USER REVIEWS: Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution

This month, 50 of our members are testing the new Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution from Skin Virtue.

This is a toner with superpowers! It’s more like a liquid serum than a traditional toner, and not only does it help repair ageing skin, but it also strengthens the skin’s function, offering hydration and revitalising dull skin through gentle exfoliation.

This anti-ageing, triple-action hydrating toner provides nourishing properties that help strengthen the skin’s function for a healthier-looking and more radiant complexion.

The toner contains advanced anti-ageing technologies that help reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (yes, it really does!) while antioxidants support the skin’s natural reparative process from environmental damage.

Active Ingredients

  • Glycine Soja Protein – Botanical Extract, Anti-Ageing, Skin-Soothing, Emollient, Antioxidant, Skin Replenishing
  • Superoxide Dismutase – Biotechnological, Anti-Ageing, Soothing Enzyme, Antioxidant
  • Rose Water – Botanical, Emollient, Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial, and Antiinflammatory, Refreshing, Tonifying
  • Hamamelis Water – Botanical Extract, Skin-Soothing, Antioxidant, Refreshing
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Skin Replenishing, Skin Restoring, Moisturising, Antioxidant
  • Methylsilanol Mannuronate – Global Anti-Ageing, Emollient, Anti-Inflammatory
  • Saccharide Isomerate – Botanical Extract, Emollient, Moisturising, Skin Balancing, Skin-Soothing, Skin Replenishing
  • Panthenol – Vitamin, Moisturising, Humectant, Soothing

Skin Virtue founder Nina Gajic said: “This is easily one of my favourite products! Besides balancing the skin’s pH, it effortlessly delivers a potent dose of antioxidants, provides exceptional hydration, and offers gentle exfoliation for a radiant glow. Its benefits surpass those of other toners.”

You can apply the Pure Nourish Hydrating solution to your face and neck after cleansing, both morning and night.

It retails for $84 and can be found at

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been trialling the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

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74 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution

  1. Thanks to Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial their Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    This toner is the best product I have used in a very long time and after only a couple of weeks my skin is looking and definitely feeling better as well as feeling a lot more hydrated all day.

    I’m also finding that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are reducing and my skin just looks better. Friends have commented my new glow and I have to agree!

    I definitely recommend Skin Virtues Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution to everyone – its fabulous!
    Thanks once again for the opportunity to try this wonderful product.

  2. Skin Virtue have the most amazing products! I was lucky enough to be chosen to trial this new product Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution and already it is reducing those pesky fine lines from around my eyes and keeping me look fresh all day.

    My skin has a a new plumper look and it feels so fresh all day. Just love all the products from Skin Virtue and this compliments other products they sell.

    A must for any skin regime if you want to keep a more youthful look about yourself. I recommend Skin Virtue hydrating solution to everyone.

  3. I had trialled the Skin Virtue exfoliating scrub and mask and loved it so was very excited to trial the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution. I have ageing dry skin with lots of fine lines and wrinkles so was keen to see if the solution lived up to its claim that it will “help reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles and fine lines”. Well I have been using the solution morning and night after cleansing my skin with the exfoliating scrub and I really DO feel the difference in my skin. Love the spray bottle as it is so much easier to apply than cremes and my skin just soaks up the spray and feels refreshed. My skin is softer, more hydrated and less aged looking. Time will tell if the wrinkles and lines reduce but as I already feel the difference in elasticity I’m sure it will.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue another wonderful skin care product.

  4. A toner is often used to hydrate and clarify the skin so that it is ‘prepped’ for other serums, treatments and moisturisers. – quite the process! However Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution already contains lots of the anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants found in those products, and seems to do all that moisturising and nourishing on its own. So I found it a great ‘one stop’ skin revitalising product .

    I used it morning and night after cleansing. It definitely helped to deep clean my face and remove any last traces of dirt, grime and impurities from my skin. And the beneficial hydrating ingredients in it, including Rose and Hamamelis water and Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) are easily absorbed and made my skin feel more hydrated, soothed and refreshed.

    It was also really nice to do a quick spritz on the face during the hot, steamy days that we have had recently. I can definitely see myself using this quite regularly, especially during summer! A very nice product.

