User Review: PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Masks

Feet would have to be one of the easiest parts of the body to neglect, and one of the hardest working. The weather is getting cooler and that means having something warm on feet at all times, and I’m actually not sure what my feet like less; always barefoot or always socked.

My feet are atrocious, they are in horrible shape and I just don’t spend enough time trying to reverse that. I could invest in a pumice stone, truth be told I did and I used it occasionally, but it was very time consuming and a little barbaric. I also have a foot file and one of the pedi-eggs that’s pretty much just a cheese grater for my feet. I tried them all but found that the results were not even close to what I wanted, or needed.

The PACKage Monthy New Feet Foot Masks looked like a great option to trial and see if I could make some progress with my feet. My package arrived last week and I had to wait until I could sit long enough to relax while it did its thing, then I had to wait for results before I could write a review.

Let me begin by saying that a review like this would definitely be benefitted by photographic evidence of the results. But I wasn’t taking photos of my feet for anyone.

PACKage is a K-beauty brand, which was a new term to me. They are a Korean brand stocked online in Australia by Style Story and they are part of what seems to me like a complete beauty movement. My biggest issue with it being K-beauty was that I couldn’t find English instructions on the packaging, but there was a media release with instructions and there are instructions online.

Using the product is super simple. The Foot Mask is basically a pair of socks. It was a matter of cutting open the pack, cutting the seal to separate the pair and slipping the socks on my feet. I did discover this evening that there are small tape tabs enclosed in the pack to fasten the socks to your feet, making sure they don’t slide off. I didn’t find these so I slipped my socks back on over the top.

The socks need to stay on for an hour, which was great for me because it meant I had to sit in one spot and read for an hour. Actually, don’t tell anyone but I don’t think you need to sit still. Like with a face mask you could get up and go about your day but being socks I felt it prudent to stay put.

After 60 minutes peel them off and rinse your feet with water. I usually tend to use those time limits as a rough guide, because I get caught up in whatever I’m doing, but the New Feet Foot Masks started to make my feet tingly at almost the 60 minute mark so I was happy to take them off.

In 4-5 days the skin on your feet will slowly start to peel and uncover the soft new skin underneath. Peel, they really will, and it was a little overwhelming for me having never used a foot mask like this. I wasn’t expecting the peeling to be quite so pronounced. The peeling is like sunburn peel, it’s quite large strips and it takes a couple of days for it all to peel. I was just at home and I still felt the need to wear socks so I wasn’t leaving a trail of DNA everywhere I went. The peeling process took 2-3 days and was definitely the worst straight after a shower.

My feet were extremely bad so I’m not going to tell you that they’re perfect; soft, supple and unblemished. But they are an awful lot better than they were and I think with a few consecutive treatments they actually could be perfectly soft and smooth. I am surprised at how marked the difference is and I would definitely recommend the product.

PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Masks utilise orange peel extract, lactic acid, sage, rosemary and a range of other ingredients to offer soft feet in the comfort of your own home.

RRP: $7.30 per pack or $64.95 for a pack of 10.

For more information and to purchase yours please head to Style Story.

Style Story is an Australian online Korean Beauty store stocking the best and most innovative K-Beauty products. Korean beauty products are famous around the world for the advanced formulations, natural ingredients, innovation, design, and affordability. Style Story is the authorised distributor of the best names in Korean Beauty as well as a staunch supporter of many up and coming brands. More information can be found at

Thanks to Style Story 50 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be trialing the PACKage Monthly New Feet Mask and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

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50 thoughts on “User Review: PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Masks

  1. Wow, this is a fantastic product but one in which you do need to plan for.

    The application is really simple. Just put on the ‘socks’ and as Michelle suggested, I also wore my normal socks on over the top to hold them in place. After an hour you simply take them off, give your feet a wash and continue life as normal.

    The magic starts happening a day or two later (and this is where you need to be prepared as this next part is both really cool and gross).

    All your dead skin cells start peeling off but be warned, once you start pulling the skin you just can not stop (and this may be considered really gross by your partner, family or housemates)! Over the next couple of days your feet will continue to peel (there is no pain even when pulling the dead skin off). With this in mind, I would suggest Winter as the best time to do this where you are not required to be out with open toe/heeled shoes as it is not a pretty sight.

    I have scrubbed my feet etc to assist with the peeling but after 4 days it still looks like its peeling (NOTE: The skin under this peel is wonderful and soft and awesome but you do have to go a week before the peeling stops.

    This is a great product as long as you know your feet will not be on show for the week after you start the treatment.


  2. This is a great product but honestly, I did not like the process of getting to my soft silky feet!
    I wore my plastic socks for 60 minutes. You really need to wear socks or slippers over the top to avoid slipping over. After 2 day days, I was starting to think that this product doesn’t work but then the next day I awoke to what looked like a snake shedding it’s skin. This was the part (and especially my husband) didn’t like. I had to wear socks day & night as my feel were continually flaking and peeling. I would not recommend doing this in summer. It took about 7 days for my feet to finish flaking. My feet really do feel great but I wouldn’t go through the peeling process again.

