any excessive activity. I am going out this evening so will need to re apply before I go out, so for me it fell way short of lasting the 16 hours.
    I do suffer from sensitive skin; however, have not felt any negative results from this product.

  5. This is a beautiful, lightweight product that when applied, doesn’t feel like it is clogging your pores. It is easy to apply, and leaves a nice, even complexion. You don’t need alot, a little goes a long way, so that makes it great value for money too. I would recommend this if you are after a light, natural-looking coverage

  6. Fantastic wore it to work today and it still looks fantastic now it actually last all day feels great on my skin and evens out the skin tone everyone should give it a try they will fall in love with it

  7. I have never tried a foundation that i have really liked and i would have liked to have been able to trial this one; to see how well it performed

  8. I received my foundation yesterday and have worn it the past 2 days. The shade I am using is ”Fair’ as I’m quite pale. The colour suits my tone perfectly and blends without making me look too ghostly nor too orange – I have trouble getting foundation to suit.
    I find this foundation to be very lightweight and doesn’t feel oily or dry.
    I have never used a foundation with ‘anti ageing properties’ before and honestly couldn’t say if it makes a difference but I do like this product and the Innoxa brand.
    Great product thanks again Beauty and Lace for the trial !!! 🙂

  9. I received this foundation yesterday and was so excited to try it out, as before trying this my current foundation was actually the Innoxa Skin Rejuvenating Foundation with SPF 20, so i was looking forward to seeing the difference between the two. My current foundation has been great, but I believe this is even better.

    What I love about it is that it isn’t one of those super shimmery foundations, that make your face look as if you’ve applied glitter dust. It gave my skin a lovely natural glow, without looking oily. And i do find it really is long lasting as the packaging states, compared to my other foundation.

    It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and healthy and for anyone with dry patches like me it doesn’t cling to your skin which is great.

    For those with fine lines, it isn’t one of those foundations that will just sit on the lines and draw notice, if you know what i mean? There is nothing worse than little foundation lines on your face. This foundation blends really well and is actually enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to help firm and reduce fine lines. I havn’t used it long enough to say whether it actually does this, but it does reduce the appearance of lines in my opinion.

    Overall, this is a really rather fabulous foundation and I believe it gives a lot of it’s high end competitors a run for their money. I’m so greatful to have been apart of this trial! 🙂

  10. I received the foundation yesterday and I was super excited to wear it today. It’s about the same constincy as most foundations but I found since the packaging wasn’t a pump it was a bit hard to get out. Other than that I loved it. It covered my blemishes, gave me a bit of sun and a healthy glow. I think it’s great and would defs by it next time@

  11. I have to say that this is a fantastic product and I want to thank B&L for letting me trial it. The Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation comes in a smart looking white tube which allows you to simply squeeze the product out. It has quite a small nozzle that stops too much product coming out at at time which is handy. It’s also a good size and perfect to pack in a makeup bag for travel or a handbag. The foundation that I have is in ‘fair’ shade which is perfect for my pale skin and blends really well for a natural look. The foundation itself feels beautiful. It has a really hydrating, velvety feel on the skin – almost like a primer or BB cream. It glides over this skin and really feels like it nourishes it as well. It has, I would say, a medium coverage that really looks great – even giving skin a lovely sheen without being oily. It doesn’t sit in lines or dry out during the day either. My skin looks much more even using this foundation and I will definitely buy this in future. Love it!

  12. I trialed the product this morning. It felt slightly thick but the colour blended quite well once I rubbed it all in. Although sadly, I looked in the mirror a few hours later and couldn’t really see any traces of it.

  13. Firstly, thank you Beauty & Lace and Innoxa for letting me trial this foundation.

    The Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation comes in a simple but stylish white squeezy tube with a small nozzle at the end and a silver screw lid.

    The foundation has a very creamy texture and a little thick to begin with but it spreads and blends very well. It instantly feels comfortable to wear, as it leaves the skin thoroughly moisturised no doubt due to being enriched with vitamins and antioxidants which are intended to help keep your skin firm and to reduce lines.

