User Reviews: MUD Make-up Design Lipstick and Lip Pencil

Staying on trend and getting the latest looks doesn’t have to break the bank. MUD Make-up Design have created a range of colour cosmetics offering affordable, achievable and convenient access to the best of the seasonal colours and on-trend looks.

The MUD Make-up range encourages all women to experiment with the latest looks and trends, and never to scrimp on beauty essentials. The MUD Make-up range is priced from $3 – $12 so there is something for every woman’s beauty bag, without breaking the bank.

The range includes make-up products for the whole face, as well as nails, but today we are focusing on lips.

MUD Make-up Design Lipsticks are extra moisturising to keep lips from drying out during the day, which I think is super important. I hate lipsticks that seem to dry me out more than if I’m not wearing any, I have had a few like that over the years.
The creamy texture is highly pigmented to offer a luscious sheen of colour and a smoother pout.
The MUD Moisturising Lipsticks are available in shades from punchy red to rich nudes with catchy names sure to grab attention.
The shades: Cocoa Berry, Barely Blushing, Coral Crush, Mauve Madness, Moroccan Sunset, Pure Passion, Pretty Please, Red Roulette.
Size: 2.1g
RRP: $5


MUD Make-up Design Lip Pencils are velvety and smooth thanks to their creamy texture. The shades are highly pigmented to effortlessly trace the contours of your lips and keep your lipstick colour inside the lines.
Define and shape your lips for a fuller looking pout, or colour in the surface of your lips before applying lipstick to achieve longer wear.
Shades: Strawberry, Nude, Ballerina

The MUD Make-up Design range is available exclusively from Woolworths.

Thanks to MUD Make-up Design 80 of our Members will be trialing a lipstick and lip pencil from the range, you can read their feedback in the comments section below.


81 thoughts on “User Reviews: MUD Make-up Design Lipstick and Lip Pencil

  1. I was sent the Mauve Madness lipstick and the Strawberry lip pencil.
    The lipstick felt very dry on my lips and the colour was too bold and not very attractive.
    The lip pencil is great. Easy to apply and a great colour.
    I’d definitely purchase the lip pencil again but a big no to the lipstick.
    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to trial these products.

  2. I received the Red Roulette lipstick and the strawberry lip pencil. The red is not really to my taste but my daughter loves it. She says it glides on easily and lasts for ages. The strawberry pencil is great, easy to use and can be used with a range of colours which is great (and very practical!)

    Thanks for introducing us to these products! We have already purchased some additional colours from Woolworths!

  3. MUD is a new lippy favourite. Great products and a great price. I love that the most expensive item is $11 and that you can purchase them when you do your shopping at Woolworths.

    MUD Pure Passion lipstick is a shimmery bronze colour, it’s perfect to wear of a day time and looks great with a smokey eye of a night time. I’m at home today and I’ve been wearing Pure Passion all day, it’s really moisturising when on and really highlights the colours in my lips. This colour would work on all skin tones.

    The tube is a great size (2.1g), easy to hold and easy to apply. The product just glides on. It doesn’t have any fragrance, it’s not sticky but definitely moisturising. I found it wore really well and I never blotted my lips. The hours I got from this lipstick and the colour still looks fresh is amazing.

    I also tried another look with a MUD liner in Ballerina. I filled all my lips with ballerina and then applied the lipstick over the top. It was a really pretty shimmery pink colour. This lasted all night at the movies eating popcorn and drinking coke!!

    Ballerina also works well with Pure Passion lipstick. The pencil glides really easily around my lips. I have tried numerous pencils some vey expensive and some cheap. This is one of the better ones I have tried, I think I lined my lips in 15 seconds flat and it’s not something I do everyday! I was a little bit hesitant that the ballerina colour would be too pink for the lipstick ‘Pure Passion but I found after putting my lips together I got a really nice affect and I will definitely pair these too together. It feathered into a really nice colour with the lipstick.

    I am sold on MUD what a great and convenient product. It’s well made, not cheap. Looks funky and it’s a long lasting product on my lips. I will definitely be trying out more colours and buying my Mum MUD pure passion when I shop at Wooloworths on the weekend.

  4. I was so excited to receive my little parcel of MUD products, and it has been fun to try them out.

    The MUD lip pencil is great to use, firm enough to glide on nicely without pulling on my lips, but still has a soft, smooth texture and blends easily with lipstick. The lip pencil I received is – 002 Strawberry – a very versatile and flattering shade, which suits me perfectly. It is quite close to my natural lip colour so it is great for filling in and defining my lips.

    The MUD lipstick shade I received – 001 Red Roulette – is a vibrant red that is very sexy. It slides on easily and is quite moisturising and also has a subtle fruity scent which I quite liked. I also liked the slimline MUD lipstick packaging and the fact that it has a clear cap so you can easily see the shade you are after – makes it so much more convenient! I hate having to go through all my lippys – uncapping and capping to try and find the colour I’m after!!

    I had not tried MUD products before and was very pleasantly surprised by how good they are, especially for the price – very affordable. Thanks for opening my eyes to this great, budget friendly range.

  5. OMG!! There is nothing better than a package in the post ! And open it to find a new lip liner and lipstick! I love them the lip liner is easy to apply and the lipstick is smooth and rich make my lips look a million dollars! And totally affordable price I recommend it to everyone MUD great product and a great price xxx

  6. l really loved receiving my gorgeous little package .
    l absolutely loved the lip liner , it went on easy and the colour was a good strong colour too .
    l would definitely purchase the lip liner .
    I really was not a fan of the lipstick at all , when l applied there was nearly no colour and when l applied l did not like the taste of it on my lips or the smell. . l had a cuppa and seriously when l had finished my cuppa the lipstick was gone

  7. I recieved my MUD products last week and was so excited to try these.
    The lip pencil is so nice, I got ‘Ballerina’ which is divine! The lipstick I recieved is ‘Pure Passion’ this isn’t a colour I’d buy for myself so was pleasantly surprised when it suited me.
    The texture of the lipstick is smooth and not drying at all. The liner goes on smoothly and feels quite soft too. The colour stays on a fair while too.
    What makes these products stand out is the price, good quality at an affordable price.
    Thanks Beauty & Lace + MUD Make-up for a fun review 🙂

  8. Lovely to get a chance to trial these Mud products Beautyandlace thankyou. I received the Red Roulette lipstick. Perhaps a little brighter than I normally wear but actually looks good. It applies really nicely and not at all drying. The Strawberry shade in the defining pencil is perfect., it’s defing and no feathering from my lipstick. I’m going to look into other Mud products now as these are great and their prices are too.