  5. On my first application of this toner, I could see a glow to my skin so was looking forward to longer use. I have used toners since my 20s so interested to see how this product feels as I am older now.

    Skin looks much clearer and it feels so hydrated, clean & refreshed. The toner has certainly helped reduce pore’s and my skin looks so much brighter. Skin also feels smooth and soft. It’s non fragrant so nothing to annoy sensitive noses. I have used morning and night for a while now and am totally impressed with the results.

    With hot weather in Qld, I tend to put the container into the fridge and it feels fabulous. This toner is also in a spray container so I would just spray onto a cotton pad and apply to my skin.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace & Skin Virtue for allowing me to trial this product. It is absolutely beautiful for my dry, sensitive skin. Would highly recommend.

  6. In the past, toners were harsh astringents that stung the skin when applying, now they are used to cleanse and benefit the skins appearance by using key ingredients to hydrate and help with anti-aging.

    I use toners as part of my evening skincare routine, applying to a freshly washed face and making sure it absorbs completely before continuing with the of the rest of my skincare regimen. After using this anti-ageing, triple-action hydrating toner I found my skin to be more supple and feeling refreshed and clean from any residue left from my cleanser.

    Long term use I feel this advanced toner will help close pores, tighten cell gaps, and reduce fine lines as well as reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.

    The only negative I found was the spray came out too fast and sharp on my face, instead of spraying it directly on my face I apply a small amount to a cotton ball and gently blot on my face.

    To make this toner usage effective, I used Skin Virtues Pure Exfoliating Mask in conjunction, and it is doing absolute wonders for my skin.

    Active Ingredients: Glycine Soja Protein, Superoxide Dismutase, Rose Water, Hamamelis Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylsilanol Mannuronate, Saccharide Isomerate and Panthenol.

    The product goes a long way and will last a long time, it is well worth the cost.

    Skin Virtues Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution is heaven sent. I highly recommend.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue, for the opportunity to trial and review.

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for the review. Our toners go beyond simply toning the skin, they are more like a liquid serum, so glad you noticed and are loving it. In regards to the spray, it should be a fine mist spray, thanks for flagging that, will follow that up.

  7. What a lovely product, and so easy to use. I’ve been spritzing it after I’ve used Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask, which is marvellous. So the combination of the Mask plus the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution makes my skin feel like a million dollars. It brightens and smooths the skin, and it doesn’t seem like I need a further application of a serum or moisturiser – it does the complete job for me. And such a lovely, light-feeling spray! it doesn’t feel heavy or cloggy, just light and natural, a really refreshing solution to spritz. My skin hasn’t looked this good for a while, and I’m in the older skin range, so that’s been a nice bonus.

    Thankyou Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial your lovely product.

  8. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    I absolutely loved this product. It made my skin feel so nice and moisturised. I have used toners in the past but found this one amazing. I preferred to spray it on a cotton ball and then wipe it on my face instead of spraying it straight on my face. I found a difference with the look of my skin and have had a few friends and family comment on how great skin looked. I love the glow it gives me and would recommend it to everybody.

  9. I love to give new produts a real workout! I started by cleansing in the shower, and spritzing with the Skin Virtue Nourish Solution. I then applied my usual serums and creams.
    During The day, I would spritz again, for added hydration.
    When going out one night, I followed my usual routine, but then spritzed over my full face of makeup, a bit like a setting lotion. My makeup stayed looking fresh and dewy all night.
    It is a wonderful product, and my super sensitive skin, which is trying to cope with the rigors of cancer treatment, just drank it in after every spray.
    The ingredients work synergistically, to calm, soothe, nourish, balance and hydrate the skin, all in the one easy to use spray. They also have an anti inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, making this incredible spray suitable for the most sensitive of skins.
    One light spritz and let your skin drink it in, or spray and smooth over, the choice is yours.
    The smell is fresh and natural, and as it is a humectant, it draws moisture to the skin, and holds it there, helping to plump those fine lines and wrinkles with hydrating nourishment.
    I love the Skin Virtue Exfoliating Mask, and this nourishing and hydrating spray solution is the perfect product accompaniment. My skin is just loving both products, and I cant wait to try more.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace, and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial these first class skin care products.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and caring reply. So very much appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year.

