What is Skin Needling?

We put the spotlight on Skin Needling and chatted to paramedical beauty therapist Allison Browning to get our facts straight on the treatment that’s creating a lot of hype.

We’ve heard Angelina does it and it keeps getting mentioned but what is skin needling?

Skin needling isn’t all that new but lately the world has really cottoned onto it. It’s been around since the 90’s but has been developed over that time and it’s gotten more sophisticated and accessible. The great thing about needling is that it gets down into the deeper layers of the skin to create real change and we all like that!

There are a lot of fantastic skin treatments out there that work on the surface of the skin leaving it refreshed, like microdermabrasion and peels and I do these treatments too, but needling really works the skin intensely to create change — it’s pretty exciting! It triggers the skin to heal itself in the deep layers so you get permanent results.

The awesome thing about skin needling is that after your first treatment your skin continues to grow collagen for up to a year-and-a-half afterward!

What happens in the skin needling treatment?

After the skin is cleansed we apply a numbing cream so the skin feels really comfortable in the process. This part of the treatment is kick back and relax time really. I make sure my clients are snuggled up on the bed with some low light and music so there is a lovely ‘time out’ part. Once the skin is ready I work to strict medical standards to roll over the skin with the small hand-held roller.

The roller has lots of tiny needles on it that are fine like acupuncture needles. I’m really fussy and I use only the latest technology. The devices I work with have triple the needles on them than the devices that a lot of people use. This means the skin is treated quickly and thoroughly. The fine needles on my devices are angled, which means they move in and out of the skin in a kinder way. After the skin is treated a soothing solution is applied and then you can head back to work or whatever you have planned. There is no down time really because you can apply mineral makeup if you need to head out.

needling full face pigmentation

Before and After: Pigmentation

Before and After: Stretch Marks

web image needling scarring

Before and After: Scarring

web image needling slack skin

Before and After: Slack Skin

What can you expect from a treatment?

The treatment works on a huge range of concerns, mainly because it’s working the skin at that deep level. It’s the only treatment known to effectively treat stretch marks at the moment and it’s incredible on scarring and pigmentation.

It forces the skin to produce a surge of collagen that stays there in the skin, so it is phenomenal on fine lines and wrinkles too!

Where can you get skin needling then?

There are more practitioners out there now. With Angelina Jolie making it popular and more people seeking it because of the hype from the results there are more therapists bringing it into clinics.

The main problem is that you need to be cautious about quality and finding an experienced therapist who has the capability to really look at your skin and needle to the correct depth with the right technique. I needle to various depths using the most up-to-date technology. It’s just so important as a therapist to keep on top of those things so your clients always feel they’re getting the best treatment.

If you’re looking for a therapist make sure they specialise in skin treatments and ask the questions you need to so you feel confident they’ll be a good fit for you.

Is it as scary as it sounds?

It’s not as horrible as it sounds, I promise! It’s unfortunate that it’s called ‘needling’ because I think there are a lot of people out there afraid of needles. A numbing preparation is used before the treatment so that’s a comfort. In the treatment the needling device is worked over the skin, needles aren’t inserted like in acupuncture so it’s very quick and not too scary at all!

Is there down time after?

No. You can apply mineral foundation and head to work right after. You’ll have a rosy glow afterward and that’s all.

And how many treatments do need for results?

It can really depend on what’s going on in the skin. All skins are unique. But generally I say it’s a good idea to prepare for 3 treatments and see how that goes. If it’s deeper scarring or stretch marks it’s a good idea to bear in mind you’ll probably need more as that damage would need more to allow the skin to be pushed to do the work to regenerate.

Quick Skin Needling Cheat Sheet:

  • Treatments take around an hour and there is no down time
  • You can apply make up afterward
  • You’ll need a minimum of 3 treatments for good results
  • It treats Pigmentation and skin redness
  • It works on fine lines and wrinkles
  • It works on scar tissue
  • It removes stretch marks more effectively than any other treatment


Allison is happy to answer any of our readers questions. Just send her an email at contact@allisonbrowningtherapies.com or comment on this post.

A little bit about our guest expert Allison Browning…

Allison has worked in the health and beauty industry for seventeen years, in Australia and internationally and works as a skin expert and columnist for a popular online website. Working extensively with problem skins, Allison’s approach combines scientific and holistic philosophies to treat both skin concerns and the causes behind them.

Allison has been acclaimed for her skin recommendations, professional skin and body treatments and her famous eyebrow shaping. Allison attracts clients Australia wide and treats clients in her own practice Allison Browning Therapies.

5 thoughts on “What is Skin Needling?

  1. Jenniqua, It’s great on uneven skintone. The treatment itself is effective and of course it’s important to be using the correct serums at home to budge the pigmentation as quickly as possible. Be in touch if you need any more questions answered or were keen on a treatment! Best! Allison Browning

  2. It sounds like something that i may really think about as i have fine lines and some pigmentation . I also wonder how much it costs??

  3. Sounds great BUT I’ve actually fainted when needles were produced. Now I KNOW it wouldn’t be like having an injection but I’m probably the original chicken!!! I’ll have to look for other methods.

  4. I was badly scarred by an RN In Chicago who performed this procedure on me for hypopigmentation. She turned my skin into mush! 6 months later I am left with indented scars, reddened skin surrounding the scars, needle marks and mental anguish. Do not do this procedure with an electric needling machine! Go get your own dermaroller or single needles and do it yourself. I thought I was in good hands. They all say it doesnt cause epidermal damage. It doesnt if it is done correctly. I did my research to find someone trained and everything. There are risks, especially when there are needles going into your skin. This has been devastating.

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