Schick Intuition Limited Edition All in One Razor

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you should turn into a wild woman and let your body hair grow free. While you may be feeling lazy and your gorgeous pins are trapped under pants, you can still easily keep up with your hair removal at home.

From Schick comes the limited edition Intuition All in One Razor, it is a little bit of luxury for your legs and lives in your shower on a special hanger and takes no excuses…”use me, use me”.

intuition sensitive razor

Available in two pretty designs (pink or blue), these razors offer a little extra comfort compared to your regular disposables. The four blade razor gives a close shave for silky smooth legs and is surrounded by a solid bar which moisturises and lathers as you shave. Everything in one, you don’t need any additional product – just wet and go.

The handle is a comfortable fit for your hand and it has little grippers on the sides which prevents any potential slipping mishaps.

In addition to the shower hanger, the pack also contains two refill cartridges, the handle (which you keep and just buy replacement cartridges when you run out), and a protective cap so it won’t mess up your bag when travelling.

The Schick Intuition range is available from supermarkets, discount department stores, Priceline and selected pharmacies nationwide. The RRP is $12.69 for the limited edition set but it can be used with any Intuition refills (a pack of 3 refills has an RRP of $13.49).

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