Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer Kit

I can’t say I have ever received a beach chair in the mail before, so when Gillette sent one to me it certainly made me stand up (or sit down) and take notice. With the beach chair was a beach bag and when I peaked inside I discovered the new Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer Kit.

The way you maintain your bikini area is a personal choice, and this product set is designed for girls who prefer a pain free hair removal option. There are three steps to achieving a smooth bikini line and it all starts with the Bikini Trimmer (this is also available separately).

Venus Bikini Trimmer set

The Bikini Trimmer works similarly to an electric razor you would use on your head (well, your boyfriend’s head – and please note it’s not actually electric), it has a special attachment so it trims longer hair which can be a problem for your normal disposable razor. Once the hair is short you can either leave it, wax it, or finish with the Venus Embrace Razor.

The Venus Embrace Razor has flexibility, it gets close and leaves a silky smooth surface so you can shape your bikini area however you like. The third item is the Olay Bikini Lotion which soothes and protects the skin after shaving.

If you do choose to use the combination of all three, they do work well together, just remember your hair is going to grow back much quicker than if you were to wax. However, you have the benefit of zero pain and this is good for the time poor.

The Bikini Trimmer in particular is a really good little invention, especially for those who are feeling a little cavewoman after a lazy winter.

The Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer Kit has an RRP of $19.99

What is your favourite method of hair removal?

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