AEOS Herbal Face Mask – Tea Bags For Your Skin

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Most of us have tried slathering some sort of food-like concoctions on our faces and quite enjoyed the process, so herbal tea bags should work a treat also.

Apparently AEOS creators thought so too which is why we now have the Herbal Face Mask on the market, which consists of 42 herbal tea bags, not for your tummy this time but for your skin.

AEOS Herbal FaciaL Mask

When infused with warm water, the natural herb and flower extracts are able to penetrate the skin with benefits that include soothing, brightening and an over-all calmed, happy complexion.

It’s a good idea to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes and we also think sipping a warming cup of herbal tea will go immensely well.

RRP- $14.50 for a single use mask

Stockists – The Herbal Face Mask and other goods by AEOS can be purchased online at

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