  9. I received the 007 Mauve Madness Lipstick and the 002 Strawberry lip liner which went perfectly together from Mud, the lipstick was smooth and easy to apply and the lip liner also was easy to use they where long lasting to my amazement and my lips never dried out they stayed soft and moist. I enjoyed trailing this product and would definitely buy.

  10. I received my lip liner this week – strawberrry and lipstick – mauve. While not colours I would normally choose for myself they were easy to apply and were lovely and soft. I would definitely go and find this brand to get the colours closer to what I would like but the brighter colours were not for me, but my daughter will love them.

  11. Mud Pencil:

    It is so easy to apply and has great pigment. It glides on without going out the lines. I have found that some lip pencils are so drying but this actually feels very nourishing.
    I noticed that this dries almost instantly and stays on all day, but doesn’t get dry or clumpy like a few lip liners I have tried.
    The Mud pencils are long lasting with a creamy textured finish. It can be used for lining, an all over lip colour or paired with another Mud lip product. I love the rich vivid shade it has in “Strawberry” giving more added volume to my lips. Long lasting the Mud lip pencils are super pigmented and don’t feel cakey on my lips. Such a good product, especially for the inexpensive price.

    Mud Lipstick:

    I was super excited to trial this product out on my lips. As beautiful as the colour was, I was also extremely impressed with the high quality of it. The formula is quite creamy, long lasting and wears extremely well. It applies smoothly giving me a gorgeous satin finish that I love.
    The Mud lipstick is a great everyday colour in “Pure Passion” and pairs beautifully with the Mud Strawberry Lip pencil. I do recommend to add a little gloss for some more visual dimension. It’s a very pretty colour and looks great with anything I wear! Very versatile, natural and really
    moisturising plus it lasts for hours. I think this would particular colour look great on a variety of skin tones and I highly recommend this product.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for this excellent trial. I will continue to use this quality MUD makeup and I am very eager to purchase and try some of the other great products available.

  12. Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial Mud lipstick and pencil. I’m always on the look out for a good long wearing lippy and although I really liked the smooth easy to apply Pure Passion lipstick it didn’t last long on my lips and I had to reapply within an hour or so. Really liked the colour as it gave just a hint of shade and gloss and for the price it is a good buy.
    The lip pencil on the other hand was fantastic. I trialled Strawberry Surprise and it was easy to apply and provided great definition for a really long period.
    Will definitely be purchasing the lip pencil in other colours! Great price for a really good lip pencil and I found you could use it as a full colour on your lips and it lasts for a good few hours.

  13. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this trial . l have been curious to try this range .
    l was very impressed with the lip liner , it was easy to use glided on well and it lasted all day , l would definitly recomend this and purchase in the future .
    l wasn’t at all impressed with the lipstick , the colour was basically invisible the smell l didn’t like and after one cuppa it totally dissapeared , it’s as though l had no lipstick on . l would not recommend the lipstick at all, but l am glad l tried it .

  14. I was sent the pretty please lipstick and lip pencil I used both and found the lipstick was a bit dry at first when you put it on,then I could feel the moisture on my lips after five minutes being on my lips.
    I had no problem with the lip penicil I liked it,the colour was me.
    I had a cup of tea and the lip pencil and lip stick stand on.


  15. I tried the strawberry lip pencil and red roulette lipstick from Mud. I found them both to be very good quality – particularly when you see the very low prices for the products from Woolworths. The lipstick is very creamy and feels great on. My lips feel very moisturised and cared for when I wear the lippie! The lip pencil is a marvel! Easy to apply, it goes on with a even colour and a creamy texture. Two excellent products from MUD.

  16. Thank you BeautyandLace and MUD makeup for this trial opportunity.

    I received the shade Pretty Please slim lipstick which is a deep bright pink red. I also received the lip liner in the shade Strawberry, which is a medium deep pink shade.

    I’ve never used this brand before so I was eager to compare them to lower priced products and also to more expensive brands. The lipstick is quite creamy and didn’t flake or dry out on my lips. I tried this slim lipstick on its own and also over a sheer lip balm. For me, some lip colours flake off or dry out and none of that happened here! It went on creamy and soft and I didn’t have any problems at all and the colour lasted me a good few hours, which is the same as other lipsticks.
    The lip liner is a gem. It glides on easily and allows me to define and enhance my lips. It wasn’t dry and was very smooth to apply. Easy!

    Both products are fantastic value for me and I’m interested in trying more from this brand. This lipstick and lip liner are just as good and even better than other brands I’ve tried.

    Since the lipstick has a clear plastic lid, I can easily see the shade when I’m searching for it in my makeup bag or on my table.
    The packaging is slim and simple, but the products certainly have the Wow factor!

    I recommend MUD makeup for anyone who wants to try an inexpensive range of makeup products that apply well and look great. Thank you for this trial because I wouldn’t have known about this brand otherwise, now I’m off to find some more shades of lippie 🙂

  17. Loved the cheerful Red Roulette lipstick shade. Was a lovely gorgeous and glamorous red. My lips stayed beautifully soft and moist all day long. No flaking or drying and it didn’t fade away but stayed vibrant all day long. The slim and neat black and clear packaging was also easy to use and looked good. Also the clear plastic caps meant that it was easy to find the shade I’m looking for when in a hurry.

    The strawberry lip liner gave my lips a nice definition and shape and was smooth and easy to use . Glided on perfectly on my lips. It stayed on well without drying out or smudging either. Really great brand for the price! And glad to have discovered the range. And cannot wait to try out the other colours and products in the Mud brand.

  18. I was impressed with the lipstick and lip pencil that arrived to trial!! I have seen the products in Woolworths before, but had not yet tried them, I was impressed! I found the lipstick glided on smoothly (although sadly I picked a colour that was not quite me) and made my lips feel hydrated and the pencil was a breeze the apply also! Too often have I used a lip pencil that feels like a colouring in pencil, so this was a treat!!
    Will definitely be looking into other products and colours from the MUD range, love that they are so affordable!!

