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Dove is the beauty brand that launched the Campaign for Real Beauty sparking a worldwide conversation in women about what defines beauty. This conversation is now being started with men as the new Dove Men+Care range launches. This range of products is technologically advanced so that men can discover a new level of comfort in their skin.

In the lead up to the launch of the Dove Men+Care range a study was conducted which discovered that 77% of Australian men feel misrepresented by advertising and 82% of them blame that on the fact that fashion, fragrance and grooming commercials use bodies that are deemed ‘too perfect’. They could also be the reason one in four men think a tanned and muscular body is important.

Dove Men+Care Range Shot

This research also discovered that 97% of Australian women think one of the most important qualities in a man is that they be comfortable in their own skin and 86% think vanity is one of the biggest turn offs!

Dove believe that people should be comfortable and confident with who they are and skin comfort is an important part of that. This philosophy has been incorporated into the development of the new Dove Men+Care range where they have pioneered technology which provides men with physically more comfortable skin.

The new Dove Men+Care range is clinically proven to fight skin dryness with the new MicroMoisture technology which activates when lathering. The range features skin cleansing products for the face and body as well as a clever shower tool and the already popular range of Dove Men+Care deodorants.

We brought a selection from the range home to take for a test run.

Deep Clean Body and Face Wash with MicroMoisture

This deep cleansing gel has tiny purifying grains to assist with exfoliation, not large enough to be scratchy but perfect for washing away dead skin cells; also utilising MicroMoisture technology which activates on skin while lathering up and clinically proven to fight skin dryness.

MicroMoisture is ultra light  micro capsules of moisturiser with natural sunflower seed oil that activate on the skin when lathered. Lightly fragranced with quite a subtle fresh scent.

Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash with MicroMoisture

An extra fresh cleansing gel with MicroMoisture technology and a cooling agent. This shower gel has a very masculine and fresh scent that lathers nicely and assists in all that moisturiser getting to the skin. The addition of Menthol to this product helps revitalise skin for a long lasting fresh feel.

Deep Clean Foaming Facial Cleanser with MicroMoisture and Dual Action Beads

An FFC that is designed specifically for men with dual action beads which remove dead skin cells and exfoliate while cleansing dirt and oil from deep inside pores. MicroMoisture technology aids in actively fighting skin dryness. This cleanser has a refreshing clean scent that is subtle and masculine.

The best thing about this foaming cleanser for men is that it is quick and easy to use making it a simple step to add to your daily routine.

Deep Clean Body and Face Bar

This bar is designed specifically for men to thoroughly clean skin without leaving it dry or tight. It has 1/4 moisturising cream which is clinically proven to fight skin dryness. A classic scent that is subtle and fresh. The deep cleansing formula rinses of easily and the bar contains purifying grains to exfoliate and leave skin clean and fresh.

The Dove Men+Care range is dermatologist recommended, will achieve results and is sure to be a cost effective solution to men’s cleansing and moisturising needs. The range will be available from mid February at all the places you find your favourite Dove products now and the prices will be from RRP: $4.99

For stockist information please call: 1800 061 027

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