USER REVIEWS: Skin Doctors Younger Hands

Want younger looking hands?

Skin Doctors Younger Hands is a one of a kind treatment hand cream – it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, lightens age spots and freckles, resurfaces to slough dull, dead skin away plus hydrates and softens… and proven to reduce your hand age by 10 years.

Unlike normal hand creams, designed primarily to moisturise, Skin Doctors Younger Hands contains 4 clinically proven actives for dramatic, anti ageing results. It has been specifically developed to treat the back of the hands where damage and ageing are most noticeable.

Skin Doctors Younger Hands (2)

The combination of active ingredients in Younger Hands works on the most common skin concerns, with dramatic results:

  • Skin is visibly plumper with thickness and texture returning to the levels of 10 years ago
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced, with the appearance of wrinkle depth and roughness reduced by more than half in 28 days
  • Age spots and freckles are visibly lightened
  • Skin is resurfaced, unveiling a smoother, more uniform appearance

Skin Doctors Younger Hands is available in pharmacies nationally and retails for $34.95 (75ml)

100 of our members have been testing Skin Doctors Younger Hands, find out what they think below.

118 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Skin Doctors Younger Hands

  1. I should like to be considered as a tester, ladies, for the skin cream if it is still available… my hands have a lot of sun spots on them and wrinkles…. many thanks

  2. Oh wow……this cream sounds amazing. Great time for a trial also as my hands are so dry and I want them to look 10 years younger 🙂

  3. OH WOW – This sounds like it has been designed and made with me in mind. How brilliant it would be to e selected for this trial! I’ve been impressed with the Skin Doctors products and their ethics. Good luck – I’m sure there will be so many who would love to be pat of tis trial.

  4. This is definately something i could use,have noticed that i have more age spots and thinner and much wrinklier skin than a few years ago.

  5. The perfect time of year for this trial. Wintry weather is not kind to skin, so we all need some pampering.

  6. Im a real hand cream person as they are always dry from washing them so much. I would really like to try something that could possibly turn back the clock by ten years

  7. I used to love my hands..but now I loathe them…they remind me of my Grandmother’s hands … 🙁

  8. I would be very interested in trying this hand cream, as I use one every night before bed, and it would be good to see how this one performs.

  9. The hand cream sound amazing. I have very thin skin in my hands and they are starting to look aged. I would luv to try the cream and see if it works for me

  10. I really need a hand cream that works. Life on the farm has taken it’s toll on my hands….from fixing fences in the hot sun or cold weather, to mixing chemicals that dry my skin out, and general wear and tear. I hope I am chosen.

  11. this would be amazing to try right now my hands are a mess they are so dry and have age spots and so much sun damage so this would be amazing to try still looking for my holy grail hand cream and this may b
    e the one 🙂

  12. Please pick me for this trial as my hands are showing the age I am even adding few years between the blemishes and DULL dry skin would love to trial kind regards Tracy

  13. My hands really need attention and I would love to take part in a trial as I have had trouble finding a cream that would make my hands look lovely like they once did

  14. My poor old hands are cleaners hands , at the moment I sit at night and ,(it sounds terrible ) pick the inside of my thumbs they’re that dry tried all sorts of creams so far nothing works so this would be very interesting to see how good the product is

  15. Would love to trial this product. My hands look as though they have had a very hard life! I use hand cream daily but my hands are still dry and wrinkled. I also have lots of age spots so would be great to see them fade a bit.

  16. This hand cream sounds amazing would love to try my hands are so dry and have age spots I think this cream would really help

  17. I have been trying other creams/oils for my dry hand and have sun spots and would certainly like to try to compare Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream

  18. I would love to review this product, as very soon I will be celebrating a milestone birthday which is bringing with some ‘age’ related insecurities and my super dry hands is one of them! 🙂

  19. I always hide my hands and have had people comment on how old they look. I tell them is because of honest hard work but I would really love to try this product.

  20. This hand cream sounds wonderful! My hand cream that I am currently using only hydrate my hands, but the Skin Doctors Younger Hands sounds like it will also make my hands look younger!
    How exciting! I would love the opportunity to trial this

  21. I was lucky enough to be a part of the SK II Skin Doctors trial team bit over a year ago…was super impressed by how effective the product was, there was a definite visable improvement…Skin Doctors seem to have a great reputation for making top knotch skin care products – that actually work! I’d be quite keen to get my hands on (literally – lol) and try out their new hand cream…based on the last skin doctors product I trialled/purchased expectations are fairly high…

  22. I hate the dozens of sun spots on my hands and arms, Please include me in the trial, I have tried other products but nothing has helped.

  23. Thrilled to receive an email to tell me that I am part of this trial. Ageing hands will most definitely be given a workout – looking forward to results!!!! Thanks B&L.

  24. Cream arrived on Friday and so far it is excellent. I was interested reading that it goes on the BACK of your hands, not all over as you’d use a “normal” hand cream. Texture great, lovely gentle fragrance. Looking forward to continuing to trial. Thanks B&L.

  25. Thank you for the surprise arrival of Skin Doctors Hand Cream. I have been using it twice daily since Friday, I think my skin feels softer already! It is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue on the skin

  26. I received my cream today, I can’t wait to start using this. Thanks Beauty and Lace and Skin Doctors for this wonderful opportunity.
    Looking forward to sharing my experiences in a few weeks time 🙂

  27. I’ve absolutely loved this trial! I’ve been renovating my house for 18 months now, so my hands have been looking really awful. Honestly after using the Skin Doctors hand cream just twice, I could see a difference in how my hands looked. I’ve been using the cream for about 2 weeks now and my hands do look younger and plumper. I apply it 2-3 times a day, but my hands stay feeling nice all day long. I’m quite fussy with hand cream, but have been really impressed with the Skin Doctors cream. Thank you so much for the trial Beauty and Lace! >:o)

  28. Thank you so much B&L for this exciting massive 6 week trial! 🙂
    Like most, my hands seem to be the part of my body that gets forgotten about, even though it’s probably used the most, even now as I type this!
    Being 30, I’ve noticed my hands are beginning to show the life they’ve had, and I’d rather that be kept under wraps! 😉 I’ve been loving this cream so far already, it feels so nice on my skin, absorbs quickly and smells gorgeous! My hands already look younger and are less dry.
    Love the crisp, clean packaging and that it’s Australian made!

