Win with Milky Foot

If the booty fits – Milky Foot it!

For years Milky Foot Exfoliation Pads have been overhauling feet across the globe.  Now it’s undergone a makeover of its own with a new 3D shape, and a more gentle formulation that gives intense results in a much faster time frame.

Milky Foot Intense Exfoliation Foot Pads now boast a better fitting boot that helps maintain contact between your feet and the magic formulation, providing you with a more comfortable treatment.

MilkyFoot Splash_with New Pack

The new addition of almond milk (mandelic acid) helps put the ‘quick’ in ‘quick step’ with treatment time now cut in half.  In just 45-60 minutes your feet will start to feel the softening benefits of the salicylic acid-free formulation, that’s especially tailored for sensitive skin.

The peeling effect takes place from only a few days after the treatment and is usually complete and at its optimum in only a week.

Put a spring in your step and relieve busy feet from the constant pressure of high heels, extreme weather conditions and forgetting to moisturise.   Say goodbye to unhappy feet with rough, tough, hardened skin and painful, dry cracks and show off smooth silky feet all year ‘round.


If you don’t have time for salon pedicures, or want to make your pedicures last longer, treat your feet with Milky Foot Intense Exfoliation Foot Pads every eight to ten weeks – it’s the most effortless at-home treatment to exfoliate your feet.

New Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pads are available nationally in pharmacies including Priceline for $29.95 each.  Or from

Note: Milky Foot products are not suitable for pregnant women or diabetics.

We have 10 pairs of Milky Foot to give away. For your chance to win one tell us in the comments section below about why you are in desperate need of this product. Good luck!

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
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278 thoughts on “Win with Milky Foot

  1. I don’t do or have time for pedicures as they tickle my feet, so this would be perfect as I spend so much time and money on others parts of my body, I really do forget my feet.

  2. Would love my husband to try these…he has ‘Polio’ feet….they would be up there with the most unusual looking feet in town! And they really do require constant attention for not being in great condition.

  3. My feet are so rough and dry that my children make jokes about them and I cannot wear sandals till things improve. I need Milky Foot!

  4. Because I garden in bare feet,
    they sure do need a real treat.
    Cracked heels and sometimes black as soot,
    My tootsies sure need Milky Foot!

  5. Tired dry and cracked, my feet are tragic
    They really need some Milky Feet Magic
    Christmas has been quite harsh you see
    I would love to these – Beauty and Lace please let me 🙂

  6. My hubs needs these because he had hobbit feet! They are horrible and he is hopeless at looking after them. Would love to give these a go on him; maybe I can bid farewell to the midnight leg scratches or the sound of rats on our bedsheets.

  7. Have been on holiday in China and did lots of walking so my feet are very sore and very rough and peeling, they just look YUCKY

  8. Oh I’d love to try these.. my feet are terrible. I have alot of dry skin on my heels and big toes :-/ Also, I’m on my feet all day at work.. so they need some TLC xx

  9. stopped having pedicures as I found some of the ladies a little rough & expensive so would really like to try milky feet & how convenient at home

  10. As a vivid wearer of sandals and thongs 24/7,you could image how hard and cracked my feet are.
    They look so ugly,i would love to have some nice soft and milky feet.

  11. I would love to try this, I broke my leg and haven’t been able to get my feet done for months and they are in desperate need of getting back to a smooth and silky

  12. PLEASE PICK ME! My toes are talons, my nails ARE nails – rock hard and sharp and my poor skin is leather-like – in both looks and texture….

  13. my feet are so sad, they really need some glee…
    cracked and dry, quite embarrassing for me!

    they want to be soft again, like a long time ago…
    they want to be pretty, from heel through to toe!

    they need some relief from their ugliness now
    they need some Milky foot oomph, yeeha and kapow!

  14. Now that summer is here I am wanting to wear sandals but I am hesitant to as my heels are cracked and dry.
    I have tried many different potions at home to fix them maybe milky foot is my answer.

  15. After the work Xmas party my feet look like they have been tortured, they are so rough and sore, please I need milky feet desperately

  16. My feet have cracks in them the size of the Grand Canyon. I work a lot in Africa as a humanitarian aid worker – because of the heat I wear sandals. When I get home to Oz I realise how bad my feet are. They need some serious TLC.