  19. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try MUD make up. i was sent the Strawberry lip liner, I loved the creamy texture, it was so easy to apply it literally glided on and the colour is beautiful.

    I was also sent the Pretty Please lipstick I also loved this colour and again it glided on easily. I ate lunch while I was wearing it and it passed the ultimate test, I was still wearing it after lunch too it did fade a bit but I am very happy with how long it lasted.

    I would definetley recommend MUD make up it’s a great product at an affordable price.

  20. Thanks Beauty and Lace and MUD
    I received the strawberry lip pencil and the red roulette lipstick
    The lip liner is a very pretty colour and was easy to apply and looked great
    The lip stick was something my sister tested for me as I don’t wear red lipstick
    My sister said the lipstick was easy to apply and lasted all day
    She thought having a clear top was a great idea as you can see what the colour is
    I will be looking out for a lipstick hopefully a pink colour in Woolworths will also be looking at other MUD products

  21. Thank you for the opportunity to trial MUD makeup.
    Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with the lipstick, I’m afraid.
    The colour was a bit too bold and dramatic for me and it also felt very dry on my lips.
    However, I didn’t mind the lip pencil and am happy to recommend it.

  22. I have trialled the Pretty Please lipstick and Strawberry lip liner. Love the lip liner, easy to apply and stays on looking fresh. The lipstick, while moist, actually made my lips dry and didn’t stay on. I wanted to love it as an everyday lipstick but unfortunately for me it doesn’t work.
    Thank you for allowing me to trial it.

  23. MUD Lipstick and Lip Pencil

    I was so so excited to receive my package in the mail thankyou!

    I received the lipstick in Pretty please and the lip pencil in Strawberry, these colours actually compliment each other so I was very lucky

    The lip pencil I found very easy to apply with a bold yet creamy texture, it just glided on and didn’t smudge out so I was very happy with that indeed

    The Lipstick I found it too glided on very easily but felt quite dry on my lips. I was quite disappointed to find that at the lightest touch of a glass/tissue etc the lipstick came off and had no staying power what so ever.

    All up they are ok for the price you pay but depending on what kind of occasion you needed to wear it for

  24. Hi and thanks for the chance to trial these products!
    I received the Mauve Madness Lipstick and was a very bold bright colour.
    I found the lipstick to be quite drying on the lips but was okay with a clear balm
    over the top.
    The lip defining pencil I received was the Strawberry colour and this product I would buy again.
    It went on smoothly and with longevity.
    Although on a whole I generally these days am trying to buy Australian made products so these
    probably would not make it on to my shopping list.

    1. welll my lipstick and pencil are fabuluous, because I live in w.a. it took a little longer to get here, but I have been trying out the colours … Ballerina in the pencil, which is no. 1 in the range, and pure passion no. 13. (my luky no.) in the lipstick. Found to start with a little dry on my lips, using both together, so just used lipstick for a couple of days, then added the pencil, now both go well together… The creaminess of the lipstick is good for my lips, and the colour certainly suits …. the price certainly suits my pocket, and no doubt, because of this it will be a great “walk off the shelves” product as time goes by. I found it stayed on my lips, and neither smudged, and I was able to wear out to a garden party on sunday….and not have to constantly review it to make sure it was still on., thanks for the chance, and the products will be added to buy, by me in this range.

  25. I have to admit I never use lip pencils. Probably scared off by that visible liner look a friend’s mother used to have.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the Mud lip liner in Strawberry. It went on smoothly and completed the lip stick perfectly
    I was given Red Roulette lipstick to try. This was very creamy and mosturising. It felt heavenly on. A gorgeous blue based red that I found very flattering
    I was not familiar with the Mud brand until now, and will definitely be checking them out in future

  26. Thank you for letting me trial the lipstick and lip liner.
    I received the Mauve Madness lipstick and Strawberry Lip Liner.
    Although I liked the application of the lipstick and its longevity – I wore it during the day and it lasted through one breakfast and one lunch! – I would not choose the colour and honestly, I’m not sure which part of it is mauve as it seemed like a bright, hot pink! I thought would give it a try through as definately not a colour I would choose on face value but would not wear it again, it doesn’t suit my skin colour or age.
    On the otherhand, I really like the strawberry lip liner and actually wore it as a matt lipstick which wasn’t too drying and is a good colour on me. I will surely get a lot of wear from this.
    I will source other colours in the lipstick range and see if there are other colours that suit as its long lasting, reasonably priced and easy to apply.

  27. Thanks so much for letting me trial this make-up.I had never heard of the brand before as I don’t really shop at Woolworths very often. initially thinking that because it’s exclusively to Woolworths I though that the quality of this make up wouldn’t be so fantastic and boy was I wrong. I received the lip liner in ‘Ballerina’ which is a dusty pink shade. and the lipstick was ‘Pure Passion’. Both compliment each other very well.

    the lip line glides on so smoothly on my lips and has decent staying power. I’m one of those people who fill my whole lip with a lip liner to ensure my lippy stays longer too, so putting these together I must say lasted a fair distance. The lip liner is smooth and definitely not cakey. It has a nice colouring to it.

    Next the lipstick. in combination with the lip liner they were complimentary together in colour. Even alone it does stay on my lips at least until lunchtime. It comes is a quite small, slim line twist container that is very light weight. Perfect to just put in your purse. Even wearing it alone, it is a subtle colour with a nice shimmer sheen. It actually feels more like a lipgloss than a lipstick. It’s creamy yet has a stickiness like lip gloss. It glides on easily and feels nice.

    For how much it costs, it’s a great every day makeup set

  28. Thank you for including me in the Mud trial. I had not heard of the brand and was excited to try something different to my usual brand.
    The Strawberry lipliner pencil was great. Easier to use than any I have had before. It is very smooth and easy to apply and was long lasting. It also stayed where it was supposed to and did not ‘bleed’ at the edges.
    The lipstick coloutr, Red Roulette, is not something a usually wear, if you like reds it is a bright clear colour. When I first applied the lip stick it felt smooth and moisturising. However it was actually drying, and after a few days my lips were dry and rough. It also did not stay on very well.. It is a good size.
    I will buy the lip liner, but would not use the lipstick

  29. Thank you, Beauty and Lace and MUD for the opportunity to trial something I would never have bought myself. I would not have been game to try a lipstick costing so little!! However, I’m delighted! The shades I was sent were completely out of my comfort zone as there is no way I would wear anything as red as Pretty Please and Strawberry. These have been put into my charity box because I felt it was wasteful to try something once and throw it out and I’d never use these colours.

