Revitanail Precision Corrector

There is something about a beauty product with brains that gets me raving, and now that I have finally gotten around to trying the Revitanail Precision Corrector I want to talk about how clever this little number is.

Most women have painted their nails at some point, but just like painting the wall there is a certain amount of skill involved – especially when it involves blood red polish on your non writing hand. The Revitanail Precision Corrector is designed to tidy any spills or runs without the risk of ruining the whole thing, no cotton bud remnants or cursing required.

It is easy to hold (a bit like a chunky texta) and has a chiseled tip allowing for precision. The tip is coated in a non acetone formula and contains jojoba for a touch of softness.


I had some fun testing this product, it was an interesting experience trying to force myself to paint the skin around my nails. Luckily, it actually worked so even though my original attempt at polishing was less than perfect – the Precision Corrector corrected!

There are three spare tips for continued use.

The Revitanail Precision Corrector Pen 3mL, RRP $12.95

Available nationally at Priceline, My Chemist, Amcal Terry White and all good pharmacies.

For your nearest stockist please call 1800 630 056.

2 thoughts on “Revitanail Precision Corrector

  1. Finally a great product for those stuff-up times. I can paint my left hand but when I have to paint my right hand…’s steady eddy with lots of mishaps. I think this is a wonderful product and one that I will certainly be looking at.

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