    I’ve been so happly with this product so far, I’ve just done a little blog post about it. 🙂

    (I hope that’s ok!?)

    Thanks again, I can’t wait to see how young my hands are going to be by the end of the trial, and even the end of the whole tube! xo

  29. Wow ! My hands look SO YOUNG!!!! I brought this hand cream into work since we are all quite addicted to hand cream. All the girls love it. The texture is lovely, absorbs quickly with no left over greasy feeling. The only downer on the hand cream would be the funky smell.
    Thank you so much again Beauty and Lace for the lovely trail xxoo

  30. Thank you very much to Beauty & Lace and Skin Doctors for the opportunity to trial this hand cream. It comes nicely packaged in a good quality 75ml white squeezable tube.

    This trial came at a great time as I had recently noticed that the back of my hands were starting to show my age. This hand cream is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It leaves my hands feeling soft, supple and nourished.

    I have been using this hand cream for the past 3 weeks now. Over that time I have noticed that the skin on the back of my hands is looking more youthful. This is a really hard working hand cream which has successfully revitalised my hands. I look forward to using the remainder of the tube and seeing further results.

  31. Nearly 2 weeks have lapsed of trialling this hand cream. I am only using it for the backs of my hands and so far, I am really impressed with the results. At this time of year, the backs of my hands always feel rough and sore but so far, all is fantastic. Loving this trial B&L, a great time.

  32. Love love love this product! I have only been using my cream for a week and a half now but am already seeing small signs of difference. My hands have been neglected for a long time so its nice they are finally getting a bit of attention. Looking forward to adding more information at the end of the trial.

  33. Firstly, thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review this.
    I have been using the Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream regularly for over a couple of weeks, and the results have been very impressive.
    I had some cracks on my hands near the knuckle area (caused by the wintery weather), and this product has made them all heal. It has also made the appearance of my hands more youthful. I even received a compliment from my sister the other day, and raved about the cream. She is wanting to try it for herself now!
    I like the scent of the cream, I didn’t find it too strong or overpowering. I love the the cream absorbs readily into my skin without leaving that greasy feeling that other hand creams often have. The skin on my hands is definitely much smoother, which I am thrilled about! I would recommend this product as I think it is really worth it and lives up to what it claims to do.

  34. I have been trialing this hand cream for the last couple of weeks now.

    Before beginning the trial my hands were very dry with lots of scaly bits in between each finger (itchy, red and horrible) as a consequence of working in a lab where i wear gloves all day and wash my hands a lot. I had been using a different handcream which was helping a little but wasn’t clearing up the problem.

    Skin Doctors Younger Hands has completely fixed my hands within a week. My hands are soft and the skin is smooth (no dry scaly bits to be seen). I used it once a day- before bed every night, and it worked its magic.

    The cream is very thick, but smooths on well. It absorbs well, although i do feel like there is a slight residue left for a few minutes afterwards (not greasy, more creamy). My hands feel instantly softer.

    The packaging is nice and simple, although the tube itself doesn’t have the ingredients, directions or cautions on it – this is only on the box and the insert (and since I’m the kind of person who usually chucks the box out, and doesn’t usually read the insert, this isn’t very helpful) .

    Overall, i think it is a good quality hand cream with some serious moisturising power, particularly for anyone with dry or cracked hands. it has definitely plumped the skin up and there has been no more dry hands. YAY!

  35. After two weeks of trialling Skin Doctos Younger Hands I can say that my hands are definitely looking better – more hydrated and supple, with a smoother appearance. The Skin Doctors cream absorbs well into my skin and has a light fresh fragrance, and leaves my skin feeling nourished and refreshed. Thanks for allowing me to trial Beauty&Lace.

  36. I have been really enjoying trialling Skin Doctors Younger Hands for the past few weeks now. Over this time I have seen the condition of my hands improve noticeably.

    The cream is a lovely consistency, it applies smoothly and absorbs quickly. I had a small graze on my hand and I feel that using this hand cream has helped it to heal much faster than it would have otherwise. My hands are feeling softer, smoother and looking younger. I am very impressed by this hand cream and will continue to use it regularly.

  37. Firstly I want to say a big thank you to Beauty and Lace and to the skin doctors for allowing me to trial your younger hands moisturiser. To say I was suitably impressed is a massive under statement. I have used many hand creams in my life as I suffer from dry, aged hands but from the first time using your product, the non greasy formula left my hands soft and plumper. Due to my dry hands, I find a lot of products leaves the top of my hands itchy and uncomfortable, this has not happened to me during the trial. I have been using the product religiously since receiving it and my skin has dramatically improved – its nourished, my wrinkles are fading and my hands really do look younger. What a great product, I will defiantly be only using this brand from now on.

  38. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this hand cream. My hands have been extremely dry and looking quite wrinkled this Winter so I was excited to see what if anything this handcream would do for them.
    It wasn’t greasy or over perfumed either which was great. My hands felt so soft and smooth and after 2 weeks my hands are looking healthy and heaps younger, thank you 🙂

  39. love this product! Smells lovely, feels great….soaks into my hands well and there is no greasy afterfeel. I will be buying this from now on!

  40. The skin on my hands feels so much softer and plumper. No dryness at all. Really love the soft delicate scent. Also no greasy after feel the cream was completely absorbed in a minute or so leaving my skin smooth and soft. Absolutely love the cream and will certainly repurchase!

