BEAUTY CHICK CHAT: Le Tan Flawless Legs

‘Long lasting leg makeup for bronzed, flawless legs.  Covering freckles, veins and imperfections Le Tan Flawless legs creates beautiful, smooth, bronzed legs for any occasion, day or night.  It washes off the next day and is transfer resistant, keeping your clothes clean and your legs beautiful.’

When I have a tan my confidence is increased and my white normally pale legs look slimmer and smoother. It isn’t always convenient to have a spray tan, and sometimes your little black dress is called upon spontaneously and you need a little extra help. I’ve been using Le Tan’s clever little spray on bronzer which is wash off makeup for your legs.

There are two shades with bronze and deep bronze (no orange!) – bronze gives a really natural finish which is good for lighter skin and deep bronze is darker for a more noticeably tanned look.

Flawless Legs

I’ve used bronzer creams and gels before for my legs but it can be really tricky not to end up blotchy. I found the The Le Tan Flawless Legs a bit easier as the formula sprays on. To apply you hold the can about 15cm from your legs and spray – you then blend it with your hands (make sure you wash these straight after) to end up with an even colour.

Le Tan recommend using this on hair-free, moisturised legs and personally using moisturiser first made a big difference to how it blended in so I wouldn’t skip this step! It doesn’t take long to dry, around a minute and then you can get dressed and show off those pins! The next day it washes off so this is a no commitment option and you don’t have to worry about it wearing off unevenly.

One of the positives about this product is the scent, it doesn’t smell bad at all – it actually smells quite nice! The product is not just for bronzing, it also helps to cover concerns like veins and uneven skin tone and leaves you with a smooth finish.

The Le Tan Flawless Legs has an RRP of $17.99 / Stockist: 1300 650 981

100 of our Beauty Chick Chat Members have been testing the Le Tan Flawless Legs, find out what they thought below…

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93 thoughts on “BEAUTY CHICK CHAT: Le Tan Flawless Legs

  1. I am one of the 100 testers and l love it and would suggest it to all my friends and family to use. I love looking so naturally brown in Winter, THIS A GREAT INVENTION.

    1. I am loving my Le tan My legs look healthy taned and can you believe it flawless I have already been spreading the word to all my friends ,fantastic product

    2. This is really a wonderful product, Le Tan are great as they don’t test on animals. It gives a very even tan and doesn’t turn your legs bright orange like some other products I’ve tried! It smells very nice too and is excellent. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and effective way to get that goldent tan look.
      Thankyou Beauty And Lace for letting me try it out:)

    3. I am one of the testers too and love the easy application although I pressed a bit too hard at first and got a dark area. However,I was able to hand smooth the area and blend it very easily. It made my legs look naturally tanned and covered up a scar I have on one leg quite well. Thank you for the opportunity, great product!

  2. I recived my Le tan flawless legs today and I have used it tonight it’s date night ,it is fantastic it’s easy to use spray on and quick massage and your done my legs look like I have been holiday at the beach I love it and recommend it to any one who wants to get instant healthy tamed legs 2 thumbs up great product Le tan

  3. Great coverage, so easy to use. Normally with other brands I have to apply layer upon layer until I get my desired colour, but with ‘Deep Bronze’ it was nice and dark with just one spray. And it even covered that horrid little spider vein that has appeared out of no where. I really liked this product & will use it again.

  4. Easy to use and gives a streak free, natural tan look. I love that you can wash it off easy with soap and water, especially off your hands once applied. Also, I really love the scent. I would definately use this again.

  5. I received my Le tan Flawless legs today, I didn’t really know what to expect, whether it would be a liquid or a spray, and what a surprise it was like a matt foundation spray (very different). I found it to be really easy to apply, you can see what you are doing so you cannot go wrong, I was amazed at how quickly it dried. I have heaps of sun spots on my legs and it covered them all (I used deep bronze), I am really impressed with this product, it washed off easily from hands and legs, I didn’t find it to have a smell really, well nothing at all like other products that overpower you with a fake tan smell, it wasn’t too dark and it looked very natural. thanks for letting me try it and I definitely will be recommending it

  6. I love this spray tan – so simple to use and gives a natural flawless appearance. I found it hides my uneven skin tone without giving a fake look. I’ll be using this often and recommending to friends 🙂

  7. what an awesome product. i have used it 3 times now and its fantastic not only for legs but for arms as well. i used it on the weekend and when i went to work yesterday my boss asked me if i spent the weekend at the beach. it goes on evenly, it doesnt make you look yellow, it doesnt smell terrible like some of these products do and it washes off easily. i absolutely love it and will be buying it in future. thank you for the opportunity to try this great product

  8. I tried it as soon as it came & it worked great, no streaks! I didnt even expholiate b4 i used it. I was sitting in my garage talking 2 my daughter when it came & just gave it a quick go to test it & ended up doing both my daughter & i. It dryed really quickly & looked great. I found it washed off easily in the shower without leaving any marks on my white towels either! I dont like spray tans but this LeTan ( bronze ) has won me over!!! Great 1 & thanks 4 letting me try it for free B & L !!!

  9. Great product, I found it really easy to apply since it goes on with color and spreads and blends easily into the skin. I found the smell really nice too which was a great surprised!. I would definitely moisturise really well. It also covered a few spider veins I have on the back of my legs, covered them just enough. Looked really natural and not “fake tan” at all.
    I found it best not to apply it over the knees/ankles as it does go quite dark ( deep bronze) and just barely smooth it over these areas.