  10. Thank you so much Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for this fabulous opportunity, I feel so fortunate to also review the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution, what a win/win combination.

    My new daily regime is now complete, first using the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask, followed by the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution, the fine mist instantly soaks into my skin, my face feels as fresh as a daisy. It’s smooth, it feels polished, my face is glowing, my face feels and looks plumper, and it’s not only me that is noticing that my wrinkles are less noticeable, but my friends are also commenting.

    You can feel the active ingredients actually working, it absorbs quickly into my skin, my skin drinks it up, my face feels dewy and moisturised, and it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy at all. A little bit goes a long way, making this a very affordable product to add to your beauty chest, you cannot go wrong with any products in the Skin Virtue range, the results speak for themselves.

  11. Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution . I have very sensitive skin and so normally do not use a toner . I was rather tentative , expecting a skin eruption so for a few days I spritzed frequently on my rough dry garden weary hands – what an amazing difference !!! My hands started to gently exfoliate some of the dry skin and they started to look soft and fresh even after just a week . So I summoned the courage and started on my dry face skin . What a relief – no eruptions . This product is so gentle and refreshing on my face so I have been using it for a hydrating pick me up during the day . Not too sure about the wrinkles yet but I am hopeful for at least some change as I continue to use the product . Definitely though I have noticed positive changes to the skin texture.

    1. Hi Carla, our entire range is designed for sensitive skin concerns, so glad you loved it. I too use it on my hands, it helps to instantly smooth them out! Another little tip, if you get dry skin on your feet from your sandals rubbing this spray is amazing. It’s moisturising with no effort, I often spray my feet too 🙂

  12. I’ve had the pleasure of trialling Skin Virtue’s Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution for a couple of weeks now. This is a very different product to so many of the usual “toners” that can feel harsh, this is a delight, it makes my skin feel refreshed, hydrated, and ready for the day. This is not surprising when you realise what terrific anti-ageing ingredients are in this product including antioxidants.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how long the product lasts (I’m using it twice a day) and I’m sure my skin will feel the benefit as we head into the hot Queensland summer.

    Thank you to Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to try this terrific product.

    1. It’s more of a liquid serum that tones than skin than a classic toner, that’s why we call them solutions not toners. So glad you’re loving it Jacky and thanks for the review x

  13. Thanks to Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial their Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution, as well as Beauty and Lace.

    Wow!! What another amazing product from Skin Virtue!! I use this twice a day and my face is looking amazing :). I also use on really hot days just to keep the look.

  14. I found the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution did everthing it claims.
    It certainly had a wonderful hydrating effect. Containing a powerful blend of antioxidants and anti aging qualities, I found it a lovely product.
    I used this (and continue to) first thing in the morning and at night. I used a make-up round and using the pump action container, I moistened the round. (Usually 4-5 pumps) and applied gently.
    I could certainly, and even now notice a moistness in my skin, and somehow feel my face and neck have a softer look.
    The package is white with a silver band at the base and it’s easy to see what it contains.
    The pump bottle is large, contents being 150ml, a product produced in Sydney, this has a very pleasant subtle scent. It is very natural and ideal for sensitive skins.

    My thanks to Beautyandlace and Skin Virtue for the lovely trial.

  15. Such a wonderful product that is so easy and convenient to use with just a few sprays on face and neck, it is so much easier that trying to cup liquid toner in my hand to put on my face and not spill.
    I felt an instant firmness to my skin and use it morning and night without any sensativity and it’s good to know there are beautiful products out there that are kind to my skin.
    Highly recommended and many thanks!

    1. Hi Cindy, all of our products are designed for sensitive skin, love how you described it as kind to your skin, so happy you loved it and thanks for the review x

  16. Thank you for the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution toner to try.

    The spray makes it very easy to apply and the container size is ample. It is an easier way to apply moisture. I have been using this in conjunction with the Skin Virtue cleanser, and can definitely feel my skin is softer. My facial redness has calmed down a bit my face appears to be smoother with less fine lines.

    I would definitely recommend Skin Virtue, especially the cleanser and toner.

  17. The Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution toner, which is dispensed through a pump spray, has proved to be highly effective.