  41. How fantastic to find a product that does what it says it will do. I am 67 and my hands have had a hard life! I have been using Skin Doctors Hand Cream twice a day for three weeks. The brown aging spots are fading, my skins elasticity has returned and my skin feels softer. The texture of the cream is fine and readily absorbed. I would recommend this product to every mature person

  42. I was just delighted to receive this hand product so thank you so much, Beauty and Lace and Skin Doctors. I try to keep hand cream on my hands on a regular basis and overall they are in fairly good condition BUT something sounding like this interested me greatly.

    I hoped my hands might look 10 years younger in 3 weeks – they didn’t – but in all honesty I did know that was a pipe dream!!!! I was intrigued that it was only used on the backs of hands. The fragrance is perfect, fresh and lovely without taking over. I loved the feel of it from the first use and I’m still loving the feel and softness 3 weeks later. My hands REALLY HAVE shown improvement. I have no idea how Younger Hands works and I am comfortable with that but it definitely seems to have a plumping effect with my skin so that they definitely look and feel softer, less dry and a much better colour.

    I’ve also noticed a slight but real improvement in some “age spots.” This is a major bonus. I’m fairly fussy about the products I use, having incredibly sensitive skin and I’ve had nothing but good reactions using the Skin Doctors Younger Hands as prescribed.

    I will definitely continue to use the cream and will repurchase it when this tube is finished. Overall, an excellent experience. I’m sure Skin Doctors are on another winner with this great product.

  43. I have been using the Skin Doctors Younger Hands for a couple of weeks now and I can really see the difference in my hands. They are so much smoother and softer, the wrinkles seem to be getting smaller too.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to my family and friends. Thanks for the opportunity to let me try it. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.

  44. Well my hands were definitely showing my age and looking worse with every passing day. But from the first application of Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream, they have looked and felt better. Over the course of 3 weeks, I have seen age spots diminish and the general texture of skin on my hands improve. I have already gone out and purchased another tube of this wonder cream and keep one in my handbag. I apply it after I wash my hands. I will be purchasing some my mum too as she could really benefit from this too. Love it! In fact I must try other products from the Skin Doctors range as I have never used any of their products before!

  45. I’ve been using Skin Doctors for the last three weeks – my hands definitely give away my age and more as I used to cycle a lot, plus I garden and do heaps of washing. After one application of Skin Doctors I was amazed and wondered if I used it on my face what effect it would have! It is non greasy and comes in nice clean packaging. The scent is a little unusual hence I chose to wear it during the day and not at night. I will definitely be trying their day creams though!

  46. As part of the trial team for this hand cream, I loved it! It arrived at my house at the same time as the flu. Miraculously I didn’t catch the flu but this cream really saved my hands from drying out with all the hand washing I had to do. I can see a slight different in the age spots which is fabulous but I haven’t been able to use the cream for as long as they say the best results take. The cream isn’t too greasy which was another big bonus for me because I needed to be able to get on with what I was doing and not wait for the cream to absorb. The scent was light and lovely, not overpowering. I am still dragging it around the house where ever I go. Determined to keep going with this. Thank you for letting me try the product!

  47. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and also Skin Doctors for the opportunity to take part in this trial.

    It seems around winter every year my hands get very dry and sensitive. I have also noticed that my hands are starting to look quite aged. This cream has been great for my concerns. The cream is a great thick consistency and very easily absorbed. My hands aren’t left feeling oily or slimy but smooth, soft and nourished. There is no strong scent. My hands are more smooth and hydrated with no signs of irritation.

  48. Thank you B&L, I loved being a part of this trial!

    I work in a cafe so doing dishes all day and accidentally burning myself on the steam wand really leaves my hands looking a lot older then they actually are. So I was very excited to use this treatment hand cream. It had a lovely thick consistency but absorbed quickly which is a must in my book. It has a nice, light fragrance. It’s different from other hand creams as you only put in on the back of your hands. I did notice that my hands are looking smoother and the skin looks hydrated. Even some pesky little spots look like they’re fading. Now I wouldn’t say they look exactly 10 years younger but they do look great!

    To sum up it’s a great product and something I would recommend to friends/family. 9/10 stars!

  49. I really liked using Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream because It absorbs into the skin really well, leaving My dry hands silky soft.
    It’s non greasy and I believe it really helped Make My hands feel better by softening and soothing out My fine lines.

  50. thanks for letting me be a part of this trial. this product is another winner from skin doctors!

    my hands get very dry and they become sore in winter. my skin on my hands looks old and wrinkly in winter and i hate it. from the first time i used this cream, i was impressed. the cream is thick but not oily, it is easily absorbed and leaves my hands looking younger and feeling fantastic without the need to reapply it every hour or so. the scent is pleasant but its very mild which is good. i highly recommend this product to anyone who has dry hand skin, its the best hand cream i have ever used

  51. Thank you for letting me trial the Skin Doctors Younger Hands creme. I have been using it for 4 weeks now and have noticed a visible difference in the appearance of the back of my hands. The skin there is now softer and firmer and my freckles and age spots are reduced.
    The creme itself if thick but absorbs very well. I usually only use fragrance free products because I have very sensitive skin and this is probably why I noticed the product has a particularly heavy chemical smell but that’s my only quibble.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone with mature hands or sun-damaged hands.

  52. Thanks again for picking me to trial Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream. At the end of three weeks I am happy to say that this product really does seem to have benefited the skin on my hands. Not sure they look 10 years younger but certainly nourished, plumped and much improved.

  53. I have now been using Skin Doctors Younger hands for 3 weeks. To start with I really felt that this product was no going to work for me. I seemed to be applying it morning and night and really not seeing any change but once I was into the second week I felt that maybe i was seeing a change. It was very slight so I thought perhaps I was just imagining the change but now after 3 weeks I find I keep looking at my hands and yes there is a positive change. Freckles and age spots have faded. They are not totally gone but they have faded a lot. A part of me wishes that I had used it just on one hand so that I could really compare the differences. I feel that my hands certainly do look younger. Not by 10 years but it does say that it takes 6 weeks so i will keep using it and see how my hands look after another 3 weeks.
    The cream has a lovely smell and it absorbs quickly. You only need a very small amount so one tube will last for quite a while.
    So far im very impressed. If you decided to give it a go then make sure you stick with it and dont expect instant results.
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace for this wonderful opportunity.