  3. I would just like to thank B&l for the opportunity to trial these Monthly New Feet foot masks.
    I followed the instructions given in the email and decided to give myself a break for an hour and watch some TV whilst this foot mask worked its magic. I didnt put my socks on over the top, as others have, as I didnt plan on moving.LOl
    The magic really starts to happen after about 4 days, which is when my feet started peel. My son actually asked me what was wrong with my feet, and I had to explain that I had used a special mask for my feet, that make them feel soft and clean, and that it was just the dead skin cells coming off my feet.
    As Karin mentioned, it is best to do this mask in winter, or when you dont plan on wearing open shoes, because the peeling does go on for a few days.
    I have to say that this is a far better option than getting your feet scraped or using those sandpaper thingy’s.

  4. Thank you Beauty and Lace and PACKage for the opportunity to try this product.

    I’ve always wanted to try this sort of foot spa product and am so glad I did.

    I followed the instructions and planned on the time to sit still. I did wear slippers over the top but found I had to walk carefully so as to not slip on tiles in my house. I wasn’t a fan of the smell , it was almost an alcohol smell however it wasn’t over the top bad.
    I was worried that a couple of scratches on my foot would be irritated by the product but I didn’t have any problems.
    The flaking is as others described but happy with the end result.
    I would definitely give this another go and would recommend to others

  5. I have to say I loved this feet mask and what it did to my crusty, slightly neglected feet. The process is really easy: you just cut the package in two to separate the booties, and secure with the tapes supplied
    The product itself has a slightly gooey texture abs a lovely citrus scent. I popped a pair of socks over the top as I never sit still for long, and it made the booties more secure
    My feet actually started shedding 2 days later. I was amazed asit was quite a thick layer of skin coming off. Underneath was lovely soft smooth skin
    I would definitely use these again. I’m thinking if you used them once a month, your feet would always be in awesome condition
    Thanks Beauty and Lace and Package for the opportunity to trial these and reveal my much nicer feet hiding underneath

  6. I did mine on a Saturday night and last night (Monday) I realised my right foot had skin that had peeled off. So I checked my other foot and was surprised to have a big oval patch of white skin which I could peel off with ease and the skin came off where I thought it never would as thought my feet were already smooth back from my toes and well before heel. My son also was amazed at the skin that peeled off as it was a bit thicker that sunburn peel. I must admit I was worried that if I peeled back too far it might feel like a second skin and be sore but not at all. I am still peeling in places on my feet that I thought were fine and hopefully tonight I can see my heels peel more as that’s my problem area at back of heels which is thicker and dryer. I did notice after my shower this morning my heels felt like the skin had softened but wanted to wait till tonight after I takes shoes and socks off. I will be back to update in a few days as I am so impressed with this and didn’t think it’d work so fast and well so far. Thanks for this one as I am really excited to see how my feet end up.

  7. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review this product. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see the outcome.

    I put the socks on and didn’t have to put any other socks on top as I decided to sit with a cup of tea and watch television for the hour that was required. An hour might seem long but if your watching television or reading it actually goes fast.

    After one hour I rinsed my feet as requested. So I waited for the magic to happen, and it did after about three days. My feet started peeling although they didn’t look the best, My feet now feel so soft, I am pleasantly surprised since I have unfortunately always suffered from very dry feet.

    I thought they were great and did what it said on the packet. I would try these again and recommend them to anyone who suffers from dry feet.

  8. Thanks Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to trial PACKage foot pack which I had never heard of before but will remember from now on

    Actually followed the instructions which really are quite simple but as everyone else did wore socks over the top tried to sit for an hour but found it impossible so just carried on as normal then rinsed & waited for the magic
    Pleasantly surprised that skin started to shed after a few days & as a few people have said decided to wear socks day & night Great result smooth soft skin has appeared

    Great product would highly recommend thanks again

  9. I loved this product .I am diabetic and my feet are shocking .I pay $65.00 every 6 weeks for treat ment .
    You need to work out a 1 hr time frame ie 1 pm watching a soapie on tv lol pop them on my daughter did so i didnt stuff it up sit back n relax for the hour wash off dry and wait 3 days later omg did they work but no pain ect just nice smooth feet . So now i just need to get daughter to paint my nails lol. Thank you for the chance to try and will be giving the packaging to my diabetes educator .

  10. Amazing. I found the Monthly New Feet Foot Masks a pleasure to use. Easy to put on the booties the smell was pleasant and not painful at all. Simple instructions… and the results are amazing . All my dry and dead cracked skin is coming off painlessly and without my help. My get are looking brand new soft and better than i was able to do myself with a foot file. I will be purchasing this product regularly. I am now in love with the feel of my feet. Thank you

  11. I was so excited to trial this product! The instructions were super easy to follow however I recommend wearing socks over the top.