    The foundation gives a medium coverage. Innoxa claims that it lasts for 16 hours, but even with a primer underneath (on the back of the tube, the Innoxa Pure Silk Primer is recommended), it simply doesn’t last that long on my combination skin. By early afternoon, I need to powder my t-zone, and if going out after work, I am in need of a touch up.

    But it does leave the skin looking and made my skin look naturally healthy and glowing – possibly also due to containing light pigments. In saying that, these pigments are difficult to see, so no need to worry that your skin will look like a disco ball.

    The Foundation is fragrance free, although it still has a slight scent from the ingredients in the foundation.

    All in all I love this foundation, and I give it bonus points for being dermatologically tested and paraben free, as well as I give it bonus points for its anti-ageing properties.

    Thanks again Beauty & Lace and Innoxa.

  14. I had a chance to use the Innoxa Long-Lasting Foundation for 2 days. I like the simple packaging and the fact that it stands upright so it’s 1) easy to store and 2) it will be easier to get the last bits out of the tube when it gets close to being empty. I agree with another person who said it could be hard to tell when it is getting close to empty. Maybe something like just a clear, thin strip up the side would work so it could show you as an indicator how full the bottle is.

    I really liked the dispenser part of the packaging because it’s easy to squeeze out the amount I want and it’s not messy. Like others, I didn’t have the primer to apply first, so I just used my usual daily moisturiser. The foundation was easy to apply and easy to blend in (once I figured out how much product I needed for each area of my face). I think I applied a little bit too much the first time I used it because it was getting a little streaky/cakey in some areas, but that was easily resolved. I love how lightweight and breathable the foundation feels, as I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup in the first place. It gave my skin a nice, natural-looking glow and seems like it evened out my skintone a bit.

    I didn’t particularly notice anything that made me think of it as ‘anti-ageing’ when I used it, but I like that it is that kind of formulation. I also love that it is paraben free and not tested on animals! I think the price is reasonable and you get a great product for what you pay. Although it didn’t make it for 16 hours of wear for me, it still lasted me through the work day and I would definitely use this product again. Thanks! 🙂

  15. I have been using the Innoxa Foundation for the past couple of days. I usually am a ‘Fair’ coloured foundation, but I found this one a bit too light on my skin. Nonetheless I still wanted to see how it held up.

    The tube is nice and simple, and was easy to use. It looks like a high end product that I could happily display on my bathroom counter.

    I apply my liquid foundation with a brush, so I did this also with Innoxa. I found I only had to use a little bit each time, as it seemed to go on quite thick. It blended in well, but it didn’t seem to cover the black under my eyes (even with my normal concealer on under it) as well as my other foundation. It felt light and breathable though. With my experience it didn’t really last long, I applied in the morning before work and by the end of the day it just wasn’t looking like I had much foundation on at all – my dark circles were noticeable and my blemishes were showing.

    Overall it was good to test out another brand, as I’m always looking for new products. Unfortunately for me, it just didn’t suit and didn’t live up to my current foundation. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Innoxa for letting my trial this product.

  16. Absolutely love it! So pleased to trial this lovely Innoxa foundation thanks to Beauty and Lace and Innoxa.
    I have incredibly sensitive skin and have never had a problem with an Innoxa product.

    I used my beautiful Innoxa Pure Silk Primer first, this is my very favourite primer. I’m fairly fussy with foundations as I can’t stand looking as though I have a mask on! I loved the way the Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation was so easy to blend. I have quite a lot of trouble with colour matching but I’m thrilled to say the “Fair” suits my pale skin tone perfectly. It really IS a natural looking foundation.

    I love the way it is meant to be “between your tinted moisturiser and a full coverage foundation.” It is exactly that. I’m also fussy about the way foundations feel on my skin. This feels as though there’s nothing there but because it blends so perfectly and evens out my skin tone it is so much better than “nothing.” You get a healthy glow without any shine or glimmer. Quite simply, a beautiful finish. It really does last beautifully and I love the fact that I can choose whether to add powder or not – I chose to wear it alone, with blush and lipstick.

    The fragrance free also appeals to me. The packaging makes it a very easy to use product and I particularly like the fact that Innoxa is an ethical company without any animal testing involved.

    To my mind, this is a winner. Thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to trial this lovely product.

  17. On first inspection of this foundation, I thought it looked a little thick. However, I found it did glide on well & as promised it lasted all day for me (8am to around 9pm). I am fair skinned & found this gave me a flawless finish but was a tiny bit light for my skin.tone so I may buy a darker shade than the ‘fair’ I trialled. I liked that it had no gragrance & my skin didn’t teact to the product which has been an issue for me in the past with other foundations. Overall I think this Innoxa long lasting foundation delivered as promised & I would be happy to continue using it & would recommend to others.

  18. I love how easy it is to squeeze out the perfect amount of foundation. On first application, the foundation feels very thick to spread over my face, but somehow it all seems to blend rather nicely. There are no streaks, and my face is left with a matte, powdery finish which I love. Although no lines in my face were left visible, pores around my nose appeared more noticeable than usual. The next time I used a foundation primer before applying the foundation, as suggested by Innoxa. I found the primer made the foundation easier to glide on and made the pores less noticeable. I tried the fair shade and I would say I found it ever so slightly too pinkish as I usually prefer a slightly more yellowish tint to cover the redness in my skin.

    As to the claim of the foundation lasting 16 hours, it doesn’t slide off my face as the day wears on, and particularly as a glasses wearer, does not clump around my nose where glasses touch my skin. However I did find the redness of my face showing through after a few hours. I’d probably say you’d get 8 good hours out of it at a minimum, but every woman is different. I will definitely continue using this Innoxa foundation and consider purchasing again when I run out. I would recommend it to others.

  19. Wow I am a little tardy lodging this revue. Thank you B&L for selecting me to participate.

    I have been wearing the Innoxa foundation in a shade called natural every single day since its arrival. I have found it easy to apply and believe that it gives my complexion a more balanced tone. In fact it is so natural looking that my daughters didn’t realise that I was wearing any until I pointed out the fact that there was no visible redness and they both had to agree. I have found that it does indeed last a considerable time not sure about the 16 hours, but certainly not a problem with 12! I will be adding this product to my shopping list as I was really impressed with it.

    The only thing that I didn’t really like about it was the size, simply because if you are going to use it everyday you will need to replace often even though a little goes a very long way, also as previously mentioned, a clear container, rather than white would be more appreciated as although the white container looks very attractive it is too difficult to know how much you actually have left.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who is looking for something new.

  20. I found this to be fantastic. I used it for a full week during my usual day to day errands! It covered all my pimples perfectly and lasted all day till I washed it off (12 hours). I found that it was a really great product and I would definately recommend to all my family and friends and I will be purchasing this 🙂

  21. After reading the reviews I think I may have to give this foundation a go. I really like Innoxa as a brand and have found other products of theirs amazing. There are some great reviews here ladies!

  22. Thank u B & L for allowing me to trial this product. It was light on the skin and applied well. Nice consistancy.

    The packaging was simple and great, easy to carry in your handbag. Only thing, difficult to see how much product is left, only can tell by weight.

    I love how it has been dermo tested and contains anti aging properties. This is what I seek in foundations now.

    My skin instantly looked brighter, flaws well covered and hid fine lines which I just loved. I only needed to reapply once during the day, which I was really impressed with. The coverage was high quality on my skin. Love how this product is Australian made.
    I highly recommend this great innovative foundation. Very nicely impressed 🙂

  23. So far, i am really happy with this foundation.
    Admittedly it is a bit thicker than foundation i usually use, but i think this is a good thing because it is a bit more moisturising and i tend to have dry hair.
    I have super fair skin and found the ‘fair’ foundation to be a good match – it doesn’t have a pink or a yellow undertone that so many light foundations have. It feels really nice on and i would say it has an almost dewy effect, in that it makes my skin feel and look hydrated and refreshed. I love that it is fragrance free, as my skin can be very sensitive.
    I also like that it is a cruelty-free product.
    My only negative would be that i don’t feel it lasts the full 16 hours – however that being said, no long-lasting foundation i have ever tried has lasted as long as it claimed. It held out pretty well for the majority of my day at work which is a good start 🙂

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