3 Career Choices for Tech Savvy Moms

The tech industry is becoming an increasingly positive place for women to work and across the globe, the number of women entering STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects, and ultimately careers, is on the rise, and have been consistently for a number of years now. Technology is a diverse field that draws on a wide range of different skills and as such there are jobs in the industry for almost anyone. Working in the tech industry is also a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals and to society as a whole. Below are three of the best career choices for moms looking for a new challenge.

Software Engineer

Software engineers design and code software according to specifications supplied by a client. Software engineering is a career path that lends itself well to people who enjoy the idea of working from home and being their own boss. The work will range from supplying businesses with proprietary software, which is specific to their operations, to designing applications for individuals or as part of a small team. The first steps towards a software engineering career will be learning to code, which anyone can do from home through services such as Code Academy.

Data Analysis and Management

Data analysis and management is concerned with the appropriate handling and storage of data, to both ensure it is stored securely and to ensure it can be accessed in a way that makes it useful for statistical analysis. Data analytics is the related science, which is concerned with how we go about mining very large data sets for correlations and identifying patterns and links within the data.

Data analysis serves a number of important functions in a wide range of fields, from helping us to understand and map the progression of diseases, to understanding the large-scale behaviours of populations. Data analysis makes for a secure and potentially very lucrative career that appeals to a wide range of skill sets and individuals. A great first step for those interested in pursuing a career in data analytics is to consider studying an online MLIS degree. The master of information degree encompasses a range of disciplines relating to the storage and use of large amounts of data. Through Rutgers Online, Rutgers University is among the leading universities offering an online master of information degree.

Information Architect

Information architecture is the science of analyzing methods of storing information. The goal of an information architect is to work out the most logical and efficient way of storing information on a network so it can quickly and easily be accessed by those who need it and can subsequently be manipulated and used in a useful way. Wherever data needs to be shared between different individuals or departments, an information architect is required. Consequently, this is a discipline that lends itself well to working in any number of fields.

Now is a great time for women who are considering a job in the tech industry, as there are now more and varied career paths than ever before, meaning there is a role somewhere for everyone.

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