    I bought colours I would wear from my local Woolworths so that I could report honestly. The lip pencil I chose is Ballerina, the lipstick is Barely Blushing. These are soft, pretty pinks. I’m very impressed with the quality, the feel and the way the colour didn’t change on me.

    I have always loved small, neat, slim lipsticks and never quite worked out why something as sensible as this should be so hard to get. The lipstick is just perfect for handbag or travel because of the great size and the lip liner glides on smoothly. I would need to try the lipstick for longer than a few days before I could be sure it wouldn’t be drying but first impressions are good.

    Thank you for introducing me to something that is so reasonably priced and wearable. I am impressed.

  30. I received MUD Strawberry shade lip liner, and MUD shade 004 Pretty Please lipstick to trial.
    The lipstick hue is not one that I would usually go for as it was rather bold and bright red, but it did look nice, and it was easy to apply. I found it to be a bit too drying for my lips, but it was long lasting.
    The lip liner was my favourite of the two products. I used it to fill in my lips (ie worn as a lipstick), and was impressed with this product. I did put a coat of gloss over the top, as once again, this was a little dry for me, but the shade was lovely, and one I would wear again.
    I did a bit of research and was pleased to discover that the products aren’t tested on animals. Thanks Beauty and Lace and MUD for the opportunity to review!

  31. I received my treat last Friday, and like a little girl I couldn’t wait to try them I received the Strawberry Lip Pencil and the 001 Red Roulette Lipstick. I have been using the both of these on and off during the week to see how they looked with different make-up and clothes etc. I am very impressed, firstly the lip pencil is very creamy, smooth and easy to apply, whether it is doing a lip line or a total lip colour. It is long lasting and doesn’t dry your lips out. The lipstick is such a great size, the packing is trendy and the colour, (whilst not my colour) glides on easily and lasts for a couple of hours. I previously had purchased the mascara which I quite liked, so I figured I would go and have a look in Woolworths and I purchased a blush.
    With that, thanks to MUD (The Heat Group) and Beauty and Lace for giving the opportunity of trying these products.

  32. I received two products to trial; lipstick in Red Roulette and lipliner in Strawberry.

    Both were really easy to use. The lipliner went on smoothly without pulling or tugging at my skin. The lipstick was also a smooth application – although I felt I needed two coats, that’s pretty normal for me. Both lasted reasonably well – they’d worn off by lunchtime, but that included eating morning tea and multiple cups of tea. They’re also a nice slimline design that is well suited to slipping into a handbag for touch-ups.

    This is a budget brand. It’s good value at the price point.

    Colour is a very personal thing, so not everyone will like these colours. However, although they weren’t actually my preferred choices, I really liked the two shades. The lipliner is a nice reddish colour that isn’t too overpowering and would blend with a range of lipsticks. It’s also a nice colour by itself, if you choose to use it all over your lips. The lipstick was a stronger red – so for my tastes, not for the morning school run or work, but good for an afternoon social event or evening. I liked both.

    Overall, I’d happily recommend this to anyone looking for good quality at a lower price.

  33. I trialed the Strawberry Liup Pencil and 001 Red Roulette Lipstick.

    Not my usual colours so the first thing i noticed were the compliments at work, and once told the price point the girls all said it is something they would buy.

    The second thing i noticed was how for a budget brand the colour lasted. only needed a quick reapply after lunch

    Have already purchased the lippy in a different colour so as reviews go I think thats speaks for itself

    Thanks again for the chance to review

  34. I received the lipstick in Pretty Please which looks very red but is more of a deep pink red when applied, and a lip liner in a very similar colour which was Strawberry. I do like bold lip colour but find it hard to wear as much as it is not always practical for work and it really needs to suit the outfit.

    The lip liner applied fairly easily but was rather drying especially if used to shade in the whole lip. The lipstick was easy to apply and did feel nice on my lips – it was quite moisturising. It does have what I think of as a ‘lipstick’ smell which is not overly pleasant but fortunately it is not particularly strong and didn’t linger after application. The lipstick isn’t sticky or drying when on either so I quickly forgot I was even wearing it which is a good thing as if I was always aware of it, it would suggest it was uncomfortable.

    I found it worked best to use the products together with the liner to at least line (if not also shade) the lips because this prevented the bright lipstick from bleeding around the lips and minimised the risk of application error (given that mistakes can be hard to rectify with the bright, bold colour). The products lasted on my lips for quite a long time and shading with the liner first increased this time period.

    Overall I did like these products and will continue to use them. They are not quite as good as some more expensive brands of liner/lipstick that I own, but for the price ticket these ones are above the standard you may expect. These are definitely a great way to increase your collection or try out a new look.

  35. I received the Pure Passion lipstick which is a lovely bronzy colour and the lip defining pencil in ballerina which matches beautifully with the lipstick.

    I found the lipstick to be a creamy texture and glided on very well and gave great coverage on my lips, it was also moisturizing at the same time.

    I am not a user of lip liner so this was a new experience for me, so I tried it by outlining my lips and then applying lipstick, this worked really well and the finish lasted well. I also tried shading my lips with the pencil and then applying the lipstick over the top. This gave a different effect and lasted a lot longer than the first way I tried. I think I will be trying this again as I was very happy with the finish.

    I was lucky enough to get colours that I really like to wear, and found that I am able to wear them with many outfits. Mud lip products are very reasonably priced thus allowing you to purchase a range of different colours to build up your collection without blowing the budge. Even better still you could treat yourself whilst doing the shopping at Woolworths.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace and Mud for the opportunity to try these products.

  36. Thanks Beauty and Lace, I received the Mud Mauve Madness lipstick and the Mud Strawberry lip liner to trial. I’ve seen Mud cosmetics in my local supermarket before and I’ve used their nail polishes (they’re great!) but not had the opportunity to test the lipsticks and liners before.