    The pump spray application makes it convenient to use. After application, there’s a slight tingling sensation, but my skin subsequently feels incredibly soft, well-nourished, and velvety smooth. It feels thoroughly hydrated and rejuvenated.

    Thank you very much Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try this wonderful product. I wholeheartedly endorse it for individuals of all skin types and ages.

  18. Thank you so much to Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for allowing me to try Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution Toner.
    It was so nice to use. I gave spent years trying to find products to use on my sensitive skin. This toner was a definite winner and I am so thankful to have finally found a product that works so well on my skin and I will definitely keep buying it. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Stacey, I hear you! this is why I created Skin Virtue, our entire range is suitable for sensitive skin concerns. Every single product. Thanks for the review x

  19. Thank you for this trial opportunity.

    I regularly buy and use toners for my skin as they help hydrate, clean and refresh my skin any time of day.

    The Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution is a Toning and Anti-Aging spray.

    When I first used it, I think I was using only 2 to 3 sprays and that seemed okay to use, but then I figured out that about 4 to 5 sprays and saturating the cotton pad makes it much easier and more effective to use. It felt mild and easy on my skin.

    I used this morning and night and I noticed that even after cleansing my face in the evening, and using another skin toning lotion before this, I had some dirt and grime in the cotton pad after using this. So it must be taking off more of the deep dirt and grime.

    It is a whitish liquid with no fragrance and was gentle and very mild and soothing on my skin. I enjoyed using it and am hoping it will make my skin look better after continual use.

    I recommend this if you want a gentle and soothing toning liquid to keep your skin cleansed and hydrated.

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you for the review, the salicylic acid in this toner will help to unclog pores, it allow trapped oils to come to the surface, this may be the excess dirt and grime you mention. Essentially your cleanser should be removing the daily build up of makeup, SPF, dirt and grime and your toning solutions should be regulating the skin’s pH and addressing any concerns with added actives.

  20. Thanks to Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial their Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.
    I have not had much experience with using toners previously so needed to do a little research on when to use this in my skincare routine.
    After showering, I would apply 3-4 sprays to my skin (face and neck) before applying serums and moisturisers. The product itself was cool and light to apply, and left my skin feeling well hydrated. As I have sensitive skin which is prone to some dryness, the toner didn’t affect my skin and seemed to help improve the look and feel.
    At times I would also use it following Skin Virtue’s Pure Exfoliating Mask and would recommend both products as part of a skin care routine, especially for those with sensitive skin.

    1. Hi Krystyna, Thank you for the lovely review, our entire range is designed for sensitive skin, so happy you enjoyed the toner, it’s packed with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, more like a liquid serum. X

  21. I am aged in my late 50’s and have skin that can be very reactive.
    Being someone that has tried a few toners over the years I was excited to give this Skin Virture product a try. I was thrilled to find that on my first application I had no negative reaction. Some toners can be rather harsh and leave my skin feeling stripped of its natural oils but after using Skin Virtue my skin felt wonderfully hydrated. Over the time that I have been using this product my skin is very happy and has a wonderful natural healthy glow.
    On top of how lovely the product is I also had interaction with the company and found that they were awesome to deal with and very responsivie which bodes well if anyone was to have questions or any kind of unforeseen problem with any of their products. Awesome Customer Service.

    1. Thank you Meedee, our entire range is designed for sensitive skin and also works brilliantly on non sensitive skin too. We love understanding our customers needs, thank you for the appreciation

    2. Thank you Meedee,
      Our entire range is designed for sensitive skin and also works brilliantly on non sensitive skin too. We love understanding our customers needs, thank you for the appreciation

  22. I LOVE Skin Virtue! Their products are divine and this toner didn’t disappoint.
    I’ve been using it after cleansing and before moisturising, I use around 4 sprays for my entire face.
    It’s a light weight spray with a slight fragrance that isn’t overpowering. My skin feels hydrated and appears brighter.
    Highly recommended this toner
    Thank you so much Skin Virtue and Beauty & Lace for the chance to review.

  23. I have fallen in love with the Skin Virtue products lately so was very excited to trial the pure nourish hydrating solution thanks to Beauty and Lace.

    As soon as I misted it on my face with the easy to use pump spray I was satisfied this product would not disappoint. After washing with my other Skin Virtue products I happily apply this toner spray and feel fresh and clean.

