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Summer has come and gone, but the days of having a natural sun-kissed glow have not. With so many people being sceptical about self-tanners due to less desirable products on the market that give you a terrible experience with leaving your skin streaky, stinky, and orange including stained clothing and sheets you need not look any further. 

Ohh My Glo’s Tan Mousse, Self-Tan Setting Spray and Tanning Glove is the tan in a can that delivers. After exfoliating the night before, I dispensed a fair amount of the mousse into the glove provided and rubbed it all over in circular motions.

The application was seamless, and the mousse felt lovely and moisturising when I first spread it across my skin — thanks to the ingredient list.

I was amazed how the green base tan counteracted the pink and red undertones of my skin which is something I have never experienced before. The colour gives a gorgeous beautiful golden bronze natural-looking tan that is not too obvious to be fake, and not too faint to be unnoticeable. 

It looked like I had been on holiday soaking up the sun. Due to the mousse being unscented and odour-eliminating it had a pleasant, clean smell that I enjoyed.

The overall glow lasted 10 days sticking to my usual post-tan routine of frequent moisturising. As I entered the twelfth day it got slightly patchy, but that is to be expected. I feel using the setting spray made an enormous difference which was impressive.

The Setting Spray is nice and light and soaked into my skin without leaving it feeling sticky, wet, or slimy. I loved how it dried and locked in the tan mousse super quick — so much so I was able to wear white clothing within 30 minutes of application. It made an enormous difference giving the tan a long-lasting effect with an amazing all-over glow, the watermelon scent is divine.

I especially like that the product range is made in Australia, including the can.

The products are infused with Australian native Kakadu plum extract, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, and Strawberry seed, and all free of nasty preservatives, toxins, and contaminants.

I absolutely adore the Tan mousse with the Setting Spray and have received compliments since using it, my skin looks like a glowing goddess Queen and not an Oompa Loompa! I highly recommend it. 

Thank you to Zoe the founder of Ohh My Glo for the opportunity to test and review. You can shop the range here.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are testing Ohh My Glo. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

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7 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Ohh My Glo Tanning Range

  1. Ohh My Glo is a lovely, very easy to apply self-tanning set of products that give gorgeous results! The Glo Mousse is quite quick drying, goes on easily and really does help you achieve a very natural looking, golden tan.
    You apply it using a tanning mitt to work the mousse evenly onto your skin. I applied it all over using a circular motion (and I got my husband to do hard to reach places, like my back!)
    Then to avoid that sticky feeling, I used the Ohh My Glo self tan setting spray. It works well to turn that sticky feeling into a powder dry feel, and allows you to avoid leaving brown tan smudges on clothes, furniture etc!!
    I am a novice user, and found with Ohh My Glow it was very easy to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed healthy look. I left it on for approx an hour and a quarter before showering – the longer you leave it on the darker the tan. And yay! no streaky bits! It looks very natural. I am super impressed!
    The products also felt very moisturising with ingredients such as argan oil, kakadu plum and aloe vera, so I felt assured that I would have a nice glow (even on my face) without clogging my pores. And importantly both products had very little discernible smell – the setting spray had a very faint, and pleasant watermelon scent.
    Ohh My Glo is such a great find – I received lots of positive feedback from people asking if I had been on holidays, saying how healthy I looked because of my sun- kissed look! Will definitely use again! Highly recommend!

  2. I absolutely loved trying the ohh my glow tanning mousse and setting spray! Being of pale skin from the endless hours of office work I was super excited to bronze up my complexion and so quickly got to work on exfoliating, shaving and moisturising. The mousse came with a applicator glove which made the process super easy. The mousse itself was not strongly perfumed (which I greatly appreciated) and simple to apply. The setting spray worked a treat and left my skin touch dry, which let me pop on a dress and do some housework. Since the mousse was ultra dark I opted to leave on for 45 minutes so as not to make too much of a dramatic change. It turned out perfectly. I looked like I actually had spent the last month at the beach. It fades slowly and mostly evenly so that’s also a plus. I’d recommend this product for anyone wanting to self tan, 10 out of 10 ❤️