  17. My feet are in desperate need of some love. My feet have dry and cracked heels. The dry skin catches on stockings leaving ladders. And also catch on bedding. It looks ugly and l don’t like people seeing them. I want to wear sandles but am too embarrassed too. Please help me out and try some Milky Foot.

  18. Desperately needing Milky Foot,
    turn cracked heels smooth,
    turn rough skin soft,
    turn tough skin silky,
    turn my sad feet happy!

  19. I have seen these advertised and they would be perfect. It has been a long time since I had feeling in my heels due to hard and cracked skin. The skin is do thick and embarrassing. I would love to use milky feet and get my feet looking and feeling great.

  20. Milky Foot is a product that I have always wanted to try because my heels are always causing me grief,but sadly my budget has had to say no.

  21. My feet aren’t the prettiest things to look at, so I tend to hide them.
    This product could help me have feet that I want to show off.

  22. Would LOVE to try this! as a runner my feet crack with all the sweat they get during training and then I feel self conscious when I wear a strappy pair of sandals for work. Please help me!

  23. I have been dying to try this! I’m always home with my kids and have never had a pedicure and am a big fan of home pampering ,and my painful feet need a bit of tlc. 🙂

  24. I would love this because I am extremely ticklish which means I can never get pedicures etc therefore my feet are really calloused :5 it is so poo

  25. I do lots of walking and my feet are horrid.
    They are dry and very ugly and often hurt
    I think I would greatly benefit from Milky Foot treatment as my feet have never had any kind of pampering or treatment not even a pedicure After 60years I feel they deserve some loving

  26. My heels have so many cracks that they look like a road map. I would prefer that my heels didn’t look so scary. They need help.

  27. I have a foot fetish which drives my loved ones crazy. My feet are moving all day and experience pain, so pampering is a gain,

  28. My feet are covered with bunions because I walk with dropped arches. While I wait for surgical treatment, Milky Feet will exfoliate the hardened skin which causes walking difficulty.

    1. i have bunions ,horrible feet what is the procedure u are having to remove your bunions and how long is the hospital stay thanks

  29. Hubby has enviable effortlessly super soft feet, and it’s not fair! He does nothing to his, I apply everything to mine, and nothing works. With any luck this does……I’m getting desperate!

  30. I’d love these for my friend Linda, who’s recently gone through Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy for breast cancer. Both treatments have badly affected her skin, from head to toe. Her poor feet have hard patches, which are surprisingly incredibly tender, and she can’t bear anyone touching her feet. The Milky Foot would be a gentle way to give her feet a make-over.

  31. I hate my feet so much I can’t even bear to touch them to paint my nails! If Milky Feet can make my feet less revolting, I might finally take some care of them 😉

  32. I can’t see where it states 25 words or less so here goes.
    Due to excess weight and arthritis I find It difficult to reach
    my feet, consequently they are very neglected. I have to
    sleep with socks on or the rough skin on my feet scratches
    my leg which causes a blister, which, if not found and treated
    straight away with special dressings from the chemist, turns
    into a nasty ulcer which is very painful and takes weeks to
    heal. I would love to try milky foot…what a blessing not to
    have to sleep in socks in this hot weather, not to mention
    not having to endure painful legs and expensive dressings.

  33. I would love these for my husband who is forever asking for me to rub creams into his feet cause they are always so dry and sore after his golf mornings. He finds it hard to bend down (good excuse hey). It would give me great pleasure for when next time he asks, I put them on his feet instead while I go and give myself a treat.

  34. After a busy Christmas time,
    would love my feet to feel sublime,
    have been on them too much,
    now need the Milky Foot magic touch.

  35. My horrible feet,
    make my husband retreat,
    away in horror,
    no need for the pill,
    just show him dried skin,
    my feet have made my sex life a goner.

  36. I am a landscaper and wear steel capped boots often, my feet are sore, dry and smelly and I don’t feel very feminine, love to wear modern stylish thongs/sandles but am too embarrassed to show my feet, please I need all the help I can get.

  37. Hubby constantly complains about my rough feet when I ask him to tickle them on the lounge of a night time. So for his sanity and mine I would love some Milky Foot softness to bring a soft touch and lovely look to my neglected heels.