    I can easily apply my moisturizer and makeup on top and face the day.

  24. I have really been enjoying the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution. It has made my skin look softer, plumper and more hydrated and who can ask for more with all the amazing anti-aging ingredients added in there as well. I haven’t used a toner since I was in my teens (so about a million years ago!) and I’ve really enjoyed adding this toner to my skin care routine. I enjoy the fine mist spray and light fragrance as well that makes me feel relaxed. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for letting me trial this product, I will definitely be looking out for more of their products in the future.

  25. Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution is a beautifully soft, refreshing and super hydrating lotion that suits all skin types but is particularly welcome for my sensitive skin.

    I love the gentle, non intrusive fragrance and skin friendly ingredients.

    Best of all, the company is based in Sydney!

    Definitely a great product to have in my anti ageing arsenal!

  26. I am very impressed with this hydrating solution. When I first got the sample, I thought it was a very expensive toner. Now that I have used it, I must say that it is a beautiful product that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I have added it to my daily regime. I must try other products, and would love to see travel packs for this range.

  27. Thank you Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution Toner. Firstly, I was absolutely thrilled that the toner was not heavily perfumed. The scent is so light and lovely, making it fine applied on the face for Migraineur’s if ordinarily triggered by perfumed scents.
    I have always used a toner as serums in my skin care regime and unlike the harsh, drying astringent toners of old, this toner’s light mist is a highly effective serum like toner in liquid form. Perfect for a soothing, nourishing and hydrating effect. So gentle on the skin. I absolutely love the dewy appearance it gives my skin and neck, but moreso the hydration. I am quite honestly amazed at how incredibly rejuvenated and soft my skin feels. The pump application delivers the perfect amount of spray and a little goes a long way, making the price point very economical.
    I am within a doubt of convert of Skin Virtue products as anti-aging products that deliver what they promise, are kind to skin, contain antioxidants and no harsh chemicals.
    I wholeheartedly highly recommend the Pure Nourish Hydrating Toner to anyone who values a highly effective skincare regime.

  28. I had been lucky enough to be able to trial the Skin Virtue exfoliating scrub and mask and was so pleased to now have the opportunity to also be able to trial the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    I have always found toners to be quite harsh on my skin so was keen to see how this comes up after previous experiences. Well I must say I am very happy and converted with this product. After cleansing with the Skin Virtue scrub and then applying the solution my skin feels refreshed and clean.

    After reading the application instructions on the packaging I must say I wasn’t exactly sure if I was to spray/spritz directly onto my face, that not appealing to me I spray on to a cotton pad and then gently apply to my face.

    Great size bottle at 150ml which will last me quite a while and also love that it has a subtle scent.

    As I now am starting to have aging skin using the product long term will enhance my skin and keep it nourished, youthful and hydrated.

  29. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product. I’ve found that this has fitted nicely into my AM skincare routine, and I use it as the first product after a shower. I was confused after reading the instructions that it didn’t address how to apply this – do you spray straight onto your face or a cotton pad? I guess you can do either but I opted to go with the cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. It feels nice to apply and has a very light to non existent fragrance. I’ve found it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The product is pricey but good value as it is a large size that will last a long time.

  30. I was on the fence about trying a new product. However, I was blown away because my skin started to have a glow after the 4th use. I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my lines as well as how glowing it looks.

    Thank you for letting me try this amazing product.

  31. Skin Virtue Nourish Hydrating Solution.
    I have been trialling this for 5 days now I use in the morning after my shower , my skin certainly needed this ,beautiful easy to use spray bottle my skin feels hydrated and smooth .
    Drys quickly and does what it says .
    Thankyou beauty and lace for giving me the chance to try this magnificent skin Virtue product.

