BEAUTY CHICK CHAT: Carmex Moisture Plus

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Sophie Falkiner is the Australian Ambassador for Carmex and she adores the newest addition to the range, the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm.

Just like Sophie, I can say that I am a fan – not only of the product but the packaging too. The new slimline design has a slanted end for a smooth application and a twist top so you can keep it protected when not in use.

carmex stick

Sophie Falkiner had a little something to say about the new design,

“I love Carmex Moisture Plus! It feels so natural and nurturing on my lips. The slim sized Carmex Moisture Plus packaging is also a bonus – it slips perfectly into my clutch bag for evenings out as well as my Pilates bag for active days on the go.”

The balm itself has that hydration that we have come to expect from Carmex. It has SPF 15 for a little bit of sun protection, as well as Shea butter, Vitamin E and Aloe for their moisturising properties.

You can have your lipbalm and your lipstick too, with Carmex Moisture Plus you can wear it under your lipstick as a base, or over your lipstick for a bit of added glossiness. Carmex is a friendly brand and their products are preservative free with no animal testing.

The new Carmex Moisture Plus hydrating lip balm has an RRP of $8.99 and is available from selected pharmacies and selected Coles supermarkets.

Visit for more information.

The verdict: I’ve been using Carmex Moisture Plus for a week and I can notice my lips feel softer and more hydrated – and the convenience of being able to throw the slimline product into even the smallest handbag is a real plus.

I’m not the only one who has been trialling this new product, 50 members of our Beauty Chick Chat Panel tried and tested  Carmex Moisture Plus, read their reviews below or add your own!

56 thoughts on “BEAUTY CHICK CHAT: Carmex Moisture Plus

  1. This sounds fantastic I am always looking for a really good lip balm that doesnt make my lips drier than when I started

  2. I love the Carmex cherry flavoured balm that comes in the tube! So looking forward to trialling the Carmex Moisture Plus.

  3. I just received, opened and used my Carmex Moisture Plus and was very impressed. This comes from someone not easily impressed mind you! The smell is lovely, the feel on the lips great and the packaging is super stylish. It is a fun to use product with good results and I think very strong value for money. I’d definately buy it. Thanks for the opportunity to trial it.

  4. Thank you for allowing me to trial Carmex Moisture Plus. I opened it as soon as I received it today and applied it straight away. It glided on with ease and my lips felt immediately hydrated and moisturised. I love how it made my lips appear too….nice and glossy! The packaging was also very impressive….just like a lipstick!

  5. Thankyou Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to trial this wonderful product. The packaging is so cute and has a very secure lid, it looks just like a lipstick, and is compact as well. I am a long time user of the tub of Carmex, but this little gem has now taken over as my must have item. The smell of this product is delicious, a lot like vanilla and cocoa, as well as the added benefit of it thoroughly moisturising your smackers. It gives your lips a beautiful sheen that really does extend the life of your lipstick. This has now become a permanent staple in my handbag.

  6. I received my Carmex Moisture Plus today and what a delightful surprise. It looks just like a lipstick, has a wonderful smell and is even more moisturising than the Carmex in the little tub. I put it straight on over my lipstick and you can actually feel the moisturising properties working their magic. It gives your lips a lovely soft sheen and doesnt smudge up your lipstick. Thanks Beauty and Lace, and thanks to Carmex. Another job well done!

  7. Thanks BeautyandLace for the trial! I’ve never used a Carmex lip balm before so it was pretty exciting! Firstly, I love the skinny packaging and the slanted tip! The slanted lip balm makes it so much more precise to apply to my lips as well. The balm is so soft and just melted onto my lips. You don’t have to force it onto your lips at all. I wore it to bed and this morning my lips feel great! I think the only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the scent. It kind of reminded me of tiger balm, but at least it’s not overpowering! I’d definitely buy it again after I finish this one as it just feels great and is easy to use!

  8. Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to be in the trial. First and foremost I will say I have been a long time carmex user for around 7 years now. I have got my brother and my boyfriend and two girlfriends using this product as well.

    Now for my review…

    First is first – packaging: Absolutely beautiful, so sleek and pretty, a lot more feminine than the other carmex sticks. I was really impressed. The lid clicks to close so you know if you haven’t closed the balm properly.

    Application/texture: The product has a lovely dewy feel and glides on super smooth, feels exactly like satin/velvet on your lips. There is the most beautiful vanilla scent – and not overpowering in this product. The balm is tilted for super easy application and you just twist up and twist down to use and close the product.