  38. My work is with cars
    I’m on my feet all day
    Lady-like is not my general forte
    Kids run me around
    You know how it is

    Feet are horrific
    Only I can stand their sight
    Obviously need some TLC
    Time out would be wonderful

  39. I love to wear open toed shoes and sandals in the Summer months and wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to show off smooth, sexy feet rather than scaly cracked heels and feet.

    This product is amazing and worth every cent, it might sound expressive but one treatment will give you much longer lasting results than a pedicure ever would.

  40. Unfortunately my feet, being out of sight, are often neglected. They are desperate need of some TLC alike that offered by these fantastic Milky Feet Exfoliating Pads. Offering to fix my feet issues in less than 60 minutes, I can’t wait to try these!

  41. I would love to win a pair for my mum, she works hard and has sore dry cracked heels. Would love to surprise her with a pair 🙂

  42. Summer is here and my feet needs to be rescued (SOS) by leaving them smooth and soft and l know Milky Foot will be able to do that leaving them smiling again.

  43. My poor hard little feet,
    would like nothing more than to drink
    what clever Milky Feet have to offer
    to give them a treat.

  44. I suffer from sore and tired feet having to stand for 16hrs or longer a day, I am at the moment nursing a very swollen toe after the ram decided to stomp on it, he got his just reward by being castrated

  45. I need these because my fee are to ugly and damaged to take for a pedicure…. many years of closed-toe shoes and boots even in Summer has caused long term damage!!!


  47. Unfortunately I have the worst feet in town… I’ve tried everything to clear up my cracked heels and dry skin. They look horrible. This would be my last resort to finally get beautiful feet!!!

  48. I have sections on the sole of my feet that are rough and other parts smooth. Parts with broken skin, other parts just hard. My feet have always been like this, cant see how. Product could change that.

  49. I would love this to use on my partners feet…he needs it badly. He has layers of dry skin on his feet and this would be perfect to make it all come off….thanks for the chance to win some!!

  50. Trying to keep my feet looking as good as they do right now after my Xmas Pedi treatment…Milky Foot will be the best at doing this.

  51. I love my open toe shoes and my sandels but sometime it’s too long between pedicures and it just ain’t pretty. Save me Milky Feet.

  52. The hippy in me has me in bare feet more often than not, and my feet are not a pretty sight because of this abuse. Some TLC from Milkyfoot would help to set me on the right path.

  53. When it hurts to walk because your heels are so cracked are dry, and because of osteo in my toes I do not go to salons as they hurt . This new product Milky Food Exfoliation Pads seems to be just the right idea to use in the comfort of my home , while not taking much time, nor mess.. Would be very keen to try this out… 🙂

  54. My son turned 8 months old today and I don’t think I’ve had time to look after myself in anyway since before he was born 🙁

  55. I have tried so many items to try and fix my very sore tired and cracked heels.i feel embarrassed if I have to wear things as people might see my heels.please please can you HELP me

  56. My feet hurt because of the dry, severe cracks on my soles and toes. They need to be pampered and be relieved of the daily stressed they are put under.

  57. The soles and balls of my feet are dried, cracked and sore! The skin even catches on the carpet when I walk in bare feet. I’m so lucky hubby doesn’t have a foot phobia but I’d love to try Milky Foot to see if he develops a foot fetish when I’ve finished the treatment!! Ha, ha!!

  58. I have very bad bunions and flat feet, and spent long days on them at work.
    I would love to trthis product to see if it really does work.

  59. I really suffer from dry skin on my feet and unable to wear open shoes because of it ,so would be nice to be able to try the Milk Feet ,it would be wonderful to be able to not hide my feet anymore.

  60. My feet are so cracked and dry,
    its enough to make me cry.
    They need some tender love and care,
    so I am brave enough to wear them bare.

  61. This looks like a very interesting product. My feet are old and I get splits in my heels, so painful. “Milky Foot” might be just what I need for foot comfort.

  62. So much standing in the kitchen cooking over Christmas and no time for a home pedi has left my feet in desperate need of some TLC.

  63. When taking off stockings they end up with holes as they catch on my very dry and cracked heels. ‘Milky Foot’ is what I desperately need so that I can have smooth feet and non-holey stockings.