    Although the lipstick shade was not a colour I would normally purchase for myself, it was a vibrant fushcia pink shade and the liner a strawberry red, I can comment on their comfort and performance.
    I am pleasantly surprised! For the price you pay, both products were lovely to use. The lip liner was nicely pigmented and creamy to use, not hard and dry like some of the more budget liners I’ve used in the past. I could easily line my lips with no dragging or pulling, the liner applied smoothly and effortlessly.

    I really liked the slim line packing of the lipstick. I found the pigmentation surperb! A very vibrant statement lip shade, not my cup of tea, but for someone that likes a very bold lip, this would be perfect! I found the formula comfortable to wear and the longegvity was pretty decent too. You would probably need to touch it up after having a cuppa or every few hours. The lipstick didn’t bleed or feather and applied smoothly and didn’t feel dry on my lips.

    Thanks for allowing me to trial these products,I will definitely have a look next time I’m shopping for a shade that’s more suitable for my needs. I think for the price you pay, the quality is pretty good!

  37. Big thank you to Beauty and Lace for the Mud sample lipstick and liner to try. !!

    I received Mauve Madness lipstick !! Loved this product – so my colour. Bright, bold , sassy and sexy. Easy to apply, relatively long lasting, and smooth in texture., but easily glided on lips .

    Would be just perfect with a tad touch of gloss to glam it up a tad. ! I definitely would re buy this product after testing it. I even posted a 4 pose lipstick pic on instagram 😀

    The lip liner – strawberry was quiet red. Dark and very seductive. Easy to apply, easy glide, was able to apply lip liner and add more for full lip coverage if needed. Dryer in texture then the lipstick but was able to if you wanted to . But could use just by it self.

    A tad smack of lipgloss would certainly have your lips hot to trot and red and luscious ;D

    Loved both products and Would def buy and try other colours.

    Glam, perfect and Dam right delightful and fun 😀

    I am all for colour and these products are perfect for all ladies who like bright, bold and sassy 😀

  38. I received the Red Roulette lipstick and Strawberry lip pencil. Although not the same colour match, I could still work them together to create a really nice shade.

    The lip pencil is creamy, smooth and glides on effortlessly without any drying or caking of the product. I easily lined and filled my lips ready for lipstick application.

    The lipstick is super creamy and imparts a soft finish – not matte. The colour was quite pigmented and easy to apply. I didn’t find it drying either which was great.

    As for the lasting power, I was quite surprised. I could get through a couple of hours before needing to re-apply. I did however find that as soon as the colour starting wearing off, I got that dreaded ring around my lips so I just removed the lipstick.

    The price is point is excellent and I would recommend these products if you are on a budget. Personally, I don’t mind spending money on higher-end brands, but still I was surprised with the performance of these lip products.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace and MUD Makeup for this great trial!

  39. I received my MUD Lip Pencil and lipstick last week and was looking forward to using them. The Strawberry lip liner seemed to be a bit bright on first sight but was actually quite a good colour once applied. It is easy to apply and glides on quite smoothly with no pulling or dragging. The pure passion lipstick looked to be a bit bronzy to me and was not something I would have chosen for myself but once applied it looked great and a good colour match for the lip pencil and my skin tones. It has a smooth and creamy texture and a nice gloss look. I found it to be quite moisturising and even after the colour wore off my lips still felt soft and not at all dry. I was surprised at how much I liked the colours because as I said they were not colours that I would normally choose so I am pleased that I have stepped outside my usual colour comfort zone, and will be more adventurous with my colour choices in the future. The prices are also very reasonable and as they are available at Woolworths then it is not out of your way to pick them up regularly when stocks run low.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful product.

  40. For the past week. I’ve been trialling the Make Up Design MUD,lipstick and eyeliner.
    I received the red roulette lipstick and the strawberry lip liner . I absolutely love the strawberry lip liner as it is a great colour and goes well with others lipstick colours I wear. It glides on well and is very creamy and has a smoothie finish. I always use it to coat my lips before I apply my lipstick and found it very moist.
    Aalthough the lipstick Red Roulette is not really a colour I normally use, it blend well with the strawberry lip liner .
    I didn’t mind the feel of it on my lips and it was easy to apply. Loved the fact that it lasted for quite a while before needing to be reapplied. Would love to try another shade of lipstick.
    Overall I loved this brand. Not expensive and it actually does what it was designed to do.

  41. I received the Pretty Please which was a nice deep red shade and a lip liner which was so fabulous I didn`t think it was going to be as great as it was. I usually buy Mirenesse and these lip liners and lipsticks are way better because most lipliners I have from mirenesse dont even go on like MUD products. I am so impressed that I didnt think in my wildest dreams these would be so cheap and actually be available in Woolies. I would only wear the red colour for special occasions or at night outings but because I wear lippy everyday I cant wait to purchase all the lighter colours. I love makeup and am going tofind and try all their products because they are such good quality whereas the dearer brands I buy are no longer going to be bought by me. Go out and buy these products as I sure am going to stock up before they sell out 🙂
    Thanks MUD makeup and thanks beauty and lace you are both definately up with the latest trends 🙂

    1. Just a follow up, yesterday the 4/10 I went to Woolies to purchase more of this MUD makeup and I got a blusher in the browner colour instead of the pink one they had for only $4.50 (they were on special) I also bought another lipstick for $4.50 amd a nailpolish for guess how much ????…… only $2.50!!! this was in a nude colour but they also had a gliterry multi coloured one that looked like fun too. Wow! what a bargain and what quality makeup, I will be purchasing their foundation next and hope they extend their colours and products, I am just so excited about MUD 🙂

  42. I was sent the Mud lip pencil in Strawberry and lipstick in Red Roulette to trial.
    The lip pencil was easy to apply, soft and creamy and thick. I applied it to my whole lip and thought it looked great just like that!!!
    The red lipstick was not a colour I’d normally select for myself as it is very bold, however it would be great for a night out. It was easy to apply and felt really nourishing, just lip a lip moisturiser. I found it difficult to get a perfect line, that may be due to my own poor application skills though. I wore it over a nighttime meal and it wore surprisingly well.
    Considering the price of MUD makeup products they are a great option if you want to try out different colour options from your usual choice or for occasional lip colour that you wear irregularly and therefore don’t want to spend too much on.