  32. Skin Virtue you have done it again. I was lucky enough to be able to trial their Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution and it didn’t disappoint. I have always used a toner after cleansing and have always found it left my skin feeling dry and tight which I just assumed was normal. However, I said hello to this little beauty and am thanking it for opening up my eyes to a new world of toning! Being in a spray bottle I was tempted to spray it over my face but reading the instructions it says not to apply to the eye contour area so I sprayed it onto a cotton wool ball and wiped it over my face instead (my normal way of applying toner anyway!). Straight away I noticed a difference. It felt almost like a serum that absorbed into my skin straight away. There was no irritation (I suffer from very sensitive skin) and my skin felt soft, refined and looked almost dewy in appearance. I was impressed! Was also impressed (kinda grossed out too) with the amount of grime it still managed to wipe off my face too. I think it is time to update my cleanser now lol!! I continued to use my moisturiser afterwards and I do believe the wrinkles/crows feet around my eyes have diminished. I know my pores are also looking smaller and combined with the exfoliating mask benefits, I am absolutely delighted with how good my skin is looking lately. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this product, I love it!

  33. Skin Virtues Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution is lovely to use, it has a nice soft lovely smell and feels lovely when you put it on.
    I don’t normally use a toner, the odd occasion in the past when i have I remember it making my skin feel tight and uncomfortable, this toner is the opposite, my skin feels plump and soft after putting it on.
    I will be using more of this when my bottle runs out, definitely recommend!
    Thanks to Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for the beautiful toner to use and review

  34. Aging skin, argghhh how vexes me! What used to work beautifully for my skin now irritates and falls short of fulfilling it’s function. I have been looking for a skin toner for a while now that my lovely, somewhat petulant, skin will tolerate. Along comes my chance to trail Skin Virtue Nourish Hydrating solution and boy what a winner this is! My skin loves it! No redness, no irritants at all and the subtle glow my skin has taken on…well I feel 30 again lol. No harsh scents and it’s great for a spritz during the day for a quick refresher. ❤️

  35. I really enjoyed Skin Virtue Nourish Hydrating Solution, it is a great compliment to the previous trial and I feel it balances out the products beautifully. I love that you spray it on, it’s easy to apply and leaves the skin feeling fresh and well hydrated. Absorbs easily and no great feel, just lovely soft supple skin!

  36. I was lucky enough to discover the Skin Virtue brand when I was a tester of the Pure Exfoliating Mask and was lucky to be selected again for the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution. I normally purchase overseas made products and it was a joy to discover this Australian brand.
    I found the product easy to use, my only issue was I felt the spray was not fine enough (not a mist like other products I have used) and I ended up spraying into my hand and applying this way via patting onto my skin or really holding my hand back quite a distance.
    The product itself was amazing – my skin felt alive, zesty, fabulous and plump to the touch. Absorbs well and would be a welcome addition to any skincare routine. Perfect for our hot summers in Australia also. I would highly recommend.

  37. I want to express my gratitude to Skin Virtue for giving me the chance to try their Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    After using this toner for a few weeks, I must say it has become a standout product in my skincare routine. Skin Virtue’s Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution seems to have all the beneficial ingredients already packed in, making it a comprehensive moisturizer and nourisher by itself. It truly is a remarkable all-in-one product for revitalizing the skin.

    I’ve incorporated this toner into both my morning and evening routines. It has effectively removed any lingering traces of dirt, grime, and impurities. The hydrating components, including Rose and Hamamelis water, and Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), are readily absorbed, leaving my skin feeling not only cleaner but also more hydrated, soothed, and refreshed.

    I’ve also found it delightful to give my face a quick spritz when feeling a little flushed.Thank you to Skin Virtue for allowing me to experience this remarkable product.

  38. I was really excited to try this product having sensitive skin and being in my 30’s its hard to find an anti-aging product that works.
    I used this product twice daily as recommended for 3 weeks after cleansing and I really did notice a difference in the appearance of my skin and my pores didn’t seem to be as large- however on the third week of use it started to actually sting when applied so I ceased using it and went back to my $10 bottle of witch hazel.
    One thing I will note is the spray format- personally I saw this as a waste of product as I sprayed the cotton pad there was also product spraying on my counter top- this was solved by leaving minimal gap between the nozzle and the cotton pad but honestly I thought the spray format was a bit unnecessary.

