Beauty Chat with Vanessa O’Hanlon

Vanessa O’Hanlon is our favourite weather girl, and you can catch her on ABC News Breakfast alongside Virginia Trioli, Michael Rowland and Paul Kennedy on weekday mornings.

With Vanessa always looking stylish and perfectly groomed at 6am (even on a Monday morning), when she agreed to an interview I just had to talk to her about all things beauty…as well as a few other bits and pieces thrown into the mix:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started as a weather presenter…

I took the long route to weather presenting!  I wanted to do something with music, as I couldn’t sing the next best thing was to get a job at a radio station preferably as a Music Director, once my CD cabinet was full I knew it was time to move on.  I got my first taste of television working on a community lifestyle program called ‘Living Life Now’ and as a chopper based traffic reporter.  One day an ABC Executive Producer called to ask if I was interested in coming down from the sky to talk about the skies on a new Breakfast program.  How could I resist?

You are usually seen in a dress on ABC News Breakfast, how does this compare to your fashion style when you are not working?

It purely depends on how I am feeling.  If it’s energetic I will stay in my gym gear all day. Winter I love jeans.  If I’m travelling, comfortable walking shoes and tank tops but this summer I’m enjoying the light flowing Romantic Bohemian style.

vanessaohanlon-headshot4 2 copy

Do you choose your own outfits to wear on TV?   

Yes and it can be hard at times.  Fashion dictates what is available and it’s not always suitable for television.

What is the process for your morning makeup routine before you hit work, and how does this compare to your “at home” look?

It doesn’t matter how many times I cleanse I still wake with mascara smudges, so I cleanse and moisturize before leaving home, I usually turn up to work in my gym gear, hair in a pony and a clean face.  Hair and Make-Up is done by the professionals at work.  As it is Breakfast TV I tend to go for a lighter, more natural look.

Your skin always looks beautifully clear, what is your number one beauty product for your skin?

Water!  I tend to drink 2 litres a day and moisturize constantly.  I have sensitive skin so I tend to stick to Dermalogica products.

What 3 beauty or makeup products would we find in your handbag?

Lucas Papaw ointment, lip gloss and sunscreen lotion.

Flats or heels, which one do you prefer?

I prefer the structure and different style of heels, it’s like art.  But I know I should be wearing flats.

Which designers or clothing stores do you find most appealing? 

For work I love the tailored style of stores such as Karen Millen and Cue.   Personally I like to mix up.

What is your favourite foundation?

For a nice light, everyday wear I go for Nars Sheer Glow.

I know this isn’t beauty related but I’ve seen your gorgeous puppy on Instagram, can you tell us a bit about her?

How long have we got?  One hug and I was smitten by the little Japanese Spitz .  Yuki means snow in Japanese and with her fluffy white fur and big smile she attracts a lot of attention and gets away with a lot. Yuki recently turned 11 months, I can’t get over how happy she is.  If the whole world had her spirit it would be a very happy place.

What is next for Vanessa O’Hanlon?

I’m stealing the quote “Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I am always looking to challenge myself and I hope 2016 will be full of new and exciting challenges.  I am sure there will be plenty of travel, adventure and photography but for now I need to finish the interior design of my warehouse, I am currently sourcing furnishings and painting the framing black – I love the freedom of creativity in a personal space.

What does being a woman mean to you?

I would like to think of what it’s like to be a human.  We all have the same responsibilities, to look after each other and this planet.  I never take for granted the opportunities and the education I have been given, I am free to travel, explore, work and lead a life I enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Chat with Vanessa O’Hanlon

  1. I’ve only just “found” this and it’s wonderful. I love seeing what Vanessa is wearing and it is just lovely to see a gorgeous young woman dressed appropriately and never being “over the top.” Great work, Vanessa and great work B & L for the interview. Thank you both.

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