    Does it work?: Absolutely!!! Once applied you feel that familiar carmex tingle and as soon as you apply your lips feel moisturised. Once the balm wears off your lips feel moisture rich and supple, unlike many balms I have tried once the balm wears off my lips feel drier than before use!

    I recommend this product and would purchase it once my trial runs out.


  9. I received my Carmax Moisture Plus lip balm today and couldn’t wait to try it. Thank you Beauty and Lace for this opportunity.

    The packaging alone was inticing. The slimline stick is great and easily fits in my purse or handbag (A big plus – some are to bulky!) On opening it and twisting it to raise the stick I notice how smoothly it operates. Another plus!

    As I raised it to my lips to try I noticed a beautiful aroma of vanilla and coconut – it smells good enough to eat! It applies easily and once applied you can feel the luxurious moisture going straight to work, unlike other lip balms that clump up after a few minutes and leave your lips feeling like pasted sandpaper.

    It is long lasting and is definitely the best lip balm I have ever tried! It really does penetrate, moisture and protect your lips as the pack claims!

    I have been raving about it all day to people including my husband who now has his eye on it. I better go and hide it and buy him his own one!

  10. I trialed this thanks to Beauty & Lace and must say was pleasantly surprised. At first i wasn’t sure about the jelly-like balm, but it won me over with the fact it contained Aloe and after applying it to my lips i could really feel a difference, it left them softer and more moisturized and i didn’t need to apply too much either. It’s very compact and easy fits in your bag, it doesn’t smell too bad either and has very sleek and appealing packaging, i would recommend this to everyone who loves lip balm!

  11. This lipgloss could not have come at a better time – i seem to have lost all 5456 of my lip glosses in one go!
    Amazingly I think this Carmex Moisture Plus replaces them all!!

    Loved the packaging, loved the scent, it went on so smoothly and is not tacky! I was so happy to find it still has the traditional Carmex “zing”!!

    One sort of downside – i found it wore off quite quickly. Maybe because i was mushing my lips together in excitement of a new lipgloss quite a lot….! But just expected longer wear out of it.

    My lips are now rehydrated and able to pull off bright red lipstick without yucky flaking again 🙂

  12. Thanks girls! I was very excited to receive my lip balm and give it a try. I must admit I have never been a big fan of the Carmex lip balms; my husband swears by the original one but i have never liked that zingy feeling on my lips. But in saying that i read the ingredients and saw yum! shea butter… my favourite lip balm of all time is vanilla lip smacker and i am NEVER without it, i am known in our circle of friends as the lip balm queen. If anyone ever needs a lip balm hit i am their girl… So going back to the Carmex lip balm, i was very pleasantly surprised how nice it was and yes it gave a nice sheen to the smackers and also moisturised for quite a while.. I may even be a convert… time will only tell!!!!

  13. Having received the Carmex lip balm sample on Friday, I was set for the weekend trial….. and it works wonderfully!
    Other lip balm’s I’ve tried have felt greasy/runny and had an unpleasant or overpowering smell. Not so with this one, yay!!
    This product ticks all the boxes for me – nice feel, light scent, subtle packaging/colouring, natural ingredients.
    Oh and then there’s the effectiveness…. it really does moisturise!! I would say the problem is it doesn’t last very long, but it’s not a problem as I loved re-applying it!!! Perhaps my moisture-starved lips just NEED more?
    I don’t usually wear lipstick and have tried countless other lip balms, this product is absolutely the best I have ever tried and I will be purchasing more – now, to search for more scents!
    Thank you so much Carmex and Beauty and Lace!

  14. Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm is exactly that.. a lip balm that leaves your lips with the non- greasy softness of medicated balm. It is creamy to apply but not gluggy or wet like some other brands.

    The scent is slightly minty, and the texture of the balm is silky which is great for smoothing over flaky dehydrated lips.

    Carmex Moisture Plus is colorfree with a slight sheen, so can easily be worn over you favourite lip tint as well, which is an added bonus!

  15. Hi Everyone
    I received my Carmex Lip Balm, but I forgot to take it with me for a weekend away (very stupid of me…lol), so I have yet to try it. It is definately a product that would grab my attention at a store, I love the slimline shape and the simple elegant look of the Carmex lip balm. Cant wait to try it and I will get back to you all when I do. Thanks again Carmex and Beauty and Lace.

