Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit

We know the dangers of tanning in the sun or at solariums, but what about the budget pitfalls of keeping your tan going with top ups at the tanning booth?

Take control of your tanning budget with the new Australian-first Body Shimmer™ Home Tanning Kit from Sunbeam.

No longer will you be a slave to the tanning booth. Supplied with everything you need for high quality, flawless home tanning, Body Shimmer™ delivers a healthy, affordable all over body glow that lasts around two weeks.

The Body Shimmer™ kit includes two 100ml bottles of Swiss-made, softly scented tanning solution (enough for four all over body applications), as well as exfoliator, moisturising lotion and lip balm – everything needed to ensure optimal preparation and post-tan care.

The easy-to-use cordless tan applicator allows you to delicately mist the tanning solution over the skin for an even, mess-free, streak-free result*, and just like in the tanning booth your hair and face will be protected with the included shower cap, nose pegs and eye goggles.

Featuring high speed for tanning back, stomach and thighs, and low speed for feet and hands, you’ll be ready to confidently bare legs 12 hours later.

Not limited to only Sunbeam products, the Body Shimmer™ applicator can be used with other liquid tanning solutions.

* Sunbeam recommends best results on back of body are achieved when tan is applied by a second party.

RRP AUS $99.95


Cordless, rechargeable spray gun
Superfine mist spray
Streak free, even coverage
Spray guard to avoid mess
Includes Swiss made tanning solution
Includes exfoliator, moisturiser & lip balm
2 spray settings

Consumer enquiries: 1800 025 059 or visit

sunbeam body shimmer


Sunbeam have thought of everything with their new Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit. Being fair skinned, I have gotten used to being pale, as fake tan can be difficult to apply, and because of the price and inconvenience, salon spray tanning remains only for special occasions. Solariums and conventional sun tanning are damaging, and the negatives far outweigh any possible benefits.

This product sounded amazing, and certainly exceeded my expectations. The convenience of tanning at home, without the mess! The spray guard is a fantastic feature and application couldn’t be easier.
The kit contains all the essential pre-tan products; it even comes with lip balm to help protect your lips, and goggles to protect your eyes.

The spray tan gun is so simple to use, once it is charged you poor in the liquid tan and you are ready to go. With two settings you can use the light mist for delicate areas or touch ups. I found I only needed to apply one coat, but after a day or so you can always apply another coat if necessary.

The most common problem with fake tans can be the colour, no one wants to be orange, and the Sunbeam Tanning liquid is a gorgeous golden brown … and it lasts!

What’s more, if you have a favourite tanning liquid, you are not limited to just using the Sunbeam one; (although it is one of the nicest tanning colours I have tried.) Because it’s in spray form, the coverage was even, and no blotches or hand prints!

I have found that having a nice tan makes me look slimmer, and boosts my self confidence, and that is definitely something to be happy about!

This is a really professional product, and includes instructions and tips on how to get the perfect application. I am very impressed, and would highly recommend to readers.

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