  54. Thank you for allowing me to try this hand cream. It is brilliant, my hands are softer, and there is certainly a change in my age spots. I will certainly be keeping this product in beauty collection. Thanks again.

  55. This hand cream arrived on my birthday and what a wonderful present it turned out to be.
    Let me describe my hands before using this cream.
    They were dry and cracked with skin splitting across my knuckles. They looked old and over worked. Red in spots and if I made a fist the skin would be so dry it would split. Every night and day I was putting on hand cream and nothing was helping.
    Then this package with Skin Doctors Younger Hands arrived and I thought ok lets try this.
    So every night for the last 3 weeks I have been putting this cream on. This is a nice smooth cream that blends into your hands and the fact that you don’t need much means it will last a while. Straight away you could see the difference. It seemed to moisturise my hands in a way that no hand cream had done before. They felt soft and smooth.
    So after 3 weeks I have the most amazing looking hands. There are no red spots and there is no dryness to be seen. In these last 3 weeks my hands have not been dry at all so no more split bleeding old looking hands.
    I’ve gone from old looking dry hands to younger looking soft hands.
    Now if only there was something just like this for my face. 😉

  56. I have been using this cream of about a month and I have had some good results. My skin on my hands is a lot softer and the freckles and sun damage is not as visible. My hands look and feel younger.

    The cream absorbs easily into my skin and I only need a small amount each time. It has a slight fragrance to it, but that hasn’t irritated my skin.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for this trial.

  57. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Doctors for providing me with Younger Hands to trial. This is no ordinary hand cream this cream claims to take 10 years off your hands in 6 weeks! How amazing does this sound, I couldn’t wait to test this hand cream out. I am 45 years old and during the last few years have noticed small freckles and pigmentation spots showing up on my hands plus the skin is starting to thin and feels rough.

    I love the packaging of this hand cream, the white flat tube with a flip top lid makes it very user friendly because I am forever dropping caps and lids and loosing them. The white packaging and silver trim gives the product a professional look and it contains 75ml of product.

    The hand cream itself has a lovely subtle fragrance and it’s hydrating without leaving my hands feeling sticky or greasy, it absorbed almost instantly! I applied the hand cream twice a day as recommended to the back of my hands.

    After 3 weeks of use, the back of hands does look a lot better. The skin looks more hydrated and even toned. I couldn’t say my hands looked 10 years younger but the skin tone appears more even and my hands feels amazingly soft!
    I love the fact that this contains sunscreen to prevent further brown spots and pigmentation forming.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed using this hand cream, it’s not like any other hand cream that I have used in the past. But then again, I have never used an anti aging hand cream before. If you are concerned about your hands giving away your age, then I would highly recommend this hand cream because it actually treats the signs of aging.
    I can’t wait to see the difference at the end of six weeks.

  58. I have been using Skin Doctors Younger Hands for a couple weeks now. I am 53 and worked out in the Kimberly for nearly 7 years on ships and land based Pearl farms. My skin was exposed to sun, wind and salt air/water and as a result I had sun damaged skin on my hands. I currently work in a Hospital as a cleaner so now my skin is exposed to chemicals and hand disinfectants.
    I was pleasantly surprised when the product arrived that the package was a full size one of 75ml and not just a small sample pack. The cream has a pleasant aroma and is absorbed almost immediately and does not leave my skin greasy.
    After using this hand cream twice a day (as recommended) I have noticed a dramatic improvement. My hands are not as wrinkled, sun spots have visably lightened and my hand feel smoother.
    The freckles I have on my hands have not visably changed but overall a wonderful improvement.
    I am definitely impressed with this product and would highly recommend it to reduce the signs of aging in hands.

  59. I have to admit that I’ve spent a life time abusing my hands playing sport, gardening, flying commercially for a living and sailing – now living full time on a boat. I’ve had Efudex treatment on my skin in the past which involved weeks of watching my skin turn red and then shed the old layers – not very comfortable, but very effective. Of course my skin was then a little more sun sensitive as well.

    Sink Doctors Younger Hands has made a dramatic difference not only to the skin on the back of my hands but to my nails as well. The crusty pieces have almost gone completely and my skin is more supple and less splotchy.

    I’ll definitely be continuing with the cream! Thanks for allowing me to be part of this trial.

  60. First of I would like to say thank you for selecting me to trail Skin Doctors Younger Hand Cream , I will admit I was quite sceptical in regards to what this product claims it can do BUT I was so wrong after two weeks I saw a noticeable difference to the back of my hands, sun spots and freckles are visibly lighter my hands feel smoother and don’t look so dry, loved the tube the cream comes in and the scent is great not over powering , using three times a day I thought this cream would make my hands feel greasy but no the cream absorbs into the skin no greasy feeling like with some other creams and you only have to use a small amount to see and feel the difference ,I will continue to use and purchase another tube once again thanks for this trial product

  61. I am beyond thrilled with the results of this creme. My hands have been neglected and it was really showing but this creme has given life and youth back to them. When I first put it on I thought it was a little greasy but within minutes it has absorbed into my skin and they were soft and grease-free.
    I absolutely recommend this to anyone that has dry, aging hands. I also used it on my decolletage and it significantly reduced the surface lines there as well.

  62. This hand cream is great, but its not the kind that I’d keep in my bag to reapply during the day at work. It has a fairly strong, almost medicinal scent which lingers for awhile and it often left my hands feeling sticky between my fingers, no matter how much I rubbed it in.

    It is a great hand cream though – the skin on my hands looks a lot cleaner after almost a month of use and my nails seem to be stronger.