  64. Oh I love this product and have been using Milky when I feel the need for pampering. It makes me feel calm and circulates the blood leaving me feeling refreshed. Not to mention the great feet. I am desperately in need of another Milky Foot session but after the Christmas spending this may not be possible. PLEASE may I win this competition –just because I deserve to.

  65. Oh I love this great product and have been using it when I feel the need for a pamper session. The blood circulates, I feel calm and refreshed, not to forget the great feet too. PLEASE may I win this competition just because I deserve to.

  66. Milky Feet looks really interesting product especially for my feet as I have hard and callous skin on the heel as well as on other part of my feet and if I win this it would be an ideal solution for my tired feet would love to win it I hope I do thanks

  67. Why did the feet cross the road? Because the gravel needed to feel soft in comparison to the heels. Ba-bom! Lame, but true. My heels are rougher than gravel. On the good side, I stood on glass slivers without harm or blood. On the bad side, I’ve broken two files. It’s summer and I’m ashamed to wear sandals because of my calluses. A Milky Foot treatment would cause jubilation, celebration, excitation, and I’d love to know what soft feet feel like.

  68. I have suffered with dry, cracked heels for many years…they get so dry that the skin will actually crack and bleed (painful)…I have tried countless foot creams and balms and none give me my miracle cure – the only thing that does remove my dead, dry skin is Milky Foot…I’ve used it in the past and it truly is like MAGIC…

  69. There is nothing worse in the Summer months than having ugly cracked feet that look terrible. And no one wants to go out in great shoes, and having feet that look bad. So Milky Foot has got the issue covered. So for me I would love Milky Foot, to ensure that I dont get feet that are awful

  70. With kids, cancel massages and pedicures. I’d love afternoon foot indulgence, to get squeakily cleansed so I can continue to run after my young son’s

  71. As much as I would love them for my feet that are desperate for relief, I would love them for my son who wears military boots all year in the Navy, while on holidays this Xmas he has been wearing thongs and his feet have cracked badly..I would love him to treat his feet before he goes to sea again in 4 weeks on a big tour of duty…I am sure it would benefit him immensely….thx

  72. Summer sandals everyday, rushing around all day, everyday, my feet are the last thing I think about resulting in dry, rough unsightly feet/heels.

  73. Summer lovely strappy sandals and shorter hem lines, my feet have been damaged by winter time, help Milky Feet, let them shine

  74. My feet have never been so dry, sore and embarrassing! It has only been the last couple of years that my feet have been so dry and cracked, it’s bad enough that my feet are broad and small, but dry and cracked? A miracle is in dire need as everything else I have tried hasn’t worked.

  75. Everything on my body went downhill after becoming a mum. I don’t suppose you have something for teeth, hair, skin disorders etc, etc. The things we go without for, for the sake of our beautiful children.

  76. My feet are so rough you could break a plank of wood across them. They are in need of intense hydration, and im not talking about an hour long bath!

  77. Am tired of hiding my feet away in closed shoes. Hoping to have milky, petal soft feet in the New year and step ut in prety open toes sandals!

  78. As a runner and busy mum of 2 under 2, I’m always only feet. And don’t have time for a pedicure. My feet are cracker, split and sore! Plz help me!

  79. ‘Overlooked’ by rest of the body ‘Forgotten Feet’ , hard working ‘wonders’ deserve to top my New year resolution list for pampering… MILKY FOOT magic is what they need.

  80. I desperately need Milky Foot because it is the only product I have not tried to treat my dried up foot soles. I need to experience the Milky Foot Miracle!!

  81. I have terrible heels and the rest of my feet do not look like they should. Would love to see the difference Milky Foot magic makes to my feet.

  82. My old feet are dry & hard I could walk over hot coals & wouldnt feel it. Milky foot is just what I need to restore them

  83. My feet now look like those of people I used to stand behind in a queue whilst they were wearing thongs or sandals, and think “how can they let their feet get like that?” LOL. Awkward.

  84. My feet are not that neat and really need a treat. The roughness and cracks really need the help that only milky foot can supply.

  85. My feet are so rough they catch on the carpet and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of it. Milky Foot please work your magic and make them feel better again!

  86. I know I underestimate the importance of keeping my feet healthy. Especially in summer when they get dry and cracked. So I’m certainly needing Milky Foot to give me silky foot, well two actually, but that didn’t rhyme! Thanks.