    Sitting down for an hour was challenging but after the hour was up, I rinsed and carried on with my day.

    By day 4 I started to notice my skin peeling (it was not pretty!!) and by day 6 I had soft, smooth feet!!!

    This product worked so well on my feet, I’m keen to purchase more and try maintain it on a monthly basis. I highly recommend!!

  12. I followed all instructions on the product and was surprised at how easy they were to use but unfortunately they did nothing for my feet at all.

  13. I found this very simple and easy to use – I didn’t realise how easy it would be and I actually had a preconceived idea that it could be tricky. Not so at all – this foot treatment couldn’t have been easier!

    There are two thin plastic bootees within the sachet. There is a serum-like product within them so you don’t have to do anything but just put the plastic bootees straight onto your feet. Too easy! (I did put some normal socks on over the top just to hold them in place while I walked around as normal at home.)

    After keeping the bootees on for one hour you can simply dispose of them into the bin. I rinsed my feet off and just put moisturiser on my feet as normal. Then after a few days (which happened to be tonight in the shower) I noticed my skin was bubbling and peeling in a lot of the dry, thick areas of my feet. So while in the shower I just rubbed this skin off with my fingers and it washed down the drain. After getting out of the shower I noticed that the skin still wanted to peel off my feet and that some nice soft skin was being disclosed. So I rubbed it a bit more with the towel and more skin came away.
    I like how gentle this product is and yet how dramatic it’s results!

    Lovely soft, fresh feet is what I have to show for using this product! I can recommend it to anyone who wants a treatment for the dry old skin on their feet. There was no pain at all. Now all I need is one of these peels for my face! ; ) Now there’s an idea!

  14. I loved the ease of using this foot mask, and the socks actually didn’t feel flimsy (which is what I expected) so if you had to get up and walk it was ok. I thought they might be messy but not at all.
    After my treatment I forgot about it for a couple of days until I wondered why I had skin flaking off my feet and then I remembered!
    Great product, easy to use and delivers results as promised

  15. Thank you Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to revive my worn out feet with the ‘Monthly New Feet’ sock pack.

    Unique is a word I use to describe this awesome product. I have always been a fan of Korean beauty products and now I can add these socks to the list of my favourite things. 🙂

    The socks have limited instructions, and in Korean, but once I realised what to do, it was easy to pop the socks on, pop some of my own socks over that (so I didn’t slip when I walked around) and relax!
    I liked the scent of the socks, almost a citrusy fragrance, very subtle and fresh smelling.

    After washing my feet after the first 60 minutes, my feet felt baby soft, so divine, but the real magic happened days later when the dead skin cells started to peel off. If you are one of those people who like peeling off your sunburn, then this feels similar.

    Once this process settled down, I was left with the softest feet, they felt divine. I would love to use these once a month, particularly in the summer months when sandals are worn and feet exposed.

    The price point at $7.30 a pack is reasonable, much cheaper than visiting a salon for a paraffin treatment or pedicure and the bulk pack at $64.95 for a box of ten, would last just short of a year,so again, not bad value.

    Would definitely recommend. 🙂

  16. Thank you for selecting me to trial these Feet Foot Masks
    The feet masks are very easy to use just cut in half and place on feet and secure with the tape provided
    I also wore a pair of bed socks over the top as I was a bit worried I might slip over
    The smell from the feet masks never worried me
    After 60 minutes I washed my feet and they felt very smooth
    I used the feet foot pack on Sunday it is now Thursday and a small amount of skin is flaking off,
    I have terrible rough dry feet so hopefully in a day or two more skin will peel off
    Will report back with my results

    1. Ok today is Tuesday and my feet are really peeling so much so I am wearing socks all the time lucky it is winter very impressed with this product

  17. Love this product, was a treat to put the socks on my feet and have them feel “soft and silky” for an hour while they worked their magic.

    Four days later and at last the dead skin is leaving my poor feet to make way for soft and silky feet. So easy, so refreshing and wonderful to have an inexpensive treat work after hours on my feet with no fuss.

    thank you for letting me try them and I will give them another treat just before summer.

  18. This is an interesting product for anyone who feels like their feet are looking a bit rough. You get two plastic socks filled with some kind of liquid which to me smells a bit like nail polish remover. You put the socks on for 60 mins and then pretty much chill out because the socks aren’t really made for walking around in. After 60 minutes take them off and give your feet a rinse. A couple of days later the magic or gross stuff starts happening depending on how you want to look at it. At first your feet start to slowly peel off but then huge pieces will be hanging off. I couldn’t feel a thing and knew it was only happening by looking at my feet. Unfortunately a bit of a flaw with this product is that your skin peels all the way up to where the sock ended so all the way over your ankle but more in a dry skin way not chunks of skin hanging off way. Maybe covering your skin in vaseline in these areas might stop that. I used a heel balm on the top of my foot and it stopped the peely look. A week later the peeling will have stopped and soft skin will be revealed underneath. I found it didn’t work on all places on my foot as I have roughened skin from multiple blisters around my big toe and it didn’t fix that. This is a product I would only recommended for winter or times when you’re feet will be covered as your feet will look gross. Also it could be a bit harsh on your foot to use every month as it is filled with some kind of chemical that literally makes all your skin peel off which I can’t imagine is good for you. Thanks for the opportunity to review this product Beauty & Lace and Style Story.