    Would I purchase this product? Definitely, to keep next to my bed for nighttime use.

  63. I have now used this cream for a couple of weeks and have noticed remarkable results. My hands feels so soft and smooth. The pigmentation has almost disappeared. I’m thrilled to bits and having been raving about this product to mum, my mother in law and friends. Thank you for letting me be a part of this trial and discovering this product.

  64. After more weeks of using this cream, I am impressed with the results. The backs of my hands are certainly looking a lot plumper than before. Due to medication I take, I always noticed that they looked paper thin and I hated the look. This cream has also made the back of my hands feel softer and so more hydrated. There was no greasy feeling after application. Yes, that tiny little age spot seems to have faded considerably.
    Thanks B&L, as if I hadn’t of trialled it I would never of known it’s benefits to my hands. Definitely a cream I will stick with 🙂

  65. I have been using Skin Doctors Younger Hands 2-3 times daily for nearly 3 weeks now and some of on my sun spots have faded slightly. My hands feel smoother, tighter and appear fresher.
    It has a soft scent and is non greasy.
    For extra pampering some evenings I have been wearing cotton gloves so the cream absorbs more into my hands.
    It’s great the product is made in Australia but it would be good if directions of use and cautions were also detailed on the tube rather than just on the packaging box and paper insert.
    Lovin’ the results!!

  66. Thank you so much to Beauty & Lace for having me as part of this trial.
    I applied for the trial as I have suffered with dry hands for as long as I can remember and I also have a lot of pigmentation spots, whether from ageing or sun…I’m not sure but they’re there and noticeable.
    I found the Skin Doctors Younger Hands Cream to be amazing. My hands have definitely changed within the 3-4 weeks of using this. I’ve been applying the cream every night before bed as I find this is the best time as it gives the cream time to work, as I’m not washing my hands constantly.
    The hydration and moisture lasts all night and most of the day. My pigmentation marks have diminished a great deal in my eyes and I swear my hands actually do look younger. I’m pleased with how my hands look and I’m not embarrassed of the what-was crepey looking skin, it now looks more even, supple, healthy and not wrinkled at all. I cannot stop raving about this hand cream to everyone and I will definitely purchase this once the tube runs out….it is worth the price in my eyes as I only expel a 20 cent piece on each hand every night and massage in, so it will last a while and I’m seeing definite benefits, which can’t be said very often when trialling products, I have not come across many beauty products that actually live up to their claims – like this one does.
    I would recommend this hand cream to anyone that suffers with dry hands, has unwanted wrinkles/ageing hands and that suffer with pigmentation….you will all love this.

  67. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream.
    The cream comes in a regular upside-down tube, with an easy-to-use nozzle. This is great as it reduces the risk of bacteria forming within the product.
    The cream’s scent was fresh and pleasant, not too strong, and didn’t linger on the skin. The cream itself felt luxurious, yet light and not at all oily. It absorbed into the skin after a few seconds.
    I used the cream for 4 weeks, and applied it to the top of my hands as recommended. In that time, I have noticed a definite softening of the skin and an overall smoothness that is wonderful! The tiny wrinkles have almost disappeared and the area around my cuticles is super-smooth. My hands definitely look younger, but I wouldn’t really say “10 years” younger (although this effect may occur with extended use).
    I do not have any freckles or age spots on my hands, so cannot comment on whether the cream would effectively fade these marks.
    I am also happy with the inclusion of sunscreen in the cream, which will assist in reducing further sun damage in the future.

  68. I had almost given up hope of finding a cream that would help my poor old hands. I’ve been using the Skin Doctors Younger Hands Cream for over 3 weeks now and I’m really impressed with it. Menopause has played nasty tricks on my skin and hair, and particularly on my hands. No matter what I’ve done, dry patches come and go at will on the back of my hands, and sometimes they get quite itchy and flaky. Using the Skin Doctors hand cream has been wonderful, because the dry patches have disappeared, and the skin really is softer, with no irritation at all. I’m sold on this product, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to all my friends and family.

  69. I’ve now tried this product for 3 weeks, as suggested and have found it has softened my hands (due to sun damage and just plain neglect). It didn’t make them look younger, but was still very happy with the results.
    Thank you both Beauty & Lace as well as Skin Doctors for the opportunity to try and review this product.

  70. Firstly thank you very much for the opportunity to trial this crème and can I say, I was extremely impressed!

    I have had the crème on my bedside table so that I could apply it morning and night as per the instructions.

    The product trial came at a very opportune time as during the dryer winter months, I always suffer with redness, dryness and wrinkly looking hands. I must always apply a good amount of creams to my hands in order to help with the dryness, however with the Skin Doctors crème, a little goes a long way and I only used liberal amounts which were sufficient in covering my whole hand.

    The crème absorbed so deeply and yet was not greasy in doing so. I would add though, that it is best applied to un-cracked hands, because I did find it a little on the stingy and tingly side when it absorbed into some small cracks that I had on my knuckles.

    I have been using this hand cream for the past 6 weeks now. Over that time I have noticed that the skin on the back of my hands was nothing short of amazing! The redness that I had on my knuckles had disappeared, my hands appeared smoother and less ‘wrinkly’ and you could visibly see that they were always hydrated. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the creme made my hands look ‘younger’ however, it most certainly made my hands look ‘healthier’ I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this product and look forward to using the rest of the crème.

  71. I have really enjoyed trialing this product, it absorbs really well into the skin, has a lovely soft scent which is not too overpowering.
    I definitely have noticed a difference in my hands with the regular use over the past few weeks.
    I have found they are not as dry and appear more plump and supple.
    It has also really helped to keep my cuticles moisturised.
    Lovely hand cream that I will continue to use.