  43. The right lipstick is always the thing to complete the perfect makeup look. I love my lip products and never leave the house without popping a little colour of some sort on my lips.
    I was delighted to receive the MUD lip liner in the shade 002 Strawberry and in lipstick Shade 004 Pretty Please. Both of these shades are a lovely Vibrant Red. While we are talking about the the colours I will mention something that I noticed and that is that the lip liner does not have the shade name stamped on the actual liner. Now obviously this is not a huge deal but its something that I like to have there so that later on down the track I can easily grab a replacement of the exact same colour or send one of my daughters to get one for me. Perhaps MUD could give some thought to stamping the shade name and code on the actual pencil rather then just on the packaging which gets thrown away.
    For such a reasonably priced product I was amazed at the wonderful depth of colour that I received from the lip liner pencil and the lipstick. The liner was very creamy and applied very smoothly.
    The lipstick has wonderful packaging and the clear click on lid is great as you can see at a glance the colour of the lipstick which is brilliant if you have several shades in your lipstick collection and im sure once you try these lipsticks you will want many of the various shades. I love that the lid stays on securely as there is nothing worse then finding the lid to your lipstick has come off in your makeup bag or even worse your handbag. That wont happen with MUD and the tube itself is very streamlined so easy to pack with you if you are travelling.
    I love both the liner and lipstick. Both are very creamy and easy to apply and for the price have a good lasting power.
    MUD is a brand that is certainly worth checking out.

  44. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the trial. I received pure passion lipstick and although I love the texture, convenient size and awesome price I am looking forward to going to Woolworths to check out some of the brighter colours .which might suit me better. The lip pencil is excellent. I will definitely be experimenting with some of the other MUD products in the future.

  45. I received the mauve madness lipstick and strawberry lip liner. The mauve lipstick was not my preferred option and I was not a huge fan of the shade. However, both the lipstick and lip liner had a lovely creamy smooth texture which was very appealing. I am an infrequent lipstick user as many products leave my lips dry and peeling. This was not the case with MUD and I would consider buying a different shade of lipstick for use in future. Thanks Beauty and Lace and MUD makeup!

  46. Great to have the chance to review Mud products.
    The Lip Liner was perfect easy to use and blended in well with the lipstick.
    I found the lipstick to be a little darker than I had imagined but when tried it it was smooth & moisturising & long lasting.Also received a comment from my husband who liked the colour..
    Once again thank you

  47. I was very excited to receive the MUD products in the mail. I’m always keen to find reasonably priced make up and was pleasantly surprised by the lipstick and lip liner. I trialled the Mauve Madness which is quite a bold pink lipstick and the strawberry lip liner.

    I found that the lipstick was bright and glided on with ease. The colour was long lasting and survived dinner and a couple drinks.

    I’m not that great with using lipliner but found this one matched the colour of the lipstick and was fairly creamy.

    Fairly happy with the products and the price and fact that I can purchase them at Woolies with my weekly shop, this makes them easy and accessible. Thanks MUD Makeup and Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to try this make up out.

  48. Bright and Bold!
    MUD make up designs lip liner and lipstick were easy to apply and blended well., the bold colours were completely different to my normal colours and it was a nice change.
    The lipstick glided on smoothly, I added a gloss on top to keep my lips from drying out giving the colour even more pop.
    The lip liner added some fullness to my lips and finished my look nicely.
    The price and bold colours of MUDs makeup collection is an affordable way to update my look each season.
    Thanks beauty and Lace

  49. Wow, is all I can say about these MUD products. I am so impressed with the quality, quantity and the smell of these products.
    I got the 002 Strawberry lip pencil, which actually goes with most of my lipsticks. It is very moisturising, and easy to apply.
    I got the 001 Red Roulette lipstick and absolutely love the colour. It is the perfect colour for me for work. It is really moisturising and feels lovely on. I did have to reapply the lipstick throughout the day, but for the price, i really didnt mind.
    Wonderful products, thank you to MUD and B&L for the opportunity to trial them,

  50. I loved this product it did as it stated… it stayed on all day. I loved the color and it did not fade during the day. I was impressed that even after a few coffees the color remained on my lips and not my cup. The lipstick was very nice and offered a great deal of moisturizing. I would recommend MUD product to any busy professional.

  51. My Mud Design lipstick and pencil pair were Mauve madness and Strawberry. I started wearing it as soon as it arrived, The colours were resistant to daily activities including drinking and eating. Having to apply it only once for the day, which makes it so good. The colour itself had comments from so many people.
    My sister was like “wow, that colour is so you! Where did you get it?” and when I told her I had applied it in the morning (about 9am) and this was now about 6pm she was even more impressed. She regularly wears makeup for work and I think was heading out the next day to see what colours they had that would suit her.
    People at work commented on how great the colour was, that it was bright, vibrant and an exciting change for me. Many even asked if I had been out (I’m a shift worker working the evening shift) during the day or the special occasion to call for such a bold colour.
    It goes on smooth, provides luscious moisture to my ever drying lips and an added cheer to my day from knowing it looks so great. This is going to become a staple in my makeup kit!
    Thanks for the opportunity to upgrade my look!!!!

  52. I was sent this to trial and to be honest I didn’t had high hopes but to my surprise I loved both the lip pencil and lipstick.
    Lip pencil was very smooth to apply and lasted well,didn’t dried my lips out.
    Lipstick was the perfect red for my skin tone and looked very pretty. Surprisingly it is very moisturising and easy to glide. It lasted me good 6 hours with me eating and drinking in that time period. Overall I am very happy with this and definitely be repurchasing the lipstick and the lip pencil.

  53. I got the Pure Passion Lipstick and the Lipliner in Strawberry.
    The lipstick went on really smooth and made my lips feel plump and moisturised.
    The lipstick had a sparkle to it which made it nice and different. The colour wasn’t too intense and lasted very well.
    The lipliner went on well and stayed on even after having a drink.

    Great product, would definitely use again!