    Would buy again 🙂

  10. I found this product simple to use as well as giving me a great natural tan. Im very pale so i was a bit worried about have the fake tan look but a light spray and I actually had a bit of colour without looking like a carrot.
    I would def buy and use this product again, so thank you for letting me try it.

  11. I received my Le Tan Flawless Legs and tested it out on the weekend. On first application my impression was Wow, foundation for the legs. It has a great colour (none of that orange colour you can get from other brands). You do have to rub it in quickly or it can become streaky. I found it worked better if you moisturise your legs and let them dry a little first. It did have a bit of a chemical smell which was disappointing because I was sort of expecting a sort of coconut smell. Maybe they could work on that for the next one.
    It can be a little messy so it is best to out an old towel down to avoid getting anywhere that would be hard to clean. It also rubs off a little on light clothing but the good thing is that if your legs get splashed with water or drinks it doesn’t trickle down leaving a run mark – a little experiment my friend made me do!
    All in all I say well done, certainly Le SMART TAN!!!!

  12. I don’t have any success with natural tanning and I always burn and then go white again. Generally this makes my skin drier. This product goes on really smooth and it doesn’t run or drip. It is easy to apply on yourself and looks natural and not over the top. I loved the look this product gave me and will definitely buy it in the future.

  13. I received my Le Tan Flawless Legs in Bronze shade. This product lives up to it’s claims; great coverage, covers imperfections and veins, and provides a really nice colour. It’s easy to apply and also to remove. I’d happily recommend this as the safe and easy way to get a tan!

  14. As a tester of this product, I have discovered that I am not a fan of spray applications – or I have a lot to learn! Firstly, don’t do it in your white bathroom because everything will have a nice tan to it! And I don’t really want to go outside to tan my legs, so it doesn’t make this product overly user friendly for me.
    I thought the end colour was great, but I haven’t mastered the art of applying it yet. I am applying it after moisturising but it still goes quite dry quickly and I’m not sure I’m getting coverage everywhere. In my opinion a moisturiser type product is much easier to apply.

  15. I really loved it! It was actually quite easy to use, I moisturised first and then blended it in with my hands (washed my hands straight away of course.)
    I loved the end result because there was not one streak at all, it made my legs look very tanned. My Mum and my sisters think it’s a great product too as I’ve recommended it to them already! I’ll definitely keep recommending it.

  16. I am one of the lucky 100 testers. I love the Le Tan Flawless Legs – it is very easy to use and washed off my hands without any problems. I really love the way it makes my legs look – it is so wonderful not to have to wear stockings. The colour I received was ‘bronze’ and it is a perfect colour for me – it looks really natural.
    I will definitely be recommending this product to all my friends and be buying it myself in the future.
    Well done Le Tan.

  17. I was one of the 100 testers and I give the product an overall 8 out of 10. I made sure I was exfoliated and moisturised. I used a latex glove to rub it in and make it even. I got the bronze shade and i’m naturally fair and freckly. It went on quite evenly. I had to be more careful around my Knees and had to reapply to the crease at the back of my knee. It’s quite ‘muggy’ sweaty weather here in QLD so it didnt dry completely until after 10mins. I applied it outside and it was a little windy and made it a little difficult. I have tried spray on tans in the past and used it in the shower, however dissapointed then that i needed to mop the whole bathroom as it spreaded. I would probably choose a gel or mousse version if I bought a tanning product in future. I put some on my hands later and it washed off well.

  18. A really good thing to note (as per the instructions on the can), is that you only need to spray a small amount which you then spread with your hands – so there really should be very little mess involved. This isn’t a regular spray tan so, it’s wash off leg makeup. Hope this helps 🙂

  19. Thank you B&L for the opportunity to trial Le Tan Flawless Legs in Bronze. I am a fake tanaholic and was very keen to give this a go. The colour is beautiful – natural and easily hides blemishes. I have applied this now on 3 occasions and was very pleased with todays application. You definitely need to moisturise first and don’t rub too long or too hard or it becomes “blotchy”. It was easy to “fix up” little patches that were missed and found that even if it didn’t look perfect as soon as applied, it dried evenly. Beautiful fragrance and didn’t rub off. A little bit of trial and error combined with practise makes this a fantastic product without the “oompa loompa” orange colour or foul smell of fake tan. Highly recommend!

  20. Having never used a sray tan before I didn’t know what to expect. After receiving a few tips from a girlfriend, a regular user of spray tans, I tried it. I was surprised at how easy it was to use. It had a nice scent and actually looked good not orange at all. Bronze was definitely the right colour for me. I’ll definitely be using it again. Thank you Beauty and Lace for introducing me to Le Tan.

  21. As a fake tab novice I was really impressed by this product. I have super white legs all year round so it was nice to see some colour on them. It gave them a great tanned colour however I think they may need a light shade than bronze fir people like me who ate rather white as it was obvious that my legs had been spray tanned. I also found that you do get a bit of over spary so I did my legs outside. I need to work on alloying the product a bit better as the back of my legs ended up a bit streaky. Like others have mentioned you do need to work fast to apply or you do end up with an uneven tone. Worked just as good on my arms as well. I loved how easy clean up was simply wash it off your hands and legs. I did notice my legs looked slightly tanned for a few days after I washed it off this could be due to my legs being so light to start with. I found it didn’t cover up scars or bruises as well as it said it would but it does tone them down. Over all I really enjoyed using this product and have already talk to several people about it and what I thought of the product.

  22. Really enjoyed using this product. My legs have been getting progressively whiter the last 2 months, so I was keen to try this out. It worked pretty well… I had a few blotchy patches afterwards, but they were relatively easy to fix up afterwards. Some of it rubbed off in areas under my knees that sweat and rub my pants. But the colour was natural and it has a nice smell. All round I would say its a nice easy and quick solution for an instant tan.