  87. My feet are a mess. I’ve heard this is brilliant have been to the shops looking for this, but they have sold out

  88. I’m in desperate need of this product because My feet are so Dry and Cracked that they bleed and are very painful for Me to walk on.
    I need something that works and can restore the softness back to My feet.

  89. My feet are in serious need of some tlc and repair the dry, cracked heels which isn’t very appealing. I’m always on my feet for many hours, lots of walking and would appreciate this amazing gift.

  90. Mum always walks that extra mile, just to see her children smile. Her feet need a special treat and think Milky Foot would be pretty sweet.

  91. I’ve been asking my friends Frodo and Bilbo for advice on how to treat my callouses and bleeding heels (they have lovely feet compared to mine) but they weren’t much help (mumbled something about precious and scurred away). Maybe this will help…?

  92. I have been treating my feet for the last 6 months to try and fix the cracks in my heels but they are just getting deeper and most days i have to wear bandaids to stop myself bleeding in my shoes. I would love to try this new product

  93. My feet r in a tragic state since my illness. Learning to walk again again it gave me Dry cracked heel and tough and scaley all over. Desperate need of help

  94. My feet are all cracked and sore, I will put up with this no more. It will be surely quite the treat to have silky smooth lovable feet with Milky Foot. Help a girl out to love her feet with this product, The outcome cannot be beat.

  95. Being obsessed with nice soft feet, Milky Foot would be an easy way to keep them looking & feeling baby-bum soft.

  96. as a pregnant mum, i never get to sit down on my bum!
    Feet are exhausted and tired, starting to show cracks!
    In need of a feet TLC moment to give me the feet to crack a beat with!

  97. My feet have gotten really dry, cracked and hard from all the heels I have been wearing and it is embarrassing. I desperately need something to help them look and feel soft and smooth again!

  98. Dry tired feet with callouses I cannot remove. I’ve tried potions and lotions, tools and stones, none make much change in my sore tired feet

  99. Beauty should start with the feet first as they are the foundation that transport us around in our busy lives. Mine would appreciate an overhaul for 2014!

  100. who wouldnt like some pampering, my poor feet would be in heaven with MILKY FOOT. I can just see myself sitting back with a glass of wine and just relaxing…yesssss please.

  101. My poor feet are sadly in need of a pedi which is unfortunately not in the budget, so this product would be a God Send .

  102. I am so over cracked heels and dry, rough patches on the soles of feet, which constantly need attention. These sound “heavenly” and as if they make quick and smart work for attending to this problem.

  103. I would love to win this for Mum, she has had her foot in a cast all Christmas and New Year, but it’s coming off next week. Love to give her some much needed pampering for her feet. She would love it.

  104. I desperately need these because I wear open shoes in summer my heels crack so badly, sometimes they bleed…

  105. my feet are dry, rough, and have the most unbelievably thick skin on the bottom! and no matter how often i use my pumice stone they are still the same

  106. My feet have always been a problem with constant cracking and dryness to the heels and other areas of the foot, need Milky foot desperately .

  107. As a shoe salesman at a sporting goods store, it’s my job to look after other people’s feet; I think its finally time to give my own feet some TLC and give them the treatment they deserve!

  108. I would love to win this milky foot for my mum as she works 5 days a week as a pharmacist and is always exastited and in pain when she get home from work as she has bad knees and a spur on her heel. she is always there for me and my brothers and I would like to get her a little something to pamper her feet with when she gets home as pedicures can be expensive and painful and it would probably upset her spur.My mum has tried to moisturise and scrape off the dead skin but it just gets cracked again in 2 to 3 weeks. I can’t afford to get her anything expensive as a tafe student I’m on a tight budget but I hope I get the chance to win this milky foot for mum to help out her poor feet a bit of love thank you beauty and lacy for the chance.

  109. I am so embarrassed by my feet, they are so dry & cracked, my kids say they look like old dinosaur skin! They so need some Milky Foot loving!

  110. People recoil in horror when they see my feet in thongs. Heck, I shriek at them too! Ahh, to have beautiful, milky white feet worthy of a prince to slip a glass slipper on…or a thong!

