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Skinny jeans might be here to stay, but super slim eyebrows are sooo yesterday. Naturally defined brows are in style (that doesn’t mean you should leave them to grow into caterpillars…grooming is still essential) and darkening them can help highlight your eyes.

Youngblood have created a little eyebrow master kit, and it has everything you need for a catwalk-worthy look. The Brow Artiste set comes in four shades with Auburn, Blonde, Brunette and Dark. I have been using Brunette, and although it can take a little getting used to, your eyebrows will look amazing.

Each black compact has a magnetic closure and contains  two shades of pressed brow powder, a lightly-tinted wax, a dual-ended brush and a pair of good quality tweezers. The eyebrow products in the Brow Artiste set are luxe, with no parabens, talc, perfumes or chemical dyes – but they do have Soybean Oil, Mica and Rice Starch for naturally good staying power.

There are easy to follow instructions and it really doesn’t add that much extra time to your morning routine to get photo ready eyebrows.

brow artiste

Stacey Tsardoulias, Head Makeup Artist at Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics shows you how to banish unruly brows with the following tips:

1. Before you start plucking and preening, remember to work with what you’ve got. No two brows are the same! Work with the natural shape and angle of your brows and fill them accordingly.

2. Start by brushing brow hairs thoroughly by using your wand so you can see the shape that you want to create. Brush the hairs in an upward direction to start, and then direct them to the outer edges of the face, working with the natural shape of your brow.

3. Apply a small amount of the lightest eyebrow colour to the angle brush and start to fill in the brows. Only use a little colour to fill the gaps and build it up gradually. To create a darker arch, build on the current colour using the darker powder shade.

4. Once you have reached your desired colour, brush hairs through again using the wand to blend the shadow ensuring that it looks soft and natural and just like your own brows.

5. Using either the angle brush or the comb, brush a little of the brow wax through hairs to give back the shine to the brow and hold the hair in place, stepping out with super powdery brows is a definite no-no!

6. Finally to offer extra hold to unruly hairs, try finishing the brow off with a layer of Youngblood’s Mineral Lash Primer. Using the brow wand, simply comb the primer through.

The Youngblood Brow Artiste kit has an RRP of $69.95.

For your nearest stockist please call: 1800 625 387

One thought on “REVIEW: Youngblood Brow Artiste

  1. I so had Brooke Sheilds eyebrows when I was about 16 and my dad used to say to me at the time, “dont ever pluck the you know what out of your eyebrows they are beautiful”. Well as I got older I ended up caving in on the thin eyebrow trend, now I really regret not listening to my dad. However, it appears you may have come up with something that will give me back some power in those stakes. Thanks for the great article.

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