  23. I received the Le Tan Flawless Legs trial product and am very happy to report that it actually does produce flawless legs. Being very fair-skinned, I have tried a number of the lotions that are supposed to produce a golden glow over a period of time, but I have never had really good results from them, so, I love this product and highly recommend it!

  24. I was very excited to try the Le Tan Flawless Legs (colour bronze), as it is the first time that I have tried such a product, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Best way to describe it, is as a foundation for the legs, which gives you a nice natural tan (not orange like some self-tanners), and without any sparkle or glitter, which I do like. It easily covers marks, spots, scars and veins on the legs. It stays on nicely all day, and washes off easily with soap and water.
    It has a subtle smell, which I also do like (and so happy that it doesn’t have a coconut scent like many other Le Tan product, which I really don’t like.
    Application takes a little getting used to, to avoid mess in the bathroom, but after a few goes I think I’ve perfected it. Definitely start with exfoliating and mosturising the legs. Then follow by a quick spray of the Flawless legs, rubbing it in rather quickly as the product dries very fast. If you’re too slow rubbing it in, it will end up being streaky and lumpy! More product can easily be added later to build up the color and coverage. The only other downside to this product is that it does rub off on light clothing.
    If you are like me, and very conscious about veins and marks on your legs, and sometimes just wear stockings just to hide these imperfections, then this product is the perfect product , also giving you a bit of a healthy glow to legs at the same time. I definitely recommend this.

  25. I tested the Bronze Le Tan, I love how you can adjust how dark you want it by spraying it a little closer or further away, applies really well after rubbing it in, looks very natural.
    Washes off easy so you don’t have that awful faded look after a couple of days, can reapply fresh every morning if you want!
    A great product for an instant colour to your legs.

  26. Received my Bronze Le Tan on Monday 16th. I have never used a spray or fake tan before, so it is a new experience for me. Absolutely love it, so easy to use, great size can. I have used it for 3 nights and the color is soft and subtle. Great for covering those spider veins that seem to appear out of nowhere. I will highly recommend this product to my family and friends. Thanks so much Beauty and Lace, I look forward to trialling more products.

  27. Firstly I want to say that, now I know how all the models get perfect looking legs before a photo shoot.
    I am thrilled with this product, it does exactly what it says, gives you flawless legs.
    I got the deep bronze and it covers all of my freckles and gives me a beautiful glow. The fact that it washes off is fantastic too, as it makes application easier and it dries quicker.
    I have already recommended this to a lot of people including my two nieces who are obsessed with brown legs.
    This is perfect for that weekend bbq or that big night out, I just love it. Thanks for the opportunity Beauty and Lace.

  28. Thank you for allowing me to trial this product. I liked that this product was a great ‘quick fix’ for my legs and the colour was a lovely deep bronze, it dried really quick and it didn’t smell particularly bad however I did find it quite messy and my bathroom did get a bit dirty. You really need to make sure you blend this product properly to achieve that flawless look.

  29. Wow! This product is so easy to use! I was a little worried at first as I don’t usually use spray on tans I tend to let the professionals do it but I was pleasantly suprised at the ease of use. I loved the colour not at all fake looking, excellent for a quick fix for a night out. There was no over the top odour and it dried super quick so I wasn’t sitting around waiting.

    I will definitely be recommending this! Thanks Beauty and Lace for letting me trial it.

  30. Firstly, let me preface this entire review by saying that I am obsessed with LeTan’s spray tan products. Their jet dry is great for my arms, whilst the regular tan is great for legs (and comes in a bigger can!) and gives a great, non streak, all over glow that looks like you’ve spend time at the beach, but not on the Jersey Shore.

    Glad we’ve got that out of the way.

    Obviously, I jumped at the chance to trial the LeTan Flawless Legs. With it being warm in Adelaide at the moment and my birthday week – what a perfect excuse! I’ve got a couple of small scars on my calves from camping (never dating an ‘outdoorsy’ guy again!) which, though they aren’t completely noticeable, every girl knows that the tiniest flaw feels like a neon sign when she’s trying to get her glam on.

    I chose to trial the Deep Bronze colour simply because that’s the tan that I use – my near corpse like white skin needs all the help that it can get in the colour department – and applied as directed, on hairless, moisturised legs.

    It’s a slightly darker colour than the tan, but that’s fine, just beware. The directions say to spray the product onto the leg and blend with the hands – this is definitely the best way to do it, but beware, the makeup is quite thick at first. Exactly like face foundation, start with a small amount and blend outwards – the product is easy to blend, but looks a little scary at first, seeing giant bronze patches sprayed onto the skin. Never fear girls, it does blend!!
    I won’t lie, I panicked at this part. I had blended it (like I said, you only need a small amount) and it was still darker than I thought, but never fear, it does settle, sink in, relax, however you want to put it. Again, like face foundation, it settles into the skin and leaves a great, velvety glow that covers the little spots and imperfections that we all get. It’s definitely a product that I’ll keep on my shelf for special occasions, but it won’t be part of my weekly tanning or beauty routine.

    Let’s break it down:

    The not so great parts:
    ~ The can is a little small compared to some of the other LeTan products, but like I said, you only need the smallest amount, so it lasts longer.
    ~ Please, for all that are sacred, use paper towels to wipe your hands with even after you’ve washed them. I guarantee you’ve missed a spot and though white towels can be washed, hand prints on towels are gross.