  111. I hate wewring shoes, so my heels are cracked more than my grandmothers, and have dry skin all over. Id love to try Milky Feet

  112. my feet are dry and tired probably because I am at work three days of the week for 11.5 hours and they really suffer in sneakers

  113. I have a lot of trouble with my feet so I’m always looking for an easy and convenient product to help make them soft again.

  114. I’m in desperate need for a foot makeover this summer! I don’t make time for myself to have a salon pedi, so this would be amazing!

  115. Havaianas is my favourite, but my dry and cracked heels make me feel shame while wearing thongs. It would be great to have my feet exfoliated at home and walk out with smooth silky feet.

  116. Because I am vertically challenged I need to wear high heels everyday and this takes it’s toll on my poor feet 🙁 I would love some Milky Feet to make my feet so smooth and beautiful.

  117. My heels are always rough cracked skin and they make scraping noises against the sheets at night. It’s like someone running their fingers down a chalk board.

  118. I have osteo arthritis on both my feet, I have dry cracked heels that look like I just walked around the world and nothing has ever worked. I have a family and I can’t afford to get pedicures done so it would be amazing to use Milky Feet

  119. I do Taekwondo which takes it’s toll on my feet with all the kicking and striking of punching bags, pads and oh yes … opponents!

  120. Pedicures cost too much cash
    Other products can leave a rash
    Some creams leave my feet all stinky
    But milky foot leaves them soft and slinky

  121. I want to give this to my son. He is on his feet all day and I am sick of watching him cut the hard skin of the soles of his feet with nail scissors.

  122. I need Milky Foot for my feet, I am ashamed to wear open shoes as my feet are dry and cracked. Being a fulltime single, working mother to two children, I am the last person to receive attention.

  123. Constantly chasing 5 kids and being on the go all the time, the poor feet get very neglected. This would be the ultimate pamper pack!

  124. Cave Man would be proud of my feet,unfortunately my metro man isnt.
    I could open a can with the sharp edges and sand a door with the roughness.

  125. I wish I could add a photo to show why my feet need Milky Foot. I stand on my feet all day.. and don’t have time to go and get my feet pampered.. so this sounds just superb to me!

  126. It is embarrassing to wear shoes that show my heels – they are very dry and cracked. I can’t even wear thongs at the moment in this incredible heat. EMBARRASSING!!!!

  127. My feet are totally embarrassing…years of neglect and going without shoes on hard concrete and dirt have made by feet appear very dirty, very dry and very cracked. I have used other products to shave back the skin but to no avail.

  128. I am a little concerned that this might work and my entire outlook and opinion on feet might change from one of disgust to delight… I dont like feet, no really they gross me out, except baby feet, babies footsies are devine.
    If I could have feet like that perhaps I might like my feet, I might treat them to nice shoes and kick them in the air in delight, I might dangle them casually over the edge of a pool or jetty.
    This product might give my feet their second childhood, they might be loved again…. winning this may save my foot’s life. My feet might live on to accomplish amazing feats, my feets will do feats!

  129. I am a little concerned that this might work and my entire outlook and opinion on feet might change from one of disgust to delight… I dont like feet, no really they gross me out, except baby feet, babies footsies are devine.
    If I could have feet like that perhaps I might like my feet, I might treat them to nice shoes and kick them in the air in delight, I might dangle them casually over the edge of a pool or jetty.
    This product might give my feet their second childhood, they might be loved again…. winning this may save my foot’s life. My feet might live on to accomplish amazing feats, my feets will do feats!

  130. I have a girl friend who is in great need of a Foot make-over. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship Milky Foot!

  131. If there was ever a pre-wedding must-do that gets overlooked, it’s the heels. Not the shoes, but the body part that usually shows out the heels and hasn’t been trimmed and painted in something pretty. I need these!!

  132. What I wouldn’t do for soft, milky white, feminine feet that looked a million dollars in a pair of strappy sandals instead of the sorry, unloved state they are usually in.

  133. Grusome feet needs a treat by milky foot help them out of hybernation and let them loose in the world to enjoy sandals and thongs and breathe once again.

  134. When one thinks about what we put our feet through: we squeeze them into ‘fashionable’ shoes, we run in ‘flip flops’ we burn them on the beach and walk for miles! If our feet could talk! But what am I saying? They do – they burn, they get corns, they get blisters, they get bumped, scratched and bitten – ouch ! Yes please Beauty & Lace, PLEASE rescue my complaining feet with Milky Foot Exfoliation Pads – before they run away!