  72. Thank you Beauty and Lace for selecting me to trial this hand cream.
    Wow, it really is a good one! I really suffer from dry hands at this time of year particularly with a combination of cold and dry air. My skin literally drinks stuff put on it so I get through huge amounts of hand cream.
    This skin doctors one is fabulous. It lasts for ages, is non greasy and I really do think it has made my hands get younger. At first, being a busy mum of 3 I sometimes forgot for a day and I really noticed so the fact that it is so good has made me remember to look after my hands!!!
    I m super happy with it, will buy it again and recommend it to all my friends xxx

  73. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial this product. I am a little later than I would have liked in providing my feedback but work and internet service issues will do that!
    I was very happy with the hydration the hand cream provided and I have definitely noticed a reduction in the pigmented spots I have.
    I would definitely recommend friends and family give it a try!

  74. Thanks for the opportunity to try the skin doctors hand cream. I found it pleasantly scented. Very light on the skin and non oily. I wouldn’t say that my hands look younger but they definately feel softer when used on a continuous time frame.

  75. Thank you to Beauty and Lace for the trial.
    I loved using the hand cream because I used hand cream daily and especially before bed time. I prefer something that smells but isn’t strong because otherwise its too over-powering. This cream has a lovely scent and and is subtle over time.
    I dont think my hands are younger and I would not really expect a hand cream to do that. But it gives moisture enough to last the night and my skin isnt dry. My knuckles feel a lot smoother and skin is softer. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  76. Thank you very much Beauty & Lace for allowing me to trial this product.
    I have been using it now for 4 weeks and definitly believe that my hands look younger. I do think that the brown spots on my hands have become a little bit lighter.
    I have tried several other products previously but always found that there was very little or no improvement to my hands.
    I will most definitely continue to use this product and recommend it to my family and friends.

  77. Thanks to Beauty & Lace for letting me trial the Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream. I have been using the product for 3-4 weeks now and notice a difference from applying this cream. My hands felt smoother, as well as the slight fading of some sun spots on them. The cream wasn’t overly heavy which was great and the scent was nice and subtle. It is a good product, but I don’t think my hands looked ‘younger’ at the end of the day – it is possible they looked younger when I applied the cream, making me think it has that type of ‘blur’ technique that some creams have lately. I’m not sure I would continue to use the product based on the ‘younger’ fact, but it did make my skin soft, so maybe I would just invest in a good moisturizer for hands instead.

  78. i really liked the feel of this cream. i used it before bed and my hands felt silky and it absorbed quickly. it also wasn’t too scented.

    i will definitely buy it again.
    i would love a version with sunscreen!
    thanks Anna for the opportunity to trial. 🙂

  79. Thanks for the opportunity to trial Skin Doctors ‘Younger Hands’.
    This cream has definitely lived up to its name. I have been using this cream for 3 weeks and my skin feels and looks both smoother and softer. I have suffered from dry skin, so the cream soaks up immediately leaving my skin soft. I really like the lovely soft scent that is not overpowering.

    The75ml tube is a great size ready to go in my handbag or wherever I may be traveling. I will continue to use this moisturising cream and will recommend to family and friends who suffer from dry skin.

  80. My hands are so soft and moisturised after using this for a few weeks…great product which I have recommended to my friends! Thanks again!!!

  81. Thank you for letting me trial the Skin Doctors Younger Hands. Have been trialing now for a few weeks and very impressed. My hands are soft since using this product and have noticed the freckles that were very prominent have now diminished. Highly recommend and now need a product that can be used on the arms which will do the same thing.

  82. I did my first post on 3rd Sept and commented on the visable improvement to the sun spots but not the freckles on the back of my hands.
    I am exstatic with the results from using the Skin Doctors Hand Cream. Some of the sun spots/age spots I had on my hands when I started the trial have totally disappeared and the couple left and visably getting smaller and lighter.
    The larger freckles I had on my hands have faded and are not as prominent as they were. A few of the smaller freckles have definitely lessened in size.
    Overall I am so impressed with this hand cream I have advised my co-working Cleaners to purchase it and start using it.
    Thank you again for allowing me to try this wonderful product, cheers 🙂

  83. I’ve been using Skin Doctors Younger Hands for over 3 weeks now, and one of the best things about it is that it soaks into your skin very well. This is one of my pet peeves about most hand creams, because if you use it and then put a dvd into your player, the disc wont play:)
    So thankyou Skin Doctors for being so absorbent.
    It smells like heaven too.
    I have really revoltingly dry hands (thankyou, never ending winter for that!) and although at first I did not notice much improvement, after Week One of using it regularly, my hand skin felt really silky.
    If you have some cotton gloves, smothering it onto your hands and wearing the gloves overnight is amazing.
    I’m honestly going to buy this hand cream, because it does work and if you get into the habit of using it whenever you thinnk of it, your hands will be very silky again.
    Thankyou Beauty And Lace for the oppportunity to try such a fine product.

  84. Although I am only 30, I have a few freckles on my hands and am extremely conscious about ‘drivers hands’ and my hands being the body part to show the first signs of aging. I was therefore excited to trial Skin Doctors Younger Hands.

    After using daily for a fortnight I began to notice that my hands looked and felt smoother and that the freckles had gradually began to fade. Younger Hands has a smooth consistency and felt luxurious to apply, and did not leave an oily residue. I have extremely dry skin, in particular on my hands. I noticed that although my hands felt smoother and had less colouration, that they were not maintaining moisture throughout the day. I had to apply to hand cream several times throughout the day to get my desired effect.

    Overall, I am happy that Young Hands has managed to make my hands look more youthful and recommend its use to all.

  85. Absolutely love this product….
    from the moment I put it on I loved it..
    It smells great and actually works.
    My hands look the best they have
    looked in a long time.
    I have even had comments at how nice
    my hands look!!
    So it must be doing something…and
    whatever it is that its doing I love it.
    Definitely recommend this product and
    will definitely be buying it….. 😀 <3

  86. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and also Skin Doctors for the opportunity to take part in this trial.
    I’ve been using the cream for about 4 weeks now. It is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and the scent is not unpleasant. It certainly makes my hands feel smoother and I think some of the age spots have faded – one larger one definitely has. When this tube has finished I will most likely purchase another – overall I’ve been quite impressed.