    The good parts:
    ~ A great colour that blends easily and leaves a silky smooth looking finish. Think of it as varnish for a hard wood floor!
    ~ Has an amazing vanilla smell that isn’t too sickly, nor stays with you once the product dries.
    ~ I love products that are available at the supermarket. If I have to go to a specialty store, most of the time I forget!

    Tips and Tricks:
    ~ Only use a small amount and blend, add as needed. There’s a fine line between looking velvety and muddy.
    ~ If possible, don’t use the Flawless Legs right before you run out the door. Use it, let it soak in before you dress and then let it soak in a little more and you’ll be able to make sure that you’ve got the right coverage before your big night out!

  31. I have used my Le Tan Flawless Legs today and it is unlike any tanning product I have used before. Usually I use the developing type. I love the effect and it is exactly as it says…like a make up with a matte finish that makes legs look flawless. I think it would be fine on other parts , such as arms and chest to match up. The fragrance was lovely five year old picked up on that bit “Whats that lovely smell she piped up” Overall I am a fan especially for nights out, rather than an everyday product.
    I did notice it is essential to moisturize really well as it is quite dry on application and needs spreading around.
    Also it does need to dry for a while before it becomes non transferable. I found that bit out when I sat on my cream rug!
    With a bit of getting used to I would definitely use it again, thank you Beauty and Lace xx

  32. Le Tan flawless legs is AMAZING.
    It was so quick and easy to apply and I was out the door in a flash. Unlike salon tans you don’t have to wait around for the tan to dry. The girls at work said my legs have never looked so good. The colour was natural and I liked the matt finish that covered a few little bruises and veins.
    It is a product I will use all year round not just in Summer.

  33. I tested the Le Tan Deep Bronze and what a wonderful surprise. It was a beautiful natural tanned skin colour. Fantastically easy to apply and left the most remarkable finish. iT WAS A SHAME TO HAVE TO WASH IT OFF. And even washing it off how unbelievably simple, i used a net sponge and bath soap and washed my legs as normal and off it came without a problem, i cant believe that it didnt come off on everything through the day when it came off so easy in the shower…. I absolutely love this product, well done LeTan, this little can of LeTan will be my friend for along time to come ..

  34. I tested the Le Tan Bronze and was surprised how light it was, my lower legs look even but not much browner however I can see a difference on my thighs. This was my first try so I may need to experiment a little. I did notice that it left darker marks around my ankles and knees, maybe where the skin is a little drier so I need to moisturise well first and be more frugal with the tan in those areas.
    I did this at night and my husband complained about the smell while I was doing it, I didn’t particularly notice as I was concentrating on an even coating; I sprayed it into my hands then rubbed on my legs. It dried quite quickly and evenly, and washed off well from my hands. I was a bit worried about going to bed but there was no transfer to my white sheets.
    The next day I showered as normal but didn’t scrub and I still had nice even brown legs and I think that while it will come off a little on your clothes during the day, especially if you wear jeans, it will basically stay until you give it a good scrub (I used a net sponge and shower gel).
    I will try it again over the weekend when my legs will actually be on show, and try a heavier application.
    I would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in ‘fake tan’ as it’s nice and natural, and if it goes wroing easily removed.

  35. Thank you for letting me trial this product. I am generally a keen fake tanner and have never tried a non-developing temporary leg colour before. I chose the darker colour and it was a little bit too dark for me. I would choose the lighter colour next time. The smell is nice, application can get a little messy, but us girls are used to this right?!?! I would recommend you don’t spray the product too close too your legs and wear a plastic glove if you want to blend it in. As with all self tanning products – practice makes perfect!

  36. I was quite surprised how great this product is. It is very easy to use and gives a nice even colour. The colour is a bit dark so I just held it back a tiny bit more then specified. It resulted in a gorgeous glowing colour and it dries super quick! The only problem I had was that it says it covers vein and it doesnt but overall a great product!

  37. OK…..Thankyou Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to trial and review this product. I’ve never been a fan of fake tans and have only used one once…with devastating results that I had to live with for a week (not a good look).
    Tha’s why I really wanted to give this one a try, I’m very pale – all the time, and felt like I wanted to try the fake tan thingy again. And I like the Le Tan brand.
    I did not have the same experience as many other members here who trialled it, I had a lot of difficulty applying it and spreading it and I think I swallowed more than got onto my legs. Although now looking at my legs, the result isn’t too bad. With a bit of practice it will probably look good, because even though I’m pale, the bronze colour I used, isn’t overly fake/orangey, it’s quite a natural colour – even for me!!!
    I do have a few uneven areas but I will wash it off and have another go because I do like the colour. It does wash off my hands easily after applying, no leftover dark marks or orange cuticles. So that’s a big plus. I did notice that the spray went over the dining chair I was sitting on, I wasn’t expecting that, I didn’t think the spray would be so wide.
    My legs also are full of battle-scars (courtesy of my new kitten) but I’m looking at my legs now and it has faded the look of the scratches and scars noticeably – it would be great for freckles or veins.
    Anyway….this was my first go – I will give it another go tomorrow and see if I can master the application process better.

    1. Well I’ve played around with this a few more times and still find I’m struggling to get a lovely even coverage. The last few times I’ve used gloves to try and get a more even spread, and it was easier to apply. I still love the colour, it is so natural (if I didn’t have the streaks that show). I know I’m having problems because I’m not accustomed to using fake tans, it’s not something I do and I know with continued practice I will achieve the desired result. I’m just glad it’s getting cooler so I wear longer pants and not shorts. I know I would love this completely if I was good with it and I’m willing to keep trying.

