USER REVIEWS: Ethical Zinc Sunscreen

The products from Ethical Zinc are made in Australia using 100% solar power. They are certified cruelty-free, reef safe, and suitable for sensitive skin with no chemical UV filters.

Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen

Formulated with certified natural zinc oxide for very high protection against broad-spectrum UVA & UVB.

The SPF50+ Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen is highly water resistant for very high protection during a day at the beach, while swimming, or doing other outdoor activities.

Tracy A has been trialing this product for us and says,

“I love that these products are made in Australia and are cruelty free . 
Great for the whole family, especially if you have sensitive skin like my daughter and grandchildren . While it is a thick consistency it’s easy to rub in and doesn’t feel heavy like other zinc creams it absorbs well into the skin, it has a subtle slight coconut scent which I love.

It does leave your skin a little sticky and shiny if using on the face, but for a day at the beach, it’s perfect. I found it easier to apply after the first application after being in the water and not one of my family members ranging from the mid-’40s to 10 months got sunburned on our trip to the beach after many applications over the day, it didn’t dry out our skin either. Will definitely keep using.”

Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Daily Wear Light Sunscreen

Formulated with certified natural zinc oxide that is easy to apply, rubs in clear with a light feel for everyday wear.

Our SPF50+ Daily Wear Light Sunscreen is perfect for daily wear on the face and body with an easy to apply and remove, light feel.

Tracy A has been trialing this product for us and says,

“I’ve been on the lookout for a daily wear sunscreen for a little while now. So, this review was right up my alley when I applied. I suffer from combination skin, so it can be oily and dry at times and I didn’t want sunscreen to make it worse.

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice my skin felt when I applied the sunscreen, it absorbed well and didn’t make my skin feel heavy when I applied moisturiser over it.

I’ve worn it everyday for over 2 weeks now and haven’t had any breakouts or dryness that I’ve had with other facial sunscreens.  I’ve been busy exercising outside and doing yard work in 30+ degree heat and it hasn’t left my face feeling shiny or greasy at all. Very happy.”
Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen –  RRP $19.99
Daily Wear Light Sunscreen – RRP $19.99
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A selection of our Beauty and Lace members have been testing the Ethical Zinc Daily Light Wear Sunscreen and Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen. You can read their reviews below, or add your own!

4 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Ethical Zinc Sunscreen

  1. Thanks for letting me trial this sunscreen. I’m loving that it’s Australian,natural and free from nasties (not just for us humans but for marine life too). The Natural Clear Zinc I found was best for the days out in the sun, like when we go to the beach. It did feel sticky and thinker on the skin than the light one but was great and easy to apply. It well protected my family (husband and 9yo) and still easy to reapplication. None of us burn on the days in the sun.

    Now my favourite is the Daily Wear Light Sunscreen which I found wonderful for my face. the most important thing was that it didn’t sting my eyes like so many other sunscreens do. Point to note that initially it did slightly white cast my face (as I have olive/yellow skin) but once it really sunk in, this went away. It sat well under my makeup (full foundation) for the day and didn’t make my face breakout or feel greasy. This one will definitely be on my repurchase list.

  2. I was very grateful to receive this product from B&L as I am a chronic sun lover. The Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen was the perfect product to use on myself and my son for a day at our pool or at the beach. The fact that it is Australian made and certified cruelty-free, reef safe, with no chemical UV filters mad me feel more comfortable putting it on my sons sensitive skin. I feel like it did a really good job of protecting him from the sun and was easy to apply. However, I was not a fan of the smell, but I think this is a small price to pay for awesome protection.
    The Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Daily Wear Light Sunscreen is something that I have been using on my face and also my body when I go walking with my mum. I do love that it is very light and rubs in very easily, but again I wasnt a fan of the smell. But being a natural product, I wouldnt expect any fragrancy type smell either. I felt fully protected and not sticky at all with this product.
    So overall, I would highly recommend both of these products for the whole family.

  3. I love this product. It’s so light on my face and not at all greasy. Being a natural product is a must for me. I have sensitive skin and this is perfect. It’s easy to apply and perfect for children’s skin.
    This is a product that I am comfortable and confident to wear daily in the outdoors.
    Perfect for travelling in hot climates. I definitely recommend this product.

  4. Thank you B&L for choosing me to trial the Ethical Zinc daily wear light sunscreen and Natural Clear Zinc Sunblock. I am not a big fan of sunblock as most of them are greasy and heavy to wear. These 2 products are an exception. They are both light-weight and non greasy. I used these constantly when gardening, taking walks and when taking our grandson to the park and the beach, keeping his delicate skin protected. The texture is light, applied easy and absorbed quickly, leaving no heavy cream layer on the skin. The Daily Wear light sunscreen was great under markup, a huge plus for me. Price point is perfect and being Australian made and Cruelty Free another use plus.

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