  19. I found that this product does cause skin to peel off as advertised but the process is still ongoing so I will need to wait a week or so to determine how my feet feel when the peeling is completed. So far there seems to be a positive change in the roughened skin. I enjoyed the gooey sensation of having my feet in soapy socks for 60 minutes but should have chosen a warmer day because it was cold inside the socks even with my woolly ones over the top. I would have preferred the product to contain total organic ingredients but nevertheless there are lots of fruit and plant based ingredients for the eco conscious users. Overall this was a good experience and I will definitely buy some more New Feet Foot Packs in readiness for the summer sandal look.

  20. I was super excited to review this product as my feet are disgusting! They’re completely neglected and literally scratch the sheets in bed they’re so dry and gross.
    I used the product just like the above reviewers, and it worked just as it said. After 4 days however my feet didn’t peel and I did wonder if my feet were just too far gone, but come day 5 the peeling begun… it was so gross haha but I loved it !
    Now after all the peeling has happened my feet are not 100% but certainly on the path to being soft. I’m planning to purchase more packs.
    Thanks so much for the review !!!

  21. Thank you to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this product. I found the product easy to use, but had a slight tingling sensation while I had the mask on. I assumed this was the mask working. I kept it on for the hour and quite enjoyed the ’slimy’ feel, before washing it off.

    The skin peeling is unsightly, but is worth it to have soft feet. I’m hoping it will last a while! This is definitely something to do just before summer, so that your feet are looking their best during all the Christmas/end of year parties. Thank you again for allowing me to trial this product.

  22. The application of these foot masks is super easy. Cut open the pack and pull out the masks which are attached to each other and need to cut apart. Slip your foot into the bootie and tighten around the ankle with a sticker thats included. I then put some bed socks over the top and shuffled to the lounge to sit for an hour and read while the booties did their thing. I was hesitant putting my foot into the first bootie as being Winter I really though that it was going to be super cold but it wasnt really that bad. After an hour I shuffled to the bathroom and removed the booties and washed my feet. Then began the wait to see if anything happened. On day three after my morning shower I noticed that my feet had started to peel. This became a little disturbing and gross as i found that my bathroom floor would be covered in bits of dead skin. I had to change the sheets on the bed as there was dead skin in the bed as well. Good tip here is to wear socks to bed to avoid this issue. My feet are still peeling and im not sure how long this will go on for but i am really pleased with how soft my feet are becoming and I really want to moisturise them but know that will tamper with the process so im leaving them alone.

    This product would be a fantastic thing to use every couple of months or as needed to make sure you always have great looking feet.

  23. The unnerving thing about this product is that for three or four days it seems to have absolutely no effect – and then all of a sudden what seems like half the skin on your feet falls off.

    Before I go any further, I did like it, liked the effect, and will probably use this again.

    It’s easy enough to use – tear it open, and put the plastic booties on your feet. I put socks on over the top, both for a bit of warmth, and to help keep the booties in place. I also left the booties on for a little longer than the recommended time – I was watching TV and forgot the time – but the extra fifteen minutes didn’t seem to cause either any harm or give any extra benefit.

    As I said, initially it didn’t seem to have done anything – and then four days later in the shower, half my skin fell off. For the next couple of days this happened every time I had a shower, so I suspect the water had something to do with it. It wasn’t at all painful, though looked a bit unattractive. After three days of this, though, I had considerably smoother and softer skin all over my feet.

    I was really pleased with the effect, and can see that if I used it once a month (as recommended) for two or three months, I’d probably have beautifully soft feet.

    One disadvantage is that half an hour of really unattractive peeling for three or four days. I’d definitely recommend not using it if you’re planning on wearing sandals for those few days. It seemed to clear up really quickly each night, though, so if you’re not a morning showerer even that might not be a problem.

    Essentially, this was an easy to use, effective product that did wonders for the hard and dry skin on my feet. I had no problems with it.

  24. Thanks for the opportunity to trial the PACKage monthly new feet. After a summer of wearing thongs and sandals my feet were in great need of a bit of TLC. I had hard heels and my toes ….well, let’s not go there.

    I followed the instructions as others have – which was a relatively simple exercise bit gooey to cut the socks in half but easy process. I did wear socks over the top so that the PACKage socks didn’t fall off while I rested and read for almost the time suggested (60mins) but the tingling sensation I experienced made me wash my feet just before the hour was up.