  39. I loved this product – a spray on moisturiser that also has some of the benefits of a toner.
    This feels like a very light moisturiser as it goes on, but I saw benefits that I’d associate with much richer creams. I have rather dry, occasionally sensitive skin. Within four or five days my skin looked and felt noticeably more hydrated, softer, and generally looking better.
    I had no reactions to this, and found it working well under either sunscreen or makeup.
    I largely gave up using toners some time ago, finding them too drying. This provides some of the benefits of a toner with none of the downsides.
    Don’t underestimate the benefits of a well calibrated spray. You don’t want to feel that you’ve been squirted in the face with a fire hose, or feel that you have to hold it so far from your face that you can’t aim. I found this one perfectly balanced.
    I truly experienced no negatives with this product, but lots of positives. I really like it, and would buy it for myself.

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to try Skin Virtue’s Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    My first thoughts on the product were that a toner dries out the skin so surely this can’t actually be hydrating. Thankfully I was wrong, as the product definitely refreshes and hydrates straight away, and whilst I still topped up with serum afterwards, my skin looked and felt more hydrated all day.

    I’m also a big fan of the spray bottle as I find that often, more of the product ends up on the cotton pad then goes on my skin. Being able to spray directly onto my skin and then pat in added to the experience, plus have a mini massage in the process.

    I’m a big fan of Skin Virtue’s range as their products are easy to use, gentle on the skin and really work and the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution is no different. It’s safe to say that this is definitely going to be staying in my skincare regime.

  41. Thank you for allowing me to test the ‘Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution’.
    As a toner, this is a beautiful product that is so easy and convenient to use after cleansing my face with a spray application before putting on my usual moisturiser. I used it morning and night and felt my skin respond with a new smoothness and plumpness without the irritation I had felt with other astringent toners. It is a pleasure to use and incorporate into my beauty self-care regime; many thanks!

  42. I really love the Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution it’s so simple to use and takes no time and makes my face feels so soft and helps with the oily skin I have. I’ve been using this product twice a day even though it’s only needed once daily just to help as I don’t use anything else on my skin and this makes my skin look and feel so much better.
    Thank you for the privilege of trialing this product

  43. I was excited to trial this hydration solution from skin virtue after trialling the daily polishing mask and this definitely didn’t disappoint.

    After just using once, I noticed a huge difference in the texture and hydration of my skin. It just felt very soft and supple and overall very hydrated.
    I mostly used it with my morning ritual and loved it alot.

  44. Thanks to Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    This toner is the best product I have tried in a very long time and I’ll be honest, I don’t look after my skin!

    I’ve noticed that my skin is looking and definitely feeling better. I’m even getting comments from other people on how good my skin looks!

    I would highly recommend this product!

  45. I was lucky enough to try both the Pure Exfoliating Mask and now the Pure Nourish Hydration Serum.

    I was super excited to test this product as I loved the last one.
    I didn’t expect it to be so hydrating. It acted as a toner / moisturiser and my skin felt refreshed after use.

    It is now part of my routine as it is a game changing product.

    Thank you to Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for letting me have the opportunity to test out this product.

  46. I love this Product! I use it mornings and then again when I get home from work to clean and refresh my skin and it nails it. My skin feels fresh, clean and silky. Now an central staple of my daily skin routine. Thank You Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for allowing me to trial this amazing product.

  47. Skin Virtue’s Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution is such a fabulous and effective product! My skin feels 1000% better after using Skin Virtue, and I find it so valuable as it really streamlines my skin care routine – hydration, nourishment and anti-aging all in one! A definite plus for time-poor people like myself. I would highly recommend the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution and indeed have already converted a few friends who are now happily using it also. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try Skin Virtue’s amazing product!

  48. Thank you to Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for allowing me to trial and review this product. After an only a few weeks of using this product I see a difference in my skin. It feels softer and looks healthier. I also feel like the lines around my eyes have reduced in appearance. I love that it’s a spray bottle it makes it simple and so convenient to use.

  49. Thank you Skin Virtue for allowing me to try this new product!
    I have absolutely loved using the Pure Nourishing Hydrating Solution spray.
    Firstly it smells amazing!! It’s a beautiful product and so easy to use. I just spray it on and let it sit before finishing my routine with moisturiser.
    As the weather gets warmer I spray morning and night and I really feel it’s made a difference to my dehydrated, sensitive skin.
    A lot of traditional toners leave a very uncomfortable sting on my skin, as well make my skin feel stripped of its natural oils however this feels much more like a beautiful hydration mist with a lot of added, anti aging benefits. 10/10. Thank you for introducing me to a stand out product!

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