  38. Thank you beauty and lace for the chance to try Le Tan Bronze.

    I was very suprised by this product. I have used a few fake tans and find this one very easy to use. I did find that the Tan worked better on freshly mositurised legs. I did find that the Tan was a little hard to apply evenly however I found that using disposable gloves rather then natural skin the tan applied more evenly.

    I would recommend using the spray in the bathroom with a towel on the floor as the spray is a lot wider then I was epxpecting.
    I was suprised by the colour- it is quite dark but natural. I wouldnt have wanted to go any darker.

    I would recommend this product to friends.

  39. I just love le tan. The pruduct was so easy to use no mess, easy to apply..One of the best. Even my daughter is using it now. Would certainly recommend

  40. This is better than I expected! I received the lighter of the two options (bronze). Although it appears very dark initially, the colour is perfect once smoothed onto the skin. I have fair, freckled skin, and most self-tanning products look orange on me. This did not: it genuinely looked like I had a light tan! I added moisturiser on my feet, without which it was dark and patchy. I would be careful about getting any moisture on my skin whilst wearing this: I’m pretty certain it would streak. So, maybe not great if you’re planning a night dancing, playing on a boat, or going out in wet weather. But, I am very glad I had the opportunity to try it, and I would purchase it if I had a special occasion where I could be assured of keeping my legs dry.

  41. I am one of the lucky testers of this product and loved it! I get spray tans all the time and found this convenient and effective. I could do it at home which is a bonus and it worked well by itself or to top up where my tan was coming away!

    Definitely recommend it, and will purchase myself! Two thumbs up!

    My best hint for applying it, do it in the shower! It is easy to hose off the walls!

  42. The product was easy to apply and gave a lovely bronze to my legs. I have not used any sort of tanning product before as am naturally olive skinned, but after wearing trousers to work my legs were a bit pale! This worked well for me to make them look a bit more presentable. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that I had trouble getting it all off in the shower. I scrubbed with soap and water but it still ended up on my white towel much to my dismay! I would use it again though, so thank you for letting me try it 😀

  43. Absolutely love Le Tan’s Flawless Legs!

    I’ve tried so many different brands of fake tan, but this one will definitely be my pick of the bunch in the future.
    Easy to apply, non-streaky and didn’t leave me looking like an Oompa Loompa, yay!

    It covered my stretch-marks and spider-veins caused by my last pregnancy really well which gave me more confidence. The colour was perfect – A lovely glowing bronze that looked quite natural.
    Also the fragrance was pleasant and not too overpowering.

    I’d totally recommend Flawless Legs by Le Tan.

    Thank-you Beauty and Lace & Le Tan for the opportunity to trial and review this awesome product.

  44. I am one of the reviewers and I love this product – so easy to apply, smells really nice and the colour is great .. I had the bronze one – just the right colour for my skin – not too dark.. It did rub off a little bit on the inside of my shorts but you couldnt notice it had rubbed off looking at my skin.. I tried it on my arms – it went on ok – think it would be better if there was no hair though – I also put a little bit on my neck/chest – went on great there too – easy to blend, came off my hands great afterwards, lasted all day – didnt come off even after my daughter wiped her wet hands on me – lol – will def re-use and probably buy another just to have handy 🙂

  45. Wow! This is a supurb product. For starters it doesn’t have that awful chemical smell that fake tanners have – this one smells like chocolate to me! It is really easy to apply too and gives an instant, natural looking tan. I was surprised at how long lasting it was too – it lasted all day without getting rubbed off or fading. I found that coverage was pretty even but the beauty of this product is that if you apply a little too much you can easily wash it off and reapply. I think this is a fantastic product that I would definitely recommend and thanks Beauty and Lace for allowing me to be a tester – it’s been a great experience.

  46. I really like this product. It went on easy and is non-streaky and it covered my legs nicely – it even covered up nasty scars I have from vein removal! Le Tan was just the right bronze colour for me, and it was very easy to wash off. EXCELLENT!

  47. I got to trial the Bronze one and loved how easy it was to apply and blend in, it left a natural looking tan, no streaks and didn’t come off all over my clothing. It lasted well and was very easy to wash off too, didn’t smell and was just a great product! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a natural looking tan in a little amount of time!

  48. I recieved the le tan bronze absolutly loved it finally i can have a tan for a while would recommed to all my friends thank you so much

  49. I suffer from scars all over both my legs from eczema and a skin condition i had when i was a teenager because of the scars and marks im very conscious of my legs so when i read it covered freakles and marks i jumped at the chance, i was abit weary though as i have extremly sensitive skin.

    I recieved the Le tan on friday and was happy to see it was in a spray bottle and not liquid. on the directions it said that it is best used on hair less legs, i waxed my legs and moisturised them an hour before i used the tan. i found the application easiy to use, the directions were also simple to follow.

    As i applied it i was alittle worried that it was way too dark for my skin. I had it in BRONZE, so before quickly washing it off i thought i should let it dry. it took under a minute to dry fully and it lightened as it dried. even though it is a bit too dark for me even when its dry. It didnt affect my sensitive skin when i applied it and after it dried i could feel my legs werent dry or flaky it was actually moisturising but i could tell the tan was dry. it had a slight smell of coco and vanilla which was nice as it wasnt a strong chemical smell.

    I really like this product and would recommend it to all skin types including sensitive skin. its easy to apply and prefect packaging which means you can apply it any time and any where and even put it in your bag. my only dislike is it is still alittle too dark so i would love for a light glow shade for very pale skin.