  54. I tried the Mauve madness lipstick.
    The lipstick comes in a sleek thin tube . The thin pencil like tube makes an easy application of the lipstick without smudging on the end. The Mauve Madness lipstick comes out to be a really bright fuscia pink on my tanned skin. It has a really nice pop of colour. It looks good on my brown skin and just brightens my complexion.
    The lipstick glides on my lips really easily and I found that it was really creamy. The lipstick is really pigmented , just one swipe brings out a nice pop of colour but if you want outstanding colour two to three swipes is great.
    It did not dry out my lips at all and found the colour lasted about half a day before I needed to apply another coat.
    The lipstick did not bleed and I enjoyed the scent of the lipstick.
    I cant believe that the lipstick is so affordable and easily available at the supermarket. My friend commented on the lovely colour on my lips and when I told her its the MUD lipstick from Woolworths she couldn’t believe it. She told me it looks like an expensive lipstick on my lips.

    The lip liner I got to try was strawberry.
    The lip liner glided smoothly onto my lips. It has great colour unbelievable for such an affordable lip liner. The strawberry matched really nicely with the mauve madness lipstick. When I sharpened the lip liner, I got a sharp point easily and the product did not break constantly. Often cheap lip liners break constantly when you sharpen but this one was great. For an affordable brand it definitely packs a punch and next time I go shopping one or two lipsticks are going to land in my shopping basket for sure.

  55. I tried the mud lipstick it is excellent strawberry pencil under red mud lipstick worked perfectly and last all day at work without being overpowering use everyday to wear to work thank you it is great to try different produces

  56. Thanks for the opportunity to trial Mud Design products which I hadn’t heard of prior to this trial.

    I received the Strawberry lip liner which was so easy to apply and worked really well also as a lip colour. I felt this suited my complexion better than the Mauve Madness lipstick which was a lot brighter than I’d normally wear but I was very happy with the creamy feel of the lipstick and the intense, lasting colour.

    I will be looking for this brand the next time I’m at Woolies to treat myself to a different colour, since it’s such an affordable price.

    Thank you.

  57. i tried the lipstick and found it to be a little dry, it also looked a little dull, The lip liner was easy to apply and had more of a shine than the lipstick would have liked it the other way but all in all the product were fine.

  58. I trialled the Pretty please lipstick (04) and although not my usual colour, I thought it a nice change. More of a night time colour for me – so I wore it out to dinner. Perhaps it may have been a little harder to apply than my usual lipsticks, but at this price point .. I think it delivers !

    The lip liner in (02) strawberry probably didn’t match well with this lipstick – but I trialled it with something I already owned and found it went on quite well. It lasted and had a lovely finish.

    Thanks for the opportunity to review.

  59. Thank you for the opportunity to review the MUD lipstick and Lip pencil.
    I will admit that sometimes I can be a bit dubious of cheaper branded make-up, however I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the pair I tried out.

    I was sent the lipstick in ‘Red Roulette 001’ and have to say that this colour is not for the demure, it is very bold and bright, right up my alley! Definitely one (I think) for the evening as it is a stand-out colour. I found the lipstick very easy to apply with it’s applicator and had a nice smooth glide to the lips. It felt super hydrating on, and did have lasting power, but I did need a bit of make-up remover to remove it entirely from my lips when finished, not necessarily a bad thing, however it could be a bit messy if you strayed outside your lip line!

    Speaking of lip line, I was also sent a lip liner in the colour ‘Strawberry’ 002, whilst not a match with the lipstick, it was certainly a lovely colour in it’s own right. I have to admit, I was very impressed with this liner. It was exactly as it was touted, a lip liner which did not drag across the lips, but instead glided perfectly. The point of the liner was spot on which made for great precision and another bonus was that the pencil was easy to sharpen and didn’t break-up like some more expensive pencils can have a tendency to do.

    All in all, for the price point, I was very impressed! It is make-up which didn’t feel ‘cheap’ or inferior but held it’s own. 🙂

    Thank you again for the opportunity to review.

  60. I received the Strawberry Lip Liner, it has a creamy Texture, it was easy to apply and glided on my lips perfectly, the Lip Liner is a great product to use and it enhances your natural contours which prevents feathering .
    IThe Mud Lipstick i received is Mauve Madness, it’s a little bold for me as i like the softer colours , like corals or light pink. The Lip stick was a stayer and i only had to re-apply it twice which is fantastic, usually it’s 4 or 5 . It was easy to apply and felt soft and had a lovely shine to it. Thanks very much for allowing me to trial both products, i would recommend them to young and older Ladies 🙂

  61. I was excited to try my lipstick and lip liner from MUD, and I wasn’t disappointed. The lipliner was easy to use and although not my usual colour, my 17 year old daughter pinched it and now uses it. The lipstick is great. Love the colour and the ease it goes on and it lasts quite well. Will definitely buy MUD again, and so will my daughter. Thanks for the trial products.

  62. I received the Mud lipstick in Pure Passion and the Lip Liner in Strawberry . I loved the colour of Pure Passion lipstick, it is a lovely shimmery bronze/pink shade. For the price I thought it was an excellent product. It had very smooth application, great lasting strong colour and easy application. The lip liner in Strawberry was an excellent product ( I am a great fan of lip liners in general ) it was a colour that could be matched well with lipsticks or used as an all over lip colour . I will be certainly buying the Ballerina shade.
    After looking at the Mud range many times I will now definitely buy more from the range

  63. I was so excited to receive the MUD Pure Passion lippie and MUD Ballerina liner and am just thrilled with the results! I was nervous about the liner at first as I thought it might be a bit too pink however, upon applying it was just perfect! I found it was incredibly creamy and glided on effortlessly and the colour really was gorgeous. Subtle and not too in your face which is exactly what I like. The lipstick was such a lovely colour and worked perfectly with that colour liner (yay!), as well as being lovely on its own. The lipstick was a pretty shimmery pink almost bronzey colour and once again a subtle shade when worn alone but it really came into it’s own when worn with the liner. I just loved it and it is going to be so perfect for summer. Even my husband agreed he liked it and that is definitely saying something! Thank you MUD and Beauty and Lace for allowing me the chance to discover this brand. I don’t normally shop at Woollies but would be happy to pop in just for this range. Excellent value and terrific products, I can’t wait to try some of the other colours now!

  64. I received my little package with my ballerina lip liner and pure passion lipstick and my first thoughts were that the two did not look like they’d work together. I applied them both and was pleasantly surprised with the results. A very subtle combination that I can wear daily. They both were smooth in applying. I am looking forward to purchasing more colours in the MUD range!

