Beauty Blender – Beauty Sponge

Invented by Hollywood make-up artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz is the ‘Beauty Blender’.

Beauty Blender is a very professional tool in my routine, in fact, the most professional make-up tool I now own. I feel I was an amateur before Beauty Blender came into my life.

This may indeed only be a make-up sponge (a pink egg-shaped sponge) but it has changed my skin’s appearance and how I feel about myself. It’s all in the application and this, my friends is a sponge worth investing in.

Apply foundation to the large oval part of the sponge for the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. For smaller parts i.e.; the crease between cheeks and nose use the pointy side. Simply bounce the sponge against your face (in the make-up world this is called stripping), this ensures you will not be left with streaks or lines; I find it works to perfection.

For blemishes use the pointy tip again and semi twist/bounce until it fades away.

To keep your new sponge clean and in good condition use the ‘Beauty Blender Cleanser’ this removes impurities and dirt from the sponge. This soy-based cleanser smells great and works quickly. Soak the sponge and apply a dollop of cleanser, work into a lather and rinse. Leave Beauty Blender in the air dryer provided and by morning it is ready to be used again.

Result: Flawless professional make-up.

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