  16. I loved my Carmex Li Balm that I received to trial. I feels fabulous. Packaging is a fantastic as I find the pots, although cute, not practical for me. Thanks Carmex and Beauty and Lace. xo

  17. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace for allowing me to trial this product. I must say this product really exceeded my expectations, I most definitely will be purchasing this product again and definitely recommending it to family and friends. This product is very elegant and slim in size and contains simple, clear and basic packaging which I really like. With nurturing ingredients such as Aloe, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, my lips felt so soft and smooth and it also had a pleasant scent, not too overpowering. Yep, this little beauty is definitely a keeper!

  18. I LOVE THIS!
    Most Lip Balms have a certain texture, y’know, gluggy or like you’re sealed your lips in plastic. Carmex Lip Balm glides on and feels just like a lipstick and straight away my lips felt smoother – I have been wearing this more often and applying lippie less, and my boss commented on the “nice shade” I was wearing – and it was Carmex!
    Definitely one to refer to your best girls!
    Thanks for the trial Beauty & Lace!

  19. Hi Again
    I have tried my Carmex lip balm, and I love it. I love the packaging as I dont like lip balm in pots (dirty fingers gross) and as I have mentioned before I love the simple elegant slimline case, it reminds me of an expensive lip balm. I also love how it gives your lips a beautiful all over sheen, not a tacky high gloss, the smell is light and fresh which is a plus. My allround opinion of Carmex Lip Balm is A++. it is already on my Xmas wish list. Thanks Again Carmex for an excellent product and Beauty and Lace for this opportunity.

  20. Sorry I forgot to mention that I love how the lid clips on, no chance of it coming off in my handbag and me finding a sticky mess !!!!

  21. Thanks for the oppurtunity to try this product. I have to say I love this lipbalm! It has a nice vanilla smell and is very easy to apply. It leaves a lovely sheen on the lips and dosen’t feel too heavy or sticky!
    I love that it has SPF 15 which makes it perfect for summer. I would defintely recommend Carmex Mositure Lipbalm to friends!

  22. I can’t wait to receive mine, perhaps it will be in the mail tonight? Adelaide’s mail always seems to come last lol, never mind. There is more anticipation that way 😀

  23. I received my carmex Moisture Plus and I am in LOVE!! It has a very pleasant smell, a nice soft feel on lips that is not at all waxy like many of my others. The slant tip makes for easy application and has a very chic case.

  24. I received my Carmex Moisture Lipbalm at the end of last week and have been using it every day since. I was impressed with the packaging – it looks cute and sophisticate. I like that the lid ‘clicks’ on, so that you know it is on securely. The lip balm itself is slanted which makes it easy to put on especially when you don’t have a mirror handy! It has a nice vanilla smell and is really moisturising. My lips have been particularly dry lately and this lipbalm has really been helping them. I’ve used it over and under lipstick – and it made my stay on lipstick, stay on well and feel nice – and overnight. Overall, I’m very impressed. Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for letting me trial this product and I can’t wait to get another one! >:o)

  25. I’m a hard judge when it comes to lipbalms, so when my Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm arrived, I was skeptical.

    Firstly, I love the packaging. Its slim and chic, so you’re not pulling out a huge pot, getting mess on your fingers (or under your nails – ugh!) and it’s not covered in glitter, rhinestones or anything else that looks like something Hannah Montana would use.
    It’s vanilla scented and leaves the lips feeling cool without stinging, it glides on and isn’t too thick.

    My advice? If you’re wearing a bright or bold lip colour, this is the perfect balm to use under and then over your lipliner before the colour goes on – it hydrates the lips and will hold the colour perfectly. and if you’re not? Then use it alone, slick it on and let the satin gloss finish work it’s magic.

  26. Pleased that my Carmex lip balm arrived in the post today, after much anticipation, I eagerly opened the product & applied liberally. Well do you know what ladies? I am impressed! My first impression is that this is not an everyday run of the mill product, but one of those little gem finds (thank you Beauty & Lace). On first application I noticed how beautiful and shiny [even glossy] the product was, how the slanted tip made application a breeze, and it’s delicious scent. Looking in closer detail, the gloss seems to smooth out and plumpen my lips rather than fill the wrinkles with a gooey milky residue (which is what most lips balms seem to do if you apply them liberally). Later in the night, at bedtime, my lips are feeling pretty silky smooth. My aim is now to test drive this little wonder baby over the period of a few days, to see the extent to which it will repair & soften my lips, which are currently a little stress & weather ravaged. I will report back here within that time beauties. Over and out.