  65. I gather by the “this is cool ” comment coming from 20 yr olds bedroom this is a great product on further asking I recieve it feels great and later that day mum its long lasting feels good its light n creamy and where did it come from I want more , So on way back to Wuddina she stopped and brought more

  66. I received my samples just before a night out which was perfet timing i got red roulette lipstick and strawberry liner – and i was really pleasantly surprised. Truly great quality products which lasted well and went on great. I wuld definately be keen to check out the rest of the range on the basis of these too. highly recommended.

  67. Thanks to Beauty & Lace for the chance to trial the two MUD – Make-Up Design products I received.
    I received the MUD Lip Definer Pencil in 002 – Strawberry and the MUD Lipstick in 004 Pretty Please. I found the Lip Liner Pencil to be pretty good, especially for the low price of $6. Although I don’t shop at Woolworths so would never buy the brand. The Lip Liner traced the lips quite well, it wasn’t as smooth & creamy as some I’ve use, I did have a bit of tugging here and there as I applied to my lips. Strawberry is the perfect colour for anyone to buy & use….it isn’t overly dark, so can be used with nude/brown/coral/pink colours. I actually think this would be a great colour to apply all over lips as the main lip colour and then add your gloss over top.
    The MUD Lipstick I received was in the shade 004 Pretty Please….and sorry to say but this was not my shade at all. I wear nudes, light pinks….light shades and this colour was pretty dark and bold. I felt like a clown! I did use it for the sake of the trial and I found the lipstick to be a little drying for my lips.
    The lip products have been passed on down to my daughter now and I’m sure she will get some good use out of them, she is 20 turning 21 and loves these colours.
    I found the MUD range to be OK, I think they definitely suit their current price range, cheap and I won’t be traipsing to Woolworths to buy more.

  68. Love love love the lip pencil! goes on smooth and lasts beautifully 🙂 . The lipstick I wasn’t a fan of, while I liked the effortless way it glides over your lips I also found it tended to come off easily on everything…but that’s just me, I think I’ve been too spoilt by the colourstay ranges. But think it would be a great lippy for those who don’t like colourstay,

  69. I’m sorry to say I’m one of those who wasn’t so impressed 🙁 I really didin’t like the feel of the lipstick or the liner, and they didn’t last long at all. Admittedly this may have been before I wore the to dinners but I don’t reallyy wanna reapply beteween each glass of wine!

  70. I don’t wear lipstick.
    I usually only wear Carmex Moisture Plus lip Balm so trying MUD Lipstick and Lip Liner was right out of my comfort zone.
    I received Strawberry Lip Liner and Mauve Madness Lipstick.
    Not colours I would choose for myself at all but did try them.
    The Lip Liner was very easy to use and didn’t smudge a all.
    The Lipstick was easy to use, it just glided on and felt really smooth and silky. It wasn’t dry at all.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use but will have to go and have look at the entire range to find a colour that does suit me.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace d MUD Makeup for the chance to try something that I would not usually wear.

  71. I was sent the red lipstick and liner not a colour i usually use but nice for a change, i found the lipstick very moisturising and easy to apply, It had a lovely shine to it but had to reapply it quite a bit with it not being a long lasting and the colour so bold. The liner was really nice and matched beautifully and stayed on quite a long time. The quality was amazing for a cheap product definitely value for money and would buy a lighter shade for every day use. Very happy would highly recommend.

  72. I was sent the Mud lipstick on pretty please and lip liner in strawberry. I was instantly excited to try the combination with the first red undertones. While I prefer to wear neutral tones on my lips usually, I loved the colour and immediately attempted to pull off a Marilyn Monre type look!

    I’ve previously had bad experiences with lip pencils that are hard and drag when lining your lips. The Mud pencil was soft when apply and glided easily over my lips. I could even colour in my whole lip to ensure that the lipstick stayed out without much effort. I was impressed!

    On to the lipstick. The colour was spot on. It had a blue undertone so was fire engine red and looked classy. It glides on easily – without drying it tugging at my lips. The colour was daring but oh so glamourous. Perfect for a Saturday night of cocktails! It didn’t feel drying and the lipstick stayed out with only a few applications required to freshen up the colour and maintain the woah factor.

    The angled lipstick and narrowness meant that it was easy for a lipstick novice such as myself to apply without having to worry about the clown look.

    Not having heard of Mud before, I will definitely be interested in trying out a wider range of colours when I see them in store. Thanks Mud and Beauty and Lave for the trial. I’m a fan!!

  73. I’m usually a lipgloss only girl and the red definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but I was happy to give something different a try.

    The MUD Makeup Lip Liner smoothly glided on without going out of the lines of my lips. I have found that some lip pencils are really drying and but this MUD lip pencil actually feels very nourishing. I loved how it lasted for hours and didn’t change colours on my lips. The MUD Lipstick applied smoothly giving my dry lips a gorgeous finish. Very impressed in how moisturising the it is to wear. The formula is quite creamy and long lasting. A great and versatile lipstick tube that fits perfectly into any of my handbags.

    Great quality and a brand I would definitely buy again.

  74. I was pleasantly surprised at the way the lipstick (pure passion) and lip pencil (ballerina) worked well together.
    The lipstick was a great shade, lighter than what I normally would wear but suited my skin tone. The soft and moist lipstick made my lips feel moisturised fora couple of hours and I enjoyed the long lasting colour.
    I would buy this in different colours.

  75. I had the bright red in the pencil and lipstick and they were both very pigmented which is what brights usually are anyhow do I would have loved to have tried the neutral nude colour to see how pigmented that was. I’m hoping it will also be as pigmented as the reds because I think I will buy that now I’ve tried the reds. I don’t wear reds much but it would be a great choice for someone to buy if they wore reds because they work really well – they look just as nice as an expensive red.

  76. I wear and own a lot of lip sticks and pencils and I found that Mud Make-up Design Lipsticks were better than most other brands I have tried, My lips felt very moisturised and the colour stayed on. Combined with the lip pencil it looked very professional and natural the way I prefer it. The liner was soft and easy to apply. The taste of the lipstick was pleasant with a subtle sweet flavour. For a low cost product I am sure that I will make Mud a regular for my collection. Two of my friends tried it and were also impressed.

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