  87. I have been using Skin Doctors Younger Hands for just over 6 weeks, applying it night and morning and when I think of it, and I’m at home, through the day.

    It has a good consistency with a light pleasant fragrance, which doesn’t last long, and the cream absorbs readily into the back of my hands. There is no oily residue and my hands feel soft afterwards.

    I’m in my early 50’s and have become consicous of the ageing of my hands in the last few years. They’re not too bad yet, but I have neglected them, thinking they were fine, but those tell-tale signs have crept up on me – the effects of sun damage, a few age spots appearing and a thinning of the skin making them appear older. I find myself looking at other peoples hands that are 10-20 years older than me, and I dont want mine to look like that.

    I had been looking around for a product that didn’t simply moisturise my hands and was pleased to be chosen for this trial.

    Since using Younger Hands, I’ve noticed my hands are softer and don’t look as drawn. Skin surface looks smoother and although the few age spots haven’t disappeared, they are slightly lighter, and no more have appeared.

    I have almost finished this 75ml tube and so impressed, that I have just repurchased two more from Skin Doctors and will give one to my mum!

    I’m confident that continued use will be beneficial to my hands and will slow down the ageing process and eventually make my hands look that ten years younger!

  88. I loved the texture of this cream. My hands have always looked older even though I myself look much younger. This cream improved my skins texture. I liked that it wasn’t too greasy and runny. It was thick enough to provide a protective barrier whilst moisturising. The only thing I would prefer is slightly different packaging as it became hard to squeeze out and it is quite a solid container.

  89. My poor 57 year old hands were quite dry and dotted with age spots. Since using “Skin Doctors younger hands” I have noticed that the skin on my hands is much softer and smooth to the touch.

    While the largest of my age spots is still persisting, the appearance of smaller spots has diminished. Hopefully continued use will help to fade the worst spot.

    The cream has a pleasant delicated fragrance and was great to use. It’s not greasy and absorbed quickly – I have the tube sitting on my desk so that I remember to use it often, and have had no trouble with greasy fingerprints on my keyboard.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial this product.

  90. I’ve just about finished my trial tube, and have in fact cut it open to get the last little bit out. I have it next to my computer desk and have applied it up to six times a day. To be a fair trial, I only applied it to one hand to compare the results and hopefully see the difference it made. I was in fact going to send a photo showing the difference between my two hands, – however, even though the scent was pleasant and it absorbed quiet well with unnecessary greasiness, there was disappointingly no visible difference between my two hands.

  91. I love trialing new products especially when I find something that is as good as what it claims to be, the Skin Doctors Younger Hands was a nice surprise it not only left my hands feeling soft and supple but also I could see a definite improvement after just a few days. After a couple of weeks my hands were not only a lot softer but the skin was much more younger looking with a much less wrinkles, I always felt like my hands were that of a much older person but now with this cream and some nail polish my hands look great and I am much more confident about showing my hands off. To me the packaging is very plain and boring, they need to put some color in it and jazz it up a bit to catch people’s attention.

  92. I used the cream once a day at night time. I liked the texture…quite think and easy to apply. Fragrance is not overpowering. My hands prior to using the cream were very dry with age spots, wrinkles and freckles as well as some sun spots. Today I still have wrinkles, freckles and age spots but I feel they are not as pronounced as they were….my hands certainly are not as dry as they were. I do feel that I need to continue using the cream and will purchase some more. During the trial period I had some sun spots removed with dry ice. This usually leaves my hands red and angry looking for about a week. I continued using the cream and the redness was gone in a few days. Thankyou for introducing me to this product and giving so many people the chance to trial it.

  93. Thank u for letting me trial this product! My hands felt so lush after using it and I was in desperate need of some good hand care product! This did all it said it would! Very happy:)

  94. I loved this product, results were extremely noticeable.
    My hands look like the did 5yrs ago, less freckle, sunspots and wrinkles, thanks o much

  95. Just over 7 weeks have lapsed since starting this hand cream and I can honestly say, it’s brillant. I only used it on the back of my hands and you can definitely see the difference from when I first started.

    Yes, I am still continuing to use this cream and recently bought some more.

  96. This stuff truly does work – was sceptical at first but one of the best hand creams ever although texture is abit thick but you wake up with smoothest hands… definitely will recommend to friends and family. Thank you Beauty & Lace and Skin Doctors….

  97. I have been trialling this cream and must say the results have been amazing, my hands look a lot better and definitely not as dry and as many wrinkles as before.
    I will definitely be buying this product and have recommended it to all my friends!

  98. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a part of this trial!
    I noticed a big change in my hands. They feel smoother and are less wrinkly yey!!!
    I will continued using and would definetly recommend!
    Thanks again 🙂

  99. I absolutely love this hand cream. My skin feels so much softer and plumper. Instant hydration that lasts and my hands no longer give away my age. Will definitely be buying this cream again and again

  100. Was so excited to trial this product. Have even looking the something to help my ageing hands. Alas, this isn’t it. It didn’t seem to hydrate. Went on more like a serum. Also do to think it had SPF in it which is the skin’s natural enemy. Noticed only a small difference with my age spots. I’ve I my got a few. Will persevere though as they lightened ever so slightly.

  101. I have enjoy using this cream it madey hands feel nice and smooth and refreshed. My skin felt like it had a make over. My skin tone evened up and I found i didn’t have any dry patches either. I stopped using it to see the difference and I have noticed my hand feel rough and dry now. Great product.

  102. I was sceptical when I first read about this product and it’s claims but upon using it as directed, I was amazed at the results. A slightly higher priced product than I would normally consider but well worth it. You get what you pay for and this product is very impressive with it’s results. I would highly recommend!

