Ella Bache Elemental Body Treatments

Ella Bache has created a new range of rejuvenating body treatments combining the principles of balance and harmony. The new range has been inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of the elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – and contains some alluring ingredients to make this an experience of utter luxuriance.

Melon, cumin, dates and hot spices are just a few of the important ingredients contained within these treatments.

Trained beauty therapists at Ella Bache salons Australia wide will identify and recommend a treatment for each skin concern from the new range utilising the four elements and a powerful combination of natural ingredients.

AIR Body Treatment

The Air body treatment is perfect to restore vitality, increase energy and detoxify the skin; leaving skin smooth, soft and radiant. Poor circulation, fluid retention, heavy achy legs and low energy are symptoms screaming for an Air body treatment.

Sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and shea butter are the integral ingredients that aid in the repair and moisturising of the skin.

60  min treatment = $129, 90min = $169.

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EARTH Body Treatment

Designed for dehydrated, dry and sun damaged skin the Earth body treatment rejuvenates as it accelerates waste and fatty deposit elimination.

The Earth body treatment will leave the body energised and its contours smooth and even. Ideal for dry skin, some of the fundamental ingredients are ground almond, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil.

60 min treatment = $99, 90min = $169.

FIRE Body Treatment

Dry to very dry skin and rough textured hands and feet exposed to environmental stresses are the ideal recipients for this treatment. The Fire element softens, comforts and nourishes dry skin so it is left feeling silky smooth.

Protection and moisturisation is provided by shea butter, beeswax and ground almond in this treatment whose texture is fine and non oily.

60 min treatment = $129.

WATER Body Treatment

Brighten lack lustre skin and wake up a tired body with a hydrating Water treatment. It will restore balance, nourish, tone and rejuvenate the skin. (It sounds quite heavenly and I think I could do with one right now).

This treatment is rich in antioxidants, soothing botanical milk and sweet almond protein – all of which will help bring skin back to life.

90 min treatment = $189, 120 min = $219

For more information, to find your nearest salon or to go right ahead and book your elemental treatment please visit Ella Bache at: www.ellabache.com.au or call 1800 789 234

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