  3. I love to have a natural looking tan and have tried a lot of self tan products over the years. The one downfall of all of them is the sticky residue and the transfer of the self tan after applying it but with Ohh My Glo I need worry no more. This new product on the market is a two part process – a mousse self tan that goes on smoothly and easily with the soft and luxurious Ohh My Glo velvet glove and the second part of the process is the setting spray that really does what it says “a setting spray for self tan”. No more sticky feeling or self tan transfer to your sheets or clothes.
    I trialled the purple self tan mousse which is “colour correcting and unscented for a natural, olive tan and it counteracts yellow and golden undertones for a natural olive tan” and it has amazing ingredients to provide a great moisturising effect with your self tan – “Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil & Aloe Vera”.
    I smoothly applied the self tan mousse and then used the setting spray to set the tan. The setting spray applies like a light spray powder that takes away the sticky self tan feel. I did wait about an hour before going to bed and my skin felt soft and moisturised and best of all no self tan transfer on my sheets, yay!! I had a lovely overall light tan with no streaks or patches of self tan.
    The product is made in Australia which is a big tick from me and it really is a game changing fake tan product. I can’t wait to use it on a regular basis to keep up my sun kissed look.

  4. Fabulous!! I have fair skin with freckles and have tried so many self tans.
    I love ohh my glo…absolutely no yukky tanning smell, easy to apply and very even, no streaks. The brush is great for blending and the setting spray is like a powder which takes away any stickiness.
    The colour after an hour was perfect for me and I had a nice glo.
    A++ from me.

  5. This was the first time using a self-tanning product and I found the instructions easy to follow and the product easy to use. The first application I put on sparingly and washed off after about an hour. It did leave a slightly darker tone to my skin however with the second application I applied it more liberally and left on for about 2 hours. I didn’t use the setting spray and wore clothes that I didn’t mind getting stained. I was able to carry on with my household work until it was time to wash off. I enjoyed the darker tone to my skin and felt it looked natural rather than having the orange tone some self-tans can have. Overall I am happy with the product and will continue using it and will use the setting spray next time also. The application mit was soft and helped provide an even application.

  6. I good exfoliate and shave the night before and a light moisturise that morning and I was ready to trial the Ohh My Glo Self Tanning Mousse! I received the Green base ultra dark self tanning mouse, which is lucky as I have a rather darker skin shade. The mouse was easily dispensed from the pump bottle directly onto the tanning glove. The glove did allow for a smooth coverage and I used the Kabuki brush to feather the mouse over the fingers, neck, face, elbows, knees, fingers and toes to give that smooth flowing effect. The brush I felt gave a better effect to blend into those little hand, neck and elbow crinkles and allowed me to blend across my feet so that I got an even coverage. I used the setting spray and it did stop that sticky feeling and I was able to put a loose dress on while I waited for the magic to happen. I left it on for just under an hour, I achieved a golden glow which complimented my skin tone. Nice surprise as I usually go to a salon to get my tanning done, now this product has saved me all the trouble of going out and having to drive home all sticky! Get product if you want to get a gold healthy glow without any trouble.. just a bit of night before prep and a bit of time the next morning and you will get out looking sun kissed!
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Ohh My Glo Tanning for the opportunity to review your products.

  7. There are 3 main things I look for in a fake tan:

    1. Ease of application
    2. No lingering smell
    3. Even & long lasting

    Ooh my glo ticked all 3 boxes.

    The tanning mouse was easily applied using the applicator glove, no streaks or orange hands!

    It’s non scented so it didn’t leave that chemical smell that I loathe with other fake tans.

    It felt quite soft and moisturising when applied so it was easy to blend it without leaving streaks or patchy bits.

    And it seemed to last for about a week. I’ve tried other tans that disappear in 3 or so days.

    I’ll definitely be recommending ooh my glo to friends & will continue to use it myself

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