  135. The price of wearing traditional Aussie summer footwear of bare feet (or thongs) is a crusty hard rim of skin around my feet.

  136. My boyfriend saw an ad for Milky Foot on TV and FREAKED when skin started peeling off. What would be better than gorgeous soft feet and the opportunity to freak the boyfriend a bit?

  137. I am a massage therapist and I just HAVE to massage in bare feet, I just feel more grounded and balanced! For this reason, they have to be in tip top shape! 🙂

  138. My feet are that bad there cracking all over they bleed because the cracks are that deep they hurt all the time and they look discusting!!!

  139. My feet are that bad there cracking all over they bleed because the cracks are that deep they hurt all the time and they look discusting

  140. My feet are that bad there cracking all over they bleed because the cracks are that deep they hurt all the time and they look discusting.

  141. It’s 42′ C today,
    So embarrassed about my feet,
    I’m wearing fully enclosed shoes.

    Beauty and Lace, help me !!
    I’m melting…….

  142. My BF has been using them and I see all her peeling feet updates on Facebook. Her feet used to look like mine, now they’re soft and smooth.

  143. My once smooth feet are cracked and dry
    They’re so rough I want to cry
    These Milky Foot boots would be a hoot
    With a spring I my step I could scoot, scoot, scoot!

  144. Having exposed feet most days because we are in the sun means I suffer dry, toughening skin regularly that there seems no end to.

  145. I desperately need of milky foot because my boyfriend never want to massage my foot and care about them. I have to do it myself and a little help from you, guys would be more then welcome :))

  146. Well I don’t have pedicures (I have only ever had one) and my heels are white. I often hide them because they look so bad!

  147. Due to been on my feet most the day in enclosed shoes my feet are dry, crackin on heels & have hard skin patches. Would be great to have baby smooth feet for a change

  148. With cracks in my heels the size of the grand canyon and pain to match, I would love some smoothness and painless walking!!

  149. I have pineapple feet! The skin on them is so rough that they catch on the sheets at night and drive me crazy – you could say that they give me “the sheets”

  150. I’ve got Rino hide feet, a perfect description.
    Exfoliating without friction?
    Sounds like a dream come true. so
    I’d love to give Milky Foot a go!.

  151. I care for my father in law in our home. It’s a 24/7 task. Everything else is neglected. How I would love to run around in these little booties. A guilt free pamper session!

  152. My wife refuses to suck my toes,
    My kids won’t rub my feet,
    This Milky Foot product is sure to make,
    My life happy and complete.

  153. I work in the shearing sheds. I’m on my feet, walking or running, all day. It’s hot and dirty work. To be able to refresh my feet would be unimaginably awesome! Aaaaah, I can imagine the relief, relaxation and refreshing feeling right now…..

  154. For the first time in 5 years I feel good about myself…hair and weight were 2013 resolutions…I forget my feet but they are soo important. Please help me.

  155. My feet feel more like sandpaper than the smoothness of milk – I need the Cleopatra treatment so I can walk like an Egyptian on silky smooth soles!

  156. My footsies are quite worse for wear
    Dry skin here cracked heals there
    A little Milky Foot pampering should see them right
    And stops the gasps i get at their sight

  157. i am a checkout chick who stands on her feet all day….my heels need loving care….a friend tried these and said they were so great her kids wanted to peel her feet lol…would love to try them

  158. Chickens feet and horses hooves best resemble my feet. Hopefully milky foot will fulfill my dreams of being a foot model for humans:)

  159. I’m training for my first marathon,
    So my feet need some TLC.
    They are dry, sore and cracked,
    So Milky Foot please help me!

  160. After almost a year of neglect, due to pregnancy and busy with new baby and tornado toddler. I need to resurrect my feet from what almost seems dead. My feet are rough and hard please pick me.

  161. Run around after a 2 and half year old, work full time, study and look after my family. Like all mothers and woman would love a little down time and silky smooth feet please 🙂

  162. at present i cannot spare any time for an operation on my feet but i would luv to try milky foot to at least improve them slightly thanks

  163. I have heard alot about this product and i would really love to try these to see if they really do work as my feet do get cracked and dry so I would really love to have soft smooth feet it would make me really make me happy

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