Apivita Express Gold Seaweed Mask

Apivita believe  in the power of nature to create pure, safe and nourishing products. They are environmentally conscious and aim for sustainability in everything that they do incorporating ethical business practices and environmentally friendly processes.

Apivita was the first natural cosmetics company in Greece, founded in 1979 by pharmacists Nikos and Niki Koutsianas who now distribute their products to thousands of pharmacies in Greece and to several countries worldwide, ours being one of the lucky ones.

sea weed

The Apivita brand consists of products that encompass complete wellbeing. There are products to cover you head to toe, child to adult, women, men, cosmetic, sun care and aromatherapy. There really is something for everyone and it’s all natural which makes it good for the community and the planet as well.

I was fortunate enough to be able to check out one of the express face masks today and though I’m not really one who does face masks, this has left my skin feeling amazing. The range of express masks include many different masks with different benefits.

Express Gold with Seaweed is the mask I used today. This was a gorgeous blue peel off mask to detox and create radiant skin. Simple and relatively painless to use, even for a mask virgin like myself; it was as easy as adding water, mixing to a paste and lathering on my face – before sitting for ten minutes allowing it to do it’s work with my hubby laughing at me.

I would suggest that you don’t forget what time you put it on and leave it too long because it does make it a little more difficult to remove and be very careful around the hairline – other than that this mask was even easier to remove than it was to apply and less messy.

The seaweed in this mask is remarkable in it’s ability to detoxify, moisturise, revitalise and tighten the pores which will all assist in enhancing the skin’s elasticity. Also with the benefit of minerals and trace elements to deeply enrich and nourish the skin.

Apivita Express Gold with Seaweed has an RRP of $12.90

To find your local stockist please phone: 03 9594 6366

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