  50. OH MY GOSH!!
    I am in love with this product, Will definately be using again again and once empty i will be purchasing more..
    I have hidden my legs for many years Probably for more than 12 years, my legs are so white i glow in the dark and if shown in day light you would be blinded. LOL
    Initially to apply its really hard to get an even spray, its blotchy and uneven, spary too much and its to dark a little bit of trial and error and all works well, rub over ur legs and its perfect, one negative it doesnt smell the greatest i wasnt too worried as i thought it was just the initial and it would go away, but even after apllying and its dried it still smells a little bit but nothing too bad.

    I have beautiful flawless naturally tanned looking legs i am so happy!!! they even feel freshly moistureised!!! Bonus!!!
    And its come at the right time next week i have a black tie event to go to and i possibly now will be wearing a dress for the FIRST time in my life since being a 7 year old girl!!!!
    THANK YOU beauty and Lace and also thank you Le Tan!!!!

  51. I’m loving this easy to use spray on tan from Le Tan! I chose the lighter of the two shades, because I’m quite pale, and it’s left my legs a really nice shade, and I’m loving not being my usual white-skinned self!
    The spray on application makes it really easy to use, just a little bit of trial and error involved in working out how much to apply before rubbing it in. I love the subtle scent, it’s quite pleasant.
    I love the healthy glow I’m getting from this product, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to me friends. Good one Le Tan, and thanks for including me in this trial, Beauty and Lace 🙂

  52. This is a great product, very easy to apply and looks so good on! Doesn’t have any orange colouring and absolutely no streaks. It looks so natural. Even when it gets wet it is resistant unless you actually rub it. Didn’t come off on my clothing either which is a bonus. I would definitely purchase this product.

  53. My first Beauty and Lace was so great.

    I am already a fan of Le Tan products and their Tan Le Can lives on my shelf all year round. It was surprising that their was such a similar product. But it WAS different.

    As the name suggests it did go on flawlessly. I just rubbed in to create a smooth tan. The colour stayed put and did not have tell tale drips or unevenness. It was still there by nightfall. I loved that I could put on my usual body moisturiser beforehand without compromising on the result.

    The colour did not rub onto clothes once dry or my bedsheets that night. The next morning in the shower I needed to exfoliate to take it off but it wasn’t too hard and no tanned patches remained afterwards.

    The colour I tried was deep bronze and it was on the dark side but as I am olive skinned it didn’t look too bad.

    I always use spray on home tans in the shower after drying myself. It’s then easy to rinse off the walls and shower recess. This was the only issue I had with the product. Flawless legs had to be scrubbed off even though only a few minutes had passed. I think outdoor applications are the only way around it.

    Other than that I loved my Flawless Legs from Le Tan and will continue to enjoy what it does from me.

  54. I tried the le tan flawless legs in deep bronze as I have a naturally medium olive complexion. The shade was perfect! It was easy to apply and dried almost instantly. It is transfer resisitant and didn’t rub off at all, no stain marks were left anywhere. It came off my hands easily and even a couple of drips of water on my legs didn’t cause streaks. I would definitely purchase this over going to get a tan as it is so easy to do and less than half the price, the result is also just as good if not better shade wise. I found deep bronze looked quite natural on me and enhanced my skin shade while giving my legs a healthy radiant glow. I will definitely be keeping this on my list of must have products!

  55. I have tried the le tan flawless legs and wow am I impressed. A great shade, just perfect for me. I will definitely be using this product from now on and telling my friends about it. Easy to apply, a product that will always be in my bathroom.

  56. thank you for my le tan flawless legs in bronze,I am not a huge fan of fake tans that you do yourself as my sister is a beautician i can get a discounted spray tan for special occasions,but this product was easy to use does what it says on the can and washes off so no orange palms,definitly need to be hair free and moisturise first but a great product and smells okay would use again and recommend to my sisters and friends

  57. I love it. It is so easy to use and best of all it doesn’t rub off onto your clothes or bed sheets. That is just awful with some tanning lotions. It is a great product. I would certainly recommend it. Thanks again Beauty and Lace!

  58. This is going to be a staple in my kit from now on! I used it on a client on the weekend and loved the results. I have the Bronze shade and although my client was quite pale it looked so natural as we were able to build the colour gradually. Fantastic and quick 🙂

  59. I have never used any type of home tanning products so must admit i was a little nervous that i was going end up looking extreemly odd.
    I bit the bullet and decided to give this product a try.
    My legs were smooth and hair free which it says helps with the application process. You must shake the can well and then spray some of the product onto your legs and then smooth out and blend with your hands. I sprayed and thought “Oh lordy…im going to be so dark” But the product smoothed out wonderfully and my legs looked fantastic. I did have a few problems trying to get it to look right on my toes but that wasnt something that worried me too much. The scent of the product was pleasing to my nose.
    I found this product very easy to use and i was thrilled with how my legs looked and how quickly the product dried and i could get dressed without any product coming off on my clothing. I used the “Bronze”. Any product thats on your hands is instantly removed with soap and water and of course if you feel you are not happy with how your legs turn out you can simply remove the tan with soap and warm water. That being said i did try the tan out in the shower and found that with water only the tan holds. I thought perhaps it might come off on the towel but it didnt so im guessing this will be fine if you want to wear it while swimming although i think you might have a problem if you wanted to use a sunscreen over the top of the tan but its good to know that if you happen to get caught in the rain then your tan is not going to run.
    I would think that a single can of this product would last for quite some time so its extreemly good value.
    This is a product that i would happily repurchase.

