USER REVIEWS: INTU Sleep & Skin Renewal

Meet the new super powder!

Feel the power of our super powder Sleep & Skin Renewal. Make it part of your nightly routine and wake up to a re-energised body, mind and hydrated skin.

When taken nightly, the formula supports restful sleep, soothes nervousness and tension, reduces free radicals and supports hair and skin health, hydration and elasticity, and overall wellbeing – every night.

Sleep & Skin Renewal uses natural ingredients of the highest quality, backed by traditional and scientific evidence, and in a great-tasting powder form, which is easier to absorb.

Enjoy the delicious 100% natural lemon flavour with a hint of vanilla.

You can read more about this innovative product here.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are testing the INTU Sleep and Skin Renewal super powder.

Once they’ve had a chance to try this product, they’ll leave their reviews in the comments section below. We can’t wait to find out what they think. If you’ve tried it, we’d love to know your thoughts too.

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2 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: INTU Sleep & Skin Renewal

  1. Sleep is an essential part of life, so I was very excited to try Sleep & Skin Renewal from INTU Wellness giving the extra benefit of skin improvement.

    I have used the product for the past few weeks, although I haven’t noticed any changes in my quality of sleep I do feel it has helped me fall asleep much easier, my mind isn’t racing, and I feel relaxed and calm without a groggy feeing.

    For my age (52) I have been blessed with great skin and have noticed a minimal improvement but when I wake it feels more hydrated and I feel it nourishes the skin from the inside out and provides an inner glow.

    The flavour of natural lemon with a hint of vanilla was very refreshing and left a pleasant taste in your mouth afterwards, there was a good zest at the end of the drink, and you could tell it was natural and not artificial. I did find it was still grainy even though I had mixed it very well.

    Over time and used consistently I feel the powder would be a very beneficial to aid your sleep while working its magic overnight for your skin. Combining so many supplements in a power form instead of taking individual tablets is absolutely wonderful.

    I highly recommend Sleep & Skin Renewal from INTU, it’s an exciting and innovative product and will continue to use it to see long-term effects.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and INTU Wellness, for the opportunity to test and review.

  2. Thankyou Anna and Christie (for my beautifully presented!) and Beautyandlace to allow me to trial the lovely Intu Wellness Sleep and Skin Renewal Powder.
    The blue tub is generous providing 28 serves and the contents are a whitish shade and come complete with a measured scoop.
    So far I have been using it just over two weeks as my drink with my evening meal.
    The pleasantly tasting powder is added to a tumbler of water (two scoops) and must be stirred well to allow it to dissolve fully.
    Being into natural herbs and minerals I can see the research which has been put into the manufacture of this.
    It provides many of the supplements I have already used so I know the benefits they provide!
    Since using Sleep and Skin renewal I have honestly felt calmer, my sleep has improved and I feel more relaxed. My facial skin feels plumper as well.
    A wonderful natural product!

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