    As others mentioned it is a good idea to wear socks following the treatment, for about 4 days, unless you want a trail of dead skin following you around. This is pretty gross but at the same time wonderful as all that shedding means my feet are now soft and tender. My heels are still pretty hard but maybe in the coming days I’ll see a softening on them too.

  25. This product is amazing and definitely effective! I am converted and will definitely be purchasing a ten pack and think it’s quite good value for money.

    I have never been a fan of my feet and have always struggled with dry heels so was excited to give this product a go as it could be used in the privacy of my own home without someone else having to touch my feet!

    My first impressions were positive. The packaging is cute and the product is easy to use. I did find the smell quite strong but the overall experience was quite pleasant. My feet immediately felt softer and smoother as soon as I washed the product off.

    Today (day 4) in the shower I rubbed my foot and it felt like about 10 layers of skin shed at once. Up until then I haven’t noticed any peeling but not it is coming off in bucket loads. The skin is beautiful underneath so I hope the peeling stops soon so I can show my felt off.

    I am now off to check out the Style Story and see what other amazing beauty products they have!

  26. Wow! This was a great product to try and it was like a science experiment too.
    As advised, I wore the socks for 60 mins before washing my feet and then patiently waiting 3 days before seeing any peeling occur.
    I had all kinds of thoughts including “how do these socks work? How do they know which skin to attack? Will my feet be sore when the peeling starts?” but I needn’t have worried. Once the peeling started, the amount of shedding was shocking and also amazing. It didn’t hurt at all but I definitely put socks on because I didn’t want to scare the kids (or husband).

    My feet were in a really bad condition and after only 1 use of these little socks I can honestly say they are much better than I would have been able to achieve myself using my regular foot file. My toes and the balls of my feet definitely came up the best, and I feel that if I used these again, my heels would be fit to be displayed once again.

    The only negative is that the peeling doesn’t just last for 1 day. 4 days after the peeling started (day 7) and I still have some skin peeling off so it’s definitely best to do this when you aren’t going to be worried about people seeing your feet.

  27. I loved this product! I even loved the peeling skin! 5 to 7 days of snake skin to get smooth soft feet no problem for me at all. I love it and would definitely use it again. I do agree with putting socks on over the mask socks to hold them and stop you from falling over.

  28. Wow.. this foot mask is amazing! You might not see results a day after but wait 8 days and your feet will look and feel so soft.

    I am really hard on my feet. I work part time and spend half the week barefooted on floorboards. My feet are normally very rough, sometimes cracked and need some TLC.

    The foot mask (Monthly New Feet) was a well needed mask for my feet. My feet were so rough and I had one very deep crack that was pretty painful. It took me a little while to work out how to get the two feet of the mask apart and on my feet. Once I worked it out I popped them over my feet and a sock on. They felt cool and gave some relief to the crack on the sole of my foot. I set the timer for 60 mins and then washed it off. I didn’t really feel a difference except they were quite soft to touch and smelt quite nice after the mask.

    The peeling for me started after day 5 and now day 8 it’s still going. But boy do my feet look and feel amazing. The crack has heeled and both the balls and the heels are so soft, like baby soft!

    I would highly recommend this mask but one thing to remember is that you have to wait to see results, hence why my review has been late.

  29. Well, I have just spent the last few days feeling like I need to find a good rock to rub my feet on! lol. About a week ago I trialed the new “Monthly New Feet” foot mask. I found it easy to use – you just cut open the sachet, cut the socks in two and slip them onto your feet, securing them with a little sticker. You then just occupy yourself for an hour and let them do their thing! It’s a little cold, wet, squishy and tingly and I have to say I was both skeptical and a little scared of what was going to eventuate.

    For the first few day after applying nothing much happened but then I noticed a sudden peeling starting to occur. The problem was it was the part of my foot that didn’t need it so alarm bells started to ring. The next day the problem areas started to peel as well and my feet became super soft. I do need to comment that the heel areas of my feet are pretty bad and although it did improve these areas it did not fix it entirely. It has also been a week now since I applied the product and I am still peeling.

    The only downside I can see is that if you wear shoes without socks you will find bits of skin plastered to the inside of your shoe which was a little annoying and unexpected but overall a really good product for the money.