  60. I am one of the lucky people that got to try this product. I am a self confessed tan addict and used to use lots of different products for colour but found i couldnt get the flawless colour, or it would go blotchy/patchy. I think personal one of the negitives i hated was the fact it was always so hard to remove, so i started to go to salriums but i have recently stopped due to the damage its causing my skin. When i used this product i fell in love with it, i will buy it and have also recomended it, i managed to get a flawless look,while not turning orange and the best thing is to get it off you just need to have a warm shower and use soap. You can do it your self and its quick and easy to use.

  61. Thankyou for the Le Tan spray, flawless Legs, I love the scent of it, its very nice. It sprays on easily and looks great….its the first time I have used a product such as this and I am pleased with the results. It doesnt make any mark on clothing which is great and I sure will consider using it in the future…..come summer time again!! Thankyou!

  62. I’m also one of the 100 testers and I found this product gives a really great tanned brown colour which is natural but strong enough in colour to give my medium skin colour a good extra amount of colour. It makes me look like I’ve been in the Bahamas for a week so it works well!! I do find it easier spraying it onto someone else’s legs more than my own but it wasn’t too tricky because I kept checking in the full length mirror to see if my ‘spray tan’ was even and looking right. I would suggest doing this outside unless you don’t mind getting the ‘bypass’ spray on the bathroom floor a bit. Take a portable full length mirror outside and go for your life! It’s got a great effect for sexy legs!!

  63. I found this baby really easy to use. The smell wasn’t overwhelming and it takes 5 minutes to do which is a big bonus for me. I absolutely love this especially during this horrid weather.

  64. I was lucky enough to get to test this 🙂 I found it was really easy to apply and the spray was very fine making an even coverage easy to achieve, it then just takes a bit of rubbing in to get it all perfect. I didn’t find there was that much colour difference after applying it (and i’m not very tanned) but maybe I just didn’t apply enough? I also found it didn’t really cover any imperfections which was a shame. However the goodpoints are it doesn’t smell bad or have that ‘fake tan smell’, and it doesn’t leave you looking orange. I was worried about being able to use this product in the rain as I thought it might streak but when i went in the shower it didn’t even wash off till I rubbed it with soap so I don’t think that would be a problem. I did wear ugg boots a while after application though and unfortunately the colour transferred to the inside of them! You also have to be careful when applying it because the extra spray ends up on your floor etc! Overall it’s not a bad product but not sure i would spend the $18 on it….

  65. I was one of the lucky 100 testers and I must say I was impressed! A quick easy application that does exactly what the product description say it will. I did find it can come off on your clothes a little and so was hesitant to sit on my white leather couch without first putting a cover over it (this was the ONLY issue I had with this product)…Coverage was excellent, be sure to moisturise skin ‘before’ adding tan for a smoother and more even finish. A great product for peeps on the go and handy to store in the car or at work for emergency touch-up’s or unexpected after work dinner/drinks. Well worth having – a “LE TAN`talising” look. 🙂

  66. I was lucky enough to be choosen to try. i liked it. smelt good, went on easy, had to let dry for a while.. great for a quick out the door tan.. $18 is a little pricey i think! thanks

  67. As a tester, I was a little fearful as I’ve never used a product like this before. I’ve always gone for the natural (but unhealthy) method. Once I’d sprayed it on, it seemed to dry quickly and I had visions of big bronze blotches over my legs, but never fear, it did spread evenly once I used my hands. I found having SLIGHTLY damp hands helped the smoothing out process a lot without rubbing the product off. The resulting ‘tan’ was quite naturla and perfect ofr a special occasion. However, as a couple of other reviewers mentioned, I think it’s perhaps a little too pricey!

  68. I’ve never used spray tan before and was so impressed! I should have exfoliated first as it did create darker patches on my knees and shins but the second time I used it I was much happier with it. It blended very easily by hand and washed off easily with soap.

  69. I was impressed with this product. It was easily evened if too much was applied to one spot. Very natural looking tan and it covered up the hideous scar on my leg. Wish it wouldn’t ever wash off though !!! 😛 Thank you 🙂

  70. WOW have never been one for a tan natural or spray on always seemed a big hassle …..well i have been proven wrong
    LE TAN SPRAY ON BRONZE is as easy as 1….. 2 i was surprise how easy it was i did wear gloves and still got a no blotch no streak real looking tan will be using this for my daughters wedding and it washed off as easy as it was to put on no hassle tan in a canim loving it will shout it from the roof tops LOVE LOVE IT

  71. Wow, the name really says it all..flawless legs here we are 🙂
    I tried the deep bronze as I already have fairly olive skin and I cannot believe how natural my legs look!
    I’ve never used a tanning product before so this really was a first time for me but since we’ve not been having any sun (ahem, where was summer???) I thought it would be the perfect time to use the Le Tan flawless legs. Voila! I am hooked on my newly flawless pins…thanks girls for giving me the opportunity to give it a go!

  72. Having never used tanning products before and I am pleasantly surprised with this Le Tan product. It took me a few goes to spray it on just right but the finished product was great.

    I got bronze and it gave me a great, even, sunkissed look and hid the imperfections on my legs. The was no orangeness about this product at all (which I was really worried about) just a natural tan.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an easy to use, natural looking tanning product that has no unpleasant smell. You definately wont be disappointed.

  73. I found this product fantastic. It blended well and looked very natural. I’m very happy and will definately recommend!

  74. I am speechless!

    I was very fortunate to be picked for a trial on this product and am so extremely impressed.

    First off, I tried the tan in deepest bronze which is a superbly dark colour, the kind of tan I can never get in a self tan range. The can is a great size in the aspect of control. It is just big enough to feel comfortable moving it.

    There is a very sweet and pleasant scent to this tan, no wefts of fake tan smell. I must highlight this is more a body make up than a tan.

    I know it advertised for legs but a have a scar on my arm from a surgery and it covered it right up and gave me an amazing glow. I can imagine this being a god send for brides. It does not smudge it smells lovely and covers ever so well.

    The only downfall would be the difficult in spraying and spreading evenly. Once you can master that this is one product that will surely be hard to live without.

    All in all 9/10 super happy and would 100% purchase this!

  75. Thank you Beauty & Lace for selecting me to be a part of this trial!

    I received mine in the colour Bronze. This colour is perfect for my skin because I am naturally quite pale and white, so the Deep Bronze would have been too dark in comparison to the rest of my body.

    Unfortunately for me, I suffer from spider veins and usually a regular spray tan doesn’t completely hide them. This little beauty did! I was amazed at how well hidden they were. You would never tell I had spider veins! After the application had dried, my usually slight jelly looking legs, looked much more toned and leaner. I really loved that!

    Very easy to use and a good size can that I think will last me a while. I love how much better my legs appeared after using this, that I kinda wish it didn’t wash off!

    100% will purchase this in the future! 🙂

  76. This product is very easy to use.
    The product comes in a very slim design bottle so it is easy to hold and spray onto your legs.
    I am fairly pale so I dont think I would use this product again, well defiantly not in the colder months anyway, as it looks odd having your legs a darker colour then the rest of your body.
    It gets a bit tricky to use at first and trying to get an even spread but it is not that hard to use so you should pick it up quickly.
    Its great for a quick touch up but not for any long lasting results.

  77. I loved this product it changed me from “Casper” the friendly white ghost to a bronzed sun goddess of the seas. I couldn’t wait to get out and show off my stunning legs. The colour was excellent and I loved it! It was very simple to use and lasted the distance. I will buy this product for sure.

    Thanks for the opportunity to trial this product, and I’m happy to trail anything else.

  78. i quite liked the colour & feel of this product, as it’s pretty much instant you can see any parts you may have missed & can re apply before heading out with white patches 😛
    the can says it’s best if legs are hair free & that’s definately true. i epilady so tend to have some random hairs if i haven’t shaved that day & the tan made them really obvious, you’d definately want to de hair before using
    overall, it’s a great product, i’d love to buy in the future 🙂

  79. I really liked this product, made a nice even tan on my legs, has a nice smell and wasnt hard to apply, just a shame it didnt last forever. Would recommend this product to others and thanks for letting me trail it

  80. I think this is a really good product. The ‘bronze’ colour I tried was lovely and golden and I particularly liked the lack of smell. It rubbed in easily and wasn’t as streaky as some other products out there.

    I am personally too pale to use this without other fake tan product on my body as it would stand out too much against the rest of me, but I think it could fit in quite nicely with my other fake tan products. It would also be good to use on top of a spray tan as lots of girls like their legs to be slightly darker than the rest of them.

    Thanks for the opportunity to sample!

  81. Thankyou Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to trial this product! This is normally the type of tanning product that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole… spray on tan? No thanks, I was sure it would be streaky and orange and eventually wear off into blotchy patches.

    BUT I couldn’t have been more wrong; this is an awesome and easy product! I used it on Saturday night for an engagement party; I had shaved and moisturised my legs as per instructions. Then I stood in the shower (I thought this would be a good idea to avoid any over-spray or residue on my bathroom floor!). All you do is spray even lines up and down your legs, rub it in, and voila, you have gorgeously bronzed and even looking legs. It almost looks like you have those sheer nude pantyhose on. And it was super easy to blend in. The smell was quite nice and reminded me of nutmeg. I even sprayed a little on to my décolletage and it looked great. Then I thoroughly washed my hands.
    I was a little worried as it was raining all night and I thought that is my legs inadvertently got wet that I would be in trouble. But the bronze stayed all night and looked great.
    Tumbled into bed that night and slept solidly, and the colour did not transfer on to my sheets at all. Then it easily washed off in the shower the next morning; too easy!

    Loved this product for ease and convenience, and will definitely purchase in the future.

  82. tanning lotion was the best iv used no yellow skin ect iv used many tanning products over the yrs this is the best one yet and a good price too

  83. Best Tan product I used. It has a nice subtle smell, very easy to use. Love the size easy to throw in my handbag if needed.

    It transformed my legs from white to nice bronze look covering my veins very nicely. No streaks.

    I will definitely recommend this great product to my friends and family.
    Thank you for the opportunity to trial :):):)

  84. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this product!

    I’ve always used fake tan in various forms – spray, mousse, cream bronzers, etc. This was the first time that I’ve used it in a ‘make-up’ form and the powdery texture was surprisingly good. Whilst it was quite dark (I requested Deep Bronze), it was very easy to get a streak-free application – just as long as you abide by the “20cm” distance!

    I’ll use this product again.

  85. Thank-you for letting me try it.
    Great product! Loved it!
    So easy to apply and remove, great coverage.
    I use Jungle Bronze normally but will deffinately be purchasing this one when I run out, the most easiest and quickest tanning product I have used.
    Have already recommended to friends and family 🙂

  86. Thank you for letting me try the LeTan.

    It was a great product and easy to use. The powdery texture was great and it was very easy to use. There was also no streaks which was amazing.

    I will definately use this product again.

  87. Not a big fan of fake tan.My skin tone is too porcelian to do it justice.So I gave this product to a friend and she totally loved it.So easy to apply and remove. Her legs went from plain jane to instant glam goddess.

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