  103. Thank you for letting me be part of this trial, my Mum and I both used the hand cream for 6 weeks. Normally we would not purchase a hand cream this expensive, but our opinion on that has changed as this product is definitely worth the price! It sorted out my raggedy skin texture and brittle nails a treat, and our skin looks and feels younger and smoother. Also using the cream on other parts of the body works wonders, and I even used it to de-frizz my hair in an emergency. The colour and smell of the product is also very classy. Hand cream doesn’t have to be white! We will definitely be checking out Skin Doctors other products, as i imagine they will also be very awesome. Highly recommended!

  104. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect during winter as my hands were looking very dry and older. As a mother, I am constantly washing my hands and as everyone knows, that dries them out even faster. I put the product next to my hand soap so I would consistently use it.
    It is a very thick cream and the fragrance reminded me of Olay, not very strong, but pleasant. I have to say, my hands feel so much smoother now and softer! I wouldn’t say they are plumper, but definitely look “younger” as they are hydrated. I can’t wait to check out the rest of the range!

  105. Firstly thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial this product. I wasn’t sure what to expect as i’ve always had dry, rough hands. I’ve used many different types of hand creams with mediocre results. Skin Doctors is amazing. I noticed a difference from the first application. My hands felt amazing. No after using the product for ove a month l they not only feel better but look better. When this tube finishes I will definitely buy another..

  106. Before I started this trial my hands were pretty knackered after quite a long period of washing baby bottles (without gloves). They had uneven skin tone and were quite crepe-y.

    After using the Skin Doctors cream they are now a lot more even in tone and the skin is firmer & smoother. In this respect the cream is a lot more effective than a standard moisturiser. However, you might still need to use a normal moisturiser on any dry patches – I’ve noticed the skin around my fingernails can get a bit dry & hard which
    is easily solved by normal moisturiser.

    This is definitely a product I’d consider buying again.

  107. I am a handcream junkie and have a habit of applying hand cream every now and then so was delighted to try skin doctor’s younger hands.
    This hand cream is really lovely as it not only moisturises my hands but also helps to improve the skintone and diminish spots caused by sundamage.
    Before I started using this handcream my skintone around the back of my hands was noticeable uneven . I mean the skin around my knuckles was darker than the skin around the rest of my back of hands. After religiously using the creme for six weeks I can see huge improvements in the skin tone in my hands. It looks even and the dark knuckles have noticeably reduced.
    My hands feel softer and realtively smoother. I love how my hands look so nice and fresh .
    The fragrance is really pleasant. The creme absorbs really well into my hands without leaving them greasy. I really love the consistency of the creme its not runny and it is rich. It definately helps to keep my hands moisturised and at the same time improves the skintone of my hands.
    This creme I will definately repurchase and reccomend to anyone looking for a hand creme that does double duty of keeping your hands looking younger.

  108. Thanks Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to try this product. I’ll admit to being a bit rough on my hands, I rarely put on gloves when gardening or cleaning and it shows in the condition of my hands. The Skin Doctors younger hands cream comes in a 75 ml tube with a flip lid and a mild pleasant fragrance. It is easy to use and didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky, it also lasted longer than I expected it to. After 6 weeks I can’t in all honesty say my hands look 10 years younger but I can say they look significantly better.
    The blurb on the box says that skin is visibly plumper, fine lines & wrinkles are dramatically reduced, age spots and freckles are lightened and skin is hydrated and softened and I would agree with all these statements. I am particularly impressed with how much plumper my skin looks and the reduction in age spots and freckles. I will continue to use as I think with time there will be more improvement in the fine lines and hydration.
    I will definitely be repurchasing as I like the feel of this cream and I can see definite improvements, I would happily recommend Skin Doctors Younger Hands to anyone whose hands are showing signs of aging.

  109. Thankyou very much for the opportunity to trial the Skin Doctors Younger Hands. I must admit to being a bit dubious when I read the promised results .. but the cream has actually lived up to most of it. It’s pleasant to use (although I was not a big fan of the fragrance .. but it’s quite mild so not a big problem). I used the cream twice a day until the tube ran out and have noticed a definite difference. I wouldn’t say my skin looks plumper, but fine lines & wrinkles ARE reduced and skin tone looks much more even!

    I like to moisturise my hands several times during the day, and will probably continue to use a cheaper product for that, but have already purchased another tube of the Skin Doctors Younger Hands so that I can continue to use it twice a day. I’d definitely recommend this product 🙂

  110. After walking around in the sun and wind for one hour a day my hands just looked old, dry and sun spots all over them. I started using Skin Doctors Younger Hands by the end of the first week I’d already noticed dry dead skin had shed and my hands were already looking younger and by the end of the second week I’d noticed a huge improvement, my sun spots had faded noticeably and now I know over time it’s only going to get better, summer… Bring it on!

  111. To start off, I like the packaging of the product and the tube is easy enough to throw in a bag or keep at work. The scent isn’t necessarily my favourite, but it’s lightly scented, so I don’t really mind it that much. The cream is nice and thick, more of a beige colour than white, and isn’t greasy when applied (which I find with a lot of hand creams). I applied the cream just to the back of my hands. I found that it absorbed easily and definitely made my hands feel hydrated. After using the product for a number of weeks, I found that my hands do look a bit younger – a bit plumper (probably from being hydrated) and skin tone and texture improved. I like that it has SPF 15, which is definitely important when you are using products with any kind of AHAs (lactic acid in Skin Doctors Younger Hands). Overall, I can certainly say that I like this cream and, even though it is a bit more expensive, I would buy it again. Thanks! 🙂

  112. I have found that after using this cream for a number of weeks , my hands look soft and delicate again. I recommend this cream for everyday use as its not greasy and absorbs well into the skin. Thankyou for giving me this opportunity and I will be looking at the rest of the skin Doctors range after this success.

  113. After using it for a few days , I noticed my hamnd were softer and looked smoother. I liked the way it felt on my skin. I am looking at buying more of the skin doctor range.

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