  30. I was really pleased to try out this product. I’ve seen a few like it on the market, but have never really been game enough to try one out even though I wanted to. Like Michelle, I didn’t realise that there were sticky tabs on the socks and thought that they would be a great idea – evidently, so did the makers of the socks! I just put my own socks on over the top and sat down. But I have 3 kids, so of course I had to get up again and walk very slowly and carefully to do whatever I needed to do as the socks were slippery inside. I washed my feet at the end and found the smell quite overwhelming, but it didn’t hang about. About 2 days later my feet started to peel, which I thought was quite quick. It was absolutely disgusting, but fascinating at the same time. I made sure that I wore socks all the time to catch the peeling skin, but even so you should have seen the state of my ensuite floor every night after my shower – it looked like snow. 4-5 days later my feet had just about finished peeling. Before doing this foot peel, my feet had been quite dry and I had a lot of callous and dry skin on my heels and around my toes. After they’d finished peeling the dry and calloused skin on my feet had disappeared leaving beautiful, soft skin behind, except on my heels. They had been quite bad initially and although they weren’t to the same smoothness as the rest of my feet, they were nowhere near as bad as they had been before. This would be a great product for summertime when your feet are more on display, not rugged up in closed-in shoes and I would definitely have another go at some time in the future. Thanks for another great product to review >:o)

  31. What fun- I am always looking for super smooth feet as I live in the tropics and my feet get a lot of wear. So I opened up the packet and my first reaction was ooooh interesting smell, there is a whiff of alcohol and quite a concoction of powerful treatments, and then the orange. I did wonder if the orange is to make the smell more palatable- that is not a problem, as long as it works well. I put on the booties and taped on as instructed and it felt very comfortable and easy to wear for an hour sat watching TV with my husband. A quick rinse and I was impressed! Instantly my feet were looking much fresher and smoother! This lasted a couple of days and I have not just started to see the dry bits and the back (did not have much) coming off, a bit of a scrub and they are almost gone! I think if you had a lot of dry skin it would be great to deal with it! Easy to use, works well, and I see that for the cost it is a really great product.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to try this great product- I would highly recommend.

  32. Thank you for the sample- I was a bit nervous to try something that required you to wear plastic booties for an hour, and the plasticy smell was a bit weird- but I was so glad I did. Once the hour was up I washed off the solution and tried my feet and they felt nicely tingly. I gave them a hard rub down and then put on some foot cream and have to say I was impressed. Each day I have given them a scrub and a week later my dry bits on the sides of my feet are almost gone and the skin seems fresh and new. It would be really good to use this again to get rid of the last bits and then use it once a month to keep baby soft feet. I am going to look to buy this product very soon to keep my feet soft and smooth.

  33. The Monthly New Feet foot mask was a product that had me intrigued from the very start. I have always wanted to use one of these and was interested to see what kind of results it would provide.

    The feet masks were easy to use, packaging was easy to open and the 2 masks came apart with ease along the perforated line. It was a fresh citrus scent, which was pleasant.
    I found that the tabs provided were not enough to secure the socks on, and this gave me the perfect excuse to sit around watching tv for the hour. After taking the socks off and washing the product away, I noticed that my feet had turned a yellow colour underneath, and this ended up hanging around for a couple days.

    I did not see any other differences or peeling until day 5. However it was fairly minimal peeling and if anything I felt like my feet were extremely dried out rather than peeling. In particular the tops of my feet and around my ankles really dried out. There was some peeling but it did not leave my feet silky smooth as others had reported back.

    I enjoyed trying out a new beauty product but I am not sure if this product was meant for me.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try Monthly New Feet.

  34. This is not a product to use in summer when you’re wearing thongs and sandals… I’d never used a foot peel before, so it has been a whole new experience for me.
    The peel was easy to use – you just cut the ‘socks’ open and slide them over your feet. I did this on a cold Tamworth winter’s morning, so it was quite ‘refreshing’ and then put my slippers over the top. Apart from the squishy feeling, it was all fine and I actually got caught up working and left them on for two and a half hours. Oops.
    I took them off, threw them out (wish I’d kept them for another month, now, but I’ll know for next time), and had a shower.
    Nothing happened for a few days, but then the magic happened and the skin on my feet began to peel off. I have feet that have had many years of walking on rocks with no shoes on and I’m a runner/walker, so my feet were not in good condition to start with. The peel didn’t perform a miracle, but the skin that’s been revealed is smooth and much nicer than the skin it got rid of. It worked so much better than I expected, too.
    I’d recommend wearing socks for the week after doing the peel so that you don’t start putting skin all over the place and catch it in your socks. A week after is also a good time to change your bed sheets as the amount of skin that came off my feet was a bit of a shock.
    I’d definitely recommend this product, but I think you would need to use it for a few months to get the full results, especially if your feet are in the condition mine were.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Style Story for the chance to get new feet and review this product.

  35. Let me say first,if you live peeling sunburnt skin you will love this! But be warned, its addictive! Lol
    I was super excited to try this product! I have seen similar ones on the market and it has aways intrigued me!
    I poured myself a large glass and I prepared myself to sit down and relax for an hour!
    Using this product could not be easier!
    Two days later the peeling began; big, large,long strips of skin. It was very exciting!!lola couple of days later I had abath and scrubbed them to speed up the process. It look about 7 days for all skin to fall off. I did make the mistake of peeling the skin and one chunk went too deep that I had to cut it. Ouch!
    It did what it said and I would be interested to see if it would be as intense if used more frequently.