  27. Thanks Beauty & Lace for giving me the chance to trial one of my must have beauty products – lip balm!
    I’m a self confessed addict so the chance to branch out and trial a new lip product is perfect for me.
    I’m generally a Blistex girl but am happy to say I would buy this product as I found the application easy and like the smooth but not sticky feel of the product. The slight shea butter scent also gets a tick from me as a favourite ingredient.
    Thanks again!!

  28. Hi everyone,

    I was lucky enough to be asked to try the Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm, and I love it. I had never used Carmex before so it was a great chance for me to use it. I love the size and shape, perfect. The smell is lovely, perfect for this time of year. It glides on nicely and my lips feel great and look great too. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Carmex.

    I will be using this from now on!

  29. What a lovely product to try! I really like the cute packaging and how its the perfect size to pop into my purse and wear where ever I go. My lips get quite dry throughout the day mainly by being in air conditioning so the ultra hydration on my lips was wonderful! I am very sun concious and always wear sunscreen. Now I have something to protect my lips as well. It is great peace of mind. 🙂 Over the past week after using this several times a day I have found my lips to be much less dry and there are less crack lines in my lips. I find it quite amazing that a product can do that! Because it has a clear satin gloss finish to it, I like to wear it under my lipstick as well as over it for a glossy shine. 🙂 Very impressed! Absolutely love it! 🙂

  30. Thanks so much for allowing me to trial this fabulous product.
    I loved it. It was very nourishing and didn’t have an off putting smell to it.
    I especially like the slim design of the bottle so it makes for easy carrying and perfect for travel.
    It kind of has a tingling feel once applied and its almost as the product is getting straight to work to plumb, smooth and soften your lips.
    And for such a great price this is one for all ladies to have.
    I love the fact that the moist feeling and soft lips is quite lasting, I did reapply about 3 times a day but thats just out of habitat. Defiantly give it a go.

  31. MMMMMMM! Love the smell. Goes on smooth – I’ve worn it just as a moisturiser and also with lipstick over the top. Love it, thanks for the opportunity to try it. xx

  32. Cool. I was one of the lucky 50 to try the Carmex Moisture plus. I love the soft Vanilla scent of the balm and it dosen’t have a medicinal/menthol smell. It is so easy to apply and no need use your fingers and it is in a handy stick pack. I have dry, cracked lips at times and found that is instantly hydrated my lips and gave them a lovely glossy sheen. It does give me a slight tingle which, feels nice. It feels nice and light on the lips and doesn’t feel waxy. It is nice and light to put in my pockets or handbag.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace for the trial of this wonderful product. I would definately purchase it again.

  33. I also had the wonderful opportunity of trialing this product, thanks very much! The first thing I noticed about it was the stylish looking packaging. I loved the small of the product, rather like vanilla. It applies very easily to my lips and is readily absorbed, one thing I was surprised about was the tingling sensation I had after applying it, almost like there was a menthol type ingredient in it.
    It lasts for ages and doesn’t need to be reapplied regularly during the day.
    I think it is well worth the $8.99 that it retails for as its such a great product.

  34. I absolutely loved trialling this Carmex Moisture plus. It made my lips so soft. I really loved the scent it was like a coconut vanilla scent, so nice! I also loved the way it made my lips look. It was so easy to apply, I loved the slanted lip. I also thought the packaging was pretty cool too! Thanks for giving me the chance to trial such an amazing product!

  35. Thanks for allowing me to trial the Carmex Moisture Plus.

    Love the packaging, sleek silver slimline stick is gorgeous!

    It is easy to use, just wind up and it comes out so smoothly, when applying to the lips it feels nice and smooth.

    The tingling feeling on the lips lasts for a few seconds and then my lips feel moisturised and smooth.

    Definitely great to use as a base before applying lipstick and alone as a moisturising, protectant for the lips.

    I found I had to reapply every 1-2hrs, love that it is easy to use and is a great product!

  36. Very glad to have had the chance to try this product. Found it very easy to use, no greasy fingers! Love the scent, it was very easy to apply and made my lips feel all lovely and tingly! Would definately buy in the future.

  37. I’ve got mixed feelings about the Carmex Moisture Plus. While I do like the packaging – slimline, in gold, just like a lipstick, I found the taste a tad bit off putting. It was a bit too medicated for my liking. But, having said that, I am happy with the fact that it does help keep my lips moisturised in this unpredictable weather. It’s also not as sticky as what a lip balm would normally be, so that’s another plus. Meanwhile, I think they should work on the taste a bit more. A little less medicated maybe?

  38. What a fantastic product to try – thanks so much Beauty & Lace.
    Starting with the negatives, the tube doesn’t hold much product, just 2g selling for $8.99, compared to the 4.25g of a normal Carmex stick, which sells for $4.99 – so the product would not last long.
    On the positive side, it comes in a sleek and pretty silver packaging, which is aesthetically nicer than other lip balm packaging. It is very feminine and pocket friendly. The actual balm has a slanted tip which makes for an easy application.

    The lip balm has a smooth, buttery, slick texture that is easy to apply, and instantly makes the lips feel soft and moisturised, with no greasy or sticky feeling. It has a pleasant vanilla scent, and makes the lips tingle slightly due to the menthol contents.
    It leaves the lips with a slightly glossy looking sheen, which is still quite natural and not over the top. The product lasts a decent amount of time on the lips before it has to be reapplied.
    It works great both under and over lipstick, as a great ‘base’ and added moisture and sheen during the day. As an added bonus it contains SPF 15.
    I would highly recommend it, and will definitely repurchase.

  39. I was lucky enough to recieve one of the new Carmex mositure plus lip balms to trial. the pakaging was eye catching and i could’nt wait to try. using the slanted tip i lathered it on. my lips were instantly soft and i could feel the goodness absorbing. love the texture. suble taste and finish. love carmex. you have out done yourself again. thanks = )

  40. Thanks for letting my try this product.

    It’s design is slim line, you can easily put it in your purse, although the downside is that there is not much product in your tube. but for what it lacks in grams it makes up in action. The lip balm has a wonderful slight (and not overpowering) coconut/vanilla scent. It glides on so smoothly and feels so velvety and moisturised. I love the feeling on my lips. it does have a slight gloss look on your lips so is great for a very natural look.

    I recommend it highly, i love it so much

  41. I LOVED trialling this product.. Thankyou.
    First impression – I thought the styling was great. Product smelt amazing and application was fantastic. It really hydrates the lips and looks amazing.. not too glossy.. just right.
    4.5/5 for me 🙂

  42. Thanks for the opportunity to trial a new product from the Carmex range. I already am a regular user of the little jar of Carmex Original Lip Balm, which is just fantastic, so I had high hopes for this latest product. Those hopes were met!
    The packaging is stylisha dn functional, as well as being slimline, which is great for throwing in my makeup bag, as it doesn’t take up much space. Love that the lid clicks in securely, so there’s no chance of it coming loose and the product getting all dirty.
    The balm applies smoothly and easily, and the result is beautifully moisturised and hydrated lips. The clear finish is versatile because it can be used alone or over a lippie, perhaps over a matte lipstick, to give a gloss effect, while still maintaining the colour of the lipstick. I’m loving the SPF 15, as protection from the sun is always important, especially coming into Summer.
    Overally, I’m very impressed with this balm and will continue to use it!

  43. i have been waiting to receive my lip balm to trial after reading all the reviews so far, so i was really happy when mine finally arrived yesterday. first thing i did was look at the packaging and read it then open it and have a look at the product its self i like other love how the lid clicks into place so you know its on properly . the smell is light and not over powering which i like. i then applied it and liked how smooth it glided on and i was expecting a sticky feeling on my lips like other that have as similar design to this product but no it didn’t have that or the chunky bits that you normally find when you put others on. over all i am impressed so far by how nice this product is. hopefully it will continue as i use it . thanks beauty and lace for the chance to trial this.

  44. Thanks for letting me try out this product. I love it, I like how it’s small and light, i love the slanty tip, and the size is perfect for my lips. It doesn’t make the sides of my lips all greasy like I’ve just eaten a big fat juicy hamburger. I love the vanilla scent and the menthol tingly feeling – it feels nice and refreshing . I also like the glossy look – it’s nicer than other lip balms. It actually feels like it looks, nice and smooth. The only thing is I had to re-apply every 3 hours ’cause my lips were feeling extra dry – unlike other lip balms I’ve tried where I only have to apply once in the morning.

  45. In a word – Wow! It has been awhile since I found a lip balm that actually does what it claims to do. This lipgloss/ balm really does nourish and leave my lips smooth and moisturised all day plus they look shiny. I don’t feel the need to constantly be re-applying as it does the job for me with one application! IT is a great size, fits perfectly in my bag or my pocket. Also it smells Amazing!!! I will definitely go out and buy this product I loved it! 🙂

  46. Thanks Beauty Lace for letting me trial this amazing Carmex product! I opened the package and was so surprised at how compact it was – immediately thinking how easy it will be to carry around with me.
    I love the slanted tip – that way it doesn’t get everywhere! The smooth consistancy is great too, leaves my lips looking glossy. I found I had to apply it a fair bit during the day, but the moisture lasted for a good while. The smell was also pleasant and not overpowering. I look forward to my lips being healthy, glossy and moisturised.

  47. My Carmex Lip Balm arrived at the perfect time, the heat has left me with dry, chapped lips, and from the moment I applied it, I felt relief! I love the slimline packaging and the secure cap. The scent is sweet and vanillary without being overpowering and the slanted applicator tip is a great idea. I love that it’s not sticky once applied, I can tell because my hubby didn’t wipe it off his face after I kissed him! Thanks Beauty & Lace and Carmex, as a lip balm addict, I may have found a new favourite!

  48. Thanks for sending me a lipbalm to trial. I really love the other carmex balms but find sometimes with continued use they are slightly harsh and the feeling is not always pleasant but this balm seems to be an improved version. The usual carmex tingly feeling is a lot less but it is still there but it is rather refreshing and there is a light vanilla scent. I find it really easy to apply from the stylish tube and it glides on effortlessly. The balm is nice and hydrating and not sticky. After using this product for a few days my lips feel in nicer condition and aren’t dry or sore yay 🙂 It also looked nice too with a pretty but sheer and clear coating to my lips 🙂

  49. Thank you for the opportunity to try and review Carmex Moisture Plus. This is one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used so far. It instantly mosturises my lips with a glossy finish. The minty tingling feel helps to soothes the extremely dry or cracked lips which I really like. I use it all day whenever I feel the need of applying it and my lips have become smooth and pretty since then. For those who wear lipsticks, Carmex Moisture Plus can be used as a base before applying lipstick (my little personal tip).

    The slim packaging of this little lip balm is perfect to be carried around in my handbag’s side pocket so I have easy access to it. Love it!

  50. Carmex Moisture Plus is great, it lasted a long time, and made my lips really nice after one appllication. I also like the nice smell
    I cant think of anything bad about it at all
    thanks for letting me try it

  51. my final thoughts are that this product is a little wonder. It improved my overall lip condition in a week or less. There is no stiff dry line on the inside of my lip like there usually is. Carmex well done, I would buy this little gem again.

  52. Thank you so much for my trial!! I loved it and have used it every day since receiving it. It has a lovely feel to it, I would love if it was a little bit thicker in consistency but overall a really great product. I will gladly replace my usual lip balm with this one.

  53. Having been a fan of Carmex for years I was really excited to try their new balm and I am happy to say that it’s a winner.

    The first thing I noticed is that the scent is different to the regular Carmex. It’s a lovely spicy vanilla scent and flavour that I really like. The balm is lovely and hydrating and I find it to be quite long lasting so I only need to apply it every few hours. Upon application I get the tingly feeling that I love from the original Carmex.

    I’ve been using my balm for a week now and it’s kept my lips in great condition. They were quite dry when I first got the balm but within a day they were feeling a lot better and now they are in tip top condition.

    One other thing I should mention is that Moisture Plus has a lovely glossy finish so looks great alone or over lipliner. I’ll definitely buy this again.

  54. This is the first time I’ve used Carmex Lip Balm & have been using it for 4 days now. My lips tend to dry out very quickly as living right by the water but since I’ve been using Carmex, my lips are soft & smooth plus I love the sheen it leaves on my lips. Thank you so much for sending me a sample to try. I’ll definitely be putting Carmex on my shopping list. Going overseas this week to a tropical Island so Carmex will be put to more exposure.

  55. hi i recieved my Carmex Lip Balm and i have to admit after a week my lips are dry 🙁 maybe its not for me!

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