How To Choose Makeup: Expert Tips

Rebecca Prior is a Napoleon Perdis International Make-up Artist. She shared her inside tips on how to choose makeup.

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How do I choose the right foundation shade for my skin?

There are a couple of things to look for when choosing the right foundation shade for your skin. The first is to determine if your skin has a yellow or pink undertone. It is important to look at your arms and chest, as well as your face, when assessing this – your face could be flush and you may mistake this for being pink-based.

The next thing is to determine how light or dark you are. It is always good to test foundation on the cheek area of the face – this is where you’ll be applying the foundation most prominently. Apply several different shades to the cheek and blend slightly.  The one which becomes the least ‘visible’ is the best matched foundation shade for your skin.

What type of foundation should I look for? (eg mineral, liquid, cake…)

Liquid foundations usually come in a variety of textures with differing levels of coverage, some may contain oil and some are oil-free. Different textures can include dewy, matte, semi-matt etc and coverage can vary from ultra sheer to maximum coverage.

Some good questions to ask yourself are: Do I prefer my skin to look matt or dewey?  Do I want a minimal amount of coverage or maximum?

A powder like NP Set Pasarella Powder will offer you the ability to set your foundation, and give it a more matte finish or can be used as a foundation on its own. If you have oily skin, this type of powder is great for you. If you want to use a powder to set your foundation, apply it with a large soft brush.  If you are wishing to use powder as a foundation, apply it with a sponge for more coverage.

A cream foundation is great to offer an adaptable coverage. This type of foundation can often double as a concealer.

Is it better to get a separate concealer or choose a foundation with more coverage?

When it comes to foundation, you only ever want to use as much as needed – your skin will then always look as natural as possible.  If you do not need coverage everywhere, it’s not ideal to choose a foundation with maximum coverage for its concealing benefits. If you only need to cover a few blemishes, concealer is the best option and choose a foundation that suits the rest of your skin.

If you have problem skin and prefer fuller coverage, a foundation with medium-maximum coverage is ideal. Alternatively, there are foundations such as the Napoleon Perdis Stick Foundation with its creme texture, and you can adapt the amount of coverage applied – you can use as much or little as required on the different areas of your face.

Can I wear any shade of lipstick I like, or should I choose something based on my features?

You can wear any colour lipstick you like, but the shade of the colour should be chosen based on how natural or dramatic you’d like it to look. eg, If you are choosing a pink lipstick and want it to look quite natural, go with a shade that’s 2-3 shades deeper than your natural lip colour.

If you are after something more dramatic or a fashion statement, you might investigate shades ranging from bubblegum pink to berry tones like raspberry. The amount of these contrasting colours combined with your skin tone determines how dramatic the look is (the more contrast, the more drama). NP Set Lipsticks vary in shades from natural nude to the most amazing blood-red.

When buying lipstick do I need a separate lip liner?

It is always good to start the lips by concealing around the lip area.  This evens out the pigment around the lips allowing a cleaner resulting lip look.  It also allows the natural shape of the lip to appear more easily. Next apply your lipstick, ensuring you take your product right to the corners of the mouth to make the most of your pout.

At this stage, you can decide if you need lip liner or not.  Lip liner gives a little more definition to the lips and helps keep all of your lip products in place. Remember that you don’t need to line the entire lip, for a more natural finish – just go in to the areas neccessary to even out your natural lip shape. A lip liner like NP Set Miami is a great all-around shade.

Are all mascaras the same?

No, not all mascaras are the same. Some mascaras are designed to lengthen lashes, thicken, while others target something more specific like curling lashes.  You can also find mascaras like NP Set Pasarella Mascara that has the benefit of all three.

Other differences include the mascara colour, shape of the wand, water resistance and key ingredients. NP Set Pasarella Mascara contains bees wax, allowing mascara to be layered without clumping and makes it water-resistant. It also contains Candellia wax, which keeps lashes protected and nourished.

Should I choose a liquid or pencil eyeliner?

Both a liquid and pencil eyeliner give a different result.  It depends on the effect you are wanting to achieve. A liquid eyeliner gives a classic, crisp definition to the eye and a pencil provides a slightly softer result where you’re able to smudge and blend. Eye liners with a built-in smudger on the back like the NP Set Eye Pencils are great and easy to apply.

What should I invest in and what products can I save on?

My recommendation is to invest in products such as Primer, Foundation, Powder and Mascara. If you have an amazing fresh base that lasts all day, everything else will fall into place. Mascara is one of those tools that can dramatically ‘wake up’ the face and add instant definition.

The NP Set Pre-Foundation Primer contains ingredients such as Soy Bean Oil, Allantoin, Pomegranite Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins A,C & E and Jojoba Oil to keep the skin soft, smooth and nourished. NP Set Memory Foundation is a great choice for the everyday foundation with a blend of Vitamin C, E and seaweed extract to protect and nourish the complexion.

You can save on products like eye shadow and blush, especially with multi-use products that can double as cheek and lip colours or eyeshadow palettes instead of several individual colours. I love the NP Set Eye Palettes for great combinations of colour!

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2 thoughts on “How To Choose Makeup: Expert Tips

  1. I am really confused about testing area for the foundation. I have only recently read that testing should be on the chest.
    I always thought that it should be near the jawline/cheek. All the same, i love all the tips given in this article. I have learnt so much. Thank you all for the opportunity to learn beauty tips.

  2. Hi Lace, thanks for the great info. I just need to buy a powder but don’t know which one is a good one to buy ? Can you please give me any suggestions? Thanks

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