  36. My Foot Mask was very late in arriving.
    I wore them on Sunday night and took some photos (put them on the Facebook Page).
    I wore them for the required hour and they felt lovely and cool.
    The smell didn’t bother me at all.
    I had noticed a couple of comments from other people that they had wished they didn’t dispose of them after use so I carefully took them off and kept them to use again.
    I had forgotten I had used them and when I got home from work last night and took my shoes and socks off, I was shedding like a snake.
    I am still peeling and after reading others reviews, will update in a few days.
    I really have enjoyed this trial 🙂

    1. I took photos last night and put them on the Facebook page of my skanky peely feet. I don’t usually have pics of my feet but thought since it is a product Review, I should do it.

  37. Thank you for the opportunity to try this treat for my feet.

    I have never tried anything like this. It was easy to use, cut open the ‘socks’, put them over my feet and use the tape to secure. There was a citrusy smell that wasn’t too bad. I added an old pair of socks over the top, just in case, and settle in for some reading. At the end of the time I could feel a slight tingling which happened just before the hour was up.

    I rinsed off my feet and waited. They started peeling in 4-5 days revealing fresher skin underneath. It was an interesting experience, one I would do again. I would be a bit concerned doing it in Summer due to the ongoing peeling, but it was a nice treat just for me.

  38. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review the Korean foot mask.

    I have used other brands of this type of product, so knew what to expect. However, as everyone else did, I wore the socks with normal socks for an hour. I expected the magic to happen about four days later, when in fact it was two. I was a bit mortified as they started to peel the day I was going for a massage …. ewh. I explained to the masseuse but she still massaged my feet. Within about three days, my feet had peeled and were soft, although a couple of tough bits remained.

    They worked well but the smell for me was quite off putting. It was very chemically. I think I would have used my schol foot scrub if I’d been home and it would have helped get the tougher bits off. As I was away, I had to just wash as normal in the shower. I’d forgotten all about it to be honest.

    Worked well, but smelly for me to use again, but definitely did what it said on the packet.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Better late than never to review this amazing product. I run a lot and always sloughing calluses off my feet (sorry if too much info)…

    I must say I didn’t enjoy sitting on a cold winters day with these on but put my house slippers over the top as the socks are extremely slippery and sat in front of my heater for an hour and watched a DVD while waiting…

    My partner always teases me about how disgusting my feet are for a female as I never wear open shoes… I live in running shoes and casual shoes… I never get pedicures…

    After two days the peeling started which was even more gross to my partner but the following week the skin on my feet were so soft.

    Not sure if I will bother to keep buying these. It’ll depend on how long they stay soft… I intend to saturate my feet in cream every night after my showers. Hopefully they will never be as bad again after this. Thank you Beautyandlace. You rock!!!

  40. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to try a few different products, but this one takes the cake!

    First a leisurely hour with my feet up…..that in itself was worth 5 stars…an hour telling the family…sorry do it yourself mum cant move….. ( maybe i should have pretended it was 2

    Then the penguin walk to the bathroom to rinse off…..yes i forgot to wear socks over to make it easier, so had to lean over and hold them on while i penguin shuffled.

    Then the waiting…and waiting….and waiting…..and then…OMG the magic,…. and the mess, i was worse than our budgie and he sheds feathers every day…..

    But then…..the result…… its so good this tasmanian is wearing thongs to show off her feet…..which are blue coz its cold…but they are soft and silky smooth….

    Great product, great fun and yes i would purchase

  41. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try out the PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Mask. Winter was a great time to try these out because these babies create a LOT of mess.

    Easy to apply (however I couldn’t for the life of me find the sticky tabs to secure the masks (glad I wasn’t the only one) but popped on some socks over the top which helped keep the masks in place and also helped with my walk to the bathroom to remove the masks and wash my feet.

    It didn’t take many days before my feet started peeling, but what a mess! I had seen pictures online of people using similar foot masks (gross I know) with huge sections of skin peeling off at once. This didn’t happen to me, I only had tiny little pieces of skin coming off. Which meant I had to wear socks nearly all the time to save my house from trails of tiny little bits of skin! I also didn’t give enough thought to my yoga class for the week – my peeling feet gave made me the most anxiety I have ever had in a yoga class. Fortunately it was a minimal peeling day.

    While it does take a while for all the skin to peel off, it does leave your skin feeling smooth and softer. I have hard callouses on my feet and the mask doesn’t really impact on them, but it does work well for the rest of the feet. A messy thumbs up!

  42. Thanks Beauty and Lace and PACKage for the chance to try this product, ive always wanted to try one of these to see what I was like. I made myself a cup of tea and set up the TV with the heater next to it in preparation for my hour of “me time” . I put the mask “socks” on with a pair of my socks over the top in case I needed to get up, to be honest I didn’t enjoy using my fingers to separate the material when opening it up to put on my foot. It was a bit fiddly and “wet”, I really enjoyed the smell and it felt a lot like putting your feet into a bag filled with shampoo. Sounds weird but was quite enjoyable to squelch youre toes around

    A lot of other people described (and posted pictures on facebook) of their peeling feet and it looked a lot like a snake shedding its skin. Mine looked nothing like that. After about 4 days (of thinking it was going to work) my feet started to peel around the ankles and the “side” of each foot. I was thinking each day it would get more intense but that was it spread over 3 days

    While I enjoyed it I cant say I noticed a huge difference but I would be keen to try it again

  43. As always thanks to Beauty and Lace for selecting me for this trial.

    As a full time working mum I am always on my feet, and as a result my feet are often dry, calloused and generally pretty average looking.

    I tried these socks and wow, the results were both shocking and amazing! Shocking in the way that I couldn’t believe how much peeled off my feet!! But amazing in that they are so soft and feel so much better afterwards!

    Like some others, I did have to explain why me feet looked the way they did as it was a pretty horrific look to young children (they thought my feet were sunburnt haha) but the results were overall pretty amazing!

    Although a bit uncomfortable and messy, I would definetely try this product again at a later date!

  44. The perfect excuse to sit still for an hour and be pampered. Luckily I also had a great book to read too. I was amazed at the results. Such an easy product to use – simply cut open slip my feet in and put some protective socks on just in case I needed to get up without falling over. The results were amazing – within a few days my feet were peeling not to mention looking a little feral. The end result is so silky and smooth, well worth the wait. Will definitely purchase more and do it more often. Now my better half will happily massage my feet without grimacing.

  45. Thank you so much Beauty & Lace and Style Story for the opportunity to trial the PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Pack. I admit I was a bit dubious as my feet are just so disgusting. Such hard patches that I continually use a pedi file on but usually find the next day they are back to their usual hard and rough old selves.
    The socks come in a cute little package that upon opening you just need to cut in half. Putting the socks on I used the tape stickers provided but found they promptly came unstuck so got my husband to wrap sticky tape around the top, problem solved! I sat and happily read for an hour (was a great excuse to put my feet up!) but found the socks were easy enough to walk around in when I needed to get to the bathroom for removal. After washing the solution off I resisted the urge to put moisturiser on at night as I usually do. I didn’t feel any tingling or anything weird which was a relief but also made me worry that it might not work however, I needn’t have! After the 4th day, I hopped out of the shower to find huge patches of skin coming off, SO gross but SO cool! It was great fun peeling my feet hehe! My husband was disgusted so made sure to do it when he wasn’t looking. It was like peeling sunburnt skin off but with no pain whatsoever. I found it took about 4-5 days for my feet to finish peeling. My feet were definitely softer afterwards however, I found the really tough areas were still a bit rough so think another dose the next month would do the trick nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed trialing this and will be giving them another go as was so easy to use. The only downside was how icky my feet looked whilst peeling. Good for winter as at least you can pop some socks on to hide the evidence and catch all that skin ha! Thanks again for a really fun and effective trial!

  46. I popped on the feet masks while watching tv so they had the time needed to work their magic. And was surprised at how dramatic the peeling was when it started! Frankly a bit worried and disturbed at the sheer volume of dead peeling skin over the next week! My feet were really dry and hence quite a bit of dry dead skin did come off.
    Leaving my feet looking soft and healthy and feeling so much nicer!! Its perfect for the winter months as it removes skin but you can still keep them in shoes and socks while it works its magic!! Really effective and much easier than a foot soak and scrub that takes me ages with a minimum return on effort.
    WIll certainly use this foot mask again closer to spring to ensure my feet are sandal ready!

  47. The first thing I noticed about the foot mask was the smell, it has a lovely orange scent that stayed throughout the entire treatment. My first impression when I put the mask on my feet was horror – the squelching around my toes! – but that’s me, I’m a bit weird that way. I couldn’t handle the squelchy, squishy feeling when I walked in them so I just had to sit down and read a book for the duration *sigh*. I washed the mask off in warm water, bliss on that cold winter’s day, and then went about my normal business. A couple of days later the skin started peeling, my feet didn’t peel as bad as others have described but were still left soft after a couple of days of peeling. Would I use the mask again? Absolutely in winter and early spring/late autumn. I’m not sure if I would in the warmer weather though, as peeling feet are really unsightly in things and sandals.

  48. sorry for the delay but i have just come out of hospital, i tried the foot mask while there they did feel a little strange wearing them they did have a nice orange scent to them, i washed my feet after the required time, after the 4th day i did notice some skin peeling on one foot only, after 6th day i still did not notice anything happening to my right foot but the left felt soft and smooth, maybe i had one that did not work correctly
    but over all i would